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Pokemon: The Psychic Wars


These were dark times.

Gone were the days of pokemon training, where innocent youngsters collected pokemon and aspired to train them to eventually reach master status. Gone were the days where it was considered safe to travel on your own, venturing off to the many distant regions to battle gym leaders, enter competitions, and make a name for yourself. These were darker times, dangerous times, where you needed to think twice before leaving the sanctity of your home or else pay the consequences which, more often than not, included your life.

There was a time when every young boy or girl turned the tender age of ten where they would receive their pokemon license, their starter pokemon, and that region's pokedex, mere stepping stones on their way to becoming the ultimate pokemon masters. But no longer was this the case…instead, you were automatically entered into the regime, where, rather than take up pokemon training, you would take up arms, you would learn to kill, to protect, to survive…

The pokemon that were once seen as battling partners to obtain gym badges and battle other pokemon, were now used to battle people, yet another tool for war, another way to kill…

But by far the worst were the psychic pokemon, for they held the power to control others, to destroy, to betray, to torture…all led by their sadistic leader, the green haired, purple eyed monster known only as Sabrina.

She held total control over the psychic pokemon, teaching those loyal to her cause how to become psychic themselves with her primary goal being to rid the world of all people and pokemon deemed unworthy to live in her new utopia…a world of darkness, terror, and death, where she would rule supreme and all those opposed to her would die a painful, torturous death.

Gym leaders and the Elite Four rebelled against this new threat, armies were formed, ranks were defined, and secret bases were built, if only to give the people hope…a hope that someday the sun would shine on their world again.

Top trainers and warriors were deemed Masters and were the authority over the younger, inexperienced novices. They went on covert operations, dangerous missions, and led forces across the lands to disperse the evils Sabrina had set forth. They used their trusted pokemon to fight the psychic threat, to save the innocents, and reclaim whatever hope the people had left.

Sabrina had left many of the region's cities in smoldering ruins, the corpses of the people strewn about in bloodied heaps across the battle fields. She had destroyed the gyms, once symbols of great power and respect, now nothing more than rubble and broken dreams. She had offered the gym leaders that hadn't yet rebelled a choice to join her ranks and turn against the League and promised them unparalleled power and glory in her new world…but many refused and so she tortured them until their screams and wails for mercy filled the halls of her headquarters.

Sabrina declared war against the League and vowed to change the world in what would forever be known as the Psychic Wars.

To be continued…

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