She had come running to them when her heart was breaking in two, when her tormentors were cruel and violent and rude towards her, and right now, she couldn't handle her stressors. Her world was collapsing, and she stumbled along the hallways of the dorms, grabbing onto the walls for support. Tears blurred her eyes, and she could feel the nerves in her ears tingling the way they did when she was unbearably sad.

Cardin had once again ruthlessly attacked Velvet for her Faunus heritage, calling her horrible names that no one deserved to be called.

She found Team RWBY's dorm room, the one that Ruby had decorated with posters, and knocked hesitantly, afraid that the team who had cared for her when no one did would push her away. Ruby flung open the door; her dark locks swinging around her face as she laughingly yelled behind her for Yang to stop bothering Blake.

When she saw Velvet, the drooping ears, the sad eyes, the tear streaks, Ruby grabbed Velvet into a bear hug and ushered her inside. The ruckus in the room and sunset that shone into their windows blinded Velvet and made her whimper. Her nerves were extra sensitive at the moment, and almost automatically, the room went quiet and Yang closed the curtains.

She could feel Ruby's strong arms guiding her towards Weiss's bed, which the heiress had offered up without a word. As she sank into the soft down, she began to sniffle.

"What happened, Velvet?" Blake asked, her voice soft and quiet. In moments like these, the other Faunus would unwrap her ears in a way to show Velvet she wasn't alone. Blake untied knots of black silk and set the bow on her book.

Yang knelt in front of the rabbit eared girl with a damp cloth, and rubbed it along her cheeks to soothe the flushed skin. Her older sister instincts kicked in for Velvet as much as they did for Ruby. Weiss grabbed her rapier, a fire in her eyes as she pulled on her white boots.

"Where are they?" She demanded, her pale composure disrupted with patches of angry scarlet.

"No, no, no. Don't do that." Velvet pleaded.

Weiss paused, her inner struggle showing on her face. She didn't want to upset the girl more, but an animalistic part of her wished to put Myrtenaster where the sun didn't shine. She sighed, pulled off her boots, set down her sword, and edged into her bunk next to Velvet.

"What happened?" Yang asked as she focused on wiping away budding tears.

"Cardin. He called me a mutt and a monstrosity. Sometimes… sometimes I feel like one." Velvet whispered before bursting into quiet sobs. She buried her face into her hands and cried tears that racked her ribs.

Ruby made a strangled noise in the back of her throat and spoke. "That's not true at all, Velvet. Don't ever think that. Cardin's a monstrosity for calling you those names."

Blake spoke while walking across the room. "Ruby's right. You're not any of those things. You're lovely and gentle." The brunette Huntress knelt next to Yang and hugged Velvet hard. "It's going to be alright."

"Group hug!" Ruby called, piling onto Velvet and encasing her in a tangle of arms and legs. Velvet's tears soon faded into watery laughs, and soon into a full-fledged smile, as she felt loved unconditionally.

It was a wonderful feeling.