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On the loooooong drive back from Florida, we stopped in DC for a bit and visited Arlington National Cemetery. Over 400,000 servicemen and women are buried there, quite a few of whom had a Medal of Honor awarded, according to their headstones. Well worth the trip, especially to see the changing of the guard at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier. Very, very moving.

Our two lovelies are moving along here, it's a fluff-fest with a little smut thrown in. Hope you enjoy it.

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She kissed me! Holy shit, she kissed me. It started out sweet and quiet and made everything inside me buzz. But feeling the tip of her tongue touch my lips made me want to devour her and before I knew it, I had her pinned to the fridge with my fingers buried in her curly hair, clamping her to me. We had been very demonstrative lately, hugging, kisses on the cheeks and holding hands nearly constantly, this though, was on another plane of contact. I had pressed myself against her so that every part of the front of my body was in some way making contact with hers. Given this was our first kiss, I restrained myself from grinding against her, but only just. Feeling her soft curves and hearing her little moans, could make a man beg. Add to that the way she climbed in my lap when we made it to her couch, and settled her slight weight over my ridiculously excited cock, just like in my dream, let's just say that I wouldn't be lacking for spank bank material anytime soon.

The image that kept me company all the way home wasn't one of her on top of me though. It was the way she looked as I pulled the door closed, pink-cheeks, sparkling bright blue eyes and a really, really happy grin. It did something to me to know that I had made her that happy. That she was well and truly ready to move on. She'd never be able to forget Anthony, I knew that, but that didn't mean she couldn't grow to love me as well. I had come to terms with the fact that I was stupid in love with her some time ago. My only hope was that she could return some of that to me, because she and her son were it for me.

The next morning I got up early and took advantage of the weirdly warm weather and got a good run in. The air had cleared my head while I was out, but the second I stepped into the shower my mind refused to visualize anything other than Steph in my lap, the imagery so detailed I could nearly feel her against me, causing me an instant hard-on. This was definitely not the first one she'd caused me to have, but I'd noticed with the elevation of my mood and treatment of my symptoms they were happening with an increasing frequency. I'd even told the doctor about it and she assured me that it was an excellent sign of my recovery. But, truth be told, I was as horny as a teenage kid and given how long it took her to be okay with kissing, I didn't hold out hope that we'd be jumping into bed anytime soon. So, I did what I had to do, I poured some body wash in my hand and wrapped my hand around my dick. I'm not going to lie and say this was the first time I'd done this either, especially since we had gotten physically closer. Now that we'd finally kissed and I could hear her noises on a non-stop loop in my head, I was only surprised I'd gotten to sleep last night without having to rub one out. It only took a few minutes of pumping and I was right there, ready to explode, forehead and arm on the tiled wall, helping my wobbly legs from collapsing. My brain fused dream with reality and conjured the sensation of her straddling me and rhythmically shifting her hips, rubbing her clothed, but so warm, center over my erection. I imagined that I slipped the skinny strap of her tank top down her arm and one of her breasts appeared, soft and perfect, my hand reached up to pinch and flick the hard tip of her nipple and…she moved even more purposely against me. I pulled down the other strap and had my lips around her other nipple before it was fully exposed, she moaned really loudly and jerked hard against me, her arms locking around my neck and arching backwards. Picturing her climaxing just from dry-humping me was enough and I came in spurts into the stream of water. I was still trying to catch my breath when my phone started to ring from its spot on the counter across the room. I lunged for it, knowing it would be her.


"Hey! You almost done?" She didn't know right? Nah, there's no way.

"Umm…what?" I asked awkwardly.

"Are you running?" Maybe I should've gotten my breath under control before I answered.

"Oh, no. I was just…finishing up in the shower."

"You ready to go to the zoo?" She asked after a beat. "They just said on the news it's going to be in the seventies all weekend! I miss the sun so much." She said excitedly.

"Yeah." God, she made me smile.

"Okay, we'll pick you up in a half-hour. We'll go out to breakfast first?"

"Sounds good, I'm starving." She laughed and we said good-bye. Hopping back in the shower, I got clean this time and hurried to dress, but took the time to shave well. I planned on kissing her a lot today and I didn't want to give her beard burn.

I was in her car before she had a chance to turn the car off in my driveway and pulled her to me for my first kiss of the day. I kept it PG in deference to the little guy in the backseat that was calling my name.

"Excited?" She asked, that beaming smile on her face.

"Hell yeah! I haven't been to the zoo since I was a kid! You look beautiful, babe." She really did, she had on a pretty, summery dress that made her eyes even bluer. But best of all, she was still glowing like she was last night. I kissed her one more time and turned to fist bump Alex. "Hey buddy. You ready to go see the cheetahs?" Cheetahs were Alex's new favorite animal. We'd spent a half an hour before bed-time last night looking at a National Geographic book specifically about the big cats

"Cheetahs are fast Carlo!" Alex crowed.

"Yes they are and we're going to see them today." I was as excited as him to see the big cats. We talked about the other animals I had seen on the zoo website all the way to the restaurant. Alex chiming in with the corresponding animal noises, cracking us both up.

Steph pulled into a spot in front of the little breakfast place and grabbed Alex's bag. "Have you ever been here before?" She asked as I unbuckled the monkey.

I hoisted him onto my hip. "Nope. Is it good?"

"Mmmhmmm, they make this breakfast panini, it's so good." She held her arms out for the baby, but I held him out of reach. She smiled, rolled her eyes and hoisted her bag onto her shoulder. She stood on tip-toes giving me a sweet kiss and whispered, "Thank-you." She turned to walk in and my hand automatically found its spot at her lower back, only letting go when I had to wrangle Alex into his high chair.

"I'll be right back." I said, dropping a kiss on her head and headed to the restroom.

When I came back to the table, Steph had the oddest look on her face.

"You okay?" I asked as I sat down.

"Yeah, just…our waitress thinks we're married!" She whispered.

"Really?" I grinned. "What did you say?"

"She asked if my husband would like something to drink! What can I say to that? I ordered you coffee." The grin grew.

The day ended up being one long tease. We continually touched, and I stole a few kisses. I tried to be mindful of our surroundings, but the way she looked up at me told me she was getting a bit frustrated too.

We headed back to her house by dinnertime, stopping only to pick up my car. The busy day exhausted Alex and he was down for the night by 7:30.

"Have you had any dreams this week?" She asked from her spot next to me on her couch. "I just realized you haven't said anything lately."

"I had one last week, but it wasn't so bad. I've gotten to the point where I'm aware that I'm dreaming, while I'm dreaming. If it wakes me up, it's not so hard to fall asleep anymore. I don't think I'll have to come over here in the middle of the night again."

"I never minded that." She said quietly. "The night you stayed in my bed was nice." She shifted closer and slid her fingers into my hair, pulling me down to kiss her. She slowly worked her lips to my ear and whispered, "Maybe one day soon, we can do that again." She gently nipped my earlobe, making me moan. I was doing my best to not maul her, but she was making it incredibly difficult.

"Steph, babe, take it easy on me. I'm going a little crazy here." She worked down my neck.

"Unh, me too. Don't ask me to stop Carlos, I've been wanting to do this for a really long time." She tugged the collar of my t-shirt down and kissed the top of my chest.

"Christ." I flipped us until she was stretched out underneath me. "How long?" I was careful to hold myself away from her. Trying to be a gentleman was starting to be painful. Really, really painful.

Her hands slid down my arms and landed on my waist, pulling me down until my hips were cradled by hers. "Since before the ice storm." She husked. I made the mistake of looking down, her dress had ridden up and all I could see was her smooth, pale thigh exposed enough that I could just make out the lace edge of her underwear. "I so wanted to do this then." She murmured.

"Me too." I bent to kiss her and in the process she shifted against me, making me close my eyes in an effort to keep my sanity. "I'm trying to be a good guy here, babe. You're making it awfully difficult."

"I honestly don't want you to be a good guy right now though." She said, her lips skimming my neck. She reached up and grabbed one of my hands, pulling it to her mouth. She kissed the palm and placed it at the base of her neck. "Please, touch me?"


"Yes." She nodded. I turned us so that she was straddling my lap again, wanting both hands free. I eased my hands up from her waist until my thumbs were just under the generous swell of her breasts. Her breathing picked up even more and she squirmed, making me even harder. I pulled her closer and kissed down her throat, inhaling her clean scent. Loving that it seemed to be concentrated right where her neck and shoulder joined. She arched back slightly, her tits jutting out, begging for attention. I watched her face closely as I let my thumb move and graze the softness just under the hardened nipple I could clearly make out through the fabric of her dress, delaying her satisfaction a little. The cry she let out when I finally circled that tight bud was incredible and only drowned out by the plaintiff wail of Alex through the baby monitor next to us. We both turned to the tiny screen. He was standing against the side of his crib, looking very unhappy. She slumped forward and grumbled a bit, before climbing laboriously off me. She stood and ran her hands over her face for a second.

"Hold that thought. Let me settle him back down."

"Yeah, sure. Go, I'll be right here." It was going to take me a few until I deflated enough to move anyway.

Her eyes flicked to my lap and she turned to the stairs, looking pretty happy. Alex's crying picked up and she quickened her pace. I watched as she entered his room.

"Hey buddy." She said quietly. "What's the matter?" She smoothed his hair back from his forehead. "Oh, sweetie! You're really warm..." I was taking the stairs two at a time before she finished her sentence.

"Is he okay?" I asked as she carried him into the bathroom.

"It's probably just teething. He hardly ever gets sick." She said as she turned so she could see inside his mouth. "Here, hold him for a second." She handed him over and I was shocked at how hot he felt. I was getting more and more worried with each passing minute. I'd never heard him cry like this. She washed her hands and felt his gums. "Yep, there's a molar just about to poke through." She grabbed a large digital thermometer out of the cabinet, covered the probe and gently placed it under his armpit. It beeped after what felt like a millennia. "101.9." She declared. "Bring him downstairs. I'm going to call Dr. Shepherd and ask if I can give him something." I followed her, trying really hard to not look like I was panicking. She rummaged in the freezer and came out with a frozen washcloth, she handed it him and he shoved it in his mouth. He stopped crying instantly and laid his head on my shoulder. I paced around the kitchen with Alex as she made her phone call and came back with some liquid pain reliever for him.

"This will take an hour or so to work properly." She said as she pulled him into her arms. "I'm sorry we got interrupted. You're leaving early to pick up Brady right? You don't have to stick around."

"Steph, I'm not leaving until he feels better."

"He's not going to go back to sleep for a while." She warned.

I just shrugged and wrapped them both in a hug. "I'm not leaving."

And I didn't. I even slept in her bed again, although we had a little boy between us. The alarm on my phone woke us both, but a much cooler Alex stayed fast asleep.

"Hi." She whispered through a yawn.

"Hey, babe. I have to go and get Brady. I'll be back before dinner."

She nodded. "We'll be at your house when you get back." A slow, sexy smile spread across her face. "You know when I said that I wanted to have another sleep over, this wasn't how I imagined it would go."

"No? How did you imagine it?" She reached over the baby and trailed her fingers up my belly, making the muscles under the skin she touched involuntarily contract.

"Less clothes, for one." She purred. I groaned and she took mercy on me, gently pushing me away. "Go, we'll see you later." I climbed out of bed and grabbed my shirt off the floor, crossing to her side of the bed, I knelt to give her a kiss. She covered her mouth and turned her cheek, muttering something about her dragon breath. I peeled her fingers away from my target and held her gaze as I kissed her. I'd had more than enough kisses on the cheek, no amount of morning breath was going to put me off.

The next two weeks were an all-out blur, between all of Alex's two year molars coming in and getting Brady settled in and working on house-breaking, Steph and I had about an hour alone, collectively. Alex and Brady became very fast friends, playing whenever they were together. Brady's fur a shade lighter than Alex's curls, they nearly matched. Brady was the calmest puppy I'd ever met, not surprising really considering what he was bred for, and was he ever my shadow. He went everywhere with me, the store, work, even the bathroom. I went into it knowing that he would be only be with me for a year maximum, but I could already tell that letting him go was going to be really tough.

Our couches saw a lot of making out and a little over-the-clothes groping. Each session getting more and more heated, I was hesitant to let it go too far though. I wanted to wait for her to actually tell me she was ready, because, holy shit, was I ever ready.

Two Sundays later the temperature soared into the high eighties and Steph summoned me, Brady and my bathing suit to her house for a dip in the pool she had set up for Alex in the garden. It was too small for anyone but Alex and Brady so we sat in the grass and watched the two of them play for a few hours. Steph was aware of how much I liked her legs and today she had on another of those little dresses. She was sitting in my lap, giving me a very nice view of said legs, when Alex toddled over looking pretty tired. She leaned over to pick him up just as he lost his balance and sent a surprisingly large torrent of water down the front of her, considering there was only about six inches of water in the pool. She knelt there for a second, shocked, water dripping everywhere.

"Babe, go ahead and get dry, I'll get him changed." She laughed and dripped into the house while I carried Alex to his room with Brady following close behind. Alex was very droopy eyed as I helped him step into a new diaper and Brady, exhausted from all the fun circled the rug in front of the crib and flopped down for a nap. I laid Alex down just as his eyes closed and pulled his door to.

"Hey, Steph?" Her door was ajar so I pushed it open and froze. I had caught her with her back to me, just as she was about to push her dress down over her hips, she was bare from the waist up. She crossed her arms over her chest and looked at me over her shoulder. She didn't say anything, just stared at me with those huge blue eyes. I stepped into the room, closed the door behind me and leaned back against it. I couldn't take my eyes off her, she was so fucking beautiful. I had to clench the doorknob in my hand to not stalk over there and kiss her.

"Um…I put Alex down in his crib. All that splashing must have tired him out, he's already out. Brady's in there with him. He laid down right on the rug…" She looked away and nodded, but otherwise stayed motionless. Seeing the full expanse of her back and the graceful curve of her neck was driving me crazy. I swallowed hard and said, "Do you want me to leave, Steph?"

"No." She said quietly. I drew in a surprised breath and let go of the door. I slowly walked around her bed, giving her a chance to tell me to leave. I stopped so close behind her I could feel the heat radiating from her body. The unseasonable warmth seeping through the open window added to the heavy atmosphere in the room, shifting the sheer curtains slightly. I could see that she was trembling and could only hope that it was in reaction to me. I lifted one hand and settled it on her bare shoulder. Fascinated to see the hair at the nape of her neck rise and goose-bumps spread down her arm.

"You know how I feel, don't you?" I whispered close to her ear. She nodded slowly.

"I think I do, yes." She said so quietly, I barely heard her. I trailed my fingers down the smooth skin of her back, reveling in the electric feeling she sparked in me. This woman, who had brought me back to life.

"Will you turn around and let me see you?" I whispered again, afraid to speak too loudly and break the tension. She didn't move for so long that I was about to back off and leave her be. I felt her shoulders rise and fall and she slowly turned towards me, still covering herself up. I gently cupped her lovely face and raised her chin while I lowered mine. While kissing her was second nature by now, every time we connected like this never failed to set me on fire. She slipped her arms around my neck and I groaned at feeling so much more of her than I was used to. I slid my arms around her waist and crushed her to me. Her hands wound into my hair and held my face to hers. I couldn't stop touching her, it was like I had to feel every single inch of her, my hands greedily roaming over her exposed skin. Ecstatic that I could finally feel her the way that I'd wanted to for what seemed like forever. I flattened my hand on her lower back, my fingers grazing the top of her underwear, pressing her tighter to me. She abruptly let go of my hair and took a step back. I raised my hands in surrender, thinking she was stopping this. She held my eyes and slowly slid the dress down over her thighs. Standing there in only her white panties, I couldn't imagine anything more perfect. She was absolutely stunning.

"You're so beautiful Steph."

She closed the distance between us in one stride and grabbed the hem of my shirt, gently pushing it up until I had to raise my arms to take it off. She stood on tip-toes to pull it off me and dropped it on the floor. I settled my hands at her waist, drawing her close again. She ran her hands over my chest, gently touching my dog tags. She leaned forward and placed a soft kiss over my heart, making it beat even faster.

"So are you Carlos." She whispered sincerely. She backed away from me again and sat on the end of her bed, reaching for me while scooting backwards. "Come here?" She asked almost shyly. She sat up on her knees and wrapped her arms around me again as I bent to kiss her. I could do just this for hours. Feel her soft body touch mine, feel her breath in my mouth, hear her little moans and sighs. She tugged me down until I was fully on top of her, my hips cradled by hers, my elbows framing her lovely face, my dog tags trailing over the skin of her chest as I moved my lips down her neck. I could feel the hard points of her nipples graze me every time I moved and couldn't resist taking one in my mouth. Her back arched and she let out the sexiest moan.

"Tell me to stop Babe. Please? I don't think I can stop." I felt like I was burning. Like I wouldn't be able to breathe if I didn't keep touching her.

"Please don't stop. I need to feel you…I've wanted this for so long!" She nearly sobbed.

I felt like I'd won the lottery. When I first met her and she kicked me out of her house, I never thought that we would be here like this right now. That she could find it within herself to let me love her and maybe, love me back.

I felt her fingers dig into the waistband of my swim trunks and start to push them down. I sat back a little so she could push them down further. I was rock hard and straining when she took me in hand and squeezed lightly.

"Do you have protection?" I would probably break down in tears if she said no.

"Yes." She bit her lip. "They've been in the drawer there for weeks."

"And this…this is what you want?" I gestured to her hand still encircling me. I had to be sure she was ready for this next step with me.

"I have a lot of feelings for you Carlos. I kept quiet because I felt guilty about Anthony and I didn't want to hurt your recovery." She said earnestly.

"Babe, you've been instrumental in my recovery. You know that right? If it wasn't for you, I'd still be driving around at three in the morning, never sleeping. Just a shell." She let go of my dick and grabbed my face, kissing me stupid. I let my hands roam all over her again. She pushed my shorts down until I could kick them off and led my hands to the waist of her panties. I reared back and looked into her eyes.

"Are you sure, Babe?" I asked running my fingertips under the lacy edge. I had to know she really wanted this.

"God yes…oh…I need you to touch me!" She moaned. I kissed her deeply again and slipped my fingers under the elastic, slowly easing them over her hips and down her legs. My eyes immediately drawn to the apex of her thighs. In the late afternoon light filtering in, I could see that she was already wet. I trailed my fingers up her leg, loving that my touch was making her shiver. I got to the little patch of curls above her mound and her legs fell open a little more. I moved my finger down her slit and moaned at how warm and wet she was.

"Unh, Carlos, please!"

I really, really wanted to see her come before we did anything else. With the way I was feeling right then, I was fairly certain I was going to last about a minute at the most. I gently pushed her bent knee toward the bed, opening her up more. I had to swallow hard before I could speak. "Can I touch you babe? I want to make you feel good."

"Please." She sighed, shifting restlessly.

I parted her smooth lips and had to swallow hard again at the sight I was presented with. I slicked my finger with some of her juices and circled it around her clit. The result made me even harder, she arched her back and shoved her clenched fist in her mouth to muffle her moan. As much as I wanted to hear her, I didn't want to wake Alex or Brady up either. I circled her clit again and slid just the tip of my middle finger inside her. So fucking warm! I pushed it in further and she started getting louder. I moved so I was stretched out next to her, needing to kiss her more than I needed air to breathe. I couldn't seewhat I was doing anymore, but the vision of her naked pussy was already burned into my brain; I wouldn't be forgetting that anytime soon. And, holy shit, could I ever feel her! As soon as I bent to kiss her she lifted up and met me halfway, her lips soft and her tongue gliding against mine. Her trembling intensified and I pushed a second finger inside her and let my thumb take over on her clit. Suddenly, I was the one who needed to be quiet, her hand slowly slid from my hair, down my chest and stomach, and finally, settled around my cock, pumping gently.

"Babe, stop." I groaned, "I don't want to come until I'm inside you. It's not going to take much right now." She whimpered and let go, but not before rubbing her thumb over the tip. I sped my fingers more, and less than a minute later her mouth opened in a silent scream, her thighs clamped over my hand, keeping it in place as she climaxed. Her face, eyes heavy lidded, but locked with mine and the supremely satisfied smile as she calmed, would stay with me till the day I died. I wanted to make her look like that every single day I had left on this planet. She was still breathless when she sat up and reached over to grab a condom from the nightstand. I kissed her as she slowly rolled it on me, silently willing myself to hold it together. I nudged her backwards and hovered over her, loving the feeling of her hands smoothing down my back and settling on my ass and squeezing tight.

"Are you sure?"

"Unh Carlos, I've never been more sure of anything. Just…please! She pulled on my hips and the tip of me grazed her wetness. "I don't want to wait anymore." I lined us up and pushed inside slightly, she tensed up immediately, all the pleasure of earlier gone from her face, eyes squinched shut and lips pressed firmly together.

I pulled out instantly, "I'm hurting you!"

"No! Well, yes, but it's okay. I haven't…you know, for a really long time. The doctor said it might hurt the first time after Alex was born. I just wasn't expecting it to still hurt now."

"What can I do?"

"Lay down? Let me be on top." You didn't have to tell me twice. I flipped over and she climbed over me. Kissing me hard again as I slid a finger inside her. She was definitely wet enough.

"I don't want to hurt you, babe."

"I'll be fine. You're not exactly little, honey." She smirked as she held my cock up and slid down a little.

"Holy shit!" I clenched my teeth, trying desperately to not explode right then and there. She still didn't look like she was loving it, but she didn't look like she was being split in two anymore. "Are you okay?"

"Ung, yeah. Give me a second." She slid all the way down.

"Babe! Damn." I held her waist as she bent over me and started to move. Her hair cascading around us, forming a curtain as she kissed me again. I could see the precise moment it stopped hurting her, her muscles relaxed and a beautiful smile spread across her face. I started to press up to meet her thrusts and a tiny moan slipped from her lips. "Is this okay?" I ground out.

"So…unh…okay." She breathed, picking up her pace. She sat up again, tugging my hands until I sat up with her, changing the depth and setting fire to my insides.

"Steph…I can't! You're going to make me come too quick." She slowed her undulations a bit, but it was barreling down on me anyway. I managed to flip us over again without pulling out and set a much slower rhythm. "You feel so good, babe…shit…I didn't know it would be like this." All the emotions she evoked in me were swelling. I felt more connected with her than I had ever felt to another human being.

She reached up and placed her hand on my cheek, looking at me so sweetly that I felt my heart really start pounding. I wasn't sure that our first time was the best time for me to tell her that I loved her, but I could feel the words bubbling up my throat and I knew that no matter what I did they were going to come out. So I told her. "Stephanie…I love you, I love you so much." A single, fat tear rolled out and down her temple, her hand on my cheek wound into the hair on the back of my head and she pulled my face down to hers.

"I love you too Carlos." She whispered against my lips.

"You do?" I asked. She nodded. "You do."

"Very much." She wound her arms and legs around me, thrusting her hips upwards, allowing me to sink that much deeper.

"Babe, I can't hold back anymore." I warned.

"Don't. I need to see you come." She squeezed me tighter and I was done, moaning right against her ear, stars exploding behind my eyes, shuddering uncontrollably. I collapsed to the side and she rolled with me, her leg slung over my hip, her nails scratching my scalp.

"I love you." She murmured. Then she burst into tears.

I have most of their first time written in Steph's POV as well. I can post that as part of the next chapter if you guys want. Let me know. The lieutenant's POV of the sex scene has been written since chapter 3 or 4. I had to tweak it a bit, but the visual remains the same. I hope you can see it as clearly as I can.


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