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Anna grinned, her hand outstretched as she reached for the snitch right in front of her. Just as she was about to make the grab, a white and blue blur whizzed by, plucking the snitch out of the air. Anna frowned slightly, giving out a frustrated sigh as she watched the blur slow, finally taking the form of her older sister.

Elsa wore a cocky smirk on her face as she looked over at Anna. "Didn't I give you a head start?" She called from across the yard.

"I'm a chaser!" Anna replied, slowly flying toward the grass. "Not a seeker! Therefore, it's rude to assume that I would be able to catch the snitch that fast!"

"Anna," Elsa rolled her eyes, gracefully climbing off her broom and handing her sister the little golden ball. "I'm a seeker, but I play keeper for you all the time."

"It's not my fault that you're the best Quidditch player of all time!" Anna threw her hands up, accidentally freeing the snitch. "Whoops."

Elsa sighed and snatched it out of the air, just before it would zoom off to who knows where. "Will you please be more careful? This is the first snitch I ever caught."

"Oh please, you didn't even play at school. You got this one when you were five from that festival."

"I did, and it makes it even more special."

Anna was going into her sixth year at Hogwarts, and she had been deemed the captain of the Gryffindor Quidditch team. This meant that she had to practice more than ever over the summer so that she could be up to the challenge. She needed to set a good example for her teammates, or at least that's what her father had said when they got the news.


"Mum! Dad! Elsa!" Anna shrieked, running into the kitchen early one morning. "Guess what!"

The other three looked up from what they were doing, their faces awash with confusion. Anna's father glanced over the top of his Daily Prophet and frowned at the volume of his daughter's voice, her mother had nearly dropped a plate of eggs onto the kitchen floor in surprise, and Elsa had accidentally spilled tea all over her jumper. Anna blushed at the slight chaos that she had caused before holding out the folded paper in her hand.

"I made Quidditch captain!" She exclaimed, throwing her hands in the air.

"That's amazing!" Anna's father recovered first, standing up from the table and engulfing Anna in a tight hug.

"We knew you could do it, dear." Her mother grinned, giving Anna her own hug once her father let go. "You're the greatest player of your year."

"Thanks, Mum." Anna smiled, she was bouncing on the balls of her feet. "This is amazing! I'm so excited!"

"Congratulations, Anna." Elsa said, entering the kitchen in a new jumper. "It was definitely worth the ruined jumper."

"Thanks, Elsa." Anna replied, she would never tell Elsa, but she was excited that she finally accomplished something that Elsa hadn't done first. Anna looked over to her father. "Do you think you can practice with me, Dad? I need to be at my best this year."

"I have business at the Ministry today." Her father frowned, sitting back at the table. "Elsa, why don't you practice with her?"

"Dad, I've never even seen Elsa ride a broom." Anna sighed, casting her sister a glance. "No offense."

"I'll help you." Elsa replied, standing up. "Meet me in the backyard when you're finished, we'll get started then."

Anna missed the small grins their parents shared as she sat down.

The redhead ate hurriedly, and ran out the back door. She froze at the sight she was met with.

Elsa was in the air on a broom that Anna didn't recognize, it was definitely an older model than Anna's Firebolt, but it was so well kept that she could hardly tell that the broom was older. Only the slightly frayed bristles gave Anna any indication that the broom wasn't brand new.

Anna watched, her eyes wide as Elsa made a sudden dive, snatching a glittering speck out of the sky before zooming down to where she stood. With all the grace that Anna wished that she had possessed, Elsa stopped right in front of her sister, a smug look on her face as she held up a snitch.

"I think I know my way around a pitch…" She said, hopping off the broom. "What do you want to start on first?"


"I demand a rematch!" Anna huffed, climbing back onto her broom. "I'll beat you this time!"

Elsa rolled her eyes and opened her hand, releasing the snitch. "I'll give you a ten second head start."

Anna made a face, but zoomed off in search of the snitch. The wind was starting to pick up, making it more difficult to fly, not that Anna was going to let that slow her down. The blowing leaves made it hard to spot the snitch, with a groan, Anna watched as Elsa mounted her broom and took off.

She had no idea where that stupid ball was, but Elsa probably did. She had a sixth sense for finding the snitch. Anna's brow furrowed as she doubled back to try and look, Elsa was amazing at the sport. Why didn't she play in school?

Anna was pulled from her thoughts when she felt a branch collide with the side of her face, effectively causing her to lose her balance. Flailing her arms in an attempt to not fall to her doom, Anna flipped from the broom and started to fall. Just as she was about to let out a yell, however; Anna felt a strong hand grip her forearm.

Elsa was above her, the snitch in her right hand and Anna's life in the other. With a grunt, the blonde pulled Anna up and onto her broom, slowly lowering the pair to the ground. Anna immediately hopped off the broom, her eyes wide as she looked at her sister.

"Elsa!" She grinned, throwing her hands up. "That was amazing! You have to teach me how to be that fast!"

"Anna, you were almost seriously hurt." Elsa rolled her eyes and looked up. "It's going to storm soon. We're lucky that we weren't struck by lightning."

"That would have been so cool." Anna replied, summoning her broom and following Elsa to the broom shed. "You seriously need to teach me how to do that! It was so cool!"

"I just got scared, Anna…" Elsa sighed, frowning a little. "I just had to catch you."

"Well, when you figure out how you did it, you'll tell me right?"

"You'll be the first to know."

They silently put their brooms away and began walking toward the house, Anna a few steps ahead of Elsa, chattering about how excited she was for the school year to start up again. Elsa nodded along with her, Anna certainly would make an impression.

"How come you didn't play in school?" Anna asked suddenly, catching Elsa off guard. "I mean, you're really great, Elsa. And there's no way that you could be that good naturally… You had to practice a lot."

"Well…" Elsa paused, her face turning a light shade of pink. "I took a lot of classes, and I just couldn't find the time. And then, being a prefect is very time consuming, I couldn't let my studies slip."

"Lame." Anna laughed. "You could've won the Quidditch Cup every year! You'd probably give Viktor Krum a run for his money!"

"Let's be realistic, Anna."

"I am!"


"I'm serious, Elsa! It would have been so cool to play against each other, officially, I mean."


"I seriously don't understand why you didn't at least try out! It's a crime! You should've lost points for Ravenclaw!"

"Can you please-?"

"Why didn't you go out for the team?! It's not fair to the team, and it's not fair to you! You could have been the star of the team!"

"Enough, Anna!" Elsa snapped, glaring down at her sister. "Just stop, okay?"


Elsa walked past the redhead, leaving Anna outside just as the rain started to fall.

"That's just fabulous."

Elsa avoided Anna for the rest of the day, and a few more to come. Anna spent almost an hour banging on Elsa's door, asking her if she wanted to practice, or do anything really. Only to receive an irritated reply.

"Go away, Anna." Elsa had snapped in a clipped tone.

They sat at the breakfast table a couple days after, silently eating as their parents discussed something Anna didn't care about. Elsa seemed to be listening intently, though. Anna grimaced, wondering briefly when her sister turned into an adult.

"Hey, Elsa?" Anna asked, making the blonde glance over.


"I was wondering if we could practice today..." Anna tried to keep her voice steady as she watched Elsa frown.

"Not today, Anna." Elsa mumbled, taking a bite of toast.

"But, I invited Kristoff over! We could all-!"

"I said no!" Elsa snapped, standing up and leaving the table.

"What's her problem?" Anna grumbled, pushing her plate away.

"You know how your sister gets when she's in one of her moods." Anna's mother sighed, frowning at her daughter's outburst.

"Maybe you should go look in my study," Her father replied, Anna furrowed her brow, noticing her parents' shared look.

"What's wrong with everyone today?" She muttered, standing up and walking to her father's study.

She opened the door, entering the dimly lit room. Normally, Anna wouldn't set foot in there unless she was looking at her trophies, even then Elsa was usually with her to make sure that Anna didn't break everything. Anna stuffed her hands into her pockets, glancing at the trophy case.

Elsa had nearly four shelves dedicated to her achievements. All academic, she even got an award for 'first second year to master a patronus.' Anna grinned, remembering how much she had begged Elsa to show her, only to get shut down by their father. Apparently, no magic outside of school was the dumbest rule on earth.

Anna frowned at her shelf, while Elsa's were filled with academic achieves, she had even received all O's on her OWL's and NEWT's, Anna's only had a few awards. All of them for 'excellency in the sport of Quidditch' or 'most points made by a chaser.' Normally, Anna was filled with pride when she looked at her awards, but instead she was filled with a dreadful realization.

Anna was only commended on her Quidditch skills, did that mean that Elsa had decided not to play for her? Anna's brow furrowed, Elsa wouldn't do that. There was no reason to.

Before she knew it, Anna was walking up the stairs to Elsa's room. She didn't knock, Elsa wouldn't let her in if she did. Anna let out a quiet bark of a laugh when she saw that Elsa was reading 'Qudditch Through the Ages,' the old copy that Anna had gotten her for Christmas one year.

"Anna, don't you know how to knock?" Elsa frowned, giving Anna an irritated glare. "What's wrong with you?"

"Why didn't you play in school?" Anna demanded, trying to keep her voice from wavering.

"Anna…" All the irritation on Elsa's face melted away into guilt.

"Did you decide not to because of me?" Anna prompted, her tone dripping with venom.

"Anna, you don't understa-"

"I think I understand everything perfectly, Elsa."

"Obviously you don't!" Elsa snapped, tossing her book to the side and looking at her sister fully. "Because if you did, then you wouldn't be acting like such a brat!"

"So you didn't play because of me?"

"It's not like that, Anna." Elsa repeated, it was obvious that her patience had worn out, as she stood up and walked toward Anna. "You're acting like a five year old, now get out of my room."

"Then tell me why!"

"I quit because you deserve to be noticed." Elsa muttered, averting her gaze.

Silence hung thick in the room as Elsa's irritated expression morphed into one of horror, her eyes widening at what she had just said to her sister. Anna found herself overcome with white, hot fury. She didn't need Elsa to take herself out of the picture to be noticed, she was perfectly capable without her sister doing everything for her.

"That's not what I meant!" Elsa said, trying to backtrack. "Everyone just… They were always treating me like the best thing since pewter cauldrons, and I… I saw how… They never said anything about you! And I remember teachers saying that it was a shame that you weren't like me, and mum and dad were always praising me and you'd… It wasn't fair to you, Anna! So I-"

"You quit doing something that you loved because I wasn't as good as you." Anna snarled, the tone in her voice causing Elsa to back away.

"It wasn't like that."

"No, that's exactly what it was like." With that, Anna turned her heel and left the room, slamming the door behind her.

She stomped out into the backyard, sitting on one of the benches. Anna usually went there to cool off, somehow the trees and the general sounds of nature had a calming effect on the redhead. With a sigh, Anna closed her eyes and took in a deep breath.

"Hey, Anna!" Her eyes snapped open when she heard Kristoff's voice. "I'm here! You guys ready to play some Quidditch?!"

Before Anna knew what she was doing, she had picked up a decent sized rock and thrown it at Kristoff's head. Anna let out a surprised squeak at the loud 'thwack' that it made when it came in contact with the blond man's head.

"What the hell!?" Kristoff groaned, stumbling away. "I told you not to throw things at me when I don't have my bat!"

"I am so sorry!" Anna exclaimed, jumping up and helping Kristoff to the stump. "Let me look at it."

Kristoff gingerly moved his hands away from the spot that the rock hit, revealing a bump the size of a snitch. "Is it bad?"

"Uh… It'll get better…" Anna mumbled sheepishly. "You should… uh… we should put something on that…"

"Yeah, later." Kristoff rolled his eyes and gave Anna a serious look. "What's got you so angry?"

"What do you mean?"

"You only hurt me when you're mad. What did your parents do-"

"It was Elsa."

"Oh, no. What happened?"

With a sigh, Anna recounted the events over the past few days. Kristoff, despite his head injury, listened intently, a frown present on his face. Anna felt her anger ebb a bit, it seemed like Kristoff was on her side.

"And that's why I threw a rock at your head." Anna finished, taking in a breath.

"You're really, really dumb." Kristoff said, giving Anna a gentle shove. "Elsa is like the best person in the universe! You need to apologize to her… right now."

Anna's jaw fell.

Kristoff rolled his eyes and sighed. "I swear, thestrals are better at talking things out than you two are." After a pause, he continued. "Elsa knew that you felt left out because was getting praised all the time, and how you felt like everyone was forgetting you. Well, she remembered you, and knew that you threw a quaffle like a pro, so she decided not to play so that you could bask in the glory for once."


"I'm serious, if you don't talk to your sister right now, I will never help you with bludgers again."

"Okay…" Anna stood and headed toward the house.

Anna knocked on Elsa's door sheepishly, she didn't fell like she deserved to be let inside. The door opened up on its own accord, revealing Elsa, laying on her bed, her wand in her hand. Anna didn't move, noticing that Elsa hadn't lowered her wand yet.

"Hi…" Anna offered a small wave.

"Hi." Elsa replied, not looking at her sister.

"Can I come in?"

"The door's open."

Anna stepped into the room. "You're really dumb, you know…" She said, sitting at Elsa's desk. "Really, really dumb, but I understand why you did it. You shouldn't have, but I understand."

Elsa cast Anna a confused look.

"How were you even Head Girl?" Anna teased, sensing the joke had flopped, she continued. "You shouldn't have to hold yourself back so I can succeed. That's not how these things are supposed to work, Elsa."

Elsa was silent for a moment, at the angle that Anna was looking at her, she couldn't quite make out the tears that were forming in her sister's eyes.

"It's not fair to you, Anna." Elsa's shaky voice took Anna by surprise. "It's not fair that people didn't notice you. And it hurts. I know it hurt you, Anna. I know that you used to call yourself the… what was it… spare? I wasn't going to let my little sister keep hurting like that. It's not fair to you."

Anna stood, making her way to the now quivering blonde. She laid next to Elsa, gingerly wrapping her arms around her shaking frame. Normally Elsa would jerk away from the embrace, but instead she leaned into it, burying her face into Anna's shoulder, wetting her jumper with tears.

"I didn't want you to hurt anymore."

"Elsa…" Anna let out a dry chuckle and patted the blonde's back. "Have I ever told you that you're the greatest person on earth?"

"No…" Elsa looked up at Anna, her eyes red from crying.

"Well, you are." Anna replied, flashing Elsa a grin. "You are amazing. You are the kindest, most caring person that I've ever met. You… You gave up something that you loved, just so your dumb little sister could have something to be proud of… I mean thank you."

Elsa pulled away and wiped her tears with the sleeve of her shirt. "Thanks, Anna." She smiled as she sat up, only to be crushed by a tight hug. "I didn't mean to hurt you, I just-"

"I know." Anna murmured, a grin forming. "I was being a baby." She pulled away and looked Elsa in the eyes. "But seriously, you shouldn't have quit playing. You would have won the Quidditch Cup every single year!"

Elsa rolled her eyes and shoved Anna off her bed, laughing at the loud thump that sounded after. "I didn't want the cup." She said. "I just wanted a happy sister."

Anna stood up, rubbing her lower back with a grimace. "Well, if you really want me to be happy, then you'll teach me that flippy thing you do on the broom!"

Elsa raised an eyebrow and stood, a smirk forming as she began to walk toward the door. "Do you think you can keep up?"

"You're not that good, you know." Anna grinned and grabbed Elsa's wrist, pulling her down the stairs and out the backdoor, a grin plastered on her face.

"I bet I could beat you with one hand tied behind my back!" Anna continued.

"That can be arranged."

The pair froze when they saw Kristoff sitting on the stump, looking at the sky.

"Merlin, Kristoff!" Elsa exclaimed, brandishing her wand and running toward their friend. "What happened?!"

"Ask your sister."