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Jin stood beside the opening portal, his arms folded across his chest, while the female scientist that had worked for Heihachi prepared the machine Heihachi had used to bring Gohan and Cell through the dimensional barriers. She had explained how the machine worked, and Jin now had the means by which to make good on his side of the bargain.

Gohan and a repaired Alisa hovered over the temple that they knew contained Azazel.
"I could blast it from here, but then anyone in the area might get hurt. I'll go in alone. You stay out here."
As Gohan started to descend, he turned to Alisa.
"Don't come in after me. Stay out here. Please."

Jin sat in the seat in his office, Xiaoyu and Asuka sitting across from him. Jin had just finished telling them what he planned, and the girls both seemed pleased. Kazuya had been put into a cell for him, and G Corp had been assimilated by the Zaibatsu. As Jin contemplated what remained, the girls gasped, and Jin followed their gaze out the window, through which he saw Gohan hovering outside, carrying a dead or unconscious Azazel. Gohan gestured to the creature, and then vanished from the window. Jin smiled.
"He did it."

Gohan and Jin stood in front of the camera, announcing on the news that the war was over. With that, Jin announced that the Mishima Zaibatsu would be working towards mending the world from then on. After the cameras stopped, the crew left, and Jin turned to Asuka, Julia, Xiaoyu and Yoshimitsu.
"When Gohan leaves, I'm going with him. That will take the Devil Gene out of this world. I'm leaving the Zaibatsu in your hands. Xiaoyu and will represent me in this arrangement, and Julia and Yoshimitsu can be trusted to help the world. Both of you have a wish to help the world, and now you have the wealth and facilities of the Zaibatsu and the G Corp combined to help you achieve those goals. You are the future of this world."
Everyone in the room was shocked, though in different ways. Yoshimitsu and Julia seemed delighted, while Xiaoyu seemed upset, and Asuka was just plain surprised. Jin continued.
"Gohan and I will both be leaving in a few hours."

Gohan sat with Nina, only a few paces from the machine. Contrary to what some believed, she was actually a very nice lady, and good company.
"What's happened back in my world? Do you know?"
Nina smiled. "Oh, you don't need to worry about that. Your father told your friends what happened, and he guided them in your absence. Your father is a great man."
Gohan smiled. "Yeah. He is. He's the greatest man I've ever known, and he's the greatest dad in the world. He's amazing."
To Gohan's shock, Nina quickly hugged him, rubbing his back.
"You are amazing as well, Gohan. Never let anyone tell you different. Anyone who does can go to hell, and I'll be the one to send 'em there. Got it?"

Gohan chuckled, before nodding. "Thanks, Nina."
Nina smacked him on the shoulder, shrugging. "Don't thank me. It's creepy."

The portal opened, and Gohan and Jin stepped towards it. Gohan suddenly noticed Jin was carrying a large metal box.
"What's that, Jin? All your clothes?"
Jin scowled at Gohan. "It's a replica of the portal machine. In case we need to communicate or travel between the worlds in the future."
Gohan shrugged. "Okay. Bulma can probably make it better, too."
The two warriors stepped into the portal, before both of them looked back briefly at the people they were leaving behind. Asuka, Nina, Xiaoyu, Alisa and Julia all stood in front of the portal, farewelling them. As the portal took them away from Jin's world, Gohan said, "I'll miss them."

On the other side of the portal, Gohan recognised his house, and was surprised to see his mother, Piccolo, Krillin, Tien, Yamcha and Bulma standing waiting for him. As Gohan gasped with a mixture of surprise and happiness, Piccolo briefly explained, "Your dad told us you'd be here."
Piccolo could never have said anything else before Gohan slammed into him, hugging him. As Gohan quickly caught up with his friends, Jin moved slowly forward. Piccolo moved forward to greet Jin, holding out his hand.
"Piccolo. I'm pleased to meet you, Jin Kazama, and welcome to our world. Goku told us about you as well, and I believe we can help you in both improving your power and forcing the Devil Gene to stay under your control. Sound good?"
Jin sombrely shook Piccolo's hand, readily accepting his new teacher. If Piccolo could both improve his power and give him control of the Devil Gene, Jin would be delighted to learn from him. Jin's future as a member of the Z Fighters awaited.

In Other World, Goku watched as Gohan returned and Jin accepted tuition from Piccolo.
"I'm proud of you, Gohan. Good luck, and I look forward to our next meeting. I look forward to meeting you as well, Jin Kazama. I'm hoping you grow strong enough to rival me, so we can have a friendly match. Best of luck to both of you."