Hermione walked down the hall of the school, ready to go home after another year had ended. It had been a very extraordinary year at Hogwarts; professor Lupin had been discovered to be a werewolf and Sirius Black, the prisoner of Azkaban who turned to be innocent, Harry´s godfather. That, and the story of the Marauders. They discovered that Sirius, Remus, Peter the traitor and James, Harry´s father, were a group called The Marauders back when they studied at Hogwarts and who, according to professor Snape, did nothing but bully him.

It had been an interesting year indeed.

Suddenly, Hermione remembered she had left one of her bags back at the girls´ dorm. She immediately ran up to the Gryffindor Tower followed by her orange cat, Crookshanks. When they got there, Crookshanks tripped over her bag that was on her bed sending it to the floor, along with a pile of books and other things making a huge mess.

"Dammit Crooks!" she muttered as she got down to get everything back in place. Unfortunately, the voices of Harry and Ron from the other side of the door telling her to hurry up or they´d miss the train home told her she didn´t have time.

Hermione then spotted the time-turner that had fell from her bag.

In an instant, she had it in her hands.

"One click should do it" she told herself as she rotated the small device hoping to go back in time just a couple of minutes before the ´disaster` happened. A click was heard and then she found herself again in the dorm, with Crooks by her feet. He must have had been too near her, coming back to the past with her. But her worries quickly changed when she noticed the dorm looked slightly different and her bags where nowhere to be seen. Something was wrong…

Grabbing Crookshanks, she ran downstairs. As she passed by the parts of the school, she started noticing things in the school itself were different. And then she almost bumped into someone. A woman who reminded her of someone…

"Who are you? Your uniform… but you can´t possibly be in Gryffindor; I know every student in my house!" the woman stated.

That voice… could she be…? No, she was too young, she couldn´t…

"P-professor McGonagall…?" Hermione nervously asked.

"What?" Minerva asked surprised at the student´s confusion "Do I have something in my face?"

Hermione just couldn´t believe it! This…this had to be a nightmare…she should wake up any minute now… this was impossible, she couldn´t…it couldn´t be…

Eventually, the worried professor McGonagall led her to Dumbledore´s office. There, she found a bit younger Headmaster. She explained her story to both Albus and Minerva, showing her time-turner.

Albus took the device and studied it.

"I see…" he said after a while " I think I found our problem…" he showed he the device so she could check it herself .

" You told us it fell to the ground at some point, right? I believe that when it fell, it altered itself. This device was designed to have a manual method, in which the person can manually choose the time they want to travel to by the number of clicks, but it also has another method in which the person can click one time and appear in the time she was thinking of at the moment."

"But I wasn´t thinking— wait…" Hermione started before she interrupted herself. She had been thinking about the things Sirius had told them. And with that about the Marauders. She was in the Marauders´ era.

"Is there any way I can go back home, Sir?" she asked Dumbledore.

"I wouldn´t know, Miss Granger. I promise I´ll do my best to find a way, though… meanwhile, you are Hermione Granger, a student who just moved to England and who now studies at this school in Gryffindor. Please tell no one of the truth story, Miss Granger; we don´t want to mess the timeline…"

"Right. Thank you, professor Dumbledore"

Then the Headmaster dismissed her.

"Can you really help her, Albus?" Minerva asked him when Hermione was already gone, feeling pity for the girl. She seemed like a good person, afterall. That, and a strange connection with the girl that Minerva could not quite explain.

"I honestly wouldn´t know for sure, Minerva"

Albus was now showing he too felt bad for the girl. Getting her back to her own time would be difficult, but he couldn´t tell Hermione that. He didn´t want her to feel worse, or lose hope.

"But like I said, I´ll try" he finally stated.

For Hermione´s luck, a new year of classes would start the next day (which explained why she hadn´t found any students in the school) and she would start her fourth year in this era.

Back in the dorms after dinner, she went to bed.

She tried not to think of her family and her friends. She knew she would have an hard time; she missed them so much…

She pet Crookshanks hearing him purr. He was so optimistic he made her smile. Must be nice being a cat without anything to worry about.

The cat slightly opened his yellow eyes to give her a lazy ´don´t worry` look.

"Maybe you´re right, Crooks…" she told the purring yet sleeping cat "Maybe… maybe I can think of this as a dream…maybe it can be a fresh start… here I don´t need to worry about you-know-who or fights, or all the things that stopped me from dreaming…"

In a moment, she too was asleep.

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