Clashing Hearts


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Chapter One

Bulma watched the raven-haired prince carefully from her desk; his situation unsettled her. It had been three days since Vegeta blew up his training capsule, injuring himself in the process; and, despite the fact that she was furious that her family's property got destroyed, she found herself drawn to his bedside for a large portion of each day since the incident.

I wonder when he is going to wake up, she thought to herself as she looked out of the window before her, the heat from the scorching summer's day gracing upon her features as she smiled glumly, It's a perfect day to do something but everyone is training. It makes me feel a little lonely, I don't even think I can help them with this one. How annoying. She looked down at her cellphone. Flicking through her texts Yamcha's name appeared across the screen.

"What is going on with him these days? I haven't had a date with him in ages," she whispered to herself, He's probably too busy with all his female fans to even realise this though, she added silently as she sighed. She couldn't help but wonder if Yamcha cared for her some days, he always seemed to have an excuse not to see her; she often passed it off as paranoia, but what was it really? I don't think I can even see myself marrying him if he continues to follow this path, it just makes me feel so insecure…pathetic even. Blowing a massive curl out of her eyes she frowned, Men are annoying.

Glancing across at Vegeta's motionless figure she felt a pang of sympathy in her chest; This will hurt his pride for sure. I do have to wonder how he will react if he finds out that I have been monitoring him, perhaps it will only make it worse – being looked after by a woman and all. She sighed, "He is quite amazing though, it's not every day that someone survives a close range explosion and only breaks 5 ribs."

Smiling slightly she edged towards his bedside, her fingers dangerously thumbing away a few strands of hair that were threatening to tickle his eyelids. His hot breath danced across her face as she hovered above his body; his perfectly chiseled features presenting itself to her for the first time in a while. For a reason unknown to her he was always avoiding her; he was constantly walking away as soon as she entered a room or flying off somewhere, it was happening so often that she couldn't help but be a bit offended. He is quite handsome when I think about it though, she thought as she quickly found herself pulling her hand back; her palms pressed lightly to her rose tinged cheeks as she tried to retract her last thought about the violent man before her.

Eyes still fixed on him she took a deep breath, her chest rising as she sat carefully on the edge of his bed; her head rested against the wall behind her as she gently pressed her eyes shut. I feel like I haven't rested for a moment since he blew up the capsule, why am I giving him so much of my time? She mused to herself as she felt her eyelids grow heavier with each breath, Stupid Saiyan prince…

After what only felt like a few seconds, the warm afternoon sunlight was swallowed up by the night sky. Dark shadow covered over Bulma's petite features; eyes fluttering open, confusion flushed across her face as she realised that she had cleverly fallen asleep in the most dangerous position in her house; Vegeta's bed.

Eyes darting downwards she quickly realised she was alone and under his bed sheets, Well I'm in one piece, I'm surprised that he didn't wake me just to scold me, he probably thought we had sex or something and freaked out. She smirked, wishing she could've seen his expression upon realising she shared his bed, I can't even imagine him touching a woman; I wonder if he has dated before.

The gentle chirp of cicadas filled the small room as she stared blankly at the wall before her, Where is he anyway? Did I freak him out by tucking myself in his bed? she snickered at the thought.

As if to answer her question a loud mechanical sound rang though the air. "Was that a door?" she whispered to herself as she jumped to her feet. That idiot should be resting, what is he doing? she noted, her heart racing as anger swelled insider her. Storming outside she instantly spotted the source of the alarming noise, a new capsule sitting on her lawn replacing the previously destroyed one, and there was a red glow emitting around the airlock.

Surprise, surprise, he is in the new man cave, shaking her head she mentally kicked herself for not telling her father to hold off on replacing the destroyed capsule until he was in a state to consider training again. I should have known that he was going to push his limits, he has this weird thing about proving how strong he is to everyone even though he probably doesn't even want or care about their approval.

Staring intently at the door she remained still, unsure if she should tempt fate for the second time today with what could be a very frustrated and confused Saiyan prince.

Vegeta let out a frustrated low growl as he attempted to do a one-armed push up, Stupid woman! How could she let me rest for so long? His entire body throbbed as he lowered his body to the floor, holding his place for a few seconds before he slowly and shakily pushed back to his original stance. Sweat trickled down his chin as he gritted his teeth, his body threatening to let him down. "This is ridiculous! I could do this in my sleep before!" he hissed.

A sharp pain shot between his ribs causing him to drop to his side, biting his lower lip as he succumbed to the pain; mentally cursing at the poor state of his body, his eyes ablaze with frustration as he groaned. Earthlings are this weak. Saiyans are above such a thing as feeling pain, he noted mentally, trying to convince himself as his haggard breathing overwhelmed him, the veins on his forehead shaking violently.

"This should be nothing to me!" he howled, ki surging around him as he smashed his fists against the floor denting it. Eyes bulging he struggled to his feet, glancing across at the mirror nearby to see the swollen, purpled skin around his ribs; the cause of his grief.

"Are you alright? What happened?" Bulma yelled from the other side of the door; her fists hitting the metal structure with all the might she could muster.

"Go away!" he howled, his proud body resting against the back of the door that she was slamming against. "This is partially your fault you stupid woman!" He added, quaking with anger.

"My fault!" Came her shrill reply, "Really? I blew up the capsule and caused your ridiculous injuries?" She felt something snap in the back of her mind as she responded to his frustrating remark. Even if he didn't want an argument, he was darn well going to get one. "I'm sorry I must've lost my mind because that is not how I remember it at all you egotistical prince!"

"Leave me alone, woman, you are testing my patience!" he bellowed from the other side of the door.

"You're being ridiculous, you need to rest before your injuries become worse than they already are," she fought back. "Do you even realize how many ribs you broke?"

"Saiyans are above such things as counting battle scars," He retorted, half laughing at her comment; "Stop interfering in my business. If I want to train, I will train. So back off!"

"I tried to be nice but now I will take back my family's property," Bulma declared digging her hand into her pocket whipping out her cellphone; If he wants to take his rage out on me, fine but that fool is not spending hours destroying another capsule my family spent time and money building. Stepping backwards she quickly punched in a random code, a grin sneaking across her lips as a strange electrical noise whipped through the air as the door slowly lowered and the lights went out completely. "Have fun training in there with the power circuits overridden," she added at last, her crimson lips curving into a wicked smirk, "You will get your power reconnected when you recover, if you know how to do that."

Vegeta stood in the dark room dumbfounded. Did she just outwit me? When did she implement a fail-safe code? Gritting his teeth he stomped out of the capsule, fighting the urge to kick the door frame on his way out as he begrudgingly trailed behind the frustrating 'aqua-haired demon.' "I'm not following you, I happen to have finished for the night anyway you selfish woman," he muttered under his breath, arms folded across his broad chest as he glared at her bouncing mess of curls.

"Yeah, yeah, whatever you say big fella," she taunted looking over her shoulder, "I did mean what I said you know; when your ribs heal I will revoke the override code."

Eyes twitching his glare intensified. "Don't get cocky earthling! I don't need that thing to train anyway," he snapped, turning his head as he tried to avoid eye contact.

Shaking her head she suppressed a laugh, "Say what you want you brute, your actions say otherwise."

"If I'm such a brute then answer this for me; why were you in my bed earlier?" he asked, stopping her in her tracks as he walked up alongside her.

"None of that was intentional," she snapped as she turned to face him; their faces inches apart as she glared; "I had been busy looking after you and fell asleep."

Grabbing her chin Vegeta growled lightly, "I didn't touch you this time but it isn't very wise for a lamb to enter a dragon's den so willingly."

Bulma froze, her heart palpitating at the feel of his skin on hers; "I am in a relationship remember? I wouldn't betray him."

"You don't consider that a normal relationship though do you?" he responded letting go of her chin. "Just try to control your unconditional love for me next time you feel the urge to share my bed," he added snidely as he watched her fidget before him like a worm on a hook.

"I don't want you to touch me or need you to for a matter of fact. Stop letting your ego get the better of you!" She snapped back before taking a deep breath, struggling to slow her heart rate. Why is he making me so flustered? Does he truly think I wanted to have sex with him, or is he teasing me?

"Do it again, and see what happens," he dared flatly, snickering as he turned and slowly made his way inside the main building.

Running a hand through her curls Bulma sighed, I might be mistaken but I have a feeling that I've inadvertently started a war…


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