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"Excuse me, pardon me! Watch out!" Could be heard as Peter Parker sprinted away from Flash and his 'gang' in the crowded New York streets. This was the third time this week that Flash decided to pick on Peter and he just wished that Flash would leave him alone.

As Peter ran he tried to grab his skateboard out of his backpack in hopes of putting more distance between himself and Flash, who was gaining fast. Losing his focus he tripped over an uneven part of the sidewalk and landed right on his bruised rib that he received the last time Flash wanted to "chat". Flash was on him instantly, dragging him into the closet alleyway, away from the public eye, and just started wailing on him.

"What" *grunt* "did I" *grunt* "ever do" *grunt* "to you?" Peter pleaded. The punches were coming left and right, luckily not at his face, when Flash faltered for a second giving Parker the time to escape Flash's grasp and flea on his skateboard.

Peter could hear the thundering footsteps of Flash and his friends chasing him and his skateboard was not giving him the speed he wanted. There were too many people for him to go he speed he wanted to. Making a split decision Parker quickly flicked up his skateboard and ran into the nearest building in hope that Flash would back off.

Watching from the lobby of the building he ran into Peter saw Flash and his buddies stop running and then gave him a smirk before walking away. Confused as to why Flash would smirk Peter looked around the lobby and noticed what made Flash smirk. Behind the desk in big glowing letters was: S-T-A-R-K. He was in Stark tower... and with that Peter passed out in blissful darkness.

"Sir, there is a man in the lobby who looks hurt. He may need medical attention."

"Damn… I hope this is not like the homeless person incident. Inform the rest of the team to meet me at the lobby and tell Bruce to bring his medical kit Jarvis." Tony said as he rushed over to the elevator.

"Already done sir." Jarvis informed Tony as he finally arrived at the lobby and laid eyes on the unconscious child.

"That is not a man! He is just a child!" Tony quickly made his way over to the child hoping that Bruce would show up soon. As if summoned by thought Bruce and the rest of the Avengers ran over to him from the other elevator.

"Tony what happened!?" Bruce frantically asked while opening up his medical kit. The rest of the Avengers stayed out of Bruce's way, knowing that he was in his element.

"Why do you assume that I would know!? I just got here as well!" Tony exclaimed.

" Sorry. Please take off his backpack and shirt. He seems to be breathing raggedly, he may have some bruised ribs." Bruce instructed to which Tony complied.

Tony whistled. "Damn! That is a lot of bruises for a young kid and holy shit look at those scars running across his torso! It looks like an animal could have made them! Do you think maybe he was attacked by something and wandered in here?"

"Tony this is New York… What is he going to get attacked by, pigeons?" Bruce rolled his eyes at his friend's suggestion.

"Hey! This is New York, you never know what could happen. And why is it that you only ever get sassy with me!?" Tony threw his hands up overdramatically.

"Sh-sh-sh, I think the kid is waking up. We don't want to startle him and I don't want him to move his body too much." Bruce hushed.

"Hmmm... wha-what…" Peter tried to remember where he was, but he could not come up with a solid memory. Blinking rapidly he saw that there was a group of people looming over him.

"SHIT!" Peter scrambled away in fear. Then the memories of Flash beating on him with no mercy came back and also the fact that he was in Stark tower. He started to panic thinking that security was here to kick him out and teach him a lesson. He could not handle that today after what he had already been through.

"I am sorry for intruding like this. I did not mean to I was just uh- walking and thought since I was passing Stark tower that..."

"Son, calm down we are not here to yell at you. We are here to help, you have some pretty nasty bruises that my friend Bruce over here was just checking out to make sure you are not critically hurt." Looking up Peter saw that it was freaking Captain America who said that and promptly fainted again. Well this is embarrassing- was Peter's last thought before he knew no more.