This is my first fanfic ever! Please go easy on me! But you can do whatever you want. You can even flame me too if this story sucks! I know the title is really bad! I couldn't think of anything better! It has a figurative meaning. Yami's not really an angel, but I wish he could be... (drools)

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So, um, this story is about a boy named Yugi (duh!) who is weak and always gets beaten up (much like in the show's first series which was too violent to be shown in America) and has no friends. But he meets Yami and life changes for him. He learns what it is like to have a true friend. No Millennium Puzzle in this story. Yami is a separate person who has a very great resemblance to Yugi.

Now, on with the story!


Yugi Mutou was a very poor boy. Not in the sense of money, but in life itself. His parents had passed away when he was very young, so he had to live with his grandfather, the owner of a game shop. He is very short for his age, being 16 and already in high school, so he is frequently beaten up by bullies. This causes everyone to think he is a weirdo. The only company he has are the toys and games he gets from his grandpa since he has never had any friends to play with.

It was a typical day for him as he exited the school, trying to walk home as fast as he could, hoping to escape a beating today. Unfortunately, Ushio, the school's # 1 feared bully who was very tall and strong and unbelievably mean, spotted him.

"Hey! Mutou!" he yelled gruffly, seizing him by the collar. "Where do you think you're going? Got that money with you?"

"W-what money are you talking about?" Yugi stammered fearfully.

"The money you owe me for being such a good bodyguard and keeping your butt safe for the past week! Now cough it up!"

Yugi gulped. He had never wanted Ushio's services of being his so-called "bodyguard," but the bully had gone and taken the job anyway. Now he was asking for money-2,000 dollars, money that he could never have. "I-I don't have it, Mr. Ushio...."

Ushio didn't seem the least surprised. He tsked, then replied, "Then you know the punishment, don't ya?" he dragged his fear-struck victim to the back of the school and slammed him against the wall, getting ready to use him like a punching bag. Yugi whimpered and yelped as the blows hit him hard, but the people at the school were oblivious to his cries.

'Can't anyone help me?' Yugi silently pleaded as he felt the painful blows slam into his stomach. He watched through squinted eyes as his classmates passed him by without a second glance, on their way home. Nobody cared about him. Nobody paid any attention to him. Nobody.

But fate seemed to finally answer his pleas after 16 long, grueling years of pain and misery. A boy was walking along the street carrying a bag of groceries, obviously not a student of Domino High School. "Eh?" he frowned as he saw Yugi being beaten up badly and hearing the little one's cries of help. Dropping his groceries, he jumped over the fence. "Hey! Leave that kid alone!"

"Huh?" Ushio whirled around and saw almost an exact same image of the kid he was just punching a second ago. "What the-" he blinked rapidly as the intense ruby red eyes of the Yugi-lookalike bore into his mind. They were filled with fury. The school bully backed away clumsily, trying to shake his head clear as if he was seeing an illusion, only to be speared by the sharp edge of a window. Gritting his teeth in pain, his eyes widened as the strange boy came closer. Confused and bewildered, he had no choice but to stumble off.

"Are you okay?" the boy bent down, touching Yugi's shoulder, studying the bruises that formed on his milky white skin. Yugi, slowly realizing there were no more impacts of pain, opened his eyes, and noticed the person who looked a lot like him.

"Aah!" he yelped in surprise. "W-who are you? Why do you look like me?" His eyes traced over the boy's features, confirming his thoughts. Yup, the only difference he could detect was the sharp, intense eyes, extra pieces of golden blond hair amongst the red and black spiky hairdo he had, and a slighter taller and more developed body. Also, unlike his pale skin with an air of purity and innocence around it, this stranger had tanned skin and seemed to be shrouded in mystery and darkness.

The boy laughed at Yugi's expression, his violet eyes wide with awe. "My name is Yami," he said. "And yours?"

"I'm Yugi. Thank you for saving me," his eyes got even wider as he realized what Yami just did. "How did you get Ushio to leave me alone?" he asked, genuinely curious.

"Heh, I just stared at him," Yami replied. "When you stand your ground and show you're not afraid, bullies tend to get freaked out and they stop picking on you. Don't let others push you around. By the way, you look like you had quite a beating. I'm sorry I couldn't have arrived earlier."

Yugi blinked in surprised. Why did this stranger, someone he didn't even know anything about except for his name, care? And why about him when nobody else did? He continued thinking hard as Yami helped him up.

"Do you want a ride home?" Yami asked. "We can use my motorcycle."

"What? Really? Is it okay?" Yugi questioned in disbelief. No one had ever offered to do anything for him before.

"Yeah," Yami said with a warm smile. "Come this way." He led Yugi to a parking lot near the school, picking up his fallen groceries on the way. Yugi gawked at the amazing bright red motorcycle as it sparkled in the sun. After loading the luggage, Yami tossed him a helmet.

"What about you?" Yugi looked skeptical seeing that there was only one helmet.

"Don't worry. I'll be fine, but you'll need something to shield your tender little face from the wind, though." Yugi blushed a little bit, feeling his face and noticing it was indeed very soft, totally unexposed to harsh weather before. The taller boy got on in a swift motion. "Here, you sit behind me," he said as he helped his mirror image.

Yugi's feet ended up not even reaching the pedal, being as short as he was. He allowed them to dangle in the air nervously. It was all so new to him. He had never been on a motorcycle before, never had a ride home, and never even had anyone besides his grandpa care about him even the slightest bit. Yami's voice broke his thoughts.

"Where do you live, Yugi?"

"The Game Shop on Domino Avenue (A/N: I just made up the street name)," Yugi replied.

"Okay, then. Hold on tight," Yami said as he started the engine. Recalling from the movies that people always held onto the driver, he slowly, timidly locked his arms around Yami's waist. Sensing his reluctance, the other boy tried to reassure him.

"It's okay. Don't be afraid. I don't want you to fall off during the trip," Yugi, hearing this, tightened his grip, anticipating the ride much like he did with the ones at the amusement park. With a smile, Yami pressed the accelerator and they took off.

The wind whipped Yami's hair harshly as they sped along the road, but he didn't mind. Yugi was thankful he had a helmet and that Yami was partially blocking him, but he still had to close his eyes. He never imagined the wind could be so brutal, but it was quite fun except for the loud noise the vehicle made. Yugi sighed contently, experiencing a new feeling of joy and happiness as he was driven home by his newfound friend.

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