Severus´ desperate calls echoed in the walls of the whole school as he searched every corner for her.

After a few minutes he caught her talking with Dumbledore in a deserted corridor.

"HERMIONE!" he called again and she turned to him.

He saw she had the time-turner in her hands. And with that he quickly dashed towards her.

"NO, HERMIONE DON´T!" he shouted as he went to grab her trying to prevent her from using the device she held.

"Severus, calm down! I´m not going anywhere yet!" she assured him in a sad voice.

In fact in a closer look he could still find traces in her face that she had been crying. He opened his mouth to say something yet she interrupted.

"Please let go of me, Severus"

"NO!" he protested "No, Hermione! I love you! I won´t let you do this; I won´t let you go!"

He noticed her blush slightly.

"Severus, I meant stop grabbing me"

He looked down and he saw he was clinging to her, grabbing her by the arms in a tight grip. He hadn´t even realized he was doing so.

"Oh…right…" he quietly muttered, embarrassed, before he relaxed and let go of her arms.

He could actually see Dumbledore trying to hold his laughter.

"Look, Severus, I really need to go. Professor Dumbledore fixed the time-turner. I´m sorry."

She was ready to leave when he stopped her, grabbing her hand.

"Hermione, please" he started "why? Please, Hermione, what did I do wrong? Help me understand!"

She stared at their hands entwined. Then she let go of his hand and he thought she would leave, yet her hand was now over his cheek, touching his face. He closed his eyes. Her touch felt good.

"Severus…look at me…"

When he opened his eyes he saw her sad look.

"Severus, I know what you´re like in the future…you don´t love me, and you never will. This was never supposed to happen, and if it didn´t you would never feel nothing about me. I love you, Sev, but this isn´t real. You think that now, but you´ll never be able to love me. I don´t want us to suffer. I need to get out of your life before I ruin everything"

He stared at her, deep in her eyes, before he replied.

"Maybe you´re right. Maybe it wasn´t supposed to happen, but it did, whether we wanted or not. And maybe I really don´t feel anything in the future but maybe that´s only because I never got the chance. You´re wrong about what I feel for you; its real, I know from the bottom of my heart. And I´m sure that if I got the chance to meet you, the real you, like you met the real me in this time I´d fall for you again just like I did in this time. I love you, Hermione, not anyone else. I was wrong about Lily; I was in love with an image of her, of what I wanted her to be. You were right, she didn´t care for me like I thought. And after the incident with James she just left me, but you stayed with me. You were always with me. You´re the one I love, Hermione."

Hermione hugged him tightly.

"Sev I…I thought…I´m so sorry, Sev…"

"It´s alright" he muttered into her hair, holding her close.

Then Dumbledore, who was quietly watching the scene, spoke.

"Miss Granger, I hate to interrupt, but we still have a time gap problem to resolve."

Almost jumping, the two broke the hug to turn back to the professor.

"I´m sorry, but you´ll need to be back to your own time, Miss Granger, or the consequences may be severe to all of us…" the professor sadly told her.

"I know, Sir" she replied to him, and then turned to Severus.

"I need to go"

"I know" he said softly.

She grabbed Crookshanks, who had been spying from one of the window´s porch. She got ready to return.

"Wait for me?" she asked Severus.

"Always" he smiled.

With that, she closed her eyes and rotated the small device. When she opened them, she was back to the Gryffindor common room of her era. "Hermione, are you still there?! We´ll miss the train!" she heard Ron shouting from the other side of the door.

She got her bags and left, Crookshanks following behind.

"Finally!" Ron protested as she met up with both boys.

"Ron´s right, Hermione" Harry started "what were you doing there that took you so long?"

Instead of replying, she merely laughed and her two friends exchanged confused looks before they shrugged.

The three were exiting the school when she glanced to the dungeons. There were no students there, they were all already outside leaving.

"Wait here" she told her friends "I need to do something before we go"

Then she handed Harry her bags and ran towards the dungeons.

"The dungeons?! What the devil do you need to go to the dungeons for, Mione?!" shouted Ron to her as she made her way.

"Don´t worry, it´ll only take one second" she shouted to reply while glancing back to them, not once stopping.

She made it to the Potion´s classroom. She wasn´t sure if he would be there, but it was the only place she could think of. Slowly approaching it, she noticed the door wasn´t locked.

"P-professor Snape?" she called out from the door, yet obtaining no reply.

"S-severus?" she called again, venturing to enter the classroom.

He was behind his desk grading papers, like he usually did so often. She stood there, in the middle of the classroom, a couple of tables away from his desk. He noticed her and lifted his eyes from the papers for a moment. They just stared at each other.

What would she say?

Did he even remember?

Did he keep his promise?

"Miss Granger" he calmly acknowledged.

She was right all along. He didn´t really love her, it had only been a stupid misunderstanding. Of course he wouldn´t wait for her. She felt so stupid. That´s what she got for messing with time. She turned to leave when he stopped her.

"Hermione" he called. She turned back to him and walked to her. Only a few inches away, he looked down at the young girl.

"I kept my promise. Do you still want the greasy old git?"

"Always" she smiled to him.

She hugged him and he spoke once they broke the embrace.

"I did my waiting but I want to wait until you graduate, you hear me? Until then I´m just your professor and you´re my student, nothing more. And there will be no special treatments."

She laughed slightly "I know. And besides it´s only 4 more years"

"Right" he smiled "And what´s 4 years when you already waited 19 years?"

"Wait, did the Potion´s master just made a joke?"

"Just don´t tell, I don´t want to ruin my reputation"

They both laughed.

"Now go, you don´t want to miss your train…"

She smiled before she went back to her friends.

"I love you."


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