Hisao woke up in the morning with a pink haired girl pressing her back into his chest. He nuzzled his way through her pink hair and kissed her on the back of the neck. She stirred slightly and seemed to go back to sleep.

Misha quietly woke up and could feel Hisao lightly kiss her neck. Misha shifted and could feel a slight poke in the small of her back. She shifted again and moved Hisao's morning wood in-between her legs and could feel it press against the bottom of her butt. Slowly she started to rock her hips back and forth, Hisao begin to grind his hips back in response. She leaned over a little more to allow Hisao to slip inside her. She could not help but let out a little giggle as Hisao took more control and wrapped his arms around her waist. After a few minutes Misha leaned forward and got on all fours. Taking the lead Hisao got on his knees right behind her and pushed himself into her again. Misha buried her face into the pillow as Hisao grabbed her hips and started rhythmically thrusting in and out of her.

"Hicchan don't stop...I'm about to cum." Misha said as she buried her face deeper in the pillow and let out a muffled moan. Hisao could feel a familiar sensation spreading through him, "I'm about to cum to Misha." at this point neither of them could stop moving against each other. With a final thrust from Hisao they both climaxed together. After they both laid there together in each other's arms trying to catch their breath.

"That was amazing!" they both said in unison. Realizing it they looked at each other and started laughing in each other's arms.

"Did you sleep well Misha?"

"Best I have slept in a long time. I am a little worried about today though Hicchan. what Shicchan will think?"

"Everything will be fine." Hisao said as he leaned in and kissed Misha.

Misha glanced over Hisao's shoulder again to check the time. A pink 8:45 looked back at her. "I guess we need to get ready if we are going to meet Shicchan at the Shanghai at noon. I feel like I need another bath after last night...this morning." Misha said as she stretched in Hisao's arms. "You should probably take one too...back at your dorm this time." Misha said as she reached up and traced her finger over the bridge of Hisao's nose.

"I'll meet you at the front gates at 11:45."

"let me make sure the coast is clear before you step out into the hall Hicchan, it's still early and I don't want anyone to see us together yet before Shicchan knows." Misha got out of bed and reached into her chester drawers and pulled out a pair of panties and a t-shirt, while Hisao got dress in yesterdays cloths. She hastily threw them on and peeked out of her door as Hisao was getting his shoes on.

"I don't see anyone, I would take the stairs at the back of the hall and go out the back door. Just in case."

"See you soon." Hisao said as he slipped past her and gave her a quick kiss on the cheek.

Hisao made his way quickly to the end of the hall and went down the stairs. Looking out the back door and seeing no one he slipped outside and made his way towards the boy's dorms.

Shizune laid on her back staring up at the blurry ceiling. The morning light was filtering through her window cascading everything in a pinkish orange hue. She rolled her head to the side to look at her clock she could Barely make out the time, it was 8:28.

I need to get up soon and get ready for the day, I'm meeting Hisao and Misha for lunch later on today at the shanghai...Hisao...

Shizune replayed the vision in her mind, remembering how she walked into Hisao's room while the three of them were on vacation. The way Misha was laying on her side next to Hisao still sleeping peacefully, their clothes throw haphazardly around the room. She knew what had happened. she could not blame Misha for falling for Hisao, she had fallen for him too.

Shizune could feel the tears start to well-up in her eyes. She looked over to her shelf and could see the stuffed cat Hisao had given to her at the school festival. In one fluid motion she reached out and plucked it from the shelf and held it to her chest. By this point she could feel her tears streaming silently down her cheeks. She brought her knees up to her chest as well and held the cat as tightly as she could.

I wanted him Misha...just like you wanted me.

At this point Shizune could feel her tears begin to soak her pillow. But...you moved on even after I rejected you and your love for me. You stayed by my side...even if it was painful for you, you still wanted to be close to me. Thank you Misha. I still like Hisao, but I will not hold it against you. I have to move on just like you did.

As Hisao made his way off of the elevator. He slid his key to his room out of his pocket and was just about to open his door. He heard Kenji's door open.

Shit, no way out of this one.

"Yo, sup."

"Not much"

"I heard you leave last night at around 7 or so and didn't hear you come back." Kenji said as he squinted at Hisao almost unable to make out what clothes he had on. "They caught you didn't they! Those damn Feminists! I saw one of two worst ones on campus snooping around here the other day, it was the pink haired one. What did they do to you man? What kind of torture did they invoke on you? Did they get any intel out of you?"

Hisao wanted to get out of this as soon as he could. "They used water torture on me all night trying to get me to talk, they couldn't crack me though. I wouldn't tell them anything." Hisao said laughing to himself internally at the absurdity of the story he had come up with. "They knew they had to let me go or by morning or everyone would start to become suspicious about my sudden disappearance."

"Good, way to stay strong man." Kenji said as he slapped Hisao on the shoulder.

"I think one of them did say something about a hostile takeover in the next few months though, something about making it permanent."

"Crap, I have to gather intel and prepare, I need to know exactly when they will strike. I won't let them take me! I have to get some supplies. Thanks for the info." Kenji said and he slapped Hisao on the shoulder one more time and ran off down the hall yelling something about feminists as he rounded the corner and disappeared.

Hisao opened his door and slid inside. "Now that that is out of the way I can get ready for the day." Hisao said as he started to remove the clothing from the previous night. He gathered everything he needed for a shower and made his way over to the bathroom to get ready.

11:38 was what Hisao's watch said as he walks up to the front gate and took a seat on the bench. They should be here soon. Before Hisao could think anymore on the matter he saw Shizune and Misha making their way to the front gate with a large brown basket in hand.

"[Good morning you two, what's with the basket?]" Hisao asked.

"[Have you been waiting long Hicchan? I thought after we eat at the shanghai we could have dessert in the park.]"

[Are you two ready to go?]

Misha and Shizune both nodded at the same time and started walking towards town. When they arrived Yuuko greeted them at the door, looked at Hisao paused momentarily and blushed. "I-I'll show you to your seats." Shizune sat on one side of the booth while Hisao and Misha sat on the other. "What was that about Hicchan?" Misha whispered. "I'll explain later, it's kind of a funny story." Hisao said whispering in Misha's ear.

"[What are you two going to have?]" Hisao signed as he took a seat next to Misha.

"[I'll just have something light, I want to save room for the cake!]"

[Same here.] Shizune signed.

Hisao quickly looked at the menu and decided on a sandwich as Yuuko came over and took their orders. It only took about 5 minutes for their food to arrive since the restaurant was mostly dead at this time of day . Most of the meal was eaten in silence, Hisao could feel the apprehension hanging in the air, that was emanating from Misha. Misha seemed to just be picking at the last of her food. Hisao could tell she was anxious and was starting to fidget. Swallowing the last of his food and wiping his hands on his napkin he reached over and placed Misha's hand is his.

Misha could feel the blood rushing to her face. This was the first time Shizune had seen any sort of intimate contact between the two of them. Shizune stopped eating and set her fork down on her plate.

Misha slid her hand out of Hisao's and began signing to Shizune. "[Shicchan...I have something to tell you..." Misha said biting her lower lip. "Hisao and I have been going out for a little over a week now. I didn't want to tell you, because I didn't want to hurt your feelings. I know you liked him too, and I'm...I'm sorry.]"

[It's ok Misha...I have know for a while now. I could see how you were both acting around each other since we came back from my parents house. Something changed between you two...for the better.]

Hisao let out a noticeable sigh of relief, Shizune did not mention the talk they had that morning when she first saw them.

Shizune had a difficult choice ahead of her, should she put her own feeling aside for the sake of her friend, or should she confess her feelings to them.

[ X ] I am happy for the both of you.

[ ] I cannot bear the thought of loosing either of you.

[It's OK as long as you're both happy, then I'll be fine. I'm glad that you have each other, and that you were able to move on Misha.] Shizune signed, holding back her emotions.

"[Thank you Shicchan, you don't know how much that means to me.]" Misha said as a sympathetic smile slowly found it place on Misha's lips, and she reached across the table to hold Shizune's hands.

Hisao could a small glint of pain and regret in Shizune eyes as she brightly smiled at Misha. "[I guess we should settle the bill then if we are going to the park for dessert.]"

Yuuko showed up a few minutes later with the check. As Hisao paid and thanked Yuuko the girls grabbed the basket and made their way to the park. Once they arrived they scouted out a nice place under a large tree they spread the blanket out and began to unwrap the pieces cake. The mood seemed to be better now between everyone. Misha was her usual bubbly self, Shizune seemed to back to her normal self.

After Mish finished her cake she set her plate back into the basket and flopped down between Hisao and Shizune, her pink drills bouncing slightly as she did, coming to a rest on top of her shoulders. She folded her hands across her stomach and looked up at the white clouds lazily rolling by for a moment and closed her eyes. Shizune and Hisao finished their pieces of cake and laid down next to Misha as well. Misha let out a content sigh and turned her head towards Hisao. "Thank you for giving me courage today Hisao."

Hisao looked at her and smiled. "I'm glad everything worked out for the best." Misha lowered her hands to her sides and grabbed both Hisao's and Shizune's hand. "I love you both." Misha said as tears of happiness escaped from both her eyes and rolled down her cheeks.

It has been eight years since that day in the park.

Since I had my heart attack and everything changed.

Since I came to Yamaku and meet everyone.

Since I meet Shiina Mikado.

A lot has happened since then, Misha and I have been together since our last year at Yamaku and have been married for just over four years.

Misha wanted the ceremony to be held outside and to be a "western" wedding. Lilly, Hanako, Shizune, Misha, and I had stayed in Hokkaido at the Satou's old summer home about a year before Misha and I we married. Misha begged Shizune to ask Lilly for permission to use it for the wedding, she said the fields next to the house were the perfect place to get married. A lot of our friends from school were there, Shizune was the maid of honor, Lilly and Hanako were the bridesmaids. Kenji was my Best man, strangely enough, and Hideki was up there with us as well, in a tux to many people's surprise.

During our last year all of us decided on what we wanted to do. Since Yamaku had given so much to us, we wanted to give back to it. Most of us became teachers and came back.

I became the second science teacher, teaching the physics classes, it was thanks to Muto that I was finally able to decide on what to do. Misha followed her dream and is now teaching sign language at Yamaku since the old teach retired. Misha also has another dream of hers coming true as well, we are four months along to having our first child, a little girl we are going to name Mitsuki. Shizune is now the vice principal, a job that suits her personality to a tee. We all still occasionally go out for lunch together and play board games like we used to, she still beats me at Risk every time.

Lilly went back to Scotland to get her teaching degree, she just came back last year and is teaching advanced English. Hanako is still here too, as the head librarian, she took over Yuuko's position in the library, after Yuuko graduated with her degree in European History.

Funny story about Yuuko and Kenji. Kenji and I were up on the roof of the dorm having what he called a 'manly picnic' and celebrating our upcoming graduation when he slipped and fell over a section of fencing that was broken. I was able to catch him in time and stop him from falling but was not able to pull him up on my own, luckily Yuuko was passing below and saw us. She ran up the stairs and was able to help me pull him up. They started talking again, patched things up and got back together and are currently in Europe studying old ruins and the cryptology within them. I always had a feeling that they might have been together in the past. Kenji stays in touch and occasionally writes.

As for Rin and Emi, Rin graduated and went on to become a famous artist in the area. She just came back to Yamaku to teach this year in Nomiya's place. He had a heart attack and retired from teaching to help Sai run her gallery. Rin said she wanted to inspire others and help mould them into successful artists. She never struck me as the type that would want to teach but Nomiya insisted.

Emi got a scholarship and studied to become a gym teacher. I finally decided to join her for her morning runs about midway through the last school year. The head nurse said my heart was not getting any better but running would help it. Misha, Emi and I would go to the track most weekday mornings before classes started. Speaking of the head nurse, Emi likes her new stepdad as well. Her mother and the head nurse had been friends for awhile and finally decided to make it official two years ago.

For the last few years since we have all been here during the school festival, we would all gathered up on the roof to celebrate a short time before the fireworks would start. As the fireworks start Misha and I would sit down and lean against the wall, she would lean her head against my shoulder and reminisce about the first time we were at the festival together.

As I look back it is hard to believe a heart attack could bring about so many good things. If I had not happened everything would be different. I would have never meet Misha, Shizune, everyone here at Yamaku. Fate works in weird ways, but I'm glad everything turned out like it did...I would not trade it for anything.