Let's Play a Game

Ciel lay in bed, sheets rolled into a ball at his feet, a simple white button up shirt and no underwear. He tossed and turned but no matter how hard he tried to get comfortable he couldn't do it. He was awake for quite some time now, at least two hours maybe. He wasn't entirely sure but it was 1 am and he was burning up, his whole body trembled. He pondered why he might be so hot but nothing came to mind. It might be mid-summer outside but in his manor it remained cool.

He gave up on attempting to sleep and decide to call on Sebastian. When Sebastian entered the room, the first thing he noticed was the condition his master was in. He was drenched in sweat with his bangs sticking to his forehead, his sheets were damp and he was breathing quite heavily.

"Master? Are you alright? What is going on and why are you up at 1 in the morning?"

"I can't sleep. I'm sweating like crazy and have no idea why. I can't get comfortable for the life of me and its driving me insane!"

"My lord, your window is open. It's allowing the hot summer air into your room causing you to overheat."

"Oh what the fuck! I have been up for two hours and didn't notice my fucking window was open!"

"My lord please calm down. I understand you are upset but I will simply turn up the air conditioning in your room so it will return to a comfortable temperature."

"Thank you Sebastian. But what am I going to do now. I'm wide awake and I won't be able to sleep until it cools down in here."

Sebastian smirked. "Would you like to play a game my lord?"

"What kind of game?" Ciel was a bit intrigued. He had been up for hours doing nothing so why not see what Sebastian had to offer.

"The rules are quite simple. Just sit back. Relax. And enjoy what you have coming"

"That doesn't tell me what kind of game this is." Ciel replied stubbornly

"You'll find out soon enough." And with that Sebastian began his game. He ran at Ciel and with lighting speed handcuffed his hands and feet to both the headboard and footboard.

"What are you doing Sebastian!? Remove these handcuffs and let me go! What kind of game is this anyway!?"

"You'll find out but for now don't tug on those restraints. They aren't fuzzy handcuffs. If you tug too hard you might leave cuts and bruises and we wouldn't want that perfect skin of yours to get all marked up now, do we?"

Ciel swallowed hard. He was a bit nervous of what this demon had in store for him. Before he could register what was happening he was suddenly blindfolded. He got a bit more panicky as Sebastian finished tying the blindfold. Ciel lay there handcuffed and blindfolded as he thought to himself, what kind of game involves handcuffs and blindf...oh shit. He tugged a bit on his restraints.

"Sebastian! I know what you are doing. Stop this now and get me out of these handcuffs!" Ciel's breathing began to speed up considering he couldn't see Sebastian and he was completely helpless. He suddenly appeared next to Ciel on the bed and whispered into his ear, "Now why would I do something like that? You are the one who said you wanted to play a game. Well, this is the game." Having Sebastian's hot breath ghosting over his ear sent shivers down his spine. Suddenly he heard a rip and felt the cool air against his burning skin.

"Seba...Sebastian. What are you doing?" Ciel felt a blush scatter across his cheeks. He was now fully exposed and quite embarrassed. Sure Sebastian has seen Ciel naked plenty of times but never like this. He is so vulnerable. Sebastian could do anything and he couldn't stop him.

Sebastian crawled onto the bed and on top of Ciel. "Se..Sebastian?"

"Shhh, it's okay. Just relax and enjoy the ride."

Sebastian then pressed his lips against Ciel's. He was a bit startled but after a few seconds he gave in. Sebastian began moving his lips against Ciel's. He mimicked his movements until Sebastian's tongue snaked past his lips and entered his mouth. Ciel experimentally stuck his tongue out to meet his. As their tongues rolled around one another Sebastian pulled his tongue back and bit down on his lower lip causing a small moan to escape his lips.

Sebastian smirked. He began kissing down his jaw and to his neck where he licked, bit and sucked the skin. Ciel unintentionally allowed small mewls and moans to slip passed his lips as his neck and ears were assaulted. Sebastian began to trail lower until he reached the two hardened buds on Ciel's chest. He took one of the between his fingers and began playing with it skillfully before taking it into his mouth. He sucked and flicked his tongue over it repeatedly. "Ah, ha, oh. Seba-Sebastian."

Ciel was so embarrassed. He was handcuffed to a bed with a blindfold on and now Sebastian is touching him, it was all so new to him. He can't deny the fact that he is enjoying every minute of whatever Sebastian was doing oh so skillfully. He would never admit that out loud though.

Sebastian removed his nipple from his mouth and moved up to Ciel's ear once again. "Do you like that? Hm? Do you like the way my mouth feels on your delicious skin? The way my tongue glides over your nipples and neck. What about when I trail my fingers up your stomach, stopping to play with your nipples the way you seem to like so much." As Sebastian whispered into his ear, he could feel himself getting hard and he knew Sebastian could see that. Somehow he knew how to push all of Ciel's buttons in just the right way.

Sebastian obviously noticed Ciel's growing erection between his bare thighs so he moved all the way down passed his erection and to his spread legs and sat between them. Ciel could feel Sebastian's breath on his legs causing him to shudder and moan quietly. Then Sebastian began licking and sucking at his inner thighs, going as close as he could get to his erection without actually touching it. Ciel began to squirm underneath his kisses. It all felt so overwhelmingly incredible.

"Sebastian, please."

Sebastian stopped for a moment and moved a little closer to Ciel. "What was that? I couldn't hear you?" He replied with a smile on his face. "Please Sebastian. Touch me..."

"Why I am touching you my lord."

"No, touch me where it matters. I need it." Ciel grew harder each time Sebastian kissed, licked or bit a part of his body and by now he was painfully hard and needed more. "Why I'm sorry my lord but it's too early for that. The whole point of the game is to tease you and I'm having lots of fun. Aren't you...Ciel" the way his name rolled off Sebastian's tongue sent a shiver down his spine and caused his erection to grow even harder. "Sebastian I am your master. You must obey my every order. Now touch me...please." Ciel managed to say between pants.

"As I said before, the rules of this game are simple. Sit back, relax and enjoy whatever is coming to you and since you are in such a vulnerable state right now, you have no control. It all belongs to me."

"Sebastian. I need it. I need you to touch me. Touch my...well you know"

"No I'm sorry I don't know. Whatever do you mean?" Sebastian said sarcastically.

"My, my," Ciel lowered his voice down to just a whisper. "My dick. I want you to; put it in your mouth." Ciel's blush deepened to an even darker shade of red. Sebastian crawled up to Ciel's face and kissed him hard. After a few seconds he began trailing his hand lower and lower running his fingers down his chest until he reached his hard member and wrapped his hand around it. "Ah ha. Sebastian. Yess, more" Sebastian released his grip and ran his fingers up and down the shaft ever so slowly. "Ha, mm, Sebastian. Faster. More" Sebastian grabbed Ciel's shaft tightly and moved his hand up and down. Ciel was so sensitive to every little touch that if Sebastian did this long enough he would finally be able to get his release. Sadly he knew that and after a few minutes of pumping, he stopped causing him to mewl disapprovingly and thrust upward, begging for more contact.

Sebastian loved seeing his master in such a state but he was reaching his own limit. His pants grew to be uncomfortably tight. So he sped things up a bit. As his master had ordered he grabbed Ciel's shaft in his hand and licked the head, let it go and then licked the underside of it before taking the whole thing into his mouth. "AH HA OH FUCK! Sebastian! Yes! Oh don't stop! Don't stop!" Ciel tugged at his restraints causing his wrists to get cut and bruised. Small amounts of blood began trickling down his forearms but he really didn't notice.

Sebastian pulled away and pressed three fingers to Ciel's mouth and he took them in and began sucking on them coating them in a good amount of saliva. Sebastian pulled his fingers from his mouth and pressed them against Ciel's hole. He swirled his fingers around the outside before pressing one finger inside. Ciel mewled in discomfort until Sebastian curled his finger and hit his prostate. "Ah!" he moaned, his back arching off the bed. He then added the second and the third until he was a writhing hot mess underneath him. Sebastian believed that he was ready so he began removing his own clothes. Ciel could hear him doing so. "Sebastian. Do you think you could take off the blindfold...I want to see." He obeyed his request and removed the blindfold. Ciel opened his eyes and began staring as Sebastian removed his attire piece by piece. As Sebastian removed his clothes Ciel's cock twitched.

Finally when they both were naked, he removed the restraints on Ciel's feet. He wrapped his legs around Sebastian pulling him in so he could feel his member pressing against his entrance. Sebastian spit on his hand and ran his hand over his shaft causing him to growl quietly in the back of his throat. He looked up at Ciel who nodded in approval and Sebastian began pushing in. His face contorted showing discomfort and pain. He pushed in slowly allowing him to adjust. Once he was all the way in he gave it a minute before Ciel tightened his grip on his waist telling him to move. Sebastian began moving, slowly at first. After a few minutes of slow and shallow thrusts he began hearing Ciel moan beneath him so he picked up his speed. He started progressively getting louder and louder until "AH! Sebastian! Right there! Oh do that again!" He had found in once again.

He began thrusting harder and faster into that one special spot making him scream. Sebastian kept going faster and faster until he began to feel Ciel's muscles contracting around him. He removed one of his hands from his hip and starting pumping him in time with his thrusts. "Oh fuck! Ah ha Mmm! Se-Sebastian! Please don't stop I'm so close! I'm so..." Sebastian started pumping Ciel even faster. He could feel Ciel getting tighter and tighter until "Oh shit! Sebastian, I'm gonna cum. I'm gonna. AH SEBASTIAN!" Ciel came all over Sebastian's hand and chest as well as his own. His muscles tightened, squeezing Sebastian almost painfully but after a few more thrusts, he came inside. After riding out their orgasms Sebastian pulled out and removed the handcuffs.


"Yes my lord?"

"Can...um...we maybe...play this game again sometime?"

Sebastian smirked and laughed quietly. "I would be happy to my lord."

"Good. But maybe next time, there could be more."

"What do you mean?"

"Maybe next time we could use a whip?"

"Of course my lord."