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Chapter 1

"Hello." A man said answering his phone.

"Hi Franklin." A woman called. "I'm just calling to tell that I am getting married tomorrow."

"Oh." Franklin said. "Well i'm very happy for you Tanisha and I hope he treats you right."

"Thanks Franklin." Tanisha said. "That means a lot. There is a woman out there for you Franklin, but you gotta grow up and stop doing childish things." Tanisha said.

"Alright, alright." Franklin dismissed. "Like I said, i'm happy for you and I wish you well."

"Take care of yourself Franklin." Tanisha said before Franklin put his phone in his pocket.

It has been 6 months since Operation Deathwish. Franklin was just sitting on the couch at his Vinewood Hills home thinking about the words Tanisha was thinking that he should get back into the dating game, but he decided to put that into the back of his mind, for now. He is a successful owner to the Downtown Cab Co, Smoke in the Water, Los Santos Customs, and Clinton Towing. He is also part owner of the Los Santos Golf Club with his friends and business partners, Michael, Trevor, and Lamar.

Michael is a producer over at Solomon Studios in Los Santos. He is the owner of three movie theaters. He owns the Doppler, the Tivoli Cinema, and the Ten Cent Theatre. He shows movies once they're out in theaters, but he also shows old movies that made in from the 40s to the 70s. He has a wife named Amanda and has grown kids whose names are Jimmy and Tracey. Michael and his family were at odds over each other, but after many weeks of counseling, things seem to be normal for the De Santa family.

Trevor Phillips is meth kingpin and the owner of the Vanilla Unicorn over at the Strawberry district part of Los Santos. He owns his own company called Trevor Phillips Enterprises. He made a hostile takeover of Merryweather Security which he now merges with his own company. His employees guards him from enemies such as the motorcycle gang known as the Lost and the Ballas. Trevor used to live at a trailer in Sandy Shores and at the Vanilla Unicorn, but he found out that Devin Weston's house beats both of those places. So he decided to move there. Trevor has a woman in his life named Lily Madrazo. Trevor wanted Patrica to be in his life again so he his men one night invaded the Madrazo home. He was about to kidnap Patrica when he saw that Martin and Patrica had a daughter. Lily home from college at Liberty City University. She was a woman in her early 20s and looked mostly like a younger version of Patrica. Instead of going for Patrica, Trevor killed her and Martin, kidnapped Lily, and brainwashed her into becoming his wife.

Lamar was an old friend of Franklin's. Him and Franklin worked as repo men for a car dealership owned by a Armenian businessman named Simeon Yetarian. Unfortunately, Lamar and Franklin were fired for stealing a bike from a repo which Franklin owns now. After Operation Deathwish and with a little help from Franklin, Lamar now owns the same dealership from which they worked. His business is called "Davis Motors". The previous owner, Simeon, was arrested and charged for credit fraud, extortion, and loansharking. He was sentenced to 25 years in prison.

Moments later, Franklin got from off the couch and got ready to go to his businesses and collect his weekly payments.

"Alright Chop," Franklin said to his Doberman. I gotta go and make my weekly rounds. I'll feed you later when I get back."

"Woof." Chop said.

Franklin then headed out the door, got on his motorcycle, and went to make his rounds.

AN: In the game, Chop is a Rotwellier, but I decided to make him a Doberman because they seem so more badass. Anyway please R&R.