Here's a new brainchild. I got the idea for this after reading Afterimage by niewypowiedziane . If you haven't read it, you should. It won't affect this story, but it's a good one.

This is my first fic with, you know, a PLOT, so we'll see how it goes. Plus, I've never written much action before.

Disclaimer: I own nothing, Marvel has it all.

Chapter 1

"Cap, on your right!" Tony watches as Cap swings around and decks one of the nasty robot/animal things that they're fighting today. Need a name... need a name... Tony murmurers in the back of his mind as he repulses a few more by Clint. They're like rhino robots. Rhinobots? Rhonos?

He hasn't yet decided what these new threats are to be dubbed when he hears Natasha scream. Fear immediately shoots through him. Natasha does not scream. Ever. Even when she's angry. Usually she yells a lot and sometimes does this scary shrieking thing when she's fighting, but she never, ever screams.

"JARVIS, monitor Natasha!" Tony says, and swoops down a side street to get to where he saw her last, fighting side by side with Thor. When he emerges, he sees the god, swinging his hammer frantically, trying to work his way towards Natasha. She's half off the ground, over on his left, and even from fifty yards away, Tony can tell that her leg is broken, up above the knee.

"Sir, there is a target near the building. He seems to be carrying an explosive device." Taking note of JARVIS' words and swearing steadily, Tony changes course away from Natasha and rockets towards the huge animal cyborg, who is trying to be as stealthy as possible despite having a body the size of a pickup truck.

"JARVIS, blast radius?"

"Blast radius approximately fifty meters, sir." Tony starts yelling into his comm link. "THOR! Get Natasha and get away! Steve, Clint, get the Hulk! We're going to need him, this one's massive and it's got an explosive!"

"Shit! Be right there!" Steve grunts as something hits him. Tony can hear the air leaving his lungs, even on the comm. If they weren't all in terrible danger right now, like always, he would laugh at Cap's feeble swearing. He makes a mental note to mock Spangles about it later.

His mental file of Cap's swears is interrupted by another scream from Natasha. Wheeling around in midair, he sees the problem. The explosive-laden monster is running at her as fast as it can, which is fairly fast, given it's size. Natasha is trying to get away from it, but with her leg so badly broken, the best the assassin can do is a couple of feet a second.

There isn't time. Without letting himself think about the consequences of what he is about to do, Tony dives at the charging creature. He see's Natasha's face as he flies over her, and she manages to look angry and fierce even though she's probably about to pass out from the leg and the terror of a charging rhino robot speeding at her. Steve is yelling into the comm link, but Tony's too focused to process what he's saying.

Half a second later, Tony's suit collides with the creature, knocking it backwards almost a hundred yards and into the base of a deserted looking building. Tony can't stop his momentum and he slams into the building right after it. Hitting the ground hard, he just has time to look up and find Thor scooping up Natasha and running her back to an alleyway, Steve, Clint, and Hulk sprinting onto the scene. That's the last thing Tony Stark sees as a fireball engulfs the building and it crumbles onto him.

So? Good? Bad? Do you want to run around screaming because it's so awful? Let me know if you have any suggestions about future chapters!