To all those reading The Secrets we Hold, I've not given up on it, I just need to get in the swing of writing again and hopefully this will do the trick

This order of events:

- Captain America: the first avenger

- Amazing Spiderman

- The Avengers

- Iron Man 3 (Although pretend this was in January of 2013)

- This is set around March 2013 (no idea why)

Disclaimer: I do not own Spiderman or Captain America nor any character mentioned from the marvel universe. I do not get paid for writing, I just like to manipulate the characters for some non profit fun and entertainment.

"You know, Gwen, you look beautiful when you're concentrating." Peter Parker mentioned as he brushed some of her hair that had fallen in front of her face, covering it from his view. Gwen Stacy was sitting on her floor with a needle and thread in hand, stitching up a cut on the right hand side of Peter's bare chest as he leaned on her bed.

Gwen stopped with her had in mid air and gave a small giggle.

"You know Peter, you get very distracting when you talk." Gwen replied imitating the same breathy voice Peter had just used. Peter gave a low laugh. It was only a light one because otherwise it would hurt his stomach more or break his stitches, and then Gwen would be mad. Peter raised his hands slightly in surrender and let Gwen's hands work their magic.

Within ten minutes, Gwen made an expert knot to finish of her work and cut off any extra medical thread.

"You know," Gwen said as she started putting bloody things away, "I'm not a doctor, you should probably see a professional when you get hurt like this."

"Yeah," Peter said putting on a smirk as he watched her clear up, "but none of the doctors are as pretty as you."

Gwen sat back down on her floor and Peter grabbed her left hand and started tracing patterns in it.

"Nor," he continued, "do they have such soft hands."

Gwen grinned as she drew her hand away and then smacked Peter softly on the head.

"Just stop making this a regular occurrence! Soon there won't be any part of your chest without a scar on it!" Gwen huffed half seriously.

"Oh come on!" Peter groaned, "It's only the third time!"

"In a month!" Gwen finished pushing away from Peter.

"Come on! This one was an accident!" Peter cried trying to pull her back.

"So was last time apparently!" Gwen muttered.

"I was up all night trying to finish that stupid history essay in for today only to find out it's in for Monday! I then had to fix my costume and there's a really interesting article on gamma radiation that Dr Banner put up recently, apparently he's started researching again." Peter explained. Gwen gave him a long look before collapsing in front of him again, just not so close.

"I was half asleep when I took on those thugs, and I didn't expect to run out of web fluid mid fight either!" Peter complained. Gwen gave a laugh.

"Today just really isn't your day, is it?" she giggled sympathetically. Peter gave a pathetic moan hoping for more sympathy and maybe a sympathy kiss. No such luck. That moment the apartment door could be heard opening and the click clack of the now widowed Stacy's heels echoed through the single story flat. Then there were the lighter foot falls of Gwen's younger brothers running through the house which only Peter's super hearing picked up until they stomped closer to the door.

"Go!" Gwen whispers urgently.

"Gwen?" her mother calls.

"Quick, go!" Gwen repeats before pushing Peter to the window.

"Gwen?" another call.

"Now!" Gwen whispered loudly as she pushed him out the window. Peter stole a quick kiss before hiding from view as Gwen shut the window. Peter heard part of the conversation going on inside the house as Gwen conversed with her mother and he sorted out his suit and then put the mask on.

He felt the tear where an idiotic accident had allowed his adversary to put a blade into his side and cursed silently as he realised it would be another late night stitching up the rip. Thankfully it was Friday so he could sleep in. He only had to be awake to go to a birthday party for himself celebrating 17 years of his life gone by. He was sure he could be awake by at least 3pm if Aunt May didn't hover.

About twenty miles outside of New York Steve Rogers was parking his Harley Davidson outside a comfortable looking B&B. He had been searching through archives of where his beloved Peggy had moved to after the war. Today had been the most depressing day of his search, not because he had come up with a blank, but because he had found out something. There's a saying, no news is better than good news. Right now, Steve wanted to make that his motto in life. He had found out that Peggy had a child after his disappearance. There was no record of which year but within three years of his disappearance. In the archive he had looked in there had been no further information on the child, only that Peggy had died 50 years later from an unknown illness. He guessed that he could go and ask Fury for help, use SHEILD resources to look into what had happened to her and her child but he didn't want to, he liked doing it the old fashioned way.

With that in mind, Steve grumpily stumbled into the small B&B in hopes that the owner/s would not recognise him and he could have a hassle free evening feeling sorry for himself. As it turns out, they knew who Captain America was, they were just clueless on who Steve Rogers was. Steve went to his single bed room and lay in the plain white room. Other then the brown carpet, this room would have reminded Steve of a hospital if he was paying attention. He was bored. He couldn't get a proper job because he had no house, no previous occupation (unless you count being Captain America) and lord forbid he learn how to use the internet or other modern devices. He would need a mobile number and an email address to even fill out the application form, that was, if he didn't have to use the internet to find the form in the first place.

Then there was the new information on Peggy. She had a child! She had moved on without him and now he finds out she's dead! Steve wished he could just go back in time, be unfrozen within a day of that fatal crash. No, he wanted to go back to just before Bucky's death, he wanted to change that, stop his best friend from dying. Everything seemed so complicated in his head. Then Steve looked at his watch. He had been mopping for over an hour!

No! He thought to himself, what's happened has happened, I can't change that, I can only live with it. I'll adapt. As for Peggy, I'm glad she's moved on, it means she was happy! All I ever wanted was for her to be happy!

After settling each of his nagging thoughts, Steve closed his eyes and fell into a dreamless sleep on top of his bed in the clothes he had entered in.

Peter was right when he thought he would sleep in... that was until aunt May decided to give him a wake-up call.

"Come on, Peter, up you get!" she cried through the door,

"Mmmmmmmmmnnnnnnnn" came the mumbled response of Peter. He burrowed further into his duvet to drown out the noise and enter the bliss of sleep that he had just come out of. Unfortunately he heard his door swing open and the sound of his shutters being opened. Even through shut eyelids and a thick duvet, Peter was sure it had gotten brighter.

"Mmmmmnnnnnnn." He moaned unintelligently again. He heard his aunt chuckle before feeling a cruel rush of cold air as his cover was snatched away from him. Peter shielded his eyes as they accidentally burst open temporarily blinding him from the bright light.

"I don't care if it's your birthday." Aunt May said as she looked around her nephew's tornado destroyed bedroom. "I want you up so I can give you your birthday present and we can have lunch."

Peter peeked from under his hand to see his aunt's face. Lunch? It couldn't be that late. He then turned his wrist to look at his watch and saw that it was in fact going on 1:30pm. Peter groaned to show he was responsive of May's request before sluggishly rolling into sitting position and blearily looking at the wall opposite him. May took this as her cue to leave and dropped the duvet cover on the end of Peter's bed before leaving the room with a grin covering her face. Peter had hilarious morning hair most days.

Peter had a nice quiet lunch with his aunt. She had brought him a new one since his old one had somehow disappeared. Peter may or may not have mentioned that an extra strong villain who called himself the rhino decided to run into the large green dumpster where he had hidden his civilian clothing, school bag and precious skateboard. The school bag, the books (and the homework) were salvageable. The clothes needed a wash (maybe two or three to get rid of the smell) but the skateboard was demolished. Peter also got some new t-shirts and an expensive looking lens for his camera. He knew they were tight on money since Uncle Ben's death but apparently Ben had been planning to buy the lens at some point so May just fulfilled a dead man's wish. Peter was grateful and gave her a smile.

Once lunch was over, Peter explained that he wanted to go and test out his new skate board and tested it all the way to the abandoned warehouse where he learnt the extent of his powers. He then webbed his skateboard, civilian clothes and shoulder bag into a hidden hole in the ceiling, just in case, made sure he had extra web fluid and then left to have a birthday swing through the streets of Manhattan.

Peter whooped as he flipped through the air; enjoy an afternoon workout with the breeze rushing through the lightweight spandex.

After stopping two robberies, one on a convenience store and one consisting of a young lady being parted from her handbag, Spiderman headed back to get his belongings before skating home in high spirits.

"Today is a good day!" Peter exclaimed when he charged through the door. His aunt moved into the hallway to see what all the commotion was about and got a peck on the cheek from her relative. He then squeezed past her and grabbed an apple from the fruit bowl before propping himself onto a counter.

"I take it you had a good afternoon." Aunt May stated rather than asked.

"This-" Peter raise the skateboard, "is a thing of beauty! And the camera lens – I won't need to Photoshop most of my work! It already looks like a perfect piece of art."

"I'm glad you like it, now, get of my nice clean counters and go and get changed, you're going out with Gwen in an hour and knowing you, you need to scrub rather ferociously under those armpits!" May exaggerated with a small smile before whacking her nephew out of the kitchen.

"I do not smell that bad!" Peter retorted as he spun round to face his aunt. She raised an eyebrow. Peter took a whiff of his underarm and then dropped his arm. Gave her a you-are-right look and headed upstairs for a much needed, much deserved, warm shower.

Steve had gotten bored of lying in bed after half an hour and decided that, if any further leads on the life of Peggy Carter came out cold – which they did – then he would enjoy a pint of beer at a local pub, which this town was not lacking. He sat in an old fashioned pub which looked and smelled like it hadn't been refurbished or properly cleaned since the 1940's. The only feature that seems to have been added in the last twenty years was the television, but even that looked like it was the first model of coloured TV. Currently, the news was playing with that annoyingly loud anchorman J Jonah Jameson. He seemed to have become obsessed with this guy who called himself Spiderman. To most normal people, it looked like the guy had done a good job, stopped a robbery or something. To Jameson, Spiderman had conducted the robbery he had supposedly stopped. It was all very confusing and so the dear old captain stayed out of it and just focused on the taste of modern beer. He stayed sat there being quite unresponsive for three pints before his attention was drawn back to the news. Apparently Tony Stark was expanding his eco-friendly energy thingy. Steve couldn't be bothered to focus on the long words, he just knew that it gave electricity and energy to the Stark tower (which was being rebuilt) and now it seemed that Stark was ready to share it with the world. He guessed that Bruce Banner probably helped speed up the process of figuring out finer details and building up Tony's confidence. After the Loki incident, he seemed less keen to work on that project but it appeared as though all that had passed. One thing he did know was that Tony had, for some reason unknown to Steve, blown up all his Iron Man armours.

An hour later Peter was clean and smelling fresh. He was going out to see a film with Gwen, not because he spent every living moment (or at least most of them) with her, but because he didn't actually have many other friends. He was getting on with the new guy at school, Harry something or other – Harry Osborn – but not enough to go out with for a birthday thing. Maybe another time.

Anyway, Peter said goodbye and goodnight to his aunt. He bid her not to stay up waiting for him and then left 'walk' to Gwen's house. By most other people's standards, Peter was running late, for Peter, he was going to be too early.

Ah, the troubles of having spider powers. Peter pondered as he flung towards Gwen's apartment building. He landed outside the front and texted Gwen. The door man of her building didn't seem to like Peter and glared at him while he waited. Finally Gwen came down and rushed over to Peter. Peter then dragged her unceremoniously around the corner and away from the glaring eyes of the scary doorman before he allowed himself to appreciate how beautiful Gwen looked this evening.

"You understand that you look stunning this evening. It is supposed to be my night, but you outshine me." Peter commented with sarcastic hurt dripping in his voice.

"Well, at least I know I've accomplished something." Gwen said smiling and taking Peter's hand before they walked together towards the cinema. Peter raised an eyebrow in suspicion, "I've had your aunt take your money out of your wallet so I can pay and make it your night."

Peter frantically started patting his pockets until he located his wallet and lo and behold, there was enough money for a taxi fare if he became desperate. Peter cursed under his breath before he noticed Gwen was staring at him with a small smile.

"Fine, you win this round." Peter mumbled before smiling as the two of the nattered along the way.

The film was a comedy, not a lot of romance with lots of jokes. Afterwards they went out to a little Italian and had a great meal. Sods law came into play though. Gwen was wearing a white topped dress with a navy blue bottom and Peter had a white shirt. Both ended up with red stains from their meals of spaghetti ragu and spaghetti pomodoro. Finally, Peter left Gwen at her apartment building and walked back the thirty minute walk to his road, only to be stopped briefly when he saw a police car parked outside of his house. There was also an ambulance and a fire truck as well as a large crowed. Peter ran forwards to investigate what had happened only to stop when he saw the scorch marks through the window.

He didn't need to be told what happened, he already knew.

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