Everything in the next few hours came in a blur of activity.

While firefighters and paramedics rushed on scene to deal with the burning building and potential injuries that accompanied that, the NCIS team was busy putting out their own fires of this case. Los Angeles was alive with police sirens that night, as all the members of the cartel involved with the firefight at the warehouse and present at the club were being arrested. Hetty already took the liberty of sending the evidence from Jason's button cam to the LAPD, who were taking over the situation. Bates wasn't too happy that Hetty gave the go ahead for Jason's involvement, but nobody on NCIS's end really cared.

Of course when the initial celebration of everybody being alive and back together wore off, Kensi and Deeks were forced to make a trip to the emergency room. Normally they (particularly Kensi) would have given a much bigger fight. As it was, Deeks fell asleep on her shoulder in Callen's car on the way to the hospital. Not that it was for anything major. As it was they were only there for half an hour for a quick look over.

Dawn was merely an hour away by the time Sam, Callen, Deeks, Kensi, and Jason returned to the Office of Special Projects with a box of doughnuts and coffee for everybody.

"Don't let those near Kensi," Deeks quipped, yawning. The brunette herself sank into one of the couches behind their desks and took a huge gulp of coffee, not bothering to make a snarky response.

Jason commented as he picked out a chocolate frosted pastry for himself, "I see you haven't lost your sense of humor."

"He never does," chuckled Sam.

"I am glad to see all of us are home safely." Hetty suddenly appeared around the corner. "Mr. Deeks, Mr. Letway, may I speak to the both of you for a moment please?"

The two men shot each other a look before removing themselves from the rest of the group. Hetty led them back into her office, where she handed each of them a thin folder of papers.

"Working with you the past twenty-four hours has proven that you are a valuable asset. As it turns out, I am in need of another agent for this office, and I believe for you to be a great fit," Hetty explained to Jason. "From what I understand your son is quite a joy to have around. Although I cannot promise the absence of them, I can assure you that your undercover operations would hardly last as long as you're used to."

Jason eyed the paperwork and then Hetty. He tossed a glance over at Deeks, tucking the folder under his arm. "I'll consider your offer."

"That's great man," Deeks clapped him on the shoulder. "But I'm not sure what I'm doing here."

She then turned her beady stare on the blond liaison officer and berated him, "You should have signed these papers years ago. I respect your loyalty to Bates and the Los Angeles Police Department, but believe me when I say that this operation has proven that the feeling is not reciprocated. I encourage you strongly to sign on as a permanent NCIS agent; effective immediately."

Deeks opened up the folder and saw the same paperwork she had given him five years ago. They had been previously locked away in his desk drawer, and he had a feeling that these were the same ones. He glanced back at his teammates sitting around the office laughing. Family. And that was something more than being a cop.

"Pen, please?" Deeks requested.

Hetty wasted no time in handing one over to him. In just a few seconds, Deeks signed in all the necessary places and passed the folder to her.

"Excellent. Director Vance has already waved your FLET-C training. Congratulations Agent Deeks." She reached into her desk and pulled out a new NCIS ID, a SIG, and a badge. With a smile, Hetty handed all of them over to Deeks. "Now, I have a few phone calls to make. Enjoy your celebration."

Deeks and Jason walked together back towards the atrium when Letway pulled his friend off towards the stairwell. He snatched the folder from under his arm and weighed it in his hand. "Is it worth it?"

The blond answered candidly. "I didn't used to think so. But strangers and a building turned into teammates and a workplace, and then into family and a home. That's just how we roll."

"So, I guess I'll be seeing more of you then," Jason smiled.

"Oh guys!" Deeks sang, approaching the rest of the team. "Guess who just became top secret agents!?"

"No way," Callen grinned. "Congrats Deeks."

"It's about time!" Kensi scoffed, but she was beaming from ear to ear nonetheless.

"Wait, did you just say agents?" Sam asked. "You too Jason?"

"Hetty just offered me a job," Jason confirmed.

"Well this calls for a toast," Callen declared. He raised his cup, which was matched by coffee and doughnuts alike. "To family."

"To family!"

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