It felt like one of the best days of the month to Simon. He sat at their favorite table near the heart-shaped window in The Ice Cream Parlor. His anxiousness made him giddy and giddy was a rare feeling for him.

He smiled in anticipation and started to hum Billy Joel's 'Scenes from an Italian Restaurant', so similar this all was to him. He checked his hair again. It was done in that style he reserved for formal engagements, well combed with a wave-like bang that hung over his forehead. He noticed a few days prior that he had grown a full three inches in height. Already the tallest of his brothers, he now reached the height of an adult male, a little over a meter in stature. Although he was still sixteen, he felt older and more in control.

And yet, a part of his old nature refused to give up the ghost. Hence, his new wardrobe. He declared a moratorium on his blue, oversized sweater that he wore like a robe. Now he emerged to the world at large in his new casual look, a blue well-pressed, oversized short sleeve shirt with a pen in the breast pocket, gray trousers and new blue sneakers.

With his standard pair of glasses, he appeared to bridge the gap between Old and New quite well. He couldn't wait to see Jeanette and that felt pretty good.

He had been watching the door like a hawk until a spilled drink from a patron made him turn to the sound. Annoyed, he returned to his door watching. There stood Jeanette, smiling anxiously.

She felt her heart surge with emotion at the sight of him, as if she was seeing him for the first now and not on that fateful night so long ago in a San Francisco hotel.

He was heartbreaking. A stylish merging of boyish good looks and mature intellectual. Her eyes caressed that boyish face, explored his surprising tone body that the shirt couldn't hide fully, lean and strong, like a runner's.

No mere boy was he, now, she realized and something stirred in her unbidden. After all they went through, she knew she could be protected by his strength. His whole being. His love. She felt so blessed to have him in her young life.

For his part, Simon fell apart inside. If falling in love again was lethal, he was happily doomed. She wore her rich brown hair down, sporting only a light purple ribbon on top that shone like a tiara. Her lips were full and inviting. And her body...

The soft blue and delicate purple dress she wore accentuated every living curve, every beautiful glimpse of cream-colored fur. Her emerald eyes...He drowned in their glittering depths. She was a beautiful young female. And a symphony to his senses.

"You...look..."Simon muttered breathlessly.

"So...so do you,"Jeanette said softly, slowly taking her seat across from him.

Each saw so much in the other's eyes. They didn't need The Predictor to see the myriad of futures open to them. The mystery and the adventure of finding those futures together, they hoped, would last until the end of their days.

Simon reached over and held Jeanette's hand like a treasure. Then he asked her with a smile,"So...what would you like to talk about?"

Jeanette gave his hand a gentle squeeze and smiled back warmly.

"The future,"she answered.