BlackLynx17: Hey, so I was bored today so I decided to post up this new story instead of waiting until I finished Weirdos. I'll either love or regret the idea down the road. Inspired after the song Secret by Maroon 5. I've written this story a little differently from my previous ones, in this one things are sort of... real life? I use real life objects, slang, songs, things that are popular here in California so if you're reading from another state or country then you might not get the references to things and I'm sorry about that.

Title: Secret

Rating: T for Though it does have mature context there isn't any of it written out (the story is Mature, but rated T because I don't write the mature things)

Summary: Wendy Marvell was probably the last senior virgin in Magnolia High School and she's sick and tired of it. With no boyfriend and wanting to be in on the non-virgin club, her best friend Lucy tells her the simplest way to lose it is a one night stand. Things were never so easy for Wendy though and the next day she finds out that her gorgeous one night stand man turns out to be her new homeroom teacher. But wait though, maybe that wasn't hi- nope he was staring right at her with his jaw dropped, that was definitely him. Lord kill her now.


- {Secret} -


"Wendy Marvell, you are beautiful."

Breathe in.

"You are a catch, you are a freaking catch! So there shouldn't be any reason why you're still a virgin."

Breathe out.

"You're beautiful, you're beautiful it's true."

"And you wonder why you're still a virgin Wendy."

Wendy squeaked and jumped back, turning around and seeing her best friend shaking her head at her.

"Why are you singing you're beautiful to yourself?" Lucy asked entering the bathroom.

She went up to the mirror and picked up her lip gloss, lightly placing it a coat over her already red lips to create some shine. She rubbed her lips together and puckered them out.

"It's called a pep-talk, I'm still a little nervous about this." Wendy said shuffling where she stood.

"Pep-talk? You look freaking amazing Wendy! If anything, I need the pep-talk and what's this about being nervous? You were the one who asked me to do this Wendy, have you forgotten?" Lucy asked pushing up her boobs.

"I know, I know, I've just never been to a club before." Wendy said fixing her mascara.

"Really? Well it's just like those parties Natsu throw, but like less destructive. By the way Wendy, why haven't you popped your cherry yet? Were you waiting for that special someone?" Lucy asked turning to her friend.

"No, it would be a little difficult to save myself for someone who isn't real." Wendy sighed checking her teeth.

Sparkly, she thought.

"Don't say that Wendy, Natsu was my special someone... but then again I imagined my first time with flowers and candles and romantic music playing in the background, not in his basement while a party was going on in the room above us. Then again I always thought I'd lose my virginity to a prince..." Lucy trailed off.

"See? Exactly my point, we both know that I'm practically the last senior virgin at school Lucy and I'm tired of it!"

"Wow Wendy, I didn't think you were into that peer pressure junk."

"I'm not Lucy, I just want to experience what's so special. It's our senior year and yet I don't feel like a senior because of this. I want to be just like everyone else." Wendy explained.

"Honey, that's called peer pressure, but whatever. You almost ready?" Lucy asked.

Wendy gulped as she stared at herself in the mirror. She was wearing what seemed like a hooker navy blue dress that matched her hair with way too much make-up on. She was on the borderline of trashy and beautiful. Lucy told her since she had a baby face and was short that she'd have to step up the game a bit and wear extra high heels. The dress seemed way too tight on her, which apparently to Lucy that's what guys liked, and... Wendy took a deep breath. The make-up may have been a bit too much, but she looked nice.

"I look nice." She said rubbing her dress down.

"No guy wants to sleep with nice, tell yourself you look hot." Lucy said leaving the bathroom.

"I look hot." Wendy smiled before following after her.

She grabbed her small blue clutch and ran a hand through her hair before following Lucy out of her home. Lucy rocked a bright red mini dress and looked absolutely dazzling, which Wendy didn't understand because she had a boyfriend. Lucy unlocked her car and got in, starting it up while Wendy put her seatbelt on.

"Are you sure we're going to be able to enter the bar?" Wendy asked brushing her bangs away from her face.

"I know a guy, trust me Wendy. You're going to have one hell of a night, now do you have protection?" She asked.

Wendy nodded and held up her clutch.

"Good, you'll be fine. Let's go get you laid!"

Boy did Lucy have the hook up. She had just gotten them into one of the most popular clubs in Magnolia ever! One that always had a line around the corner no matter what time of day! And all she had to do was flirt and flash some cash and the bodyguard let them in! Wendy stayed behind Lucy when they entered, her ears hurting from the bumping music and her eyes blinding from the flashing lights. Wendy remembered though, she chose this. She was never going to get picked up on by hiding behind Lucy, men want confident woman not scared. Wendy walked beside Lucy and raised her head high, sticking her chest out as she walked confidently to the bar beside her.

"Let's go get you drunk now, it'll help you make the wrong choices." Lucy laughed slamming her hand on the counter.

A cute bartender walked towards them, tall, dark and mysterious. Lucy's eyes widened and looked at Wendy, nodding her head towards him as her possible 'special man' for the night. Wendy pouted at her and Lucy laughed, turning her attention back to the bartender.

"Hello stud, let us get a bottle of sake and two cups. Oh and have you met my friend? Wendy? She's the cute one right next to me." Lucy smirked.

Wendy almost squeaked, but kept her chin up and smiled kindly. No! Not kindly, she smiled seductively.

"I don't believe I have, James." James introduced himself.

"Wendy, though you already know that." She giggled.

James laughed too and knocked on the counter, "right. Let me get those drinks for you ladies." He said before running off.

"Make your voice deeper, you sound like a child." Lucy said turning around.


"No worries, so what did you think about James?" She asked.

"He seemed nice."

"Bzz, a no taker then. You need to find someone incredible hot Wendy that'll make you flush just by looking at him. We'll save James as a back-up though, so why don't you start scanning the crowds while I get our drinks and a table?" Lucy asked.


"And make sure to take. Your. Time." Lucy stressed turning around.

Wendy nodded then started exploring the club. There were sure a lot of interesting people here and most of them had their eyes on her. Wendy refused each one though with silly things like, too preppy, too hipster, too hairy, too tall and so on until she circled the club once and saw Lucy at a table. She walked over to her and drank her cup of sake in one gulped. This wasn't her first rodeo, Wendy wouldn't call herself an experienced drinker but she has drunk before. She slammed the glass on the table.

"Fill her up." She said.

"No one?" Lucy asked.

"Maybe if I get drunk I'll think of them all as Prince Charmings." Wendy said downing her glass again.

She sat at the table with Lucy and picked out guys, the two of them always disagreeing on something. With half the bottle gone and feeling a little hazy they started to dance, figuring that someone would come sooner or later. Now one came and after finishing their bottle of sake Wendy figured that tonight was just going to be a bust. She sighed out dramatically and excused herself from the table, planning on going to the bathroom. She passed by a couple of guys as she nearly stumbled her way there, noticing one in particular but didn't check because of the pressure she felt on her bladder. She quickly ran in and used it, washing her face and make-up off in the faucet before leaving. It was really starting to irritate her skin and she planned on leaving now that she wasn't able to find anyone.

When she left though she saw him again and blinked in disbelief. She walked over to him and looked over his shoulder, seeing that there were really words written there.

"You know there's better places to read at than a dark club with flashing lights." She stated matter-of-factly.

The man in question closed his book and turned around and Wendy's heart nearly stopped. His eyes were what stood out to her the most, those brilliant bright sea-foam green eyes that eyed her up and down as the small frown he had turned into a small smile.

"I know." He said huskily.

His voice sent shivers down her spine and Wendy cleared her voice.

"So this is just a way to pick up chicks then? I'd suggest a space with more traffic, but how's it turning out for you?" She asked.

"Well, you're here talking to me aren't you?" He smirked.

And he was funny! Wendy giggled into her hand and looked up at him, smiling brightly.

"So it seems."

He chuckled lightly before looking at his book, "actually this wasn't a ploy. My friend dragged me here knowing full well I have to work tomorrow at my new job, the idiot."

"Really? Is your friend here right now? Because I'd like to thank him for dragging you out." Wendy flirted.

Mest grinned and held out his hand, "Mest Gryder."

"Wendy Marvell." Wendy said shaking it.

"I would offer to buy you a drink Wendy, but judging by your tinted cheeks I say you've had plenty enough. So instead how about I offer you a ride home?" He asked standing up.

"Is that a pick up line Mr. Gryder?" Wendy said coyly.

"I think that is Ms. Marvell."

Wendy hummed lightly to herself and started playing with a strange of her hair, "that's sweet and all, but the thing is I can't go home."

Mest raised an eyebrow, "is that so?"

"Yup, for reasons unknown."

"Well then, how about my place instead?" He asked.

Wendy felt her heart racing in her chest. This was it, the moment. Would she chose this guy or find another? He was cute, he was funny, he was reading in a bar for Christ's sake and Wendy smiled warmly as she took a deep breath. Her ears picked up on the song playing in the background and found the lyrics similar to her situation.

I know I don't know you, but I want you so bad.
Everyone has a secret, b
ut can they keep it?
Oh no they can't...

Wendy licked her lips, she wanted the man.

"I thought you'd never ask." She breathed.

Mest grinned at her before looking out in the crowd. "Let me just tell my friend I'm leaving and we can go."

"Same here, meet you in the front?" Wendy asked.

Mest outstretched his hand and brushed her hair behind her ear, "don't leave me now."

"I won't." She smirked before turning away, making sure to shake what her momma gave her.

She quickly went to where Lucy was sitting on their table and slammed her hands on the table.

"I think we have a winner!" She grinned.

"What?! No way, finally!" She said spitting up sake.

"Yup, I'm leaving with him now. Don't wait up for me." Wendy winked before turning away.

"You go girl! Don't worry, I'll make sure to cover for you if your parents call!"

"And don't you bother because they won't." Wendy mumbled walking to the front of the bar.

She stood and waited for her mystery man, seconds later feeling a warm jacket over her shoulders.

"It's a little chilly out." He whispered in her ear.

Wendy shivered and gasped lightly as she felt his arms wrap around her waist.

"Shall we go?" She asked battering her eyelashes.

Mest smirked and nodded, before they left though he leaned down and pressed their lips together. Sparks flew, Wendy saw fireworks before her eyelids and felt weak in the knees, leaning against him for support. Her arms wrapped around his shoulders as she felt the need to deepen the kiss, wanting more of whatever was surging through her body. If Wendy had any last regrets, they were all gone now.

Definitely made the right choice.

Wendy Marvell groaned loudly as she gained consciousness. Her head was pounding, like it always did when she got drunk. She raised her hands to rub her head and groaned again, finding the room really bright. She opened her eyes and blinked several times before she could see and stared for several more seconds before she realized this wasn't her room. Memories of last night flooded through her mind and she squealed lightly, hiding under the blankets.

She did it. She had actually done it. Wendy Marvell was no longer the last senior virgin in Magnolia High and boy had it. Felt. Amazing. Wendy recalled what happened last night and her eyes rolled to the back of her head as she remembered. She pulled the covers off of her and leaned up, hugging the blanket to her chest as she stared around the room.

He wasn't lying next to him. Wendy pouted as she placed a hand over to his side, it was warm. She smiled realizing that he must have only left recently. Wendy had a bright smile on as she admired this 'Mest Gryder's' room but slowly blanked out as she started at his clock.

It read 7:45 am.

Wendy screamed.

Mest jumped from the other room, spilling his coffee on the table. He cursed before getting up and rushed over to his bedroom, wondering what had happened. He slammed the door to his room open and saw the girl he picked up last night running around his room like a beheaded chicken. She started scrambling for her clothes, tripping three times which Mest found both cute and adorable.

"What are you doing?" He asked amusedly.

"DO YOU HAVE ANY IDEA WHAT TIME IT IS?! UGH, I'M GOING TO BE SO LATE!" Wendy screamed running into his bathroom, or what she thought was his bathroom, and locked the door after her.

Mest chuckled lightly to himself. He figured that she was a college student, but honestly didn't know she had class in the morning. He wondered what kind of college student still had her virginity though? Mest had lost his way before college, in the backseat of his friend's car. Was that why she was at the bar last night? On a better note, what was she doing at a bar then if she had school in the morning? Maybe she was forced to go just like Lahar had forced him. Mest walked over to his bathroom, knocking on the door lightly.

"Are you okay in there?" He asked.

"Oh, my parents are going to kill me if I'm late!" He heard her say.

So she lives with her parents huh? No wonder she wanted to go over his place. Wendy finished dressing herself, the magic and glamour of last night gone. Now she just looked like an ordinary girl in a dress she could never pull off. Wendy unlocked the door and ran dead straight into Mest's rock hard chest, did she mention he was only wearing boxers? Mest grabbed her and smiled lightly as she looked up at him.


Wendy smiled lightly back and remembered why she had chose this man last night. He was truly gorgeous, even with that scar on his face. Her eyes slowly drifted past his shoulders though to his clock again and she paled. She quickly pushed past him and looked for her heels, slipping them on as she left the room.

"Hey, stay for breakfast." Mest said walking after her.

"Can't, school starts at 8."

"At least let me drive you."

"No need, I can take a bus."

Boy was this girl being stubborn with him. He followed her as she went to his front door, unlocking his locks as she tried to open it.

"At least take my number, I had a nice time with you last night."

Wendy froze. Lucy didn't tell her what happened after one night stands, only during. Well Wendy was almost out the door, she could literally run out his apartment and never see him again. All he knew was her name, how many Wendy Marvell's were there in the world? He might even think she gave him a fake name... did Wendy want that though? She slowly turned around and saw Mest staring at her with his bright sea-foam green eyes. She gulped before walking back to him, digging into her clutch to fish out her phone. She pulled it out and set up a new contact for Mest before handing it to him.

Mest grinned as he took the girly phone with way too many keychains from her, entering his phone number, email address and name before handing it back to her. Wendy looked at it and stared at her first time's number... before noticing the time at the top corner of her screen.

"I'm late!" She screamed running out his door.

This time Mest didn't stop her, not that he could have with the speed she ran with. And in heels no less. He was surprised though when she came running back into his apartment, flinging herself on him as she crushed their lips together. Mest smirked into their kiss and held her close.

"I had a nice time too." Wendy said kissing him on his scar before running out of there again.

Mest sighed and started scratching the back of his head, realizing that he was going to be late to work too if he didn't hurry. Then again, Mest already accepted he was going to be late so he took him time.

"God I need to thank Lahar for dragging my ass last night." Mest told himself as he headed towards his shower.