It was dark in his room when Tony woke up. That could be due to the blinds being shut or the fact that it might actually still be dark outside. Whatever the reason, Tony thought it was way too early to get up.

However, with the idea of Pepper coming home and finding their room a pigsty along with the fact that he really needed a pee, Tony rolled out of his warm, comfortable bed and groaned as he fell off. Thankfully his fall was softened by the dirty clothes he had worn over the last few days.

"mrivish..." Tony mumbled into the floor. There was no response. Tony sighed before rolling his head out of what felt like the trousers he wore yesterday.

"Jarvis, can I have some light please!" Tony called out. The command was followed by a long yawn.

"Of course, sir." Jarvis responded and the lights in the room turned on, brighter than ever. Well, at least, that was the way it felt to Tony's hung over head.

After a very satisfying morning toilet visit, Tony set to work on clearing up his room. This consisted of two piles; stuff that may or may not be clean but is going to be washed anyway and stuff that shall be worn today. With this effective cleaning method underway, Tony had his room practically spotless within a record time of three minutes.

Within ten minutes Tony was dressed and on his way to have breakfast with anyone up at this insanely early hour. What shocked him the most was that Clint, Bruce and Peter were sitting down and eating breakfast while watching the television. Tony did a double take and looked at his watch. It was seven thirty am! His mental clock told him it might have been around five.

"Morning." Peter said when he heard Tony approach. Clint looked over and nodded since his mouth was full. Bruce didn't look away from the screen. Tony shrugged it off and went to the coffee machine.

"... General Ross has been denied another attempt to increase his Hulk Buster team however..." the news reporter said.

Tony quickly looked at Bruce as the news lady went on, talking about Ross's previous encounters with the Hulk and the efforts that are still in place to stop him.

Clint was glaring at the screen. Since Tony could only see Bruce's back, all he realised was a bit of muscle tension.

"Um, Bruce, are you okay?" Peter asked. It was then, Tony noticed that Bruce was gripping the table with bone shattering strength. Once Peter had spoken, Clint grabbed the TV remote and quickly turned off the television and Bruce left his angry, trance like state.

"Sorry Peter, what were you saying?" Bruce asked, sounding a little breathless.

"Your eyes went a little green and you were all tensed up. Are you okay?" Peter asked.

Bruce rubbed his eye as if trying to get rid of any green colouring.

Tony walked around so that he could see Bruce for himself. The green in his eyes was quickly fading. Tony looked at Bruce, asking if he wanted to explain or if he wanted Tony to explain. They would have to tell the kid sometime. Before either of them could speak, Clint beat them to it.

"Pete, why do you think Bruce is at the tower?" Clint asked. Peter looked thoughtful and then shrugged.

"I just thought, with him and Tony being friends, he stays here to use the equipment." Peter shrugged.

"Huh! So all this time I thought we were science bros and you've been skiving off me!" Tony exclaimed in mock offense. Bruce gave Tony something between a small smile and a glare.

"I wish that were the case." Bruce said sadly. "However, it's a little more complicated than that."

"Complicated, how?" Peter asked. Tony sat down with his coffee and looked at Peter as if analysing him.

"Think about it. Who are the Avengers and who have you and haven't you met." Tony asked.

"Um, well, I've met you guys, so I haven't met that lightning guy or the green guy." Peter said looking around the table. They were all staring at him like he was so close to whatever answer he was supposed to be looking for.

Tony did a rolling hand motion, signalling for Peter to continue talking.

"Well, I'm pretty sure that the lightning guy has blonde hair so I'm guessing you're not him." Peter said. Clint looked like he wanted to slap himself when Peter seemed to be at a standstill with his thoughts. Peter took this as a sign to continue. "Um, I guess that means, wait, what? Are you insinuating that you're that big Hulk guy?"

Tony burst out laughing.

"Took your time!" Tony laughed.

"But... but I saw that big green thing on the TV and you are not that big." Peter pointed out.

Peter looked so confused, even Bruce and Clint smiled.

"Peter, you saw my eyes go green. Imagine that happening to my entire body and it expanding." Bruce said. Peter's scientific mind was now working overtime.

"Peter, I suggest you stop trying to come up with reason on how that's possible." Laughed Clint. "From what I remember, school is hard enough to get through without causing your brain to melt before you've even started."

Tony saw Peter relax slightly in his seat.

"Anyway, no telling anyone and go to school. We'll see you later." Tony said breaking the tension. He rubbed Peter's hair affectionately and then waited for him to leave.

"Are you sure you wanted him to know?" Tony asked finally.

"He was going to find out anyway. There wasn't much I could do anyway without causing him to ask too many questions." Bruce pointed out.

They were about to say more when Jarvis spoke.

"Mister Stark, Director Fury wants to speak with you." The AI said.

"Buuuuut Jarvis." Tony moaned.

"Director Fury says that this is a case you will want to investigate. He says to mention Extremis." Jarvis said.

Tony instantly straightened up.

"I'll take the call in my office." Tony said robotically before leaving a confused and concerned Bruce and a curious Clint.

Tony practically ran to his office. He used the stairs so that he wouldn't have to stand still.

"Jarvis, get me Fury." Tony ordered.

Instantly, a large holo screen stood in front of Tony showing the live feed of Director Nick Fury. All stutter and stammer from the hangover vanished.

"Stark, I thought you'd like to be the first to know that Extremis is not fully terminated." Fury said. There was no greeting, no pleasantries, just the facts.

"I thought your guys were rounding up the loose ends." Tony pointed out. This whole subject made him angry, anyway, why was Fury bringing it up now?

"We were transporting three more infected with the drug to a secret facility where we've been administering the anti-serum. They escaped." Fury informed Tony in a monotone voice.

"Show me any footage you have!" Tony demanded.

CCTV footage of a large armoured vehicle in a police pursuit replaced Fury's face. The footage showed how the vehicle lost control and spun over, how cars crashed into it and then how three police cars were stopped from crashing by some sort of webbing. Spiderman was then caught on camera. The feed stopped there and Fury came back onto the holo screen.

"I had my men check the area, there were two holes leading into the sewers below. The melted through the metal and the concrete." Fury said.

"That Spider guy, did he face them?" Tony asked. Fury picked up a hint of concern in his voice.

Did Tony know who Spiderman was or did he just fear for anyone going up against these things? Fury asked himself.

"No, they were gone, Spiderman left the scene quickly." Fury stated. Tony looked at him in confusion.

"Why?" he asked.

"It might have something to do with the fact that the guards there were with had hand shaped burn marks on them." Fury said.

Tony nodded understandingly, he wouldn't want to investigate either.

"Do you have any leads?" Tony asked seriously.

"All I can give you is the position of the holes and however long the melted floor goes on for showing footprints." Fury replied.

"That'll have to do. I'm going to check it out. Got any more information for me?" Tony asked.

"These three were ex-military. The best. Two worked in tech, excellent at hacking. The third was a weapons expert. I'll have their files sent to you. They've been avoiding us for a while." Fury explained.

"And now you lost them again." Tony pointed out spitefully.

"Take Rogers with you, he could do with a mission and if you found it hard to take down one man powered by this drug, you might need help taking down three." Fury said and then he signed off.

"Jarvis, is Steve in the building?" Tony asked, already quickly walking to the stairs.

"Yes, sir. He has just arrived back from his run."

"Tell him not to bother with a shower, just get suited up and meet me by the roof. And Jarvis, prepare mark 54 for me."

"Sir, after you initiated the New Leaf protocol, you no longer have a mark 54." Jarvis pointed out.

"Well then, how many do I have?" Tony asked, suddenly forgetting all the work he had done on his suits.

"You have two, sir." Jarvis stated.

"Fine, get the mark two ready." Tony ordered.

Thirty minutes later saw Iron Man and Captain America walking through a sewer. Well, Captain America was walking and Iron Man was flying over the water.

"How's the idea of my improved Captain America costume sounding now?" Tony asked.

"Very funny, Stark." Steve said sarcastically.

"I bet your super senses are picking up all those little extra smells." Tony laughed.

"Can we just focus on what we're supposed to be doing." Steve more stated than asked.

"Touchy touchy, Cap." Tony mocked.

"Tony, just be quiet and tell me when the footprints disappear." Steve ordered.

Tony had been using a new feature in his suit that enabled him to see clearly through most forms of liquid for shapes. Right now, he was looking through the murky water below him for footprints that had practically been melted into the floor.

"They disappear in the next 50 metres." Tony said. "I'm scanning for any heat signatures nearby but I'm getting nothing."

"Is Jarvis still running a face recognition through CCTV?" Steve asked.

"Yeah but still nothing. We haven't had anything higher than a 48% match in the last five minutes." Tony sighed.

Steve could tell Tony was on edge about this whole thing but the man didn't want to talk about it so he didn't push.

They walked in silence for hours. Tony had finally decided to walked next to Steve after a while.

It was around four that they climbed out of the sewer and agreed to go and relieve some tension. This tension relief came around in the form of crime fighting.

For some reason, two gangs decided that it was the perfect time to have a gang war using Uzis, machine guns and other loud, dangerous and deadly guns.

All in all there were around thirty to forty men. Around ten of them had scrammed the moment they heard an exaggerated throat clear coming from an alley way. They took one look at the one and only Iron Man standing next to the great Captain America and they ran.

The rest decided to try and be macho, not that that really did them any favours. Iron Man took off first and starting doing straight into the action, head butting people out the way. The metal helmet bashed into stomachs, winding them on impact. Tony then took a detour and collects fallen guns so that no one could try and make last stand shots.

With a common enemy, the two gangs had teamed up.

Steve watched as Tony dived straight in. He would have watched in amusement as the men fell for a while longer but couldn't due to the fact that people had decided to start shooting at him.

With perfect aim and precision, Steve threw his shield towards the gunmen and watched as the each, unwillingly, released their weapons. Knives were brought out, a mad scramble for lost guns happened and people started to charge towards Steve.

One by one he fought them. He kicked and he punched. He released all the pent up anger of being stuck in a damn sewer all day.

Tony was doing the same. He ordered Jarvis to dumb down the power of his repulsors and started feeling the weight of everything to do with Extremis leave his system with every gang member who fell.

Within minutes, the number of gang members still standing had halved. They had encircled Steve meaning he had to be more aware of his surroundings. It didn't matter if a kick went wrong or his shield was too far to the left. It would hit someone else.

Steve was about to conduct a heel, knee flip kick, obviously not with all his strength, when he felt himself being yanked out of the crowed. At that exact moment he heard another gunshot and saw the man he was about to kick lying dead. The man who had been standing behind him had a smoking gun in his hand. Steve landed unceremoniously on the ground and spun around.

Crouched on the wall behind him was the masked vigilante Spiderman. Spiderman gave him a small salute. It took Steve a moment to register what the hell had just happened, that this man had saved his life!

Steve gave a small nod of gratitude. Spiderman then turned and yanked the gun out of the gang members hand before jumping into the fray and webbing hands and feet.

Spiderman didn't stay long, more, he made the fight easier by disabling the gang members and then left to do whatever the hell he did in his spare time. Well, that was what Tony thought. He stopped fighting and hovered slightly above watching Spiderman and Captain America rejoin the fight. They worked quite well together, Tony thought. Spiderman would use some sort of webbing and bind their hands and then kick them behind him to where Steve stood ready to give them a final punch.

What they didn't know was that Spiderman hadn't gone. He hid in the darkness of an alleyway, observing the fight. For a great grandpa, his gramps fought pretty awesomely.

He would kick and punch and fight with excellent precision unlike Peter who fought mostly out of instinct from his spider sense.

Finally, the last man fell. Tony's face plate lifted off.

"Feeling better now, Cap?" Tony asked.

"I would like somebody I can hit a little harder but that was fun." Steve replied. "Anyway, lets head home, I've finally got my apology to Pete ready."

Tony laughed and slung a metal arm over Steve's shoulders.

"That's what they all say." Tony laughed. "And then they get there and become a bumbling mess."

Quietly in the alleyway, instead of waiting to be spotted by one of the older heroes, Spiderman decided to run back home. He wanted to see if Tony was right. And yeah, he would forgive Steve.

Once Spiderman was out of hearing range, Tony turned towards Steve and was about to make a joke when he noticed a patch of blood circling Steve's shoulder.

"Crap! Steve, you've been shot!" Tony cried out.

Steve looked down at his shoulder and realised that he was feeling a numb pain. When the adrenaline wore off that was going to hurt madly.

"Someone must have got lucky." Steve muttered to himself. "Most bullets barely penetrate my skin."

"Come on. I'm flying you home!" Tony said before grabbing Steve bridal style and flying him out of there before he could protest.

Steve just grumbled in resentment.

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