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"In Flanders Fields" Line I:

In Flanders fields the poppies blow...


T'was after the death of King Aragorn that Legolas built a grey ship in Ithilien and sailed over the sea, with him was Gimli son of Gloín. And when that ship passed an end was come in Middle-Earth of The Fellowship of the Ring. For none of them, whom were alive, stayed in Middle-Earth, Frodo and Bilbo passed over the sea first, soon went Samwise, then Thain Peregrin and Master Meriadoc died 57 years before the death of King Elessar in 1541.

Many millennia have passed since then and Middle-Earth's geography changed rapidly, but none on Valinor took notice or knew of anymore that went on there, all except the Valar. But now Middle-Earth or "Earth" as the men and wizards call it, is in great danger. An evil grows ever stronger, stronger than it had about a decade a go... it is the wrath of Lord Voldemort...

His powers have grown ever since he found the 9 Nazgúl hidden deep within the Misty Mountains, waiting... forever waiting for their master to return, but he never did... That was when Tom Riddle came... he gave them power, he gave them what they desired most... to KILL. Soon he became their new master, and they slaughtered, and those that were slain by the Morgúl blade turned into a creature quite similar to the Wringwraiths... but they were not to be called Wringwraiths, no! they have not the malice or power, so, they were named... Dementors....

After the fall of Voldemort, the Nazgúl disappeared, and they were not to be seen..... but if their master was to ever call upon them in full power, they WILL return...


Harry awoke, his scar burned on his forehead. He looked around at his surroundings, posters of the Chudley Canons hung upon the walls, and a boy with flaming red hair slept in the bed next to his. He was at the Burrow again.

It was August 29, he'd been at the Burrow for more than a month now, the Dursley's had agreed to let him live there since they were going on a cruise to Jamaica, and didn't want HIM to ruin it. Life was good again, and the thought of Lord Voldemort hadn't crossed his mind for some time, until now.... He wondered what was going to happen, what Dumbledore was planning, and if Voldemort was ever going to rise to power AGAIN? He thought of Cedric, and even though it had been months since it happened, Harry still blamed himself for it. No matter how many times Ron, Hermoine, or anyone told him that it wasn't his fault, he knew it wasn't true. If only he hadn't told Cedric to take the cup with him... if..if only...

Tears swelled up in Harry's eyes, and flowed carelessly down his cheek. He quickly brushed it away and checked to see if Ron was awake... luckily, he wasn't. Figuring that there was no use in worrying for the time being, Harry quickly fell asleep again...


'Harry! Harry! Wake up!' Ron shouted.

'Huh...wha?' Harry mumbled as he reached for his glasses. 'Is it time for breakfast?'

'It's 11:00 in the morning! Blimey, it's nearly time for lunch!' Ron told him. 'Now get up! Everyone's already up!'

'Alright, alright...' Harry muttered and got up.

After getting dressed, he went out to the backyard where a picnic table was set up for lunch and seated himself between Ron and Hermoine. Then the food was brought out, roast beef sandwhiches, fish and chips, salad, a type of broth and some baked potatoes. Everyone dug in hungrily, everyone except-

'Where's Percy?' Hermoine asked, she'd only arrived the day before and didn't know what was going on.

'Oh,' George laughed.

'He's still in mourning-' said Fred.

'For Mr. Crouch,' George finished, 'Acts like a bloody widow who's lost her husband.'

'George!' Mrs. Weasley scolded, they all quickly wiped the smiles off their faces and continued eating and that was the last of the conversations during THAT meal, but little did they know that Percy was doing more then just MOURNING....

After they'd all eaten, they set off for Diagon Alley to buy their school things.


After boarding the Hogwarts Express and said 'Goodbye.' to Mrs. Weasley and were looking for a seat when  Malfoy showed up, not wanting anything to do with him; Harry, Ron and Hermoine set to the very last compartment in the train. But there in the bright (and LARGE) compartment they were greeted by some strangers clad in grey and white.

There was a old man in white with a LARGE pointy hat, and a staff; he looked a lot like Professor Dumbledore, but seemed older... To his left was man, he had long blonde hair, clad in grey, and had a bow, and a quiver of arrows. Next to him was a man younger than he was who also had long blonde hair, clad in grey and green, and posessed a bow, 2 knives and a quiver of arrows. But his expression was dull, his eyelids stood half-closed, sweat gleamed upon his face, some strands of his hair strayed on his face, his breaths were short and shallow as he lay his head upon the other blonde man's shoulder, and he had a deep bruise in his left arm.

Having no other place the go, Harry, Ron and Hermoine seated themselves across from the strangers. They weren't sure whether they should introduce themselves or ask what was wrong with the young man, but the old man smiled and said, 'Hello. I am Gandalf, this is Haldir, and Legolas.'

'Hi, I'm Harry Potter. This is Ron Weasley and Hermoine Granger.' Harry replied without the slightest hesitation, he felt a sort of comfort at the old man's presence...


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