Chapter 1

"Why do we have to do this Charles?" I asked my 'brother'. His mutation was the ability to read minds, communicate with minds, and control minds. He was 3 years older than me, so, at the time he was8. We were walking to the village square, just like all the other mutations. We had to live separate from the real world. I didn't know that back then. We could go into the real world, but most would run away and all the stores would close. They knew somehow that it was us, I don't know how though.

I looked like a normal, blond little 5 year old, not a blue scaly one like I am. "Hurry up Raven, we need to check in." Charles said quietly. "Why?" I asked. He put two fingers to his head and I heard his voice in my head. For the mutant games. You might get picked. I doubt you will but if you do, while your on the stage I will tell you what is happening. I silently nodded to him. I have to go to the 5-10 group. Go to the area marked 1-5. I was frightened and confused, I just hurried over the first platform. It said 1-5. I stood at the back edge and I found that my brothers friend Eric was across the fence from me. I looked at him and smiled, but he didn't notice.