Beep, beep, beep

Normally the horrendous sound of her alarm going off would jerk her awake from the dream she was having, but not this morning. The blonde sighed; she had already been awake for several hours, staring at the bland white ceiling of her bedroom.

"Elsa," her mother screamed from the bottom of the stairs. She didn't even have the decency to knock? "Elsa, wake up!" Elsa sighed.

"I am awake!" She screamed back, throwing the blankets off her body. This was the same routine every morning. Her mother would scream from the stairs and Elsa would scream back.

Elsa sighed and stood up, turning to face the full length mirror attached to her closet door. She cocked her head to the side and took in her body. An old baggy purple shirt hung loosely from her torso while grey and black sweatpants were rolled up around her ankles. Her hair was a mess, sticking in all sorts of different directions because she was tossing and turning all night. Well aren't I a beautiful sight in the morning. She attempted to throw her hair back in a bun as she walked downstairs for breakfast.

"You aren't even dressed yet?" Her Father always talked in a stern voice, his face hiding behind the newspaper as he sipped his coffee.

"Well I just woke up, sorry I can't wake up and get showered all within 5 minutes like you can Dad. Please teach me your ways" Sarcasm was one of Elsa's strong points.

Her Father just made a face while her Mother set a plate down in front of her.

"Eat up, we leave soon." Her Mother said, sounding a little to excited almost. She didn't even bother to hide it anymore apparently.

The routine may have been the same, but this morning was a little different from most mornings. Elsa was being sent away to a boarding school today because her parents were "homophobic assholes" as Elsa liked to say. A few months ago, her parents walked in on her and her ex-girlfriend kissing and well, let's just say they didn't take to it very well. Elsa came from a very religious family, and she means very religious. Crosses everywhere, Church every Sunday, the whole 9 yards. Then there's Elsa, who isn't religious at all, no crosses, refuses to go to Church every Sunday, everything her parents hate. She wouldn't have minded it so much if her parents didn't think that gays should be banned because a book says it, so she stopped being like her parents. Gave up her faith because what was the point of faith if it means you can't be who you are?

So anyways, they saw Elsa and her girlfriend and pretty much just blew up. Her Father wouldn't talk to her for weeks, her Mother shot her glares every chance she had. Then they decided that they would just send her away, that "God didn't approve" of Elsa as their daughter anymore. It used to hurt her everyday, but now Elsa just..dealt with it. She stopped showing emotions, she stopped letting people in. It was like she was there in person, but her spirit was drained out of her.

"Elsa! Are you even listening to me? You aren't even eating your breakfast, if you aren't hungry go get dressed." Her Mother was snapping her fingers in her face, trying to drag Elsa out of whatever daydream she was having.

Elsa let out a sigh and pushed away from the table, dragging her feet up the stairs. Well that was a pointless breakfast. She opened the door of her bedroom one last time, taking a glance around. She loved her room. It was a dark purple with posters covering the walls of all her favorite bands, movies, and video games. In the right corner sat her bed, a Queen sized with a light blue bedspread covering it and her TV sat against her wall in front of her bed. She strolled over and sat atop her bedspread, her gaze resting upon the bags that sat in the middle of her floor. This is it, you're really leaving. She threw on a pair of running shorts and her favorite Augustana shirt, running a brush through her blonde hair as she tied it in a braid that sat on her shoulder. Grabbing her cell phone off her bedside table and stuffing it in her pocket, she grabbed her bags and exited her room for the last time.

The drive there was long, about 4 hours long to be exact. Elsa kept her head against the window, her forehead gently tapping it everytime the car hit a bump in the road. Her parents were quite in the front seat, isn't this the time you're supposed to talk to your daughter for the last time? You aren't their daughter anymore, remember? Elsa sighed, blinking back the tears that were desperate to escape. She didn't even know why she wanted to cry. She knew her parents stopped caring, no one would miss her. But the problem wasn't that, it was that she was going to miss them. Even if they didn't like her, it felt nice being able to say she had parents. Technically now she had no one but herself, and she was going to keep it that way.

Elsa must have dozed off because before she knew it, her parents we're telling her to wake up. She groggily opened her eyes and lifted her head from the window, her eyes falling on the sight in front of her. The school was big, very big. The campus had 3 buildings, one for classes and the other two for the dorms she guessed. There was a flag that sat above the front door that read "Arendelle's School For Boys and Girls" in green and purple lettering.

"Such a pretty school, right Elsa?" Her Mother gushed, grabbing her bags from the back seat while Elsa stretched her legs.

"Yeah, I guess so." Elsa mumbled, not like her Mother would be back to see the school anyways.

"Well come on now, we don't want to keep the Principal waiting." Her Father ushered the girls on. Fuck, they're eager to get rid of me.

Elsa stepped through the front door of the school, her parents following behind. As soon as you entered, there was a big foyer that had couches and chairs set against the walls. Posters displaying things for classes littered the concrete walls and one specifically caught her eye, as it read the big announcement for the hockey game next weekend. Their hockey team is really called the Arendelle Penguins? Elsa shook her head, sports never really interested her.

"Ah hello! Welcome, welcome." A bigger lady that sat behind the desk of the office greeted them. "You must be Elsa! Oh we are so excited to have you." She seemed nice enough, her cheeks had a red complexion and her eyes were a friendly green color. Her brown hair was pulled back into a professional looking bun, accompanying her professional looking outfit. "Please come this way." She stood up and they followed her into a room in the back, presumably the Principal's office. "Mr. Grant will be right with you and my name is Mrs. Taylor if you need anything." Her parents thanked her as she walked out and sat in the chairs of the office. Elsa just stood against the wall, her parents hadn't spoken a word to her since the car.

"You know Elsa, you could be a little more friendly." Her Mother said, clearly not pleased with Elsa's lack of respect.

Elsa didn't say anything, she knew it would only cause a fight. She didn't want her parents leaving even more disappointed in her.

It had only been a few minutes until Mr. Grant came in, he was a friendly looking man with white hair and a nice blue suit on. His brown framed glasses fit his face perfectly, matching his brown eyes. He smiled a friendly smile and sat down in his chair.

"It's very nice to meet you all," his voice was deep, but not an intimidating deep. "I'm Mr. Grant, head Principal of this school and you must be Elsa." He smiled at the blonde girl and extended his hand. Elsa took it and shook, his grasp was firm and professional. She smiled back, not a real smile but one to make her parents happy.

"Well Elsa we are very excited to have you here. You will be in the girls dormitory, room 106. Your roommate will be there after classes, I hope you're okay unpacking on your own." Elsa was used to doing things on her own, she preferred it honestly.

"No that's not a problem." She said back, playing with the end of her braid.

Mr. Grant smiled back at her, talking to her parents about adult things that couldn't hold Elsa's interest. She scanned the walls of the office, framed documents and pictures hung on the wall. There was a big window that sat behind the desk, a beautiful view overlooking the field of the school. She could faintly see a class outside. Must be the gym class.

After Mr. Grant finished talking to Elsa's parents, he gave her her school schedule and shook all of their hands one last time as he walked them out.

"Are you going to walk me to my room?" Elsa asked, even though she already knew the answer.

"We need to make it home in time for lunch with the neighbors, remember?" Her Father said. Elsa shook her head slowly and looked down.

"Good luck Elsa." Her Mother said, only patting her shoulder before the two disappeared to their car, leaving Elsa behind; alone as usual.

Elsa managed to find her dorm okay on her own and opened the door of room 106. Two beds sat against opposite walls, a desk in the middle of them. Her roommates side was neat and organized, posters hung from the wall next to her bed. Her bedspread was a light pink with one stuffed dog laying on the pillow and books beside the bed on the floor. The room smelled faintly of lavender, one of Elsa's favorite smells.

She sat her bags on the floor and took a seat on her new bed, looking around the unfamiliar room that was now her home and her tears that were desperate to escape flowed out, her body shaking as she sobbed. Realization hit her hard, she was alone now. She would be damned if she let another person in her life, only to walk out. From now on, it was her and her alone.

The door opened, a young girl walked in and Elsa quickly wiped her tears.

"You must be Elsa, I'm your new roommate."