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Chapter 3

About a few moments later, Franklin pulled up at the parking lot of Davis Motors, the car dealership owned by his lifelong friend, Lamar Davis. Franklin then took a moment and reminisce the times where him and Lamar were doing repos under a man named Simeon Yuterian, before the time he got made.

"Franklin, come on in, let me try and make a sale and then we'll talk." Lamar told Franklin.

Franklin then went inside and as he went in, he sees his friend about to make a sale by trying to a black Cavalcade to a tall black man who mostly resembles Franklin.

"How about I show you this 2014 Black Cavalcade right here." Lamar said as he was showing the SUV to his customer. "It got aniline full-leather first- and second-row seats, heated and cooled cupholders, leather-wrapped instrument panel and trim, dual front headrest DVD screens with rear entertainment systems feature a total of 3 LCD screens, which is also ideal for somebody who wants to catch a flick while on the road, and it's easy on gas."

"Hmm. Those are some pretty good features, but the wife wants something in the minivan says it's safer for the kids than an SUV" The customer said.

"Minivan?" Lamar said with a surprised look on his face. "Your wife wants one of those "supposedly safe vehicles"? Now did you know that 9 out of 10 families would recommend an SUV than a minivan? SUVs are so safe now, that it's now the new normal for families big and small. Hell, minivans used to be big for soccer moms, but now since they heard SUVs are so safe now, they started transporting kids in them. Now sir, let me ask you this question: Would you want your kids safe in an SUV or a minivan?"

"Dude, you just blew my mind. I'm taking this car. Gotta protect my little homies while i'm on the road." The customer decided.

"Now that's what i'm talking about." Lamar said with excitement. "Let me bring you over to Calvin so he'll get you driving on the road."

Lamar and the customer headed down to Calvin's office just to find that his salesman/repoman had disappeared without a trace.

"Sam, have you seen Calvin?" Lamar asked a young short white man who appeared to be in his early 30s.

"Uh, I think he went on break." The worker replied.

"WHAT!?" Lamar said furiously. "His ass was supposed to be here 2 hours ago."

Just then, a short black man who looked at least in his mid 20s came thru the door moving wobbly and had the smell of alcohol on his breath.

"CALVIN!" Lamar said furiously. "Where the hell have you been? Your break ended two hours ago!"

"Oh hey bossman." Calvin said slurring his words. "I was working, but this hot girl wanted to test drive the red Buffalo. The reason I was late is that me and her had a couple of beers and we both got laid in the car."

"Calvin," Lamar stressed. "I've been telling you time and time again not to drink and have sex with customers while test driving. Now, because this is your third offense, I gotta fire your ass."


"Tell him you got fired for pissing me off." Lamar said. "Now get the hell out of my store."

The ex salesman/repoman then left Davis Motors and never looked back.

"Damn man." Frankin said. That was real deep right there."

"I know right." Lamar said. "That homie was one of my best employees too."

"And that sales pitch wasn't that bad either." Franklin said.

"That's how I get these rides off the lot." Lamar told him.

"Hey, think you can close up shop early? Michael is calling a club board meeting at his house." Franklin asked.

"Ah, so I finally get to see sneaky dude's house. Is crazy dude coming?" Lamar asked.

"Yeah Trevor gonna be there." Franklin said.

"Alright, let me get this customer signed and get him driving his new Cavalcade off the lot. Lamar told Franklin.

"Cool." Franklin said.

"Hey everybody," Lamar announced to his employees. "I'm closing up shop early. We got a three day weekend so the shop's closed tomorrow, but be back here bright and early Monday ready to sell and repo rides. Now go home."

The employees clocked out, said there goodbyes, and head on home. Lamar got his customer signed and he headed home with his new SUV. Then Franklin and Lamar both got on Franklin's motorcycle and headed over to Michael's house in Rockford Hills.

When they both got to Michael's house, the sun was getting ready to set and Franklin and Lamar were having a conversation.

"So, Franklin, you plan on getting back into the dating game? I can hook you up with somebody from the neighborhood." Lamar offered.

"Actually homie, your matchmaking skills aren't needed." Franklin said. "I met someone over at Smoke in the Water."

"Oh yeah," Lamar said with a surprised look on his face. "What's her name?"

"Angie Collins." Franklin said. "She came to Los Santos from San Fierro not too long ago. Me and her are going to go out tomorrow night."

"Well i'm happy for you my homie." Lamar said offering his congratulations.

"So when are you going to get yourself a future Mrs. Lamar Davis?" Franklin told Lamar.

"I don't know." Lamar said. "When I do though, you'll be the first to know so we can plan a double date."

"Alright homie." Franklin said.

Just as Franklin and Lamar were finishing up their conversation, a dark red Jeep style pickup with headlights attached on the top pulled up at the driveway. Out of the truck came a white man who was in his mid 40s, had hair styled like a mohawk, had black shades over his eyes, and had a black suit, black pants, and black shoes on.

"Here come Trevor now." Franklin said.

"Whatup my n-words!" Trevor greeted Franklin and Lamar.

"Hey crazy dude." Lamar greeted back.

"How's my Vanilla Unicorn's number one customer been doing?"

"Nothing much homie. I'm just chilling." Lamar said

"Hey Trevor." Franklin said while giving Trevor some dap.

"How's it going F?" Trevor said

"Nothing much." Franklin replied.

"Well gentleman, " Trevor said. "I believe we should head on inside. We can't keep the Chairman of the Board waiting.

When Franklin, Lamar and Trevor headed inside, a man who was in the same age range as Trevor, had brown hair, and was wearing a gray suit with gray pants, a white shirt, and black shoes approached the men.

"Good evening gentlemen." The man said.

"Hey Michael." Both Franklin and Trevor greeted.

"Not a bad place you got here Michael. " Lamar complimented.

"Thanks Lenny." Michael said

"Lamar." Lamar corrected.

"Right. Lamar." Michael said. "Anyway, I called you all here today because I got big plans for the club. Now, if you guys would follow me to the dining room table, I would like to show you what the club would look like after everything's complete."

"Wait a minute," Franklin said. "Where's your family at? We want to keep this a secret til the big announcement tomorrow."

"Amanda and Tracey are at the mall and I got no clue where Jimmy is, so we're good for about two to three hours." Michael said.

The guys went to Michael's dining room table where there was a model of what the club would look like after additions and renovations. The club will feature four tennis courts, a spa, sauna, a bar, a dining area, and a lounge for receptions and other big parties.

"Uh, Michael, where's the strip club area? No country club would be complete without adding a strip club." Trevor proposed.

"Trevor," Michael said. Please for the love of all that it's holy, what country club on Earth has a strip club area?"

"I can't name any, but we will be the first one on Earth to do that." Trevor said.

"Ok, the idea is a no for now, but we will get back to that in the future." Michael said.

"Besides crazy dude, if that gets built, think of the money lost from the Vanilla Unicorn." Lamar said.

"Hmm. Good point. Alright, i'm dropping the idea for now." Trevor said.

"Good." Michael said. "Now, I got a lot of suggestion cards from the members and they all said they wanted more for the club and I'm hoping adding these features would meet the members' needs. This club can be more than a club where people can play golf. I want this club to be a club where can relax and not worry about there personal problems.

"Sounds like one hell of a proposal to me." Franklin said. "Let's put it to a vote. All in favor of Michael's proposal say aye."

The guys all agreed.

"Motion carried." Franklin said. Michael, let us know when the groundbreaking ceremony is."

"I will text y'all the date." Michael said.

"YOU CAN'T BRING DOWN THE J-DOG! I'M THE MASTER OF GAMING!" A voice from upstairs said.

"Jimmy." Michael angrily said under his breath."

"I thought everybody was out." Franklin said.

"I thought so too." Michael said as he marched upstairs to Jimmy's room.

As Michael got upstairs, Michael saw his son who resembles him a bit but with red hair playing a violent video game loudly.

"Jimmy! I thought you were out!" Michael said.

"Yeah I was out. Jimmy said. "I went down to Smoke in the Water and got me some pot and I bought this cool video game that just came out."

"Is this what you are going to do with your life, smoke weed and play video games." Michael said to his son.

"Sort of." Jimmy said.

"Well it ends today. Right now, your ass is going to look for a job. Michael said.

"Oh man." Jimmy said.

"Don't aw man me." Michael said. "In fact, wait right here."

Michael then headed back downstairs to discuss his friends about Jimmy.

"Okay guys, before you leave, I just want to ask this one question: Do any of you have any "help wanted" signs for Jimmy?"

"Well I can't have Jimmy at the Unicorn yet, but if he has any flying skills, I can have him to a dealer south of the border from here." Trevor suggested.

"I can't have Jimmy traffic any weapons, T." Michael said.

"Does he have any towing skills?" Franklin said.

"No." Michael said.

"I can have him work at Smoke in the Water."

"Your merchandise will be gone in a week."

"I can give him a job at the cab company."

"There's a thought right there."

"I have a job opening at my car dealership. " Lamar spoke up.

"What do you do at your dealership. " Michael asked.

"Well we just sell cars and if the owners don't pay, we repo them." Lamar said.

"Not a bad idea." Michael said. "Jimmy, get your ass down here!"

"Yeah dad?" Jimmy said as he was coming downstairs.

"I found a job for you." Michael said.

"I own a dealership near Strawberry where we not only sell cars, we repo them too. Meaning, you have to get your hands dirty." Lamar said.

"Sounds cool." Jimmy said.

"In order to prove yourself to me and gain my trust, I want you to wax each and every one of the rides. Just think of it as a test." Lamar said.

"Sounds cool." Jimmy said.

"Good. I"ll see you on Monday morning. Lamar said.

"See ya then." Jimmy said.

"Jim." Lamar said.

"Yeah." Jimmy said.

"One more thing; you need some certification to be a salesman and a repo agent. There's a school online where you can get certification. Come to the dealership with papers, and you get a raise."

"Ok then. I'll do that." Jimmy said.

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