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"I will never get used to that!" Hermione groaned once they were at their destination. Wherever they were standing, it was definitely indoors. It was also pitch dark and she couldn't see a thing. "Flooing is better than that, even if you get soot up your arse and nose."

"I'm inclined to agree with you," Severus murmured. Their arms were still linked and Hermione heard a quiet rustle of fabric being moved. A second later, a few candles and a hearth flickered to life, and she saw Severus tucking his wand back into an inner pocket of his jacket. The gentle orange glow revealed where they were standing, which was the middle of a small but neat sitting room. It wasn't completely unlike hers; a sofa was in the centre of the room, before it a wooden coffee table, on top of which were a pile of books. A slightly worn leather armchair wasn't far, which Hermione guessed was Severus' usual sitting place, if the single book and rumpled throw left on top of the cushions were any indication.

"It's not that bad in here," Hermione murmured after looking around while Severus removed his overcoat and tossed it onto the armchair. "It's rather cosy."

"It's cosy in dim lighting but damned frightful in the bright of day," he countered. When he excused himself, going to where Hermione guessed was the kitchen to put their food away, she used the time to gander around. When he returned, he walked over and stopped in front of her, unfastening her coat. Apparently he didn't need direct light to see, because she was unrigged from the outer garment within seconds. Once her coat was resting on top of his on the armchair, he settled onto the sofa, staring at her through the soft glow.

"Now where are these knickers that your friend convinced you to wear?" His voice was nearly a purr and Hermione felt a shiver run down the length of her spine.

"Can you see from there?" she asked, still standing in the middle of the room.

"No; perhaps you should move closer."

It was akin to the spider inviting the fly into his lair. That was not enough to deter Hermione, and she walked forward until her legs were between Severus' splayed knees. Because she was standing in front of him, casting a shadow over his face, Hermione couldn't tell where specifically Severus was looking. It made her feel on edge for some reason. Perhaps he was looking at her thighs, because that was where his fingers tentatively touched, their tips skimming over the fabric of her dress.

For someone that had mentioned doing things to her, the likes of many of which she had never dreamt about, Hermione was surprised that Severus was so close-mouthed. Was this the same man that spoke about taking her over his lap and spanking her arse? Was this 'T' before her, who promised to finger her to the fine-edge cusp of orgasm? Or was this Severus Snape, the one person whose thoughts she could never decipher?

Within seconds, Hermione found out who she was standing before.

Severus' hands curled around her thighs and tugged her closer, effectively causing her to move down to the sofa to straddle his lap. The shift in positions hadn't been graceful at all, yet Hermione paid scant attention to that as his arm slid around her waist. Closer...closer she was drawn in, until his warm breath ghosted over her features. Just as she was prepared to lower her face to his, Severus lifted one hand between them and curved his palm over her cheek.

"Last chance to change your mind, lovely girl," he drawled, moving his lips close to hers.

The Dark Lord himself could have risen from the grave and tried to pry Hermione off Severus' lap, and she still wouldn't have budged. Not with that tempting bulge pressing below her, making itself known against her core, or the enticing sound of Severus' heavy breathing that was hard to ignore.

"You don't have a snowball's chance in hell of getting rid me at this point," Hermione murmured, slipping both arms around his neck.

Apparently, that was all the encouragement Severus needed, because Hermione suddenly felt a tight grip around her waist. Warm lips captured hers, kissing her so slowly, so deeply, that she felt it all the way down to her toes.

Perhaps it was bad timing, but Hermione never had been one who was able to rein in her thoughts.

"Why did you never talk about kissing me in our emails?" she asked accusingly, lightly thumping Severus on the shoulder with the heel of her hand.

"Maybe I wanted to leave something to the imagination on the off chance that we would actually meet," he purred, punctuating every other word with a kiss to various places on her face. On his last kiss, Severus' lips trailed a path along the soft skin of her throat.

"So you knew we would eventually meet?" asked Hermione, shivering when his teeth scraped lightly against some tender spot.

"I'm no soothsayer, but I did wish for it to happen," he admitted, a tinge of bashfulness on the tail end of his words.

"Are you sure you don't mind that it's me?" she queried, hoping that the answer would swing in her favour. While waiting for a response, she had taken to running her lips across the delicate bones in Severus' cheek, simultaneously twirling her fingers round in the hair at the back of his neck.

Seconds later, Hermione was told, rather, showed, just how much Severus minded. Long fingers carefully yet hastily snatched out the clip holding back her curls. The dull thump of it hitting the carpeted floor was ignored. Those same long fingers insinuated themselves into the roots of her hair, pulling her close for another kiss. A shocked squeal escaped Hermione's occupied mouth, although it soon changed into a low groan of desire. On a some deeper level, she subconsciously clung to what she had been so desperately seeking for the longest. On a conscious level, she was hyperaware of her body's aroused state. For a brief moment, Hermione felt as if she were having some sort of salacious, dreamlike experience; her hips undulated like never before, seeking to quell the fervent ache between her legs.

The very thing she had been missing all along, not knowing what that exact thing was, Hermione was sure she had found it, sitting astride Severus Snape's wiry thighs, clinging to his fully clothed form and practically dry-humping him.

"I want you see you," she told him without pretence, breaking off their kiss. "I want to see all of you." Sticking her fingers into the button spaces lining the front of his jacket, Hermione impatiently attempted to undress the wizard when a slim hand came down upon her own.

"No," Severus told her. "You first. I'm still waiting to see these knickers."

"Does it really make a difference?" asked Hermione impatiently. "You'll be snatching them off in the end, will it really matter what they look like?"

At that, Severus gave her a curious look.

"Yes, it makes a difference," he averred, urging Hermione to stand up. "Go ahead, Hermione. Undress for me. And take your time."

Hermione ungracefully moved to her feet.

"This is completely one-sided, you know," she complained lightly, stepping out of her shoes and nudging them to the side.

"I assure you, I don't mind," Severus told her with a wicked grin.

"Of course you don't," Hermione intoned in the same voice, reaching behind her to untie the sash of her wrap dress. Once it hung limply at her sides, she slipped the garment off both shoulders and shoved the material down to her waist. Never had she undressed for another before, and Hermione had no idea if she was doing things properly. Severus, however, seemed not to mind, because he had all but melted into the sofa, one arm slung casually over the curved back, and appeared completely enthralled with each bit of skin that became exposed.

Her tights were removed next, followed by her bra. Just as Hermione had been about to slip out of her knickers, she was stopped.

"Black lace."

"Black lace with cream edging," Hermione informed, to which Severus nodded his head.

"Yes, I see that," he amended. "Very nice."

It wasn't lost on her that she was almost naked before Severus, who was still completely dressed. For Merlin's sake, the man still wore his shoes. Perhaps it was intentional, with the main purpose of driving her mad. Eyes roving over Severus from head to toe, taking in the high collar of his jacket, down to the long sleeves which were not dissimilar to the black, woollen frock coat he wore like a body of armour back at Hogwarts, Hermione found that she was not discomfited because of their unequal footing, rather the fact that she wanted to see him fully and was unable to.

"Alright, you've had your go," she told Severus bossily, standing directly before him again and planting both bare feet between his."Now it's my turn."

Severus snorted. "Surely you don't think I'm going to have my fill of you with just my eyes?"

"I should hope not, not after I've come all this way," Hermione replied. "But don't think I'll be swayed that easily."

With that, she steadied herself on both knees, settling on Severus' lap. She wasn't shy about pressing her lips to his, doing so while grabbing onto his hair. Those kisses—damn him! They completely dismantled every coherent thought in her head, yet for the first time, Hermione found that she didn't quite care so much about being flustered to the point of confusion.

At first, his lips roved slowly against hers. Maybe he construed her trembling as a result of impatience, thus forcing her to move at a more languid pace. Yet when Hermione unleashed a moan that became lost to Severus' mouth, his fingers clenched tightly onto her hair, her waist, anywhere his hands touched, and his body jerked sharply against hers. The thin barrier of her knickers were no match for the solid erection beneath her, even if it was trapped in the confines of his trousers. As Severus groped her bare thighs, squeezing and caressing, Hermione was grateful for taking Mina's advice about shaving her legs.

"Oh, hell!" Hermione whispered in a fit of desperation, surging against Severus and slanting her head to the other side. "Do you know how many times I've thought of this? Well, something very similar to it, considering I didn't know who I was speaking to. But congratulations on an ace job of sending me off to bed every night with wet knickers. I think my vibrator is on its last legs because of you."

Severus' cock twitched against her inner thigh, and she reached down to grasp it gently through his trousers.

"I wondered what this would be like," Hermione murmured in between pressing more lazy kisses to the corner of his mouth while tracing her fingertips along the length of his erection. "What you look like...how you taste..."

"Keep that up and you'll learn firsthand sooner than later," Severus warned, even though his hand curved around Hermione's, encouraging her to grip him tighter.

"Sooner sounds nice."

Before he was able to stop her, she slid down to the floor and knelt between his feet. Considering that Severus had mostly taken the lead, Hermione was surprised when he allowed her to do as she wished.

This entire situation seemed ironic; even though Hermione was kneeling at Severus feet, she was the one who felt in complete control. Her hands glided over his knees, up his inner thighs, and stopped at his crotch. A little smile was affixed to her face whenever she felt his legs quiver against her side. What else could she make him do?

Hermione longed to find out.

Eager to the point of impatience, Hermione had to force herself to slow down, not wanting to appear like a novice as she reached for the placket of Severus' trousers. His hips lifted slightly to assist her in freeing his erection, although wickedness made her leave the rest of his body covered.

"It's...pretty," she told him speculatively, wrapping her hand around the warm, heavy length of flesh.

Severus had been having the damndest time with keeping his hips still; it was made worse when Hermione reached inside his trousers to withdraw en erection that had begun to feel painful ten minutes ago.


"Yes, pretty," Hermione firmly stated. "Or should I choose another adjective?"

"Hermione," Severus began calmly, although there was an involuntary thrust of his hips when her grasp tightened, "you have my prick in your hand with your lips very near. Do you really think I give a fuck about the words you use? You can refer to it as crooked as a dog's hind leg and I wouldn't care."

It wasn't very suave to laugh when holding someone's cock in your hand, doubly if there was a small dribble of clear fluid trickling from the tip and wetting your skin. Yet Hermione was unable to hold back that giggle, and she had to bite down on her lip.

"I'm sorry," she murmured, her gaze swinging from the anxious look on Severus' face, down to his angry-tipped erection. "I'll try to behave myself."

"Actually, I'd prefer if you didn't," Severus hastily added, breathing heavily.

Hermione had to literally force her eyes away from the thing that set them apart, its sight which made her already warm body grow positively heated, to look up at Severus. He looked rather fetching, still completely dressed in his black casual suit except for that one place below the belt. His dark eyes were focused on hers, and his chest moved up and down in a way that suggested a difficult time taking in air. Clearly he was trying to control himself, but Hermione was having none of that. Not after all those weeks of mental foreplay that nearly drove her to the brink of madness.

Tenderly, she dragged her hand along the length of his prick, enraptured by the feel of the veins beneath her fingertips and the sight of the soft skin moving back and forth. That garnered a sharp gasp from the man, and his slender frame sank further into the sofa. Without warning, Hermione leaned her head forward and ran her tongue over the tip of Severus' cock, causing him to let out a long hiss.

Never did Hermione think she would gain pleasure by foisting it upon another. Yet as she continued sliding her lips and tongue along Severus' cock, the damper her knickers became until it felt like she had wet herself.

Hermione twirled her fingers into the coarse curls surrounding the base of his shaft; she literally rocked back and forth on her knees, slightly propelling herself forward with each down stroke of her mouth, humming with delight each time Severus' pleasure became audible.

"That's it, sweet girl, just like that," he crooned, bringing his arm down from the sofa to pet the side of her face, sometimes pushing through the curls atop her head. "You like the feel of me in your mouth, don't you?"

How was it that she was becoming turned on from giving a blowjob, while having her face caressed as if it were something fragile? And his words...she was definitely in trouble.

Severus' other pale, long-fingered hand gripped the fabric of his trousers covering his left thigh while his right hand continued stroking Hermione's cheek. His touch remained gentle, even though the lower half of his body was twisting and pushing up from the sofa, greedily clamouring for that wet, consuming heat.

The floor beneath Hermione was becoming uncomfortable against her knees, not to mention the draught that kept making itself known by brushing against her calves. However, none of it was enough to make her stop. The realisation that she literally and figuratively had Severus Snape in the palm of her hand—and mouth—had affected her, but it was not enough. She wanted to see him come apart; she wanted to hear him utter her name like a litany, like a curse. She wanted to taste his spunk and feel his limbs quiver and cock pulsate as he spent himself between her lips.

"Oh fuck," Severus groaned in a more ragged voice. "Keep going, Hermione, oh fu—!"

For a split second, purely from listening to Severus becoming undone, Hermione thought she was going to come right then and there, despite the fact that she had one hand wrapped around his saliva-slickened shaft and the other gripping it's base. Severus' last 'fuck' was abruptly cut off by a guttural moan as he lost control of his body, limbs trembling as his cock pulsed violently between her lips.

Hermione didn't notice that she had also been moaning until Severus went quiet, the tension gradually seeping from his form until he was lying limply and in a stupor. He looked and sounded completely fagged, as if he had been running for a long time.

When Severus finally opened his eyes, he peeked down to see Hermione still between his knees, smiling up impishly at him. Her fingers were running back and forth over his sensitive shaft, and it made him twitch slightly.

"I think you should let him rest," he told her in a husky voice, "that is, if you want to finish out this evening properly."

"Oh? Does that mean you'll be sending me home after this?" Hermione teased, giving his softening cock a small squeeze.

"With a mouth like that, you'd better damn well hope I don't keep you shackled to my best for the rest of your existence," Severus countered. Exhaling noisily, he shuffled around and righted his trousers up on his hips. "Now, to address this matter of give and take, I'll need you to join me up here."

Severus held out both hands, which Hermione took and pulled herself up with. Her legs were wobbly, as if she had been the one to just reach her peak.

"Right here," he directed, patting the top of his leg.

Silently, Hermione placed one knee on top of the sofa, bracing herself on both hands before bringing up the other leg. It took a moment of shuffling but finally she lay draped across Severus' thighs, her bum right beneath his hands.

"Are you comfortable?" he asked, reaching down to smooth her curls to one side.

"Yes," Hermione answered honestly, folding her arms and resting her forehead against her hands. The seat of her knickers were drenched by now and sticking to her. Besides Severus nearly moaning her into climaxing, the anticipation of what he promised nearly had her delirious.

The smooth leather of the sofa was cool against her cheek. When Severus slipped one hand between her trembling thighs to push them slightly apart, the air felt cooler against her centre. But wherever his fingers touch, it felt as if acid had been poured directly onto her nerves.

Severus took his time caressing the length of her back, tracing his fingertips up and down the curve of her spine. His warm palm ghosted over her behind, moving lower to gently knead the fleshy area of her inner thigh. Each time his touch delved higher, Hermione was sure that he was going to either deliver a slap to her arse or stroke her cunt. To her surprise, Severus did neither, and she nearly growled in frustration. His fingers spent an inordinate amount of time moving over her back, neck, and shoulders, massaging out a residual bit of tension. By the time they stopped, Hermione felt completely weighted down.

"Lovely," she heard Severus murmur as his fingers toyed with the lace edging of her knickers. One digit had slipped under the elastic, sweeping beneath the swell of her arse. "Very lovely."

Just as she was about to say thank you, that same hand lifted and came down to swat her behind. Hermione was more shocked that anything; she hadn't been expecting it at that moment, and was surprised to find that it really didn't hurt. A few more swats were delivered, which Hermione bore dutifully. If she were being honest, having her arse spanked was just all right.

That was, until the tip of Severus' wand was inserted into either side of her knickers, causing the seams to split and the fabric to fall free.

"I'll mend them for you later," he promised, tugging the sodden length of material from beneath her.

Now she was completely naked, wearing nothing but a surprised look on her face that became lost into the leather sofa.

Two warm hands cupped her arse, kneading and fondling the fleshy orbs. They were pushed and pulled, spread apart and allowed to fall back into place. Hermione thought she ought to feel some modicum of shame when cool air brushed against her indecently exposed nether bits, but the reality was that she wanted more. With a moan and a greedy push of her hips against Severus' hands to let him know her wishes, Hermione all but groaned in despair when his touch remained on the side of feather-light. The insides of her thighs were tickled, fingertips catching a bit of dew that was trickling down her cleft.

There was more uncoordinated wriggling when Severus veered closer to her clitoris; a split second later, his fingers moved atop her clenched thighs.

"No you don't," he chided, noticing that Hermione was trying to move against his legs in a way that would garner friction upon her aching nub. "Relax your body."

"That's easier said than done," Hermione retorted, her words coming out muffled.

"Didn't I promise to have your little honey pot dripping onto my leg?" Severus commented behind her. "Filthy girl." Two fingers lightly circled her entrance before smoothly slipping inside. "I wager you'll soon leave my fingers soaked to the knuckle."

She hadn't been expecting that penetration, and Hermione made some incoherent sound as her back arched reflexively. Her hands clenched into tights fists as she tried to keep her body relaxed like Severus ordered. Try as she might to remain still, her walls had involuntarily tightened around the slowly twisting fingers, desperate to keep them in place. Soon as she began writhing against the pair of marauding digits, they were painfully withdrawn.

"I asked you to be still," Severus told her, swatting her arse once more, the slickness on his fingers causing a louder sound.

"Sorry," Hermione moaned breathlessly, although she did not feel remotely apologetic.

Severus used that opportunity to deliver another smack to her arse, then another, followed by another. Delicious blows fell upon her backside, her inner thighs, even her moist delta. There was a light slap delivered to the underside of her clitoris which made her howl, first in pleasure and then anguish when the blows moved away.

"You horrid man, go back!" Hermione beseeched, feeling as if she were going to fly apart.

Severus chuckled darkly.

"Go back where, here?" he asked, using a single finger to travel up her slit, "or here?"

Her outer labia was squeezed between thumb and forefinger, causing her stiffened clit to become trapped between the folds. Keeping them pinched together, Severus moved his hand side-to side, then up and down. Close to tears from being taunted, Hermione was ready to leap off Severus' lap and take charge when he moved his hand away from her pussy altogether. Holding her down by the small of her back, he continued with those sweet, torturous swats to her inner thighs, the very ones that caused a light vibration sensation in her middle. The constant thrumming indirectly stimulated Hermione's clitoris, which now felt engorged and nearly stiff as her nipples.

"Are you ever going to let me come?" Hermione whined, uncaring if she sounded petulant.

"Yes, when I want you to," Severus answered simply. "Just not like this; I want to feel that sweet cunt throb against my lips as I lick you until you come."

A sharp jolt tore through Hermione as she pictured Severus' head between her legs. If he wasn't careful, he would end up being pinned to the sofa while she sat on his face, riding his tongue into the land of bliss. Fortunate for him, he had other ideas. Helping Hermione off his lap, he shifted to the floor and pulled her down with him. The floor was usually cooler, but either the glowing hearth kept things warm, or Hermione's blood was racing so fast that she had no option but to stay warm.

"Will you please stop tormenting me?" Hermione begged, eagerly pressing her naked body against Severus as he wrapped an arm around her waist and drew her nearer.

"Never," he promised, slithering between her legs and pressing her to lie flat on the carpet. "I plan on tormenting you for as long as you allow me," he purred, lowering his head for a kiss.

For the love of Circe and all that was holy; Hermione wasn't sure if she was going to survive this night. It was one thing to be teased and denied release, but to have Severus on top of her, his fully suited body pressed against hers, his woollen jacket scraping her stiff nipples while a second clothed erection pressing into the apex of her thighs...

"I wish you could see how you look lying beneath me," he whispered against her lips. "Flushed cheeks, hair all tangled, and I do believe you are a bit breathless."

"Yes, because you're trying to kill me!"

"I'll not deny that, but only in a different way than what you're speaking of."

Hermione became enthralled by another deep kiss, mewling in anticipation when Severus moved his moved from her lips to neck, suckling on the sensitive skin.

"Perhaps I'll relent early," he murmured against her breast, pausing to circle his tongue round each rosy crest, "just this once."

Curious as to what Severus was talking about, Hermione noticed that he was kneeling next to her head. Within a second his knees were on either side of her shoulder, and he was straddling her torso, leaving his head perfectly level with her navel. The ends of his soft black hair grazed her tummy as his mouth began there and moved lower. The curve of her hip... her trembling abdomen... the very top of her pelvis where the soft thatch of curls began—Severus glided his tongue over each area.

Then the unspeakable happened; that unreasonably sized nose of his burrowed into her pubic hair. Was he sniffing her? Yes. Did she mind? Hell no, especially if his mouth was going to move further south.

Hermione hadn't envisioned being pinned into place by Severus' lower half, but that was exactly what happened. His hands pushed her thighs apart, spreading her wide seconds before his mouth descended upon her moist flesh.

"Oh gods!" she screamed, thrashing beneath him when his tongue circled her clit.

Severus might have been chuckling at her outburst, but the blood rushing in Hermione's ears was too loud for her to hone in on anything else. Being kept on edge for so long made her extra sensitive, and although she had the urge to press her thighs together because his touch was almost too much, Hermione found that she was unable to. Severus' hands were strong as they held onto her quivering thighs and not likely to move any time soon.

It was marvellous being eaten out at this angle. It was marvellous being licked by someone who knew what the hell they were doing. But to have that long, wicked tongue roving over her slickened folds, those thin lips slowly capturing her twitching clitoris before letting it go with a small pop, all of it added up and coalesced into something so great Hermione was unable to put a finger on it. She felt completely wanton, spread eagle on the floor with Severus' entire mouth hotly pressed against her. Fingers, lips and tongue searched out every tender spot of her sex, licking, probing, and sucking. Her hips jerked and writhed, while her fingers held onto the back of Severus' legs in a white-knuckled grip.

It soon became apparent that Hermione had two options: either bite a hole into the bottom of her lip, or scream out until her voice was hoarse. Severus did say that he had taken her someplace where no one could hear her scream, hadn't he?

Thank the gods for that, because after another suck or two, perhaps a flicker of his tongue and one little rub with his fingertips into that extra-sensitive area within her at the top of her walls, and Hermione knew she would be wailing like a banshee.

"Oh gods, Severus!" Hermione babbled, digging her fingertips into his trouser-clad thighs. "Right...there... oh FUCK RIGHT THERE!"

One finger slide down to circle round her tighter entrance, pressing lightly upon it before tapering off. Finally it slid inside her, its entrance made easy because of her slippery juices running down. The combination of two fingers in her quim, one in her arse, and Severus' relentless tongue lapping at her, caused her climax to build slowly, spike rapidly, and come crashing down like a tidal wave. A feral screech ripped from Hermione's lips, and she convulsed so fiercely that she might have pushed the wizard away had his grip on her not been so tenuous. Had Hermione been able to open her eyes, she would have noticed that her vision had gone blurry. And if not for the climax that nearly robbed her of all coherency, she might have felt the tears running from her eyes and back to her temples. It took longer than usual for her to come back to earth, and by the time she realised Severus was no longer hovering over her, his lips were upon hers, sharing with her the tangy salt of her release.

"Take me to bed," she pleaded after a while between kisses, her voice sounding croaky to her ears.

"You don't want to be taken on the floor?" Severus asked, biting lightly on her earlobe.

Hermione managed a weak laugh. "Perhaps later," she uttered. "But right now we need a bed."

She need say no more; the moment they both got to their feet, Severus swept her up into his arms and began carrying her through the rest of the darkened house. Up a small staircase, one right turn, and down a short hallway, and they were inside another unlit room.

The chance to fully take in the fact that her head was tucked securely against Severus' shoulder as he carried her like a small child came and went. At least she could never say that he hadn't swept her off her feet.

"I can't see you," she complained, stretching her limbs along the soft bed Severus had placed her down on, while trying to see where he was standing. "And what's taking you so long?"

"Would you like some light first, or for me to undress?" he drawled, although a few candles nearby flickered to life and illuminated his tall silhouette.

Severus was standing to the left, drinking in the sight of Hermione's lush nakedness draped across his duvet. He seemed to have lost all further notions for slow seduction; instead he had taken to pulling off his clothes at a rapid pace that blatantly broadcasted his intentions.

"Come here," he growled, hurrying onto the bed when the last article of clothing had been removed. Naked as Hermione and twice as enthusiastic, he grabbed the witch by her thighs and pulled her beneath him, tangling both hands into her hair and guiding her face to his.

There it was again, another one of those kisses she felt all over. How Severus managed to do that, maybe one day she would find out. By no means was it a kiss of finesse; his prominent nose bumped into hers and their teeth clacked together a few times. Regardless of those few graceless manoeuvres, the man hungrily kissed her as if he planned on never stopping. Then there was the feel of his masculine body against hers, his weight deliciously pressing her into the mattress. Wiry arms and legs were tangled with hers; even their toes, prompting a small round of footsie as they kissed.

"At the risk of sounding like a besotted youth," Severus began in a low voice, before brushing his lips across her forehead, burying his face into her curls and taking a deep whiff, "I should remind you that I am most certainly not disappointed to have you here with me."

"Do you really mean that?"

A rumble of laughter formed in his chest. "I wouldn't say it if I didn't mean it." His slender hips surged against Hermione, causing his coarse pubic hair and bobbing erection to press into the soft skin right below her navel. "Now, my tempting little supplicant, would you care to tell me why you're trembling? Is it from desire? A case of nerves? Or a little of each?"

Hermione had been in the middle of running her hands over Severus' slim chest, tracing along the ridged lines of his ribcage. Her hands were shaking; it was odd that she hadn't noticed. "Perhaps a bit of both," she murmured, gliding her fingertips down to his abdomen. "I want you, Severus. Hurry; you've made me wait long enough."

Her last request was paired with a small wriggle of her hips, attempting to make Severus finish what they started.

"Have I?" he countered with just a hint of dry humour, lifting his head to look down at her. "I seem to remember a few positions that piqued your curiosity. May I indulge you?"

"Trust you to remember that," Hermione laughed, reaching up to play with the mussed hair framing Severus' face. "Whichever one that Mina told me about, that one. And then later on the one you mentioned."

"Your friend," he began, grasping beneath Hermione's knees to arrange her legs behind his back, "told you about the Reclining Lotus, which is what we'll try first. The other is called The Nirvana."

"Isn't that what just happened on your sitting room's floor?"

"Enough of your cheek, witch."

Severus braced himself on both forearms and moved closer to Hermione. Her arms and legs firmly ensnared him, and Hermione eagerly arched her hips up, waiting for him to continue. Nose buried in the crook of her neck and one hand secured beneath her shoulder, Severus paused for a moment, enjoying the way Hermione's soft palms smoothed over his upper back.

All was quiet for a moment as their mouths reconnected. Hermione had just slipped her tongue into Severus' mouth when the thick, blunt end of his cock began pushing into her. He'd been stiff enough to find her entrance without the guidance of his hands, and inch by torturous inch, he sank into her hot, rippling walls.

"Oh, fuck, you feel better than I imagined," he groaned in a wavering voice next to her ear, pulling out all the way before carefully plunging forward again. "Do you like that, Hermione? Do you like my cock inside you, filling you?"


That single word escaped amongst a sharp inhale. There was a sweet, fiery ache that Hermione experienced when his cock initially breached her snug walls. Completely filled to the womb and utterly consumed, Hermione could do little more than cry out. Her frame shook when Severus retreated again, only to forcefully bury himself to the hilt in one fluid motion, leaving his sac pressed tightly against her clenched behind.

"This is what you've been yearning for all this time, isn't it? This is what you've been craving without even knowing it."


Severus was right; this was exactly what she had been missing all along. Hermione had no idea that it was possible to be perfectly stretched and filled, the pleasure so intense it was almost painful. When he began moving his narrow hips in a fervent rocking motion that soon had her straining against her own skin, she clutched onto him as if he were the last thing keeping her grounded. Each of his deep thrusts forward knocked a guttural moan or a hissed swear word from the back of her throat, and she thought she'd go mad from the intensity.

Short nails dug precariously into his skin, without moving, but Severus told himself that it would be worth having his shoulders clawed to bloody ribbons if it meant seeing Hermione break apart once more. She wasn't the only one that had been going stir crazy from their exchanged emails. Night after night, he wondered about the person that managed to capture his undivided attention. While the majority of their exchanges had been sexual, he never would have agreed to meeting had she not also stimulated his mind. Yes, she had been his student, but as Hermione so eloquently stated, the past was the past. Thankfully, that era of his life was a closed, if not forgotten chapter. If Hermione stuck around after tonight, perhaps one day he would confess to being relieved when she agreed to go home with him. Now he was buried deeply within the tightest, wettest cunt he'd ever experienced, lustily fucking the witch who had become the source of his torment into his mattress and causing her to babble from the pleasure of it all. Her legs had fallen from his waist and were now curled around his thighs, tensing and squeezing as she raised her hips to meet his.

Hermione alternated between silent screams and shrill cries as her body was continuously stroked to new heights of abandon. She was helpless to stop the oncoming maelstrom, nor would she try to stop it. Not that she would be able to even if she wanted; Severus had taken everything she had to give and replaced it with every bit of his fibre and being, and it left Hermione gasping for air as she spiralled out of control.

Life would never be the same for her again after this night. Severus Snape was the fuel to stoke the fires of passion deep within her that she never knew existed, and every part of her felt as if it had finally been given life. Hermione was forever a changed woman, never once envisioning that all it would take was a visit to her former professor's house in Kennington.

"That's it, sweet girl," Severus was now crooning into her ear, his own voice on the edge of breaking. "Let go for me. I want to feel you come apart for me."

"Oh...gods..." Hermione whimpered repeatedly, her lovely, reddened face becoming scrunched up the further out she waded into a sea of bliss. "Oh...gods...Severus..."

The more Severus tried to stave off the knot of heat in his belly, the more it became apparent that he was fighting a losing battle. He didn't want this to end; Hermione felt entirely too good and he yearned to hear her cries for as long as possible. But gods, the tight fist of her silken cunt... her walls gripped him with every thrust and Severus knew he didn't have a praying chance of lasting one second longer.

"Come for me, Hermione, come for me," he urged, tone laden with desperation as his hips slammed into hers. "Let me see you come..."

Their fervent lovemaking had caused the bedclothes to shift. The duvet was halfway off the mattress and two pillows that once lined the headboard were now keeping one another company on the floor next to Severus' nightstand. The headboard was another matter altogether; a few more knocks into the wall and it was sure to leave a dent. All of this, as well as the loudly creaking mattress, went unnoticed by its two occupants who were lost in a battle of lips and a mass of tensed limbs.

Severus' cock stroked some elusive spot inside Hermione that made her see stars, and she felt she would die if he were to stop."Harder, Severus, harder," was the last coherent thing to come from the frenzied witch's kiss-swollen mouth. Severus was in no position to deny her, and delivered one, two, three more hard thrusts that made her scream his name loudly enough to wish he'd used a Silencing Charm. Hermione wasn't the only one who would have benefitted from the spell; Severus never knew himself to be a screamer, but there it was, and his deep voice meshed with hers and echoed throughout the bedroom.

The next thing she knew, air burnt her chest as she fought to inhale or exhale, whichever would allow her to remain conscious. She was being kissed, but the sensory overload had blinded her and she could barely focus on the man above her. Hermione's orgasm seemed to go on and on; screaming seemed as natural a reaction as breathing. Her entire body flexed and tensed of its own accord, and just when Hermione thought it was over, she exploded again.

It was terribly frightening and unbelievably wonderful to give herself completely over, only to receive in return more than she bargained for. Back bowed to the point of breaking as sharp convulsions wracked her from head to toe, Hermione felt herself going higher and higher until she knew nothing and felt everything at the same time.

Her second orgasm seemed to prolong Severus', and by the time he had finished greedily thrusting into her, long after he howled out his release into her hair, she had marginally come back to her senses.

Key word being marginally.

The young woman's screams had slipped into a whimper, and she remained clung to the man above her for some time. Was it afterglow, or something else? Hermione felt as if she had been burnt alive, just managing to survive the fire.

The bed looked as if it had been attacked and torn apart by a pack of dogs. The remaining two pillows had also fallen to the floor, and the fitted sheet covering the mattress had been worked back. None of that mattered. The minute Severus regained feeling in his unsteady limbs, he shifted to Hermione's side and groped blindly with one hand for any bit of the bedclothes. Successfully making contact with some area of the flat sheet, he tugged free enough length to cover them both.

"You..." Hermione began weakly, shocked to find that she had screamed her throat raw. Even more surprising was the way her body continued to tremble long after her climax had subsided.

"Hmm?" Severus hummed, too indolent to form complete words. Whatever Hermione had been trying to say went unspoken, because an immediate light snoring gave away the fact that she was fast asleep.

At this point, sleep was not only a wonderful idea, but a necessity. Severus used his thumb to sweep away the dots of perspiration lining Hermione's forehead and upper lip. She mumbled some sort of wistful-sounding gibberish when a few light kisses were skimmed across her flushed face, even as her eyes remained shut. But she did tuck her head into Severus' chest, subconsciously burrowing into his warmth when his arm slipped over her waist to keep her close.

The following morning was anything but awkward. Around seven, Hermione awoke to a terrible snuffling sound, and opened her eyes to find Severus lying beside her with his head laying flat on the mattress, at an awkward angle. Instead of trying to politely ignore the noise, she Summoned a pillow and shoved it beneath his neck. Thankfully it had been enough to make his snoring stop, and she curled back into his side and rested her head on his shoulder.

She might have been worried about him becoming grouchy, but after two more rounds of sex, as well as sitting naked before the hearth at two a.m., save for a shared throw that covered their legs and shoulders, which gave them additional warmth while eating Chinese food that had been reheated by a charm, there was a newfound sense of intimate familiarity that put things at ease.

The two ate and chatted. Hermione talked about her job, and learnt that Severus had been enjoying retirement, taking the occasional freelance brewing job when certain apothecaries needed his expertise. Otherwise he was comfortable, living on his own in the small detached house that he described as once having been run down until it was purchased. Hermione got the distinct impression that she was supposed to pick up on the 'living on my own' part. That worked in her favour, because she planned on seeing Severus exclusively, if he was interested.

Once their takeaway containers had been scraped clean and deposited in the kitchen bin, Hermione noticed that Severus looked a bit flustered. When she asked what was wrong, he became quite apologetic, stating that he never had guests and only had in coffee, tea, and a some bread. He then went on to say that he would be more than happy to fix her toast and marmalade for breakfast. When she declined, he offered to take her down the pub for Sunday lunch, explaining that they did a nice roast dinner.

Hermione agreed, on the condition that they return to his bedroom so he could show her a few more positions.

By that afternoon, every bit of her ached. Severus snapped at her in jest, explaining that she was twenty years younger and had no reason for aches and pains. He also mentioned that his back ached, before demanding a massage at some point. Hermione acquiesced to the massage, but stated that he would have to come home with her because the royal Duchess needed to be fed.

Severus and Hermione's second date took place in a typical South London pub. This time there had been no call to impress; Hermione ended up wearing the same dress that she wore the night before, which had been refreshed and no longer appeared rumpled thanks to Severus' wandwork. He wore the first thing his hands came upon: black trousers (Hermione found out that he rarely wore anything else) and a jumper. The two sat at a dark wooden secluded table by the window, engrossed in all manner of conversation. As they waited for their meal, Hermione held onto the wooden spoon containing their order number. Sunday lunch consisted of beef, Yorkshire puddings, roast potatoes, roast parsnips and carrots, mashed swede, broccoli, cauliflower, Brussels sprouts, horseradish sauce and gravy. A pint of cider went to the lady, while the gent requested a pint of bitter. For afters, they feasted on treacle sponge and custard.

While waiting for their meal to digest, Hermione made some fuss about not wanting that day to end. Severus, having been made agreeable from the previous multiple rounds of sex, and now a full belly, claimed that he understood her plight. So when she announced that he would have to stay with her that night—if he wanted to, of course—Severus knew better than to say no.

He had been inside Hermione's home for all of five minutes when her cat sauntered out and settled on her haunches before him. It took three seconds for the feline to decide that her mistress's new companion was agreeable, and Duchess rubbed up against his legs, leaving her trademark trail of white fur.

"So I guess I have to keep you now," Hermione informed smugly, whipping out her wand to clean the hem of Severus' trousers.

"Was there ever any doubt?" he shot back, bending down to pick up Duchess and follow Hermione into her bedroom.

After five months of dating and going back and forth between houses, Severus asked Hermione to live with him. Many of her belongings had already been at his place, as she had taken to spending the majority of her time in Kennington. Duchess had been staying there full-time ever since her first visit, and she and Severus got on well. The cat loved roaming the once overgrown garden that had been restored to its former glory. Her favourite resting spot was a cluster of white flowers that had been planted by Hermione and Severus. It greatly resembled yarrow, the flower which brought the couple in mind together.

During the last week in her house, which had been spent mostly cleaning and packing boxes, Hermione switched on her computer and logged into Magk for nostalgia's sake. Severus had no idea, but she'd saved all of their early emails, sometimes rereading them when he wasn't around. Those messages had been the tip of the iceberg; the man had outdone himself in the bedroom, and Hermione learned a great deal about herself, in turn, teaching him a few new tricks as well. When it came to making love, they left no stone unturned, and both were unable to get enough of the other.

Just as she had been about to open the very first email, another screened popped into view.

When Hermione first used Magk, email had been her sole means of communication. There had been an instant messaging option that allowed a faster response time. She hadn't used it until after the fact. Although it sometimes had its merits...

User5428: Good afternoon, 'J'. How are you?

BookLovr1: Well as to be expected, 'T', thank you. And yourself?

User5428: Not that well, if you must know.

BookLover1: No? And why is that.

User5428: Because I think the witch I'm seeing has another lover.

BookLovr1: Oh, that's rotten luck. How did you find out?

User5428: I heard her whisper his name at night. I'm pretty sure she also called out his name during sex last night, but I can't be sure...

BookLovr1: Well, you know what they say: best way to get over a woman is to get on top of another one.

User5428: Is that so?

BookLovr1: Yes, or so I've been told. So how about it, then?

User5428: Naughty 'J', are you propositioning me?

BookLovr1: If I say yes, will you come over?

User5428: With a request like that, I'd be daft to say no.

BookLovr1: Alright, I'll send my address in a minute. But you must promise to not tell my fiancé. He isn't the sort of wizard you'd want to make mad. He hexes first and asks questions later.

User5428: Bloke sounds a bit unstable, if you ask me. What are you with him for?

BookLovr1: He's not unstable...well, maybe a bit. Anyway, he has a way of talking dirty that can nearly make me come without being touched. Just last night, he made me sit on his lap whilst he was fully dressed. I was naked, and he described all the filthy things he would do to me in great detail, only he refused to touch me. By the time he got around to describing the way he wanted to pull me over his face and lick me until I couldn't take it anymore, I was leaking all over the front of his trousers.

User5428: Lucky bastard.

BookLovr1: He made up for it, though. He pulled his cock out and I rode him backwards while he massaged my clit. Hmm, you have no idea how good that felt. He played with my nipples at the same time and I nearly went mad. Damn, now I'm on fire and he isn't here. I still say you should come over. I promise not to tell if you don't tell.

User5428: I still don't fancy my cock being hexed off.

BookLovr1: Oh, your cock will be safe, I promise. But I will suggest that you run fast if you see a tall, dark, handsome man peeking through my window.

User5428: Fine. Give me your address. But if your barmy bloke shows up, I'm Apparating the hell out of there, got it?

BookLovr1: Understandable.

A minute later, just as Hermione was minimising the chat box on her screen, a loud pop rang out in her bedroom.

"So I'm a bit unstable?" a deep voice asked behind her.

"Just a bit," Hermione replied, rising from her chair and walking over to the man who was perched on the edge of her bed. "And, you're quick with the wand, don't forget."

"Ah, yes," he nodded, guiding Hermione to sit on his knee. "Well let's not waste time. We wouldn't want your man to catch us frolicking behind his back."

"No, we definitely don't want that," Hermione murmured, using her wand to cast a spell to undress them both. "He's barking mad, and it would be a shame if you were to lose this." She was now gently gripping an erection that was at half-mast, which immediately perked up beneath her soft fingertips. "Move up on the bed for me, darling."

"Darling? You'd better not let your fiancé hear that," the man groaned when Hermione had straddled him, sinking down onto his cock. "Pet names and other terms of endearment might send your nutter into a rage."

His hands came around her hips, guiding her to move back and forth. Hermione let out a satisfied sigh and leaned forward to brace herself against his chest.

"You know what? Let him hear; I don't care."

"Careful, witch."

"I love you. And I don't care if he hears that, either."

"And I love you. But you'd definitely better not tell him I said so."

Once they were finished and lying next to one another, naked and panting, he brought Hermione's left hand to his mouth and kissed her fingertips.

"So, this is what the fiancé bought you, I presume?" he asked, staring at her engagement ring.

"Yes; he chose well."

"He chose you, didn't he? Obviously he has impeccable tastes, but you didn't hear it from me."

"Of course he has good tastes," Hermione averred, pressing a kiss to his shoulder. "That's why he's with me."

A snort was heard from the wizard.

"Remind me again: why am I marrying you?"

Hermione pretended to think for a moment.

"Because I'm brilliant and you love my cat—both of them—and I'm the only witch that's been able to shag your brains out and make you scream."

"Hmph. I don't scream."

"Yes, you do, my darling Severus. You are a moaner and a screamer. A very masculine one, mind you, but a screamer nonetheless."

"Fine, witch. You win. And you tell that shifty bastard who keeps emailing you that I'm going to hex his bollocks off if he keeps trying to chat up my fiancée."

Hermione let out a delighted squeal and launched herself on top of Severus' chest.

"Say that again."


"You know what."


"My fiancée."

"My fiancée; my Hermione, my future Mrs. Snape, my life and my reason for living. Satisfied?"

"Hmm, it's a start," Hermione murmured, her cheeks glowing as she pressed her lips to Severus'. "Take me home, and then to bed again, and ask me later."