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First Lessons And Water

"There, look."


"Next to the tall kid with the red hair."

"Wearing the glasses?"

"Did you see his face?"

"Did you see his scar?"

Whispers followed Harry from the moment he left his dormitory the next day. People lining up outside classrooms stood on tiptoe to get a look at him, or doubled back to pass him in the corridors again, staring. Harry wished they wouldn't, because he was trying to concentrate on finding his way to classes.

He had already learned a lot about Hogwarts during his first day there. There were loads of staircases that led to so many classrooms and other rooms, there was a poltergeist named Peeves who always wreaked havoc, and there was also Argus Filch the caretaker and his sneaky tabby cat, Mrs. Norris. The grumpy old man and his cat had almost busted him and Ron for wandering near the third-floor corridor only for Quirrel to go by them, so they went with him. Plenty of the adults here were stern yet dedicated to their jobs and helping the students out however they could. There were also classes like Charms, Transfiguration, Herbology, History Of Magic (which he learned was boring), and even astrology.

But what was most interesting...was the Bending class he and Ron attended.

They had gone outside for their class, just before the bridge that led to the Hogwarts castle as the sun slowly rose over the mountains. There was a mixture of students from all four Houses, and he guessed they were like the four nations living at Republic City. However, they were sitting only with their own members of their House. And before them was Sokka, who was trying to set up some boards, books, and papers, muttering to himself about something. On the desk beside him, a messenger hawk was looking around at the class with what seemed like suspicion and curiosity.

"Morning, everyone!" Sokka called as Harry sat down. "You're late, but hey, it's your first day in class...just don't be late next time." He turned around, cleared his throat, and announced, "Good morning, everyone!"

"Good morning," the students said, though they mumbled out of curiosity.

Sokka looked confused before he chuckled. "What the Fog of Lost Souls is this, is this a class or a tomb? Anyways, I'm your Professor Sokka, but I'll only be here for Mondays. So anyways!" He looked around and pointed to some symbols on the board behind him. "What are these symbols on the board? It's easy."

Right away, Hermione raised her hand said, "They're air, earth, fire, and water."

"Right, very right...but later on in class, we'll go on about how that's NOT in the real order," Sokka said. "Still, five point to Gryffindor. Now...take a look at my clothes here," he went on, gesturing to his Water Tribe council clothes. "They're blue. So what element am I associated with? And Miss...Granger, let someone else try," he added, seeing Hermione raise her arm again.

"Water?" a young girl with black hair and hazel eyes asked after she raised her hand.

Sokka nodded. "Right! And you are...?"

The girl lowered her hand and said, "Cho Chang from Ravenclaw."

"Thank you, and five point to Ravenclaw," the councilman said. "Now...there are four nations in the world I come from. There are two Water Tribes in the North and the South, and my sister and I come from the South. The big light brown mass in the east is the Earth Kingdom, owning the largest amount of land in our world. The red islands to the west are the Fire Nation...we'll get to that later. And there'll be white islands in the west and the south...and my friend and brother-in-law Aang will tell you all about it."

Right away, Draco Malfoy raised a hand and asked rather rudely, "Excuse me, but what are we learning from this? WHY should we learn this?"

Sokka didn't look phased by his rudeness, but he did say, "Professor Dumbledore told you yesterday; weren't you listening? He wants to introduce some more culture to Hogwarts. But hey, if you don't like it, take it up to him."

Draco looked like he wanted to argue...but he apparently thought better of it and settled down. He merely glared at the Water Tribe councilman, and Harry looked back to the front of the class, where his foster uncle was heading to.

"What is that bird?" Susan Bones from Hufflepuff asked, pointing to the bird on the desk.

"Oh, this here is a messenger hawk," Sokka said. "And I've named him Hawky the Third after Hawky the First. Can anyone tell me what they do?"

"Don't they deliver messages?" a Slytherin boy asked. "Like wizards' owls?"

Sokka stared at him a moment before remarking, " I didn't realize there were more than hawks and raven eagles. But you got it right, and take five points to Slytherin, Mr..."

The boy answered, "Blaise Zabini."

"Right, thanks."

Harry was impressed on how well Sokka was treating the Slytherins with the other Houses. Ron had told him that plenty of dark wizards had come from Slytherin, but perhaps he didn't get their side of the story? Besides, Suyin could like this House; he had a feeling that Toph's other daughter had a personality like a snake with fangs that could inject wine. He had heard that Sokka didn't like the Fire Nation because of how they had invaded the Water Tribe in the past, but twenty-eight years had passed, and he was being rather friendly with them now.

"So anyways," Sokka announced, heading to his desk and collecting several medium-sized books. "Pass these out, and read through them. These books contain anything in our world you'd like to know. They're usually in our own language, but here, they got translated into your...English stuff or whatever you call it." He looked up to the sun and said, "Well, I guess that should cover the basics, so I better get going. My sister will be here tomorrow to teach you all about WaterBending, and you'll have different teachers in this Dumbledore said. There'll be a piece of paper at the back of the books, a quiz to answer what you've learned from those books.

"Now class dismissed!"

Once they went off, the students immediately got together and started talking excitedly about what they were going to see in the future.


The next day, Sokka had left Hogwarts, and Katara came over in his place. Harry recalled Lin telling him that Professor Dumbledore had made some sort of schedule for which days and which members of Team Avatar were to be at Hogwarts. It was a Tuesday, and now his foster mother was going to teach the class some WaterBending.

After the morning greetings when they got there, Katara cleared her throat and said, "Welcome to your first lesson in WaterBending. In fact, it'll be your first time learning one of the elements. If you hear me calling you by your first name, you don't need to worry because I already went through the roll call. Those of you born in winter will find this a bit easier than the other elements."

"Because...water can be cold?" Neville asked timidly. That caused Malfoy and his cronies to laugh at him only for Katara to shut them up with a glare.

"While we're here, I don't want to see any bullying," the master WaterBender told them. "If I see any bullying going in this class, I'll start taking points. But anyways, you're quite right, Neville...but who else can give another reason?"

A Hufflepuff boy at around fourteen years old asked, "Is it because of the seasons? My dad said something about elements and seasons."

Katara nodded. "That's right. We gain our power from the moon spirit. That'll be five points to Hufflepuff, Mr...?"

"Diggory," the boy said. "Cedric Diggory."

"Bond...James Bond," a Muggleborn chuckled, a ripple of laughter going through some of the class.

"Then thank you for the answer, Mr. Diggory...though I don't know who this James Bond person is," Katara said with a smile before turning back to the class. "Now when you start WaterBending, what's one important thing you need to start?"

Harry raised his hand. "Water?"

Katara nodded. "That's one good source, Harry. But suppose there isn't any body of water around you. What else can you use?"

"What about sweat?" Hermione asked, raising her hand. "Because sweat is-"

"We get it already!" Ron groaned, looking both grossed out and exasperated.

"But Hermione's right; sweat is one of those liquids," Katara interjected. "What else?"

Neville raised his hand again. "Water in plants? I've been learning about the basics of Herbology."

Katara nodded with a gentle smile. "That's right, Neville. Five points to Gryffindor. So...I'm gonna show you all some pretty basic WaterBending movies. Everyone, follow me down to the lake."

Then she started heading down the hilly path, the students following her after. On their way to the lake, Harry noticed a hut to the right and heard from someone that this was where Hagrid slept. He had also heard Kya say that huts were fun to sleep in if you were always on the move or camping. But up ahead, Katara had finally stopped at the bottom of the hill and was turning to face them until they stopped in front of her.

"Now remember, the first thing to learn about this element is that water is the element of change," Katara explained once everyone arrived. "The moon is the original source of WaterBending since this power is more powerful at night and in winter. Fighting types of WaterBending require fluid and graceful strikes and to act as one with the environment."

"How?" a Slytherin boy asked.

Harry saw his foster mother smile as she replied, "I'll show you with some simple moves, and make sure you all take some notes. One of them is just learn to push and pull the water back and forth."

With that, she turned towards the water and started bobbing elegantly back and forth, making waves appear on the surface of the black lake. Katara made the waves get a bit bigger until they crashed at her feet before she raised her arms up, carrying a big blob of water with her. Everyone except a few people in Slytherin and Hufflepuff and even Harry gaped in awe...but Harry wasn't all too surprised. He had already seen her train with her WaterBending pupils before, but he never really stuck around for the lessons.

Just then, Katara pulled a small part of the water away from the blob before it splashed back into the water. She formed it into the shape of a whip and lashed it out towards the air, the tip of the watery tentacle reaching towards the bright blue sky. The students watched on as she flicked it both down and breathed icy breath onto the lake surface, freezing a small part of it before causing it to melt again.

"And pulling the water out is also called 'streaming the water', just to let you know," Katara added, turning to the class. "I heard my brother gave you some Bending textbooks translated into your I hope you don't mind if I give you one on WaterBending."

Almost everyone groaned except for Hermione. Then Draco Malfoy rose his hand and asked scathingly, "Why're we given books on magic water anyway?"

Katara nearly sighed in mild annoyance, but she merely said, "I said years ago that it's not magic. It's WaterBending, an ancient art unique to our culture just as much as Earth, Fire, and AirBending are to the other nations. Anyways, homework tonight is to study the first chapter in that book, and write down all you've learned there." She flicked a strand of hair from her face and announced, "Class dismissed except for Harry. I'd like a small word with him."

Harry gave her a surprised look; was he in trouble already on his second day here? But the gentle look on Katara's face told him that she probably wanted to talk with him. So once the rest of the students were away, she sat down on a nearby boulder, and he followed her and sat down next to her while they listened and watched the nature around them. The sun was shining brightly over their heads, the birds were near the Forbidden Forest and singing, and even the lake was calm except for a long slimy tentacle that randomly snatched a bird out of the air. Amazingly, they weren't bothered by that in the slightest.

"How are your classes going so far?" the WaterBender asked once they were settled in. Harry remembered that he couldn't spend time with her until next week, but Aang would be here for two days.

"They're interesting so far," Harry said. "But Defense Against The Dark Arts isn't good so far. Quirrel-"

Katara shushed him right away and corrected, "Professor Quirrel, Harry. You're in school now, and I think it's important you called teachers by their teacher name."

Harry smiled slightly. "Like with you? Professor Katara, I presume?"

"Hey, that's Sifu Katara to you," she corrected proudly with a wink.

"But in you mind if you Mom sometimes?"

The question the young boy had asked suddenly caused the happy fun time to suddenly come to a halt. Harry saw Katara's beautiful blue eyes widen slightly in surprise and then narrow in wistfulness, and even he felt like he had not asked a good question. Around them, it appeared that even nature had tuned out, and even the giant squid in the lake poked a large eye out of the water to watch them. Once again, they ignored it, so the squid sighed and moved back into the water.

Then finally... "...I don't mind at all," Katara finally replied after some thinking. "You can call me your mom if you want. And do you plan on calling Aang your father too?"

Harry nodded. "I guess so. And the baby my new sibling?"

" Kya, Bumi, and Tenzin." Just then, she took his hand in hers and moved it over to her still-slim stomach, saying, "You can feel the baby if you want. Though he or she won't be kicking yet for a few more months, and I bet you haven't done this before."

The raven-haired boy nodded and felt around Katara's slender belly, wondering if the baby inside her could feel the newcomer outside. He had seen pregnant women back when he lived with the Dursleys, but he had had no idea how babies were made...but he wished he found out later after what Katara told him about pregnancy. Still, the thought of seeing his newly-called sibling made him wish he or she could hurry and be born soon.

Suddenly, he felt a slight bump around the middle, something he had never felt before. Confused, he took his hand away from his foster mother's belly and kept looking down at the tiny bump slightly visible under the Water Tribe clothing.

"Harry?" Katara asked in concern. "What's wrong? I didn't freak you out, did I?"

" think you might be carrying twins?"

To be continued...


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