(Author's Note: This story is the third part to my fic Virgin Graces, which has apparently sprouted wings and flown completely out of control. In a good way. :) I never intended for it to be this long, but I have honestly enjoyed typing every word. Virgin Graces, Desecrating the Impala, and now Deceiving Sam all involve copious amounts of dirty, filthy smut and well-balanced humor. If you have not read the first two, I passively suggest you do, just so you know what Dean and Cas are talking about. You may, however, be just fine picking up here. Either way, please enjoy the story!)

Castiel shifted uncomfortably in the seat beside Dean. They were almost back to the motel; the impala rolling at a moderate speed. After nearly twenty-four hours of intimate time with Dean, Castiel was unsure of how normal he could act around his brother.

"Remember what I said," Dean spoke, pulling the car into the motel parking lot, "under no circumstances does Sam find out about us."

"I know, Dean," Castiel nodded.

"I mean it, Cas," Dean continued, sounding stern, "I don't care if demons or angels or talking apes try to let the cat out of the bag. Sam never finds out, alright?"

Castiel rested a hand on Dean's leg as they rolled to a stop in front of room twelve.

"It's okay, Dean. I won't tell him," Castiel said, trying to ease Dean's mind.

"That's another thing," Dean said, lifting Cas's hand off of him, "None of that in front of him, either. No kissing, no caressing, no trying to undress me with your eyes. Don't even touch me when he's in the room."

Castiel gulped, feeling a bit unwanted. Dean was really taking this to the extreme. The human seemed to see his distress.

"Just when he's in the room," he added, "when he leaves, then we can break out the lube and have fun. And speaking of which,"

Dean paused to reach into the back seat where the small motel trash can was. He retrieved a tube of lubricant and shoved it inside one of Cas's coat pockets.

"Keep that in there at all times. Seriously, I don't know when we'll get a chance alone, so we need to be prepared to go at it whenever we can," Dean said.

Castiel looked at him, seeing the determination in his green eyes. He sounded like a warrior preparing for battle, explaining the mission to the troops and readying the weapons. Then again, there truly must have been a war going on in Dean's mind; the one between wanting to be with Cas and keeping it a secret from Sam.

"Ready?" Dean asked.

Castiel took a steadying breath. "Ready."

After shutting off the engine, Dean climbed out of the car. Castiel copied him, adjusting his clothing in hopes to appear more normal. In the back of his mind, he worried that Sam would be able to somehow see his and Dean's intimate moments together written on him. He wished to be more like Dean, who seemed completely calm. At the motel door, Dean stop and turned around.

"Wait," he said.

He grabbed the front of Castiel's coat and thrust their mouths together. Cas kissed him back, their tongues circling each other briefly. Before Castiel could find any leverage, though, Dean pulled away again. He straightened out Cas's coat and his own. The angel smiled a little as he did so, secretly pleased that Dean needed one more kiss to be able to act properly.

"Okay," he said calmly, turning to knock on the door, "here we go."

Dean and Castiel were completely silent as footsteps came toward them from the other side. Fear crept through Cas. He was in constant remembrance to keep acting like he and Dean never touched.

The door opened and Sam poked his head out. He appeared groggy, as if he'd been sleeping. Upon seeing the men at his door he seemed to become more alert.

"Dean. Cas," he said, opening the door, "it's about time."

Dean simply strode into the room with hardly a glance at his brother. Castiel followed sheepishly, recalling the events that took place in this very room just the night before. It made him wonder if Dean was thinking the same thing. Dean, though seemed indifferent. Cas was privately in awe of how effortlessly he was able to keep a secret.

"Took you long enough," Sam added, glancing from Cas to Dean.

"Yeah, well," Dean said, bringing himself to sit on the edge of one of the beds, "angels don't like to be rushed."

"What did they want, anyway?" Sam asked, yawning.

"They...lost some stuff. Had me and Cas search for it. Turned out it was just a wild goose chase," Dean said casually, leaning back a little.

Seeing Dean sit that way, on the very edge of the bed, made Castiel recall straddling his waist and easing down onto him. He gulped, feeling heat rise in his face. All he could think about was the feeling of Dean penetrating his vessel; his green eyes raw with passion. Cas had to turn and face the wall, worried Sam would somehow see his thoughts.

"You didn't happen to stop for food, did you?" Sam asked, sounding hopeful.

"Uh, no," Dean replied, "Why? You hungry?"

"I'm starving. I've been stuck in this motel all day because you've had the car. I would have walked to a restaurant, but I -"

Dean interrupted Sam by tossing the keys to the Impala at him. Sam caught them and gave Dean an odd look.

"Go nuts," Dean urged, "but don't scratch her up. And can you get some beer while your at it? I can feel my liver going clean."

Castiel looked at Dean, feeling his eyes widen. He was trying to push his brother out. Dean glanced back at him briefly, and he could see an underlying excitement there. Cas's heart began to pound. Was it truly going to be that easy to get Sam to go?

The angel watched with eagerness as Sam sighed and walked over to grab his coat. The younger brother seemed annoyed but in no way suspicious.

"Fine. Then you get to sort through all this stuff," Sam said, gesturing to the open books and newspapers on the table, "Find out why the demons are trying to get to James."

"Sure," Dean said, standing up and sticking his hands in his pockets, "I'll try to figure it out. Don't forget the beer."

Dean followed his brother to the door. Castiel watched, unable to move, as Sam walked out into the dark of night. He was astounded that he and Dean were going to be alone again so soon. And in the same room they began.

After the door shut, Dean dashed to the window and peered out. Castiel, too, stood by and watched Sam get into the car. His heart raced as the Impala started up and began to pull away. He looked back to Dean, feeling his member beginning to swell with blood. Dean sighed as the tail lights disappeared.

"Whoa. That was easy," Dean said, shrugging.

Castiel couldn't wait. He lunged at Dean, wrapping him into a violent kiss. Dean stumbled back a bit, but his arms snaked around Cas's back, crushing him against his body. Castiel tugged at Dean's coat, aching to get him naked again. Dean's hands ran along Cas's coat, probably searching for the lubricant.

Some animalistic force in Castiel burst forth, causing him to shove Dean onto the nearby bed and climb on top of him. Dean gasped a little at his forcefulness, his eyes wide. Castiel returned his lips to Dean's, grinding his pelvis against Dean's hips. His lungs were already working hard just thinking about intercourse.

"Damn, Cas," Dean breathed, shocked, "we just did this an hour ago."

"I need you...again," Castiel replied, still thrusting with his clothes on, "now."

Dean tilted his head up to reclaim his mouth, swiveling his tongue around Cas's. Castiel clung to Dean's shirt as he continued to rub against him. He needed to disrobe them so they could do it properly; have sex properly.

Before Castiel could do so, however, the door knob rattled behind them.

Cas was suddenly in the air, having had Dean shove him off the bed. Castiel stumbled into the floor, his eyes wide. Dean sat up straight on the bed as the door flew open. Sam barged back in, his face full of concern as he held a cell phone to his ear.

"Dean," he said, sounding urgent, "we have to go to Indiana. Now."

"Wh – what?" Dean asked, his face red as he panted.

"We've gotta go, we -" Sam stopped upon seeing Castiel in the floor.

Cas quickly stood up, trying to control his own breathing. Sam's stare was making him uncomfortable. He looked at Dean, hoping to see something that would help him know what to do or say. Dean, though, shook his head a little, as if he didn't want Cas to say anything.

"Are...are you guys okay?" Sam asked.

"We're fine. What the hell's the matter?" Dean asked, a tone of anger in his voice.

"Uh,...James is dead. Bobby wants us to get our asses to Indiana and find out what's going on."

Both Castiel and Dean watched Sam turn to gather the things from the motel table. A stinging disappointment grew inside Castiel's chest. It was blatantly apparent that it was not going to be that easy to have alone time with Dean.

(Author's Note: A special thanks to CastiellaWinchester94 for the suggestion of Sam walking in after a beer run. It's not as smutty as usual, but I hope you liked it! :) There's plenty more still to come.)