Elsa and Anna sat together at the coffee shop, sipping their coffee, saying nothing. It was their last date before Elsa returned to France and the two girls wanted to spend as much time as they could together. For the past week, Anna had treated Elsa to everything under the sun: dates at the movies, dinner, days at the beach where the pale girl would simply bask in the sun and Anna would watch with delight. Anna took Elsa on long walks through the park, the coffee shop, and simply playing Mario kart, playing for kisses and Nutella. Anna, for the past few months had completely devoted herself to Elsa, making sure the pale girl was happy at all times.

Elsa LOVED the attention. Growing up the way she had, lonely, and cast aside, she loved the fact that there was someone there who she could always talk to, no matter how late at night she was up. No matter what the circumstance, Anna was always there for her. Elsa found herself happier than she had ever been, all thanks to the passionate redhead who adored her just as much as Elsa did her.

For Belle and Rapunzel, however, that was a different story.

Eugene and Rapunzel had worked out their differences over lunch and had decided to part ways for a while. It wasn't the end of their relationship, however, they would just part ways to see what would happen before they thought of the other in a romantic way again. Belle and Rapunzel then spent a lot of time together just simply talking. Many times the subject of Elsa and Anna came up and they would laugh over their relationship, then they would voice how much their girl loved the other and they would always smile, thinking fondly of both the sweet blonde and the fiery redhead.

Rapunzel, although sill conflicted with the decision of whom she loved, was able to go about her business without being so distracted. Belle's time in the states was running out, and Rapunzel had to make a decision based on what her head told her, and what her heart did as well. The head and the heart always told her two very different things and expressed two very different wants. Where they met was where Rapunzel fought to focus on.

As Elsa and Anna spent their last day together at the coffee shop, Belle and Rapunzel sat at the dock that rested over the lake at the nearby park. Both women had been feeding the ducks for a while, saying nothing, knowing exactly what the other was thinking without having to ask. Belle, feeling it was necessary to start the inevitable conversation, took a deep breath and began to speak,

"Punzy, Elsa and I leave tomorrow, you know."

"Yeah." Rapunzel stared at the ducks, sighing, "I don't want you to go."

"I don't want to go either." She said, resting a hand on Rapunzel's lap, "But, as much as I don't want to leave you, I have to go."

"I…" Rapuznel began, but she shut her mouth and looked away.

"What?" Belle asked.

"N-nothing." Rapunzel stuttered.

"Nothing?" Belle scoffed.


"Are you sure you're not hiding anything from me?"


"Are you lying?"


Belle and Rapunzel stared at each other for a long moment, looking into each other's eyes, trying to figure out what the other was thinking. Belle felt herself tensing up as she saw her dear friend leaning close to her. Although Belle had respected and gone through with Rapunzel's decision to not choose either she or Eugene, she had secretly wanted to be with her for months. She waited patiently day after day for Rapunzel to tell her her final answer about the predicament but it never came no matter how long she waited. Belle had thought Rapunzel had just simply dropped the matter and made an effort to drop it herself, but in the few seconds that the brunette was leaning towards her, looking her directly in the eye, Belle's hopes of being in a relationship with her friend again reignited.

Rapunzel knew she was crazy. She knew she was going to regret this. She knew this would possibly make her separation anxiety worse. She knew that this could possibly be the start of something incredibly bad, but simply looking at Belle and remembering how patient she had been for the months she had been here made Rapunzel want to make it up to her somehow and this was the only way she could think of. The brunette leaned forward and pressed her forehead to Bell's.

Belle, heart pounding, smiled at Rapunzel who's eyes were closed. Both girls remained like that for a while, both simply showing the other gentle affection to show the other they cared. When Rapunzel moved, put her arm around Belle's waist, drew her close and brought their lips together, both thought they were absolutely, utterly insane.

Elsa and Anna smiled awkwardly at each other. Anna, having finished her coffee, fiddled with the empty cup casting sideways glances at the French woman. Elsa took sips every now and again…

"E-Els…snow bunny?" Anna asked quietly and Elsa sat forward.

"Yes, snowflake?"

"…We're kind of avoiding the discussion about you leaving." Anna's hands played with each other in her lap.

"I don't want to go." Elsa sighed.

"Me neither." Anna replied quickly.

Both Elsa and Anna looked at each other and said, "I want to be with you."

Anna smiled and blushed while Elsa looked at the floor, turning a lovely shade of pink. Anna reached out and took Elsa's hands to get her attention. As Anna felt the ever-cool fingers of her lover, she felt tears blooming in her eyes. Elsa sighed shakily, trying to keep herself composed for Anna's sake.

"We'll skype, you know." Elsa said, a bit of hope in her voice, "And…I'll come back one day...maybe...That or you could come visit me!"

Anna laughed sadly and said, "I don't know how we'd do it but, we'll find a way. There's no one else I want to be with other than you."

"You've been so wonderful, Anna." Elsa said affectionately, "At first I thought you were awkward and a bit strange but now you've turned out to be my…best friend and an amazing companion. I…"

Anna raised her head a bit and Elsa smiled sadly, "I can't believe that our relationship has only just begun and I'm already leaving you." Elsa held onto Anna tighter, "You've shown me so much fun. You accepted me...my condition… everything! You've seen me use my abilities time and time again and it boggles my mind that it can bring you nothing but happiness. I thought there was no one alive out there who could possibly accept me for me…But here you are. I've found the on person who truly understands and cares for me. I still can't believe it."

"Well, Elsa," Anna said, rubbing Elsa's palms with her thumbs, "Like I've said so many times, how could I not love you?"

Elsa giggled with delight, loving to hear those words more than Anna knew. Elsa leaned forward and kissed Anna's lips lightly, leaving the redhead sitting there, smiling like a goofball. Anna noticed she had been holding Elsa's hands for so long that the warmth from her hands made Elsa's warm as well.

"We'll call, skype, facetime, text and all that." Elsa said happily, "There's no reason to be sad!"

"Yeah." Anna said, "We'll see each other again."

Belle and Rapunzel pulled away from their kiss and avoided looking at each other for a very long time, awkwardly watching the ducks as they ate the remainder of the bread pieces. Belle fidgeted uncomfortably where she sat and Rapunzel scooted a bit closer to her. Belle took a deep breath and rested her head on Rapunzel's shoulder. Both relaxed slightly.

"I choose…" Rapunzel said, "I choose you."

Belle shut her eyes and smiled, holding onto Rapunzel's arm, "I love you."

"I love you too."

"If there was only someone who loved you!" came a familiar voice from behind the two girls. Rapunzel and Belle turned and saw a tall, redheaded man walking alongside his father.

"Hans?" Rapunzel whispered quizzically.

"She said, "Hans, if there was only someone who loved you!" then she whacked me in the stomach, dad. THE STOMACH!" Hans cried.

"Oh shit." The father said, laughing.

"You never take me seriously, dad."

"If there was only someone who took you seriously." His father replied smugly, leaving Hans to groan pathetically and move on.

Rapunzel smiled and furrowed her eyebrows thinking, nice job Anna.

Belle and Rapunzel then went back to looking at each other.

"Was that Anna's former love interest?" Belle asked.

"Yeah." Rapunzel said acidly, "the douche dumped her on her birthday."

"We could have Elsa freeze him solid for Anna's NEXT birthday." Belle giggled.

"That's an amazing idea! "Rapunzel said, "Assuming you could get her back here for Anna's birthday."

"We don't know what's going to happen by means of getting back." Belle said, "but we'll find a way."

Rapunzel hoped so.

Both women, after the ducks had finished their lunch, stood and walked through the park for a while before driving back to Belle and Elsa's hotel. Sine Elsa and Anna were out enjoying their last day together, Rapunzel helped Belle finish packing Elsa's many things. Both remained silent as Belle took all the clothes from the closets and Rapunzel got the laundry from the dryer. They separated Belle's clothes from Elsa's and packed them into their individual suitcases.

"I'm really gonna miss this place." Belle said, pausing a moment to look about the room. Rapunzel's eyes never left Elsa's suitcase. Her hands clutched the soft blue shirt she was packing and Belle sat down on her bed, sighing softly, setting her head in her hand. A few moments passed in which both women remained very still, a silence fell over the room…

Belle flopped back on the bed and stared at Rapunzel with frustration.

"I don't wanna go back." Belle pouted stubbornly.

Rapunzel huffed and rolled her eyes, finishing putting the last of Elsa's clothes in her suitcase, "The ice queen owes me for this."

Belle chuckled, resting a hand on her stomach, "You and Anna are so wonderful to her."

"Well, she's a lovely girl." Rapunzel replied.

"She doesn't seem to think so." Belle replied, "Considering her upbringing, she can't ever stop thinking she's a monster."

"But…she's so…"

"Harmless." Belle answered for Rapunzel, "The woman can't swat a fly without feeling bad."

Rapunzel thought of how wonderful it was for a girl like Elsa to be in a relationship with someone as fun and uplifting as her cousin. She had seen the two acting like a couple for months now and every time they would cast a smile at each other, kiss each other, be it on the cheek or lips, Rapunzel had loved the two together and they happiness they brought one another. She watched them often with an unfading smile.

"This is so freaking stupid." Rapunzel sighed, watching Belle as she rummaged through the room, looking for anything she had missed in packing up. Belle turned off the television, made sure the bathroom was empty, then turned to Rapunzel and smiled sadly, opening her arms for a hug. Rapunzel didn't hesitate to hold her. She put her arms around Belle's waist and held her close.

"I can't stress enough how much I'm going to miss you, Belle." Rapunzel sighed.

"I'm going to miss you too, but we'll see each other in person again." Belle replied comfortingly brushing Rapunzel's soft brown hair.

"Yeah." Both girls smiled and hugged tightly. Before pulling away, Belle brought Rapunzel's lips to hers in a small kiss that left both smiling lovingly at the other. Bell put her hands on Rapunzel's shoulders and went to say something more, but decided against it, kissing Rapunzel's cheek instead.

"We should go get Elsa and Anna." Belle said.

"Right." Rapunzel replied slowly, lowering her head as Belle left her arms and went to grab her suitcases. Rapunzel stood where she was for a long time, simply thinking desperately for a way she could possibly keep Belle and Elsa there with her and Anna. Only when Belle flicked her cheek did she snap out of her reverie. The woman, with a blue ribbon in her hair, handed Rapunzel Elsa's lone suitcase that weighed a ton, and guided her out into the hallway where they began to walk to Rapunzel's car.

Elsa and Anna had simply been sitting there for a while, smiling sadly.

"Everything will be okay." Anna said softly to the platinum blonde.

"I know." Elsa replied, in her ever present French accent that Anna had grown to adore, yet lately she was starting to pick up the slightest hints of an American accent. The two sat together for a while longer and Elsa shut her eyes when Belle and Rapunzel entered, looking just as sad as Elsa and Anna. Belle approached, put her hands on the table and said, "You ready to go, ice queen?"

"…Yeah." Elsa sighed, "More or less."

"Then, let's head on out." Rapunzel said, helping Anna up. Both Elsa and Anna took each other's hands and walked out together into the sun. Anna rushed forward and opened the car door for Elsa. The French woman paused for a moment looking at her dear companion being as chivalrous as always. Elsa leaned forward to plant a kiss on Anna's cheek in thanks before she slipped inside and Anna shut the door.

The redhead felt a hand on her shoulder. She turned to meet the smiling face of Belle. Anna and Belle had grown to be good friends in their time together oftentimes talking about Elsa. Anna had wanted to learn everything about Elsa and had turned to Belle for some addition details about the woman. Belle smiled brightly at Anna and said in a loving voice, "I want to thank you, Anna."

"For what?" Anna asked.

"For making Elsa as happy as you've made her." Belle answered, "You really have no idea."

"…I'm glad I could do something like this." Anna smiled, "She's special to me."

"I bet she is."

Anna smiled as Belle patted her shoulder lightly, then slipped into the passenger's seat. Her cousin beeped at her loudly to get inside and she furrowed her brows and puffed out her cheeks before slipping inside the car beside Elsa who took her hand and played with her fingers.

All four girls were completely silent for the entirety of the ride to the airport. Rapunzel tried to lighten the mood by turning on some music, but it didn't help. If anything it seemed to make the sad air around the girls even more prominent than before. Anna softly made a small whimpering noise and turned her head away from Elsa to look out the window forlornly. It didn't help Anna's efforts to hold back tears as they passed the ice skating rink where Elsa and Anna had their first date. Elsa watched Anna sadly and Belle, in the font, glanced in the mirror to see Anna's teal eyes shimmer with the beginning of tears.

Rapunzel kept her eyes focused on the road but as the airport neared, she blinked rapidly trying to conceal her own tears. Elsa and Belle looked at one another, held each other's gaze for a minute, then both of their eyes fell and they felt the beginnings of tears as well. The four said nothing as they found a parking space. It was too far from the airport but Anna didn't say anything. She didn't have the heart to create Rapunzel any more upset and quick tempered as she already was

Anna quickly got out of the car, ran around it and opened Elsa's door, helped her out, then popped the truck of Rapunzel's car and pulled out her heavy suitcase. Belle and Rapunzel watched Anna and noticed her desperation to make Elsa as happy as she could, but the two girls knew what was about to happen and they knew that it was almost impossible to be happy...but despite this, Anna still tried. The four entered the airport, and after a while of walking around, they decided they should part before heading through security to get to the airplanes. Elsa turned to Anna who had been silent for the longest she'd ever seen her. The platinum blonde bit her lip, not knowing what to say.

Anna reached out and pulled her into a tight hug that lasted several minutes. Elsa buried her face into Anna's hair that had been left down for the day and she cried softly, clutching Anna's shirt, "I'm going to call you every day."

"You better." Anna replied, getting goosebumps as a chill washed over her, "Don't make it snow, snow bunny, conceal it."

"I…" Elsa gasped, gripping her harder, "I can't!"

Belle and Rapunzel watched in surprise and sadness as a flurry of snowflakes began to fall around Anna and Elsa as they embraced. The people around them began to stare and children pointed shouting things to their mothers who caught them into their arms and pulled them away. Men and women backed away and some nervous murmurings sounded around the room as they watched the snow falling from midair.

Belle's face turned red.

Anna's grip tightened around Elsa.

Elsa cried harder.

Rapunzel almost cussed a woman out because of the look on her face.

Anna held Elsa as tightly as she could and whispered, "Don't worry about what these idiots think. They don't know you, and can't see past your exterior. You're not a monster either, no matter what they say, you're a beautiful, strong, breathtaking woman…and you mean more to Belle, Punzy and I than these people could even hope to understand."

Elsa lifted her head and Anna wiped her tears away with her thumbs, cupping Elsa's tears stained cheeks with her hands. She brought Elsa's lips to hers in a goodbye kiss which lasted for a good amount of time. Belle and Rapunzel turned to each other and wordlessly wished each other a farewell. Anna broke the kiss and Elsa lingered there for a few minutes, not wanting to let go of the redhead for anything.

"Come on, Elsa." Belle said, taking Elsa's hand and tugging her gently away from Anna.

As the warmth left Elsa she cried harder, the snow falling harder around the four. Anna watched Belle help Elsa away, putting her hands over her mouth. Watching Belle actually struggling to pull Elsa away from her, broke Anna's heard in two. Belle's heart snapped as she had no choice but to separate her dearest friend from the only source of true love and comfort she had ever known. Rapunzel put her arms around Anna's shoulders and held the girl close to her. Elsa and Anna locked eyes just before Elsa disappeared into the crowd of people and both of them wordlessly wished each other a good bye and...then Elsa was gone. And Anna, for Elsa disappeared behind a throng of people.

Anna and Rapunzel didn't leave the airport until the snow stopped falling. When the last snowflake fell and the snow around them evaporated, Anna burst into tears and thrust her head to Rapunzel's shoulder. Rapunzel held her cousin for as long as she needed too, speaking softly to Anna, telling her that they would meet again.

At the very same time, Belle was doing the same for Elsa. Elsa, however, didn't receive comfort because Belle's warmth was nothing compared to Anna's. Rapunzel and Belle helped their girls away and soon, a car ride and a long airplane ride later, Elsa and Belle were back in their own rooms.

Elsa, alone in her room, felt so alone. Despite the fact Belle was almost always by her side, she wouldn't stop thinking about Anna and how she wanted Anna to be with her. Elsa spent many hours staring longingly at the few precious pictures she had taken with Anna during her visit to the states. Elsa had stared at those pictures and without warning had burst into tears nearly every time. The lonely blonde had cried for hours their first few days apart, staring longingly at the precious pictures of her beautiful redhead, wishing that she could be with Anna again.

As much as Anna tried to be strong, she couldn't stay that way very long. Anna slowly slopped into depression upon her and Elsa's separation and Rapunzel had done everything in her power to get Anna to stop thinking about Elsa. Rapunzel only succeeded in making Anna more depressed and frustrated. Rapunzel had been woken up for many nights by soft sobs from the adjacent bed. Rapunzel noticed the faint screen light of Anna's phone on the lowest brightness setting as she looked at the pictures of Elsa she had taken.

Both Elsa and Anna felt like they lost something the day they parted. And they continued to feel that way even though they texted every day, skyped, snapchatted, wrote each other long emails and talked over the phone as often as they could. Anna had schoolwork to attend to as well as Elsa and both of them became painfully distant at one point, struggling to find time for each other. Eventually, for a reason unknown to Anna, everything just stopped all together for a long period of time where Anna had thought Elsa had forgotten about her. Going without contact from Elsa for days, even weeks at a time, didn't help Anna's depression in the least.

Belle and Rapunzel both were devastated at the sight of their best friends so miserable. The fact that they could do absolutely nothing about it didn't help the situation either. Time passed in which both of them tried everything within their power to get Elsa and Anna back to the happy girls they used to be...neither Belle nor Rapunzel succeeded. A year passed that the two had been separated, and Anna, along with Elsa, fell deeper and deeper into despair.

The redhead had grown distant and distracted, and the platinum blonde grew absolutely unresponsive to Belle. Belle had to get Elsa's attention by shouting at her so loudly Elsa flinched, or snapping her fingers in front of Elsa's face every time she drifted off, thinking of Anna. Anna's grades dropped due to the fact that she nodded off in class, thinking of Elsa. Rapunzel and Belle talked frequently over the phone, too worried about their girls to miss each other as much as they thought they would.

More time passed in which Belle's calls stopped as well, and Rapunzel was left alone as well. The four girls, hopelessly separated and broken didn't know what to do.

The day of Anna's birthday soon approached and Rapunzel had woken up very early, trying her very hardest to get Anna in a decent mood for the special day. But try as she might, Rapunzel hadn't been able to squeeze so much as a smirk out of the distant redhead.

"Come on, Anna!" Rapunzel stressed, pulling gently on Anna's hand as she lay in her bed, head turned away from her cousin, "Tomorrow's your big day and you'll have everyone there to celebrate with you!"

"Not her." Anna sighed emotionlessly, "I'll come to the party of course, Rapunzel, I just…most likely won't be in a spirited mood."

"You never are anymore!" Rapunzel shouted angrily, "Now come on! You're turning twenty one! We'll be able to go out drinking!"

"I don't drink."

Rapunzel snorted.

"Just…just leave me alone, Punzy." Anna sighed tiredly, "Tomorrow I'll go out and meet you and everyone else at the place at the time and…yeah. Just leave me alone."

"No!" Rapunzel shouted stubbornly sitting down at the edge of Anna's bed and bouncing up and down, rocking the redhead roughly with one arm, "I won't leave you to sit and pout, we're going to have a good time and you're going to LIKE IT!"

Anna simply huffed as Rapunzel picked her up bridal style from her bed, and tromped down the hallway holding the limp Anna draped in her arms. A few of Anna's friends, Mulan and Merida noticed the scene and looked to one another, knowing instantly that their lack of contact from Anna and her apathetic behavior toward everything was due to Elsa's absence.

"And THAT'S the reason why I'll never get a-" Merida began but Mulan swiftly rapped the wild haired woman on the back of the head. As Rapunzel carried Anna down the flights of stairs, she got tired of carrying Anna faster than she anticipated. Rapunzel thought about setting Anna down and seeing if she would simply follow, but having known her cousin all her life, Rapunzel knew if she set Anna down anywhere, she'd simply crawl back to her room the minute Rapunzel turned her back. Anna was glaring daggers at her brunette cousin, but Rapunzel didn't notice, or care. She was too busy trying to get Anna somewhere where the sun could warm her skin.

Anna had been inside so long her ever-present tan began to fade and she looked so unnaturally pale that Rapunzel wanted to get her out into the sun badly. Anna, when not exposed to sunlight for very long, began to look unhealthy. When Rapunzel awkwardly passed some college students as she carried Anna out the front door of the dorm rooms and into the sunshine, Anna lifted her face to the bright light and a small flicker of life reignited in her dull teal eyes.

"There's my girl." Rapunzel smiled and set Anna down with a grunt. Anna stood up straight and took a deep breath of fresh air, holding it in for a few moments.

"That's right. Breathe it in," Rapunzel said, rubbing Anna's arm, "You haven't been out of the dorm except to go to classes for nearly three months!"

"Th-three months?" Anna asked incredulously, wondering where the time could have possibly gone, "Holy shit I…"

"I know how it is." Punzy said, patting Anna's shoulder, "I was exactly how you were when Belle left, but then I found someone to pull me out of my pit. I guess I'll have to be that person for you."

Anna smiled at Rapunzel who smiled back and slipped her hand into Anna's. Rapunzel then lead her cousin out of the college grounds and onto the sidewalk where they began to simply walk down the road, watching the cars pass by and listening to the birdsong around them. Anna instantly felt better when she felt the sunlight on her face, feeling the warmth she didn't realize she had missed.

"Sorry." Anna said softly.

"What's there to be sorry for?" Rapunzel asked, swinging Anna's arm back and forth lightly and smiling comfortingly at Anna.

"For being apathetic for the past few months."

"Try the past year, hun." Rapunzel said, and without warning, tears bloomed in Anna's eyes.

"Oh no, no, I mean I…" Rapunzel stuttered as the hot tears rolled down Anna's cheeks, "I.."

"It's okay." Anna replied shakily, sniffing and furiously wiping her tears away with the back of her hand, "I just…m-miss her so much. And she hasn't called or t-texted or emailed or facetimed or a-anything for months I'm afraid she's forgotten a-about me or something worse like she f-found another…"

Rapunzel bristled at the suggestions that Elsa had found another lover.

"Anna!" the brunette snapped, startling Anna, "How could you even think of that! You two stayed faithful to each other for a hell of a lot longer than Belle and I were when we first parted, Anna, don't you understand that Elsa will most likely never- ever find anyone to replace you?"

"How do you know?" Anna sighed sadly, "How do you know for sure?"

"I know for sure because Elsa would never turn her back on you. She's got no one else who would treat her the way you do. She'd be scared of anyone else knowing about her condition. You're the only one she can open up to. Why would she give that away?"

Anna stared at Rapunzel for a very long time, tears welling up in her eyes even more so than before. Her cousin smiled comfortingly and said, "I know that she hasn't called you, or answered when you call yourself, but I know in my heart that she misses you. Something must've happened to her and she hasn't been able to get to a phone...You know what? How about you try to call her later today? Maybe she'll pick up."

"Maybe." Anna said, "or maybe she'll not answer like she's done for the last four months."

"Where the hell did my annoyingly optimistic cousin go!" Rapunzel shouted loudly, taking Anna's chin in her hand and holding her attention, "Be HAPPY. Your birthday is tomorrow."

"Ehh." Anna sighed softly, shrugging her cousin away.

Rapunzel let go of Anna's face and sighed herself. Then Rapunzel grasped Anna's wrist and dragging her cousin steadily forward.

"Where are we going now?" Anna asked, getting frustrated.

"The ice cream place. We're going to get you some of that shit in you and you're going to be freaking HAPPY on the day before your birthday!"

Anna, being dragged along behind Rapunzel slowly cracked a smile. She truly did love her cousin, more than Rapunzel knew. Anna lifted her face towards the sun again and took another, much needed deep breath of fresh air. Even though she felt like she couldn't breathe without Elsa by her side, her first lung full of fresh air made Anna feel so much better than she had felt for months. She was thankful for a few fleeting moments...

Meanwhile, Elsa scribbled away in her notebook, furiously writing to finish her last assignment for school before her long holiday. She had been so unbelievably busy that she simply didn't have time for Anna, and when the dorm rooms they were residing in caught fire unfortunately while Elsa was away at her college classes. All of their electronic devices were lost. Rapunzel and Anna had gone unnoted and Elsa, with Belle, had taken up two jobs to both buy a computer they could use to message both of their companions. The three months they had been out of touch with Anna and Rapunzel had been difficult. Twice Elsa was fired from her job because she was simply too shy and clumsy to work and the most she got was minimum wage in both jobs she was hired into.

Belle worked very very hard as an employee at Starbucks and received minimum wage as well. At the end of the months they had slaved to get a computer to contact Anna and Rapunzel, they were completely exhausted and backed up on college homework. Elsa and Belle hadn't slept in days, but they still couldn't rest for a moment. They needed to get their college work done because they had a plan they were working on. They had a plan that would make Anna and Rapunzel extremely happy…hopefully the girls wouldn't be too angry with them for being out of contact for so long. The plan had been suggested by an unlikely person when they had received a letter that came in the mail from Kristoff himself. Inside the envelope was a ton of money and a note from the man who explained that he had been working extremely hard on various jobs to get the money so that Elsa and Belle could return to the states for Anna's birthday. Elsa had immediately recognized Krisoff's name and had torn open the letter to find the note, and the amazingly generous gift to both Belle and herself that they were both using for the surprise for Anna's birthday.

Anna and Rapunzel walked into the ice cream parlor just outside of town and sat down by a window. Rapunzel went to the front and ordered Anna's usual: a massive chocolate sundae, and ordered a small cup of lemon shaved ice for herself. Anna, without a word, began devouring her ice cream while Rapunzel casually ate her flavored ice, looking out the window and thinking about Belle. Since Anna had been so occupied with missing Elsa, and taking her sorrow out of Rapunzel without realizing it, Rapunzel didn't have time to think about Belle much. She was simply too concerned for Anna to even miss the woman. But at that moment as they sat together in the ice cream place, Rapunzel began to miss Belle, and she felt sorrow arising in her chest.

She lifted a hand to press against her face…and she let out a soft sigh.

Anna finished her sundae seconds later, and sat back in her seat letting out an extremely undignified belch.

"Very lady like." Rapunzel commented with a massive smile, watching Anna as she wiped her mouth off with a napkin. Rapunzel felt absolutely relived when Anna flashed her the biggest, brightest smile she could manage.

"Why thank you, Punzy." Anna replied in a slightly lighter tone. Rapunzel, happy that Anna was somewhat back to normal, gestured for Anna to lean forward. When Anna did, Rapunzel planted a kiss on Anna's forehead. The redhead tilted her head quizzically to look at her cousin who smiled lovingly and said,

"I'm glad to see you're feeling better."

Anna saw the relief and pure concern in her cousin's gaze, then slowly reached out a hand for Rapunzel to take.

"If I had known all you needed was a walk and some ice cream I would've done this ages ago." Rapunzel giggled Anna smiled gently and squeezed Rapunzel's hands. The two girls remained like that for a long while, continuing a conversation about Anna's birthday the next day.

"Is there anything you would like to do?" Rapunzel asked, laughing softly as she observed Anna who paused for a moment to cast a regretful glance at her empty ice cream bowl.

"Nothing that I can think of." Anna said, lifting her head to face Rapunzel, "Maybe we can all get together and just…hang out at Kristoff's or something."

"That's not very fun." Rapunzel pouted, sticking out her bottom lip stubbornly, "I want to do something crazy awesome like…I don't know…skydiving!"

"Skydiving?" Anna laughed.

"Frick yes!" Rapunzel said, patting the table with both hands excitedly, "OH! Or surfing! You've always wanted to learn!"

"Surfing is kind of…random."

"Nah!" Rapunzel said, waving her hand, "Oh! Or, we could-"

"How about we just chill at the coffee shop? All of my friends could come…then we can go spend the rest of the day at Kristoff's huh? How does that sound?"

Rapunzel relaxed back in her seat and smiled softly, "That sounds awesome."

When Rapunzel had finished her flavored ice, she took Anna outside once again and the cousins walked along the beach, through the park, and eventually they made it back to their dorm which were just as quiet and peaceful as it always had been. Anna sat down roughly on her bed, pulling her shoes off and flopping back on the soft mattress, her eyes lifting to the ceiling to watch the fan spin around and around.

"Thanks for getting me out of bed." Anna said to Rapunzel who was currently trying as hard as she could to pry off her tennis shoes, "And thanks for not giving up on me."

"You didn't give up on me when I had that big drama thing going on a while ago." Rapunzel replied. Both girls turned to look at each other, smiling fondly at one another. Rapunzel, still with one shoe on, walked over to her cousin, bent down and placed a kiss on Anna's forehead.

"My sweet little cousin…" Rapunzel sighed, brushing Anna's hair back from her face. Anna shut her eyes and took comfort in Rapunzel's soft gestures, "Everything will be alright."

And Anna believed her without a second thought.

As the two girls went to bed that night, Elsa and Belle were hurrying into the airport at the last minute, using their new laptop to email Rapunzel as a warning. Belle knew Rapunzel's phone always went off when she got an email so she sent two just in case if Rapunzel didn't wake up the first time her phone buzzed. When Elsa and Belle sent their message, both of them desperately hoped that Rapunzel would still be awake to get the message…

A continent away, Rapunzel's phone buzzed on Rapunzel's side table and Elsa picked it up, squinting her eyes at the bright screen. Rapunzel's mouth dropped when she saw that the email was from...


Rapunzel sat up quickly and unlocked her phone with shaking fingers. She was about to call out to Anna but what the text read stopped her:

"STOP! RAPUNZEL! DON'T GET ANNA!" Rapunzel cocked her head and bit her lip, reading silently on, "It's important that this email goes unnoticed by her. Now, some dude named Kristoff sent us money for plane tickets back to the U.S. When we're back there, we'll explain why we haven't been in touch for, like, ever, but for right now, we're going to be taking a red eye plane over to the U.S. and we're going to get to the airport at some time tomorrow, for you guys it will most likely be in the very early morning. We'll text you when we arrive. You come and pick us up and my all means: MAKE SURE ANNA DOSEN'T KNOW. If you're wondering why we're coming back, this is for her birthday. Okay we have to go, Elsa's near to bursting. Sorry, Punzy, try to get some sleep, honey, I love you."

As Rapunzel put two and two together her jaw dropped. Kristoff? What had that big wonderful reindeer guy done to get enough money for the two girls to return to America? And how the hell did he get their freaking address to send it to them?! Nevertheless, Rapunzel's heart began to pound at the thought of what was going to happen tomorrow. Anna was literally going to explode.

Rapunzel got out of bed immediately, looked to Anna who's side was rising and falling in peaceful sleep.

"Oh, Anna." Rapunzel whispered silently approaching her, brushing some hair away from her face. Rapunzel adored Anna as much as it was possible, and didn't want to leave her, but she stood anyway, ran to her desk to jot down a quick note, then set it on Anna's wall where she would see the bright yellow against the dark blue first thing in the morning.

Rapunzel silently told her she would be back soon, and she left without a word to drive to the airport. Rapunzel would wait all night for the girls if she had too...

Anna, the next morning, awoke with warm, bright sunlight on her face. She blinked a few times, sitting up and stretching. Her bedhead was everywhere...nothing Anna wasn't used to. She yawned and her eyes drifted across the room to land on the bright yellow post-it note stuck to her wall. She rubbed one eye and took it, recognizing Rapunzel's handwriting. Her note read,

"Hey, sleepyhead! if I'm not there, then I've gone to the store to get some of your party crap...and a double chocolate cake. ;-) I've called all of your friends and they'll be waiting for you down by the coffee shop at around lunchtime. I can't wait to see you, Anna, HAPPY BIRTHDAY, YOU SPAZ!"

Anna smiled happily...then quickly gasped and looked at the time...Realizing it was already noon, Anna jumped out of bed and frantically began searching for hair ties. She messily pulled her hair into two messy braids, slipped on her favorite pair of jeans, a random red shirt, then quickly bolted out of the room to jump down the stairs and run to the café outside. As she entered, all of her friends greeted her with enthusiastic cheers and smiles. Anna was given a seat at the head table and given a cup of her favorite coffee.

As Anna received the attention she deserved for her birthday, Rapunzel was pacing back and forth near the baggage claim, running her fingers through her hair, checking her phone for the time every five minutes. Elsa and Rapunzel's flight had been delayed for some stupid ass reason and Rapunzel was near to bursting with anxiety. Rapunzel had been desperately scanning the crowd for hours, searching for a blue bow and a head of platinum blonde hair among the throngs of people.

"Punzy!" came a shout. Rapunzel whirled at the sound of the voice and locked eyes with Belle. She, along with a very excited looking Elsa, charged toward Rapunzel. Rapunzel charged toward them, and the three women met in the middle with a massive, tight hug. Rapunzel crashed her lips against Belles in a quick kiss and Elsa clasped her hands excitedly.

Rapunzel let go before Belle did, took Belle and Elsa's suitcases in both arms, hugged Elsa quickly, then said hastily, "Come on! You guys are SO late! Anna should be at Kristoff's right now! I had to cover for you guys for hours! My GOD!"

"Sorry sorry!" Belle said, matching Rapunzel's worried pace, "Our flight was delayed, just our luck." Belle cast a glance at Elsa who was practically skipping as she walked alongside Rapunzel.

"Elsa's dying over there." Belle continued excitedly, "She missed Anna so much, she's about ready to burst at this point. Just look at her!"

If it wasn't for Elsa's years of keeping her feelings restrained, snow would be flying all over the place. Elsa was so excited to see her love, she couldn't keep still, humming soft things and jumping up and down quickly every few steps. Rapunzel gazed fondly at the blonde for a moment, thinking of the many ways Anna could react so seeing her after so long. After not seeing her first real lover for a year and with no contact for three months, Anna had been put through a lot.

"I hope you remember where you parked this time." Belle muttered.

"I DO!" Rapunzel shouted at Belle, "Jesus! Do you think I would forget where I parked when we have something as massive as this going on?!"

"God, I missed you." Belle sighed.

Rapunzel smirked as Belle leaned up to kiss her cheek.

Anna, meanwhile, with all of her friends, were sitting in Kristoff's living room talking casually and snacking on party food. The blonde haired man, not used to so much company, much less the company being girls, awkwardly sat next to Anna, twiddling his thumbs. Anna, despite her depression, had come out of her funk for today. Her friends and Kristoff had made her happy, and was back to her usual quirky self. By the time she had her second helping to chocolate ice cream, she felt pretty good. All the attention she was getting aided her mood and her friends were there to make her laugh if she threatened to grow apathetic in their presence.

"Do you know where Punzy is?" Anna asked Kristoff who jumped to attention, "She said she was waiting on the cake but it's been hours!"

Before Kristoff could answer, he received a text on his phone and his eyes grew massive. He whipped his phone out, checked the message, then smiled broadly, seeing as it was from Rapunzel telling him that she was on her way to the party with Belle and Elsa.

"What is it meathead?" Meg asked, crossing her arms.

Kristoff bit his lip and looked nervously around at all the girls before stuttering, "P-P-P"

"Rapunzel's almost back with the cake?" Anna said, clasping her hands, "AWESOME!"

"How could you tell…" Merida began, "…you know what? Never mind. That man hasn't said a word since we arived…but I like him."

Everyone turned to stare at Merida who blinked and stared back at everyone, mimicking their wide-eyed glare. Anna giggled softly and rested a hand on Kristoff's chest, "Thanks for letting us have my party here, Kristoff. You're the best."

"Anything for our Anna-banana." Kristoff replied. He smiled broadly when Anna kissed his nose and ruffled his hair.

As Rapunzel drove quickly passed her college, pressing harder down on the gas pedal, impatient as all get out, Elsa, in the backseat of Rapunzel's car, had her face pressed against the window, desperately scanning the roads for Kristoff's house. When they had first left the airport, they decided they weren't even going stop to get their luggage unpacked. The three women were simply too desperate to get to Anna's party. Belle and Rapunzel held hands in the front seat saying nothing but smiling at each other every now and again. Belle looked in the mirror to look at Elsa eagerly looking outside, scanning the houses with eager blue eyes.

As they approached Kristoff's place, Elsa tensed so quickly Belle laughed.

"Finally!" Rapunzel scoffed as she drove hastily into the gravel driveway. Barely before the car stopped moving, Elsa barreled out the back door and was charging towards the front door with Belle on her heels. Rapunzel struggled with her seatbelt for a moment, then, laughing, ran excitedly after them.

Anna, who had been laughing at Merida who had tried to explain the reasoning behind her statement that she "LIKED" Kristoff to the girls, wasn't aware of the front door slamming open. Every eye turned to stare at the open door except for Anna who kept giggling. When she noticed everyone else wasn't laughing anymore and all conversation had stopped, she turned and looked to the door, "What's...

Moments passed in which Anna's jaw dropped and she lifted a hand to cover her mouth ins shock. Standing in the doorway, looking extremely frazzled and tired, but unbelievably excited...stood Elsa. Anna jumped from her seat and Elsa began to run towards her. It took the two women about two seconds to cross the room to each other where they met in a tight, yet passionate embrace. Elsa spun Anna around quickly before setting her down again and hugging her very tightly, pulling Anna's braids out and burying her face into Anna's soft red hair.

"Elsa, you're…" Anna gasped, "You're actually…you…E-elsa!"

All the girls looked back and forth from the scene to each other, excited to finally see Anna's love interest in person. Kristoff stood and crossed his arms proudly, smiling at his handy work. Belle and Rapunzel walked in swiftly, both smiled in relief when they saw Elsa and Anna in a tight embrace, finally together again.

Belle walked past the couple to Kristoff and said, "I don't know who you are, but THANK you."

"Just what the hell did you do, reindeer boy?" Rapunzel laughed , standing beside Belle. Kristoff shrugged his massive shoulders and said, "I did a few extra jobs for some money. Anna was so sad without Elsa here and…it was the least I could do for her."

Anna heard this and let go of Elsa slowly, shakily. Elsa nodded to Kristoff, smiling. Anna whirled on the blonde man, tears in her eyes.

"Th-thank you!" Anna sniffed.

"Just seeing you happy is all the thanks I need." Kristoff replied, walking up to her and pulling her into a tight hug.

Anna kissed Kristoff's nose once more, then turned back to Elsa who caught her up again in a hug. When they both parted long enough to look at each other, the two gave each other a quick kiss to which the girls around them responded to with 'awws' and 'how cute!'. Anna took Elsa's hand and brought her inside, introducing her to each one of her friends. Elsa took an immediate liking to all of them, and all of Anna's friend simply adored the cute French blondie girl. The party, from there, went up, and they spent the night at Kristoff's house, simply partying until the early hours of the morning.

Days after Elsa and Anna's reunion, there was something that had to be done about Elsa and Belle's staying arraignments. They both wanted to stay in the states and would gladly go through the trouble to remain there with Rapunzel and Anna. And so, with the help of Kristoff, Anna and Rapunzel, they got Elsa and Belle an apartment to stay in. Since Elsa's family was decently rich and she inherited most of their money after her parent's passed, she could pay for the apartment.

Anna and Elsa were extremely happy together and as the years went by, they never found themselves stuck in a relationship bump or stumble. Anna finished college and with the help of Elsa's wealth, they moved into a new home together where they were never-endingly happy. Rapunzel and Belle were almost always there to spend time with the two.

Rapunzel, after she finished college, went to live with Belle in her own apartment. Unlike Elsa and Anna, the two disagreed heatedly every so often, but in the end, the one who had wronged the other would always apologize and everything went back to the way it was. Belle and Rapunzel often made fun of Elsa and Anna for their perfect relationship but the truth was, both Anna and Elsa weren't the fighting type. Neither of them were the type to raise their voice in anger or frustration. if they ever made a mistake, they would always talk it out, and come to a peaceful compromise.

The four girls never forgot the four months they spent together upon their first meeting. Rapunzel's tragedy became a funny memory and Anna, with Elsa recounted fondly their nights spent playing video games. Elsa never let Anna forget that she was always there for her and Anna never let Elsa forget that she loved her with all of her heart. The two lived and remained happy that way, with Belle and Rapunzel always at their side.

The End…

A/N: Well, it's been an amazing journey, this story. I want to thank all of you beautiful people who reviewed and I want to thank my Beta for helping me out with some of the tricky French dialogue. Thanks to everyone for making this story memorable for me, and most of all I want to thank my girlfriend for inspiring me to write this story. Without her, I never would've done it. So thanks to everyone again, and just because I love all of you people, enjoy this random little blurb I didn't want to leave out...just because I felt like being a dick to Hans one more time:

Everything was peaceful however, until Hans, one day, while Anna was out gardening in her front yard, approached her and Elsa.

"Hey!" Hans shouted at the two girls. Elsa quickly moved in front of Anna like a silent force and Anna hid slightly behind her, holding her arm.

"Don't do anything too bad to him, snow bunny." Anna whispered.

"No promises, my snowflake."

"You two idiots still together?" Hans laughed, "That's disgusting!"

Elsa put up with more shouted insults for about 2.8 seconds before she lifted a hand and sprayed Hans with ice until he was a perfectly covered in a thick sheet of ice. Anna's jaw dropped and Elsa smiled at her handy work, crossing her arms.

"Do you think we should keep him and use him as decoration for your next birthday, love?" Elsa asked Anna, putting her hand on Anna's shoulder.

"Nah." Anna giggled, "But we can leave him out in the front yard for now. Just make sure he can breathe."

"As you wish, my princess." Elsa moved forward, knocked on the solid sheet of ice covering the man who was still positioned like he was screaming at them both. She put her hands to his ears and then to his nose, melting the ice. She leaned toward him and said, "You'd do well not to return here after you thaw."

Hans breathed heavily through his nose, his eyes glaring directly at Elsa with fear and anger. She smiled and patted his shoulders, "You would do well to leave immediately after you get out of this."

Elsa then flicked him in the ear before walking around him and making her way back to Anna who was laughing at the statue of Hans in her front yard for all the world to see. Anna leaned on Elsa's chest and she put an arm around Anna's waist, holding her close to herself.

"I love you, Elsa." Anna smiled, turning her face into the French woman's chest.

"I love you too, my snowflake."