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Anna grinned at the sight of her broomstick, a brand new Firebolt. She had just put a coat of polish on it and finished clipping any bent bristles, it looked good as new. Well, it was new, mostly. She had received it as a congratulations from her parents for making the Gryffindor Quidditch team, which she now played chaser for.

"Hey, Anna." Flynn Rider, the sixth year who was captain of the Gryffindor team and a fellow chaser, called as he walked toward the portrait hole. "We should really eat before the match, yeah? It's the first one of the year, and I don't want my new chaser to pass out while she's in the air, okay?"

"Yeah, just let me…" Anna gestured to her Firebolt.

"No problem." Flynn shrugged, walking out of the common room.

Anna hurried to put her broom supplies away before hopping out the portrait hole, her Firebolt tucked under her arm.

Normally, one would assume that a Gryffindor would sit at the Gryffindor table, but Anna completely bypassed the table where her house mates sate, instead choosing to plop down at the Ravenclaw table. Right next to her older sister, who didn't even glance away from her friends as Anna swung her legs over the bench.

"All, I'm saying," Rapunzel, a fifth year, said, giving Anna a small grin when she sat down. "Is that the Gryffindor team looks really good this year. You might have your work cut out for you this time, Els."

Elsa glanced at Anna, then to her broom. Her parent had offered to get her a Firebolt also, to celebrate her becoming the captain of the Ravenclaw team, but she declined. Elsa was too attached to her own broom to even imagine giving it up.

"I'll just have to get the snitch before they score any points, won't I?" She smiled, her eyes sparkling with anticipation for the match.

"Yeah right!" Anna shoved Elsa's shoulder. "Merida will catch it way before you!"

"Oh?" Elsa merely raised an eyebrow before taking a bite of her toast.

Before Anna could reply, a small, snowy white owl swooped down in front of her. "Olaf!" It was her and Elsa's once shared owl.

This was soon followed by a larger, snowy owl who perched himself near Elsa. "Hello, Marshmallow." She smiled, patting the large owl's head. She had gotten him as a present the year earlier for making prefect. The great owl gave a loud hoot and helped himself to some of Anna's cornflakes.

"Look, Mum and Dad wrote me a letter!" Anna grinned, opening her envelope. Her face fell slightly. "They said that they don't want to take sides."

"I know." Elsa had opened her own letter from their parents. "It makes sense. I mean, should we alternate instead? Mum will support my team this time, and you've got Dad today?"

"Well, I mean Dad was a Gryffindor…" Anna laughed, patting Olaf's head. "You both can go back to the owlery if you'd like."

Marshmallow immediately took off, while Olaf tripped over a plate before trying to follow.

"He's really clumsy." Elsa noted, getting back to her breakfast.

"It's not his fault," Anna replied, taking a bite of cornflakes, it seemed that neither Elsa, nor Rapunzel had the heart to tell her that there had just been an owl eating them.

"So, Anna," Rapunzel leaned forward, her eyes filled with excitement. "Are you excited for the match?!"

"Yeah!" Anna grinned, throwing her hands in the air. "This is so exciting! I mean, it's my first ever real life match! And I'm against Elsa! I can taste victory."

"You might not want to say that at the Ravenclaw table." Belle, a sixth year, said with a fond smile. "Some of us wouldn't take kindly to it."

"I think it about time for some healthy competition." Elsa supplied, offering Anna a small smirk. "I mean, it would just be a tragedy if we won the cup four years in a row without even a bit of a struggle."

"Don't be so cocky, sis." Anna replied, trying to look as smug as Elsa. She knew that her sister was probably one of the best seekers in Ravenclaw history, and she also knew that Ravenclaw started their winning streak the year that Elsa joined the team, but that had to be a coincidence. Right?

"Yeah, Gryffindor could come out on top." Rapunzel cried, looking over Elsa's shoulder at Flynn. They had been dating for a year, she tended to switch who she rooted for. "I mean, what if Gryffindor scored one hundred and sixty points before you caught the snitch? We'd lose by ten, then."

"Of course, how could I forget that that was likely to happen?" Elsa rolled her eyes with a laugh.

"Oi! Anna!" Flynn called from across the hall. "Stop fraternizing with the enemy! It's time to go!"

"He certainly did more than fraternize last night." Elsa muttered, making Belle laugh and Rapunzel go red.

Anna stood and bid her sister farewell before leaving with her team.


Flynn had given an inspirational pep talk in the locker room, declaring Gryffindor the greatest team in the school and telling them all that they were going to win. He took a moment to go over their plays, which Anna listened to intently, before warning them about the Ravenclaw team.

"They're extremely fast." He warned with a frown. "Watch out for the seeker," Anna tried not to smile at the look on Flynn's face, it was like he was trying to convince the whole team that he and Elsa weren't actually good friends. "She's won nearly all her games."

"Nearly." Merida grinned. "Well, let's see if we can get her another loss."

The team murmured in agreement, and Flynn beamed. "Okay, hands in guys. Gryffindor on three!"


They walked out onto the pitch, the crowd was already roaring with applause. Elsa walked with her team, her face cold and calculating as she approached Flynn and shook his hand. Elsa cast a glance toward Anna, her lips curving into a small smile. Anna grinned back, offering a small wave as she mounted her broom.

The official stood in the center of the pitch. "On my whistle!" She shouted. "Three…" The snitch was released. "Two…" Flynn nudged Anna and gave her a small smile. "One…" The whistle sounded and Anna kicked off, grabbing the Quaffle from the air before the Ravenclaw chasers could and flying toward the goal.

"And they're off!" Jack Overland, Elsa's good friend and a sixth year Slytherin, exclaimed. "Anna Anderson's got the Quaffle, and is heading toward the Ravenclaw goal posts."

Anna tried to tune out the commentary and focus on the goal. She weaved around a chaser and swerved when she saw a bludger out the corner of her eye. With all the strength she could muster, Anna threw the ball as hard as she could toward the left goal post.

"And that's ten points to Gryffindor." Jack announced, sounding mildly disappointed.

Anna spared a glance toward Elsa as she chased after the Quaffle. She was slightly above the game, no doubt searching for the snitch, but when she caught Anna's eye, she offered a thumbs up before narrowing her eyes and diving. Merida seemed to see the same thing and dove after Elsa.

"It seems like Elsa Anderson has spotted something!" Jack said with more excitement than with Anna. "She's made a dive- What's this?!"

Just as Elsa was nearing the ground, she pulled up at the last minute before zooming off. Merida wasn't so lucky and plummeted straight into the ground with a "Thud." Elsa winced sympathetically before rounding the pitch again.

Anna frowned and dodged another bludgers, diving for the Quaffle and heading for the goal posts. Did Elsa do that on purpose? It seemed like she had just wanted to get Merida, who was being taken off the pitch, out of the way so she could get the snitch without any competition.

"Looks like Elsa Anderson managed to pull off a perfect 'Wronski Feint!'" Jack exclaimed, Anna furrowed her brow, trying to remember the move as she continued toward the goal post.

Another bludgers came toward her, and she dived down, throwing the Quaffle to Flynn, who managed to score. They both grinned at each other before another bludgers came at them both. Anna nearly fell off her broom in an attempt to get out of the way.

"Watch yourself!" Came Elsa's irritated voice as she whizzed by.

Anna rolled her eyes and went off to get the Quaffle. Just as she was about to catch it, another bludgers came directly at her, Anna tried to dodge it, but it made contact with her leg. There was a sickening crack, and suddenly Anna felt like she was falling.

No, she was falling. Her Firebolt was right above her, and getting further and further away as she fell. She heard someone cry her name, but really, Anna was more focused on her imminent death.

Anna felt herself hit the ground, and suddenly the world went dark.


When Anna awoke, her vision was spotty, and she was sure that she was in the hospital wing. Her entire team, even Merida, whose arm was in a sling and had a black eye. They all looked upset, Anna briefly felt a pang of guilt. She knew that they had lost.

"We lost." Flynn sighed, his frown deepening. "Ravenclaw's full of clever little gits, probably formulating crazy strategies. They planned this!"

"I highly doubt that Elsa planned for Anna to get hurt." The team's keeper said, looking at Anna. "Miss 'If you try to hex my sister, it'll be the last thing you ever do' would never let her team hurt a hair on her head."

Anna turned red. "Where is Elsa, anyway?" She furrowed her brow, looking around. Surely Elsa would be there to see her.

"Oh… Well," Flynn looked sheepish. "After she caught the snitch, she… uh…. She took a bludger to the head… She's, well, she's right there." Flynn pointed to the bed closest to Anna's.

The Ravenclaw team had surrounded that bed, Anna briefly wondered why she didn't notice seven other people in the room.

"Is Anna awake yet?" Elsa's voice called as the Ravenclaws separated for their captain.

The blonde looked fine for the most part, other than the large, blood soaked bandage over her head. Elsa stepped forward, approaching Anna tentatively.

"Are…" Elsa surveyed Anna with a crucial eye. "Are you alright?"

"I don't-"

"She's got a broken leg." Flynn said hastily. "She should be fine by morning. Just letting her rest, is all."

"Thanks." Elsa offered Flynn a small smile. "Do you all mind?"

Both teams shook their heads and wandered away, leaving the sisters alone.

"Great first match, huh?" Anna chuckled weakly, gesturing for Elsa to take a seat.

"You're alright?" Elsa asked as she sat. "Nothing else broken?"

"My head feels a bit achy, but that might just be because I hit it." Anna offered, furrowing her brow. "How'd you get hit?"

"I grabbed the snitch, then heard someone shout your name…" Elsa paused, making a face as she tried to recall the match. "Then I went to grab you, but a bludger got to me first."

"Must've hurt." Anna grunted with a frown. "I lost my first match."

"So did I, remember?" Elsa replied, taking Anna's hand in her own and offering a small smile. "It was us against Hufflepuff, and that scrawny boy… Hill-cap or whatever his nickname is, got the snitch first. We lost by fifty points…"


"But, do you know what happened that year?" Elsa's smile widened.

"Your team won the cup." Anna shrugged, of course she remembered, it was her first year and she was so proud of her sister.

"And we won the next year, and the year after that." The smile fell from Elsa's face as she continued. "You did much better than I did in my game, anyway. Kristoff ended up hitting me with a bludger, and I woke up a week later in the hospital."

"I was really worried." Anna recalled, smiling despite herself. "… Thanks, Elsa."

"No problem." Elsa stood, pressing a kiss to Anna's forehead. "And just remember, I have one year left here, you'll get your chance for a rematch."

"I'll smoke you!" Anna exclaimed, throwing her arms up. "And we're going to win the Quidditch cup!"

"Over my dead body." Elsa replied coolly, walking toward the door. "I should head down for dinner, I'll bring you something back from my dorm after, okay?"

"I want chocolate frogs!" Anna called after her. "I know you have a stash!"

"I'll be sure to take some of yours then!" Elsa said over her shoulder.

"You don't know the password!"


"How'd you know?!"

"I'm me."

Anna laughed when she heard the door slam and sank back into the pillows. She was sure that Elsa was going to send a letter to their parents, telling them about the match, and she was even surer that her mother was going to beg her to quit, which she would never do. Anna closed her eyes, and decided to get some rest before Elsa returned with her chocolate.


Gryffindor ended up winning their next matches against Slytherin and Hufflepuff, but it was Ravenclaw that won the Quidditch Cup for the fourth time in a row. Anna couldn't bring herself to be upset, the ecstatic look on her face when Elsa realized that she had led her team to victory was enough to make Anna clap enthusiastically. She had sworn to Elsa that Gryffindor would win their next match, so it didn't matter, anyway.

Anna was going to beat Elsa in a year, so she let Elsa live it up. Their eyes met briefly, Elsa's narrowing ever so slightly, she was challenging her, and Anna knew it. Her look said 'Just try and beat me.'