"You're so obsessed with the Super Bowl. Why don't you just let it go?" Elsa scoffed, her brow creasing in confusion at the bundle of guests settling down on the couch. A bowl of popcorn sat on the table, fluffy bits of it spilling out onto the table.

"Shh, shh, we're watching commercials," Anna hushed her. Elsa just sighed.

"I don't understand you," she mumbled, taking a seat on the couch next to the redhead.

Then the game started.

"Super bowl, super bowl!" Anna sang, before realizing that... the Broncos were losing. HOW WERE THEY LOSING? "They're all losing, no, no, no!" she shrieked, pulling out strands of her impossibly Ariel-red hair.

"Super bowl, super bowl!" Kristoff scowled. "Why is that guy running so slow?"

"I don't care what the referees say," Anna facepalmed. "That was a fowl ball dude..." Elsa rolled her eyes and tried to change the channels. "Do you really have to be so rude?!" Anna grabbed the remote back from her.

"It's funny how that distance didn't help the guy score squall, and now the Super Bowl we all know, isn't so superb at all!" Elsa retorted.

"It's time to flee, run to the goal! It's 20 - love, put on a show!" Anna shouted, shoving Elsa out of the way to chant at the screen. "That's right, that's wrong, the rules are Z... Look, see!"

"Super Bowl, super Bowl!" Kristoff sang. "Everyone's missing the goal! Super Bowl, super Bowl!"

"So bad that I might cry!" Elsa moaned.

"Seahawks stand, and Broncos fall! Let the games go on..." Anna muttered, eyes glued to the screen.

And then it went to commercial break.

"The commercials are better than the show," Elsa commented, shaking her head.

"Shh, it's starting again!" Anna pressed.

"The fans are chanting as Broncos near the goal! Everything's so fast it's like it's going all slow-mo... And then the guy leaps this high in a raging pass... But then he falls over! The referee calls a pass!" Kristoff yelped.

"Super Bowl! Super Bowl! Everyone's missing the goal!" Elsa pointed out.

"Super Bowl! Super Bowl! At least we've got commercial," Anna agreed.

"Seahawks stand, and Broncos fall. Let the games go on..." Kristoff said.

Elsa reached out to grab a handful of popcorn, inadvertently sending a brine of freezing crystals at the TV, freezing it effectively.

"I never liked sports that much anyway," Anna mumbled.