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"Where are the others?"

Stiles turned his head towards Derek's voice as Derek wondered out from the side of the woods that led towards Stiles' house. He must've spent the day there reading. Interesting.

"They're on their way. I think Lydia and Boyd had a few errands to take care of, and the others were going to wait for them." Lydia needed to wrap up a few meetings, and Boyd needed to talk to a student about a few notes he missed in one class that none of the other pack members were in.

Derek nodded as he walked over to lean on the Jeep next to Stiles. "You looked worried a few moments ago. Everything alright? Did you hear something about the crime scene from your dad?"

Stiles' face lightened up as he tried to hide his worry from Derek. He didn't need to tell him about the younger ones quite yet. It could wait till after they checked out this crime scene.

"I'll tell you later," he brushed aside as three other vechicles filled with pack members piled into the clearing. Derek frowned, but allowed the pass as the others climbed out of the vechicles and starting approaching them.

Scott went to lean on Stiles' other side on the Jeep while everybody else made a semicircle facing the three of them and waited for them to start.

Stiles began since it didn't look like Derek was inclined to do so.

"Issac, Erica, you said there was a crime scene nearby. Did you notice it as it was being cleared? Did you see how many bodies were removed?"

Issac opened his mouth to answer first. "Two bodies were being removed as we ran by. We couldn't really stop to observe without looking suspicious since there were no other bystanders to blend in with. The crime scene was pretty out of the way."

Erica nodded before Derek decided to jump in with, "Okay. We can check out the morgue later. Today, let's just all go check it out."

Scott frowned before asking what seemed to be on everybody's minds, "Do we really all need to go to check out the scene? Couldn't a few of us go to the morgue now, and then we can all meet up at your place to discuss our findings?"

Stiles nodded. This seemed like a better course of action, and it'd be a lot less inconspicious than if they were all to march in a group through the woods and directly to the scene.

Boyd started to shake his head, however, as Derek looked like he was about to agree as well. He threw in something that stopped the others from scattering, "No, do you hear that?"

Everybody froze as those with enhanced hearing concentrated to pick up on what Boyd was hearing. The ones with the enhanced hearing all immediately tensed up as soon as they heard a high pitch squealing coming faintly from the direction of the crime scene they were planning to investigate.

"Is that a baby?" Erica whispered before she started sprinting in the direction of the sound. Scott rushed after her.

"No, it sounded like a-" Issac whispered in fear before he too rushed after Erica. Jackson looked just as worried as Issac did about the sound, and he too took off at the same time as Issac did.

Stiles was officially befuddled. "What? Sounds like a what? A baby?! What are you all standing around for? Let's go!"

Derek grabbed his arm before he too could join the chase. "It's not a baby, Stiles. It's you. I can hear you shouting, but you're right in front of me."

Stiles looked at him weirdly before pausing to ask, "You can hear me shouting? Well, then all the more reason to go! They don't know what they're rushing into!"

Boyd was still concentrating on trying to identify the sound, but as soon as he opened his eyes and realized Erica, Scott, Jackson, and Issac were gone, he too rushed in the direction of the mysterious sound.

Lydia and Allison looked unsure about following but then they both rushed towards Allison's car and pulled out a few weapons. They threw a sheathed knife at Stiles that he barely managed to clumsily catch.

"Let's not follow using the same path," Lydia rushed out before they moved. "If they stepped into a trap, we should circle around it."

Derek frowned as he considered this before arguing, "It'll take longer. They could be hurt while we circle around."

Allison was clearly siding with Lydia as she insisted, "If they do step into a trap, we need to be smart about this. We can't rush into it too. We need to circle around."

Stiles nodded along before tugging Derek in a different direction that would hopefully allow them to circle around the path the others had taken towards the crime scene - assuming that the crime scene was the same place the strange noise was originating from.

Derek sighed noisily in impatience before allowing himself to be led by Stiles. Allison and Lydia quuickly followed after.

After some trekking around, and after a few ominous seconds in which Derek sped up because he could no longer hear the others, they finally managed to stumble upon the crime scene from the opposite side of where the others had entered. They cautiously approached as they saw Scott, Erica, Issac, and Boyd just huddled around something on the ground.

Stiles slowly started forward along with the others before Derek clamped onto his arm.

"Stay here," Derek hissed to the three of them. "I'll make sure it's clear."

Stiles frowned, but he nodded.

Derek kept creeping forward while he, Allison, and Lydia held their breath.

Once Derek reached the huddle, Scott and Issac shuffled a little to give him room to see the mysterious object. Derek stood tense for a few moments before he nodded back at Stiles, Lydia, and Allison to come forward. They immediately rushed forward and join the huddle.

Stiles' breath caught in his throat as he finally caught sight of what was on the floor.

It was a baby.

It was a baby on top of some sort of complex rune. Stiles wondered how it was Derek could have heard him instead of the baby's cries.

The baby had quieted down, but it was blinking up at them with confusion as they all stared at it as though it was some sort of weird creature that had landed in a spaceship.

Scott tensed up on the other side of the huddle and hissed, "Incoming!"

Jackson immediately snatched the basket and rushed behind a tree as the others spread out in an attempt to keep Jackson and the baby hidden.

Stiles immediately groaned as soon as he saw his Dad climbing out of the car. He was in for it now.

His Dad looked really pissed as he asked Stiles what he was doing standing almost right next to a crime scene. Stiles then noticed the yellow tape he could see a few trees down. They were awfully close to the crime scene. The baby had been left behind awfully close to the crime scene.

Oh god, the baby. Could he tell his father about it? What if the baby was a mini-werewolf though? He'd need to check the baby over before he would feel comfortable handing it over. He would have to keep quiet about it for now. He couldn't tell his dad quite yet. He'd just have to hope his Dad would understand, or at least not yell at him for it too badly.

Just as Stiles managed to come up with the excuse of the Labyrinth, he immediately realized his mistake. Now, he'd have to ask Annabeth to come over on the same week his brothers and sister from his Dad's side were coming over. Yet another world about to collide with the two already en-route to a collision. There was going to be a major impact.

At least his father bought it, Stiles thought with relief even as he worried about the Pack meeting almost all of his siblings at once.

Stiles also noticed with annoyance that Jackson had stayed behind the tree with the baby instead of facing his Dad along with the others.

He was mostly relieved as soon as his dad pulled out, but then he knew the Pack was due a lengthy explanation. The excuse had pretty much given it all away. The pack now knew he had siblings. Maybe he could play it off cool? Make it seem like it was their fault for not being more observant?

As soon as the explanation was mostly done, or as much as Stiles was willing to offer right now, he called Annabeth to invite her over for a few days. He supposed if all three of his worlds were about to collide, he would at least be the one controlling how they collided. He was going to roll with it all.

Stiles wrapped up the description of his family as he heard the tree behind him shuffle back. "About time!" He yelled with relief at being given a break from the explanations.

When he turned, he saw Annabeth climb out with a few others.

Stiles frowned. That was a lot more people than he was expecting. His house was going to be crowed tonight. Really crowded.

He quickly smiled through. It had been awhile since the last time he and Annabeth found time to meet up. They grinned at each other before rushing forward to exchange a huge hug.

"Hey, Genim!" Annabeth grinned at her twin brother.

"Hey, Anna!" Stiles grinned back before stepping back to introduce her to his Pack.

Before he could, the baby they found made itself known. They all winced together before a guy behind Annabeth asked, "Is that a baby?"

Stiles immediately walked towards the basket Jackson managed to move out of the way of the tree before it shuffled aside to let Annabeth and her friends through. The baby looked downright miserable in the basket. Everybody else in the Pack looked downright terrified at the idea of approaching the basket. Stiles sighed in exasperation before reaching inside the basket to carefully take the baby out.

He started to rock the baby side to side and humming the first song that came to mind. Because apparently his alarm was still stuck in his mind, the song he started to quietly sing to the baby was Elvis Presley's You Ain't Nothing but a Hounddog.

Derek immediately rolled his eyes at Stiles' choice in lullaby. The others in the Pack also looked another at Stiles for his music choice at what could potentially be a werebaby. Allison, Lydia, and Erica coughed to hide their grins. Annabeth smiled at her brother's choice while her friends raised their eyebrows at the song choice

"We need to get baby things. Now. The baby's clearly hungry. Jackson, Issac, and Lydia, please go grab a few things. Scott, Derek, Erica, go get my house ready for a baby. Boyd, Allison divide Annabeth's friends between vechicles. Let's all head o my place, okay? Annabeth, you're with me in the Jeep. Let's go."

Everybody scattered towards the vehicles while Derek and Scott went ahead to Stiles' place to try to get something ready for when Stiles got the baby there. Annabeth's friends allowed themselves to be divided between cars after looking to Annabeth for assurance. Annabeth nodded that it was fine, and they all took off towards Stiles' place.

Stiles had Annabeth drive the Jeep since his arms were full with a baby.

"You don't mind that I brought a few friends. We're going on a quest in a few days. We just need to get a few details in order first," Annabeth told Stiles as she drove.

Stiles shook his head as he tried to keep the baby from full-blown crying. The baby had calmed down some, but it still looked pretty miserable as its eyes filled with tears and its lips started to wobble a bit. Stiles cooed at it and started to make funny faces in an attempt to delay the baby's inevitable fit. He just hoped he could keep it entertained until somebody got ahold of some baby formula.

Stiles spoke as he crossed his eyes at the baby, "No, it's fine. We'll make it work. My little brothers and my little sister from my Dad's side are coming over too. Dad asked me to watch them for the beginning of the summer, so I won't be going to camp for awhile."

Annabeth nodded before smiling at him gratefully, "Thanks, Stiles. The Sheriff won't mind?"

Stiles shook his head, "Nah, he loves you all. He won't mind a few brothers and sisters staying over. He's going to be at work late anyways. Hmm, now there's a baby."

Annabeth smiled with amusement, "Does he know so many of us are coming over? And how is he going to react to a baby?"

Stiles frowned a little. How was he going to explain this baby to his Dad? He really should have seen this coming with everything else that's happened since Scott got turned.

The baby frowned back too and looked ready to tip over into crying at Stiles' sudden frown, so Stiles immediately brightened up again and continued to make faces at the baby.

"He'll understand," Stiles finally responded softly as he went in to blow a raspberry into the baby's cheek.

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