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Si Primo Venit

Locked Down

Spike'd had every intention of finding Buffy that evening. He'd left the apartment and headed straight for Revello, as soon as the sun had set. Halfway there, he'd been set upon by a group of humans, who'd shot him with something and knocked him clean out.

Now he was in a cage, being guarded by three of his stroppy-looking countrymen. And he was not happy. He'd spent about five minute rallying against the bars, before he'd simply crouched in the middle of the cage, glaring through golden eyes. They'd said he was merely to be contained - but this lot smelt of Watcher, and he was not inclined to believe them.

The vampire sat perfectly still, his eyes trained on the one of the trio who looked like the leader. He didn't know where they were, or how long he had been out. For all he knew, Buffy was in that boarding house right now, facing down whatever beastie they'd conjured up for her. Giles wouldn't have said anything. But maybe they'd told him that they had him caged up. Maybe he'd be able to talk them down.

It drove Spike crazy not to know what was going on.

Hours passed, and he didn't move, the blessing of no circulation meaning that he could wait a long time before needing to stretch his legs. He knew his statue act was beginning to freak the youngest of the trio out, with the obviously wet-behind-the-ears Watcher frantically glancing at him every few seconds, his hand shakily holding a stake. The eldest looking man glared at him.

'Smith, pull yourself together. He's not getting out of there.'

'Yes, Collins.' The man didn't relax and Spike smirked a little, still not moving. Work on the weakest. He kept his eyes on Smith, who continued to fidget. Collins made a noise of disgust and headed back to the other side of the cage. Lighting up a cigarette, he looked to the third member of the team.

'Wetherby...how long till we can get out of here.'

Wetherby glanced down at his radio. 'No signal yet.' Collins made an aggressive noise in the back of his throat and returned to pacing. Spike ignored him, remaining perfectly still in the middle of the cage.

Smith tried to keep his eyes off of Spike, but the vampire didn't take his gaze away and the man shifted uncomfortable. 'Can we stop him staring?'

'If you want to get in there and try to blindfold him, have at it.' Collins shot at him. 'He'll probably just snap your neck.'

Smith's eyes widened. 'I thought he was an ally of the Slayer.'

'I am. Doesn't mean I'm your ally though.' Spike growled. He shook the vamp face away, bored of the game. He dropped down to a sitting position, fingering through his pockets for his fags. Naturally, he'd left them at home, and he sighed, looking over at Collins, who continued to smoke his cigarette. 'Got a spare?' he asked, and Collins looked at him with scorn.

'Not for filth like you.' Collins spat. Spike growled.

'Oh, for goodness sake, just give him a cigarette.' Wetherby said. 'If he's anything like you, he'll be bloody unbearable without one.' Collins scowled, but didn't refuse the instruction, throwing a cigarette and a lighter into the cage. Spike smiled with mock thanks and grabbed at them, lighting the cigarette with relish and inhaling. He threw the lighter back. He hated those disposable things. No class.

The radio in Wetherby's hands crackled and came to life. Spike was instantly at attention, although he showed no outward sign of it.

/Slayer entered field of play five minutes ago. Blair and Hobson were killed./

Spike tensed, waiting for any other words to emerge from the little black box, but none came. The three men acted as if nothing had been said. The vampire almost growled.

'Does this mean you chaps will be letting me go soon?' He hazarded a question. Collins snorted.

'Unlikely. We're to detain you until Travers gives the order.'

'Order for what?' Spike asked.

'Whatever he decides.'

'Right.' Spike threw the finished cigarette out of the cage. 'So, basically, my fate is in his hands?'

'It would appear so.' Collins allowed a malicious grin, and Spike immediately decided to kill him first. He didn't ask any more questions, he merely backed himself up against the wall of the cage, eyeing all three of them, making plans in his mind. The bars were too thick for him to bend, not without spending a good amount of time trying to do so. The bars were wet, and he suspected coated in holy water - which had absolutely no effect on him with his special "gift". He had to get one of them to open the gate somehow.

Another half an hour passed and Spike was getting bored. He listened intently for anything on the radio, and almost wished the men would start a conversation, just so he wouldn't be so bored. He hated sitting still.

The radio crackled to life again. /Slayer has emerged. Kralik is dead./

Spike's eyes bulged. Kralik? They had her go up against that insane monster without her powers? They were trying to kill her, surely. Bully for them, they'd failed. She was the best, his slayer.

He shook his head, reprimanding himself. Buffy was not his - he could never hope to lay claim to something so precious. The men all stood to attention.

'Orders, sir?' Wetherby asked into the radio, and Spike awaited the answer.

/Release the vampire. He is of no use to us./

'Release, sir?' Wetherby seemed confused, and Collins frowned.

/Confirmed. He is no threat./

The radio crackled off and Wetherby raised his eyes to Collins. 'He may be no threat to them, but we open that door and he's going to rip us apart.'

Spike didn't back up his threat - he'd guessed their intentions. Collins sneered in his direction. 'Files say this one used to be a Watcher-killer after he liked snacking on Slayers. We could just tell them there was a scuffle. Accidents happen after all.' The vampire growled. Collins didn't seem intimidated. 'What? Going to tell me that the Slayer wouldn't be happy if you were killed? Gonna hide behind her after all the people you've murdered?'

'Gonna do no such thing, mate.' Spike stood, eyeing the other man through the bars. 'I don't hide behind skirts. But you wanna kill me, you make it a fair fight. Slaughtering a man in a cage is hardly befitting of someone with you skills, I'm guessing.'

'You're not a man.' Smith said, finding his balls. Spike laughed at him.

'No, I'm not.' He looked down at the young man. 'I'd wager you aren't quite yet either.'

'Leave him be.' Wetherby snapped. He sighed. 'We can't kill him. Travers wants him released, then we'll release him. Grab the tranquilliser gun, we'll knock him out and open the door.'

'I reckon I could take him.' Collins said, his eyes on the vampire, who smiled evilly.

'It's not happening Collins. Just get the tranq gun.' The Watcher grabbed the gun and took aim. The last thing Spike heard was a pop and the thud of his head hitting the floor.

A few hours later, he awoke to the smell of sunrise, and he sat up slowly, noting the open cage door and lack of Watchers. He pulled himself up and lurched out of the cage, feeling like he'd drunk several bottles of hard liquor and then gotten in a fight with Fyarl demon, following it up with getting hit by a two ton lorry. Not a pleasant feeling.

He really hated Watchers.

Buffy sat on her front porch, her knees drawn up to her chest. The sun was setting and she was enjoying a brief period of peace and quiet. The last few days had been harrowing on both her and her mom. After the discovery that Giles had been drugging her, and his explanation that she was supposed to know, and then the discovery that Spike had been kidnapped to prevent her from knowing about the Cruciamentum, she had been thrown. And then she'd faced Kralik after he'd kidnapped her mom and she'd won, just.

It had been horrible. Being weak, being normal. She wasn't accustomed to it. The short time she'd felt excitement at being able to give it up had quickly been replaced by fear. She didn't want to be weak. She was the Slayer. Maybe it wasn't entirely who she was, or even what she was, but it was an intrinsic part of her that she didn't want to give up.

The betrayal-but-not-betrayal from Giles had confused her. He'd genuinely thought she knew what he was doing, because Spike was supposed to have told her. But apparently the Council had taken the initiative because of Spike's prior knowledge and locked him away somewhere to stop him helping her. Angel had no idea what was going on - he thought she was with her no-show, no-good father. And Giles had tried to help in the end, but it had done little good.

And now he'd been sacked. She'd passed and he'd failed.

It was one big mess.

The tinglies on her neck alerted her to a vampire in the vicinity and she looked up, seeing a really pissed looking Spike walk into view. He saw her immediately and stalked over to join her on the porch. He stood awkwardly, until she reached over and patted the seat next to her on the porch swing.

'You okay?' He asked, taking the seat carefully.

She nodded. 'I'm fine. Well, I'm not fine. Still weak as a kitten. Mom is shaken.'

He frowned. 'Your mum? What happened?'

'Giles told me you were trying to help, that you knew. Then he found out you'd been kidnapped. I'm sorry you got dragged into it.'

'Nothing to apologise for.' He raised a hand. 'But I want to know what happened.'

Buffy nodded. 'Kralik got free. Killed the two Watchers who were, um, watching him. Got out of the house, chased me, kidnapped my mom, took her to the boarding house. I got there after Giles told me...and I had to fight him. Managed to trick him into drinking holy water. Kralik go "poof".' She made little jazz hands. He smiled. 'I feel pretty awful now. Still no powers. It's horrible.'

'I can't imagine.' Spike said, leaning back. The swing rocked a little and Buffy smiled at him. 'I wish I could have helped. I tried. Bastards jumped me when I was coming over to you.'

'I know. They told Giles what they'd done. He demanded to know where you were. They wouldn't tell him.' She took a moment, looking out at the starry sky. 'They fired him.'

'They what?' The vampire looked shocked. 'Fired him for what?'

'Being too much like a father to me.' She replied softly. 'Which is ironic since I haven't heard anything from my actual dad.'

'He didn't come to take you to the ice thingy then?' Buffy shook her head and Spike frowned. 'That's...well...' He paused, not knowing how to relate to that particular problem. His father had died when he was young and that was a long time ago. So he went quiet, allowing her the peace.

And they sat like that for a while, Slayer and Vampire, watching the world sleep.

Spike had heard rumblings. Mainly from his stomach. But that was down to the empty fridge in his apartment. That was one problem that needed rectifying. The rest of the rumblings were from the demon community. Clem had mentioned something about the hellmouth and the sisterhood of something or other wanting to open it. When he'd swung past the library, no one had been there, so he'd gone out looking. All of the graveyards were empty, no sign of the Slayer, so he'd headed back into town.

It wasn't the first night he'd not been able to locate her. She was slippery sometimes. And searching through town heralded no sign of her or the others. He frowned, concerned, and then he'd turned on his heel, going back the way he came to the school. Entering through the front doors, the place seemed quiet, until a trail of blood heralded several bodies that had clearly been dead for a while. He almost jumped when Xander emerged from the shadows.

'Harris!' Spike frowned at the school boy. 'You okay?' Xander nodded wearily.

'Yeah. Just...you know...doing the usual.' Spike sniffed the air.

'Playing with explosives and getting laid?'

'Just call me James Bond?' Xander asked, wincing a little. 'I had some...trouble.'

'Where are the others?' The blond asked and Xander pointed in the direction of the library.

'Fighting...something. I dunno. Wasn't involved.'

'What in the hell did I miss tonight?' Spike wondered out loud, turning and heading for the library. It was a mess as he walked in, not noticing that Xander had slipped way behind him. Buffy knelt on the floor beside an unconscious Angel, the concern on her face evident of her continued feelings for the vampire. Spike tried not to let it stab him in the gut, but it did and he swallowed hard before moving on. Giles leant against the counter, an equally exhausted Willow beside him, whilst Faith sat on the floor by the office. One quick whiff determined who Xander had gotten intimate with, but he kept his mouth shut, his gaze going back to Buffy. 'Apparently, I missed a party.'

'Oh Spike!' Buffy said, looking up at him. She kept her hand on Angel's shoulder, but her eyes were focused on him. 'I should have...sorry...this all got really bad, really fast.'

'Looks like.' Spike nodded down at the brunette vampire, who was beginning to come to. 'You want a hand getting him back to the mansion.'

Buffy smiled gratefully. 'Yeah. I don't think I'm up to a fireman's carry right now.' She joked, standing slowly. She was leaning heavily on one leg, so he guessed she hadn't escaped the fight completely unscathed. Before helping her, Spike looked over at Giles and the others.

'You all alright?'

'Ta for the concern, blondie. I'm off.' Faith raised a quick hand in farewell before disappeared off out of the library. Willow gasped suddenly.

'Oz!' She cried and Giles rolled his eyes. 'He's running around all wolfy!' The librarian nodded.

'I'll get the gun. Wait a second.' He moved into the office, emerging with the tranquilliser gun. The red head set off out of the door with Giles on her heels. Spike looked down at Angel, who looked back up at him and Buffy groggily.

'Shall we get this lunkhead home then?'

'Don't call me a lunkhead.' Angel muttered as Spike bent down to help him up. The blond grinned as he pulled one of Angel's arms over his shoulders to give him some support.

'Stop behaving like one then.'

'So what? You're telling me never?' Faith asked, a malicious grin on her face as she quizzed the blonde slayer. Buffy threw her a dirty look, kicking out at the vampire she was facing.

'Faith, really, now is not the time.' She grunted as the vampire got in a shot to her midsection but she quickly recovered, kicking him in the groin. Faith was against her own adversary, but she lazily dodged blows and kicks as she continued down her path of questioning.

'I'm curious. Never, ever?' The brunette slayer levelled a kick at her opponents solar plexus and the blow landed, leaving the vampire on his back on the floor. Faith grinned over at her sister slayer. Buffy didn't answer and Faith pushed the subject. 'Come on. Really? All this time and not even once?'

Buffy scowled at her and then hit her opponent with a quick jab combination, sending him stumbling back. 'How many times cat I say it? I have never,' she punched the vampire once, 'done it,' she kicked him hard, 'with Spike.' She thrust her stake out, impaling the vampire and reducing him to dust. Faith killed her vamp, brushing her hands off. 'We're just...friends.'

'So?' The blonde slayer raised shocked eyes at the word. Faith shrugged. 'What are friends for? I'm sorry, it's just all that sweating nightly, side-by-side action, not to mention the leather...and you never put in for a little after hours...' She grunted crudely and Buffy looked away. She couldn't deny the thought had crossed her mind and it obviously had Faith's as she knew they hung out on occasion.

'Thanks for the poetry.' Buffy muttered, looking around. Something was dancing on the edge of her awareness. 'It's complicated. And not something I really feel like going into. Spike is...he's different. And things are...difficult.' Not even mentioning Angel at this point. She didn't feel torn between the vampires, not as such Spike had never put any pressure on her like that. She still questioned her relationship with Angel every day, and she saw him frequently to train. There had been no more kisses or illicit touching, even though the temptation was there. He felt it too, she was sure. But being with Angel was hard; being around Spike seemed effortless. Was it supposed to be like that?

'You're no fun.' Faith pouted, and Buffy almost smiled. She turned as the tingling on the back of her neck increased.

They'd missed one.

Making his way through the stacks, he'd heard voices coming from the library. He was on his way to see Giles, as he'd neglected his friend recently and had made a concerted effort not to do so any more. He'd not been avoiding Buffy either and had even stooped as low as to check in on Angel. Being the oldest of the order did merit him some type of responsibility towards the younger vampire he supposed, and he was still in one piece, so all good. Nothing to be concerned about.

The first voice was Giles, and as he stepped beyond the deeper stacks, he noticed the other voice was also English, but a much...stiffer accent. And it smelt like Watcher.

Cos God knows he hadn't dealt with enough of those recently.

Stepping into the light, he saw the new guy, reading from Giles' diary about Buffy. Spike smiled and greeted Giles, making the younger looking man jump.

''Lo Rupes.'

The older Watcher smiled and nodded in greeting, watching as the vampire moved silently down the steps to take a seat at the main library table. The new Watcher stared at him as if he were a strange beast and then spluttered his indignation to Giles.

'Mr Giles. Who is this? Is this location not secure?'

'It's a school.' Giles pointed out. 'And this is Spike. What can I do for you this evening?' He turned his attention to the vampire as the newcomer promptly tripped over himself whilst standing still.

'Nothin', just popped-'

'Did you say Spike?' The other Brit practically screamed the sentence, and Spike glared at him. 'As in, the Slayer of Slayers? The Watcher Killer?'

'Is that what they call me?' Spike asked in wonder, puffing his chest out as if proud of the name. It couldn't have been further from the truth, and Giles knew it, but he smiled regardless, knowing the vampire was just attempting to rile the younger Englishman up. It worked. He was turning bright red in front of them.

'You-he-why is he still alive? Your Slayer should have performed her duty and slain him when she saw him!'

Giles stopped smiling and almost scowled at the other man. 'Now see here. Spike is a friend, an ally and an extremely valuable member of this team!' Spike swelled with pride for real at hearing the man's defence of himself, but the young Watcher was not impressed.

'He is a monster. A vampire.' The man sniffed delicately. 'She will be instructed to kill him, as is the only thing befitting a violent animal such as he is.'

'Oi!' Spike stood, a little outraged at the description. 'I'll have you bloody well know I am not an animal. Who the hell are you, anyway mate?'

The dark haired man regarded him with disdain. 'Not that it is any of your business, but I am Wesley Wyndham-Price. The new Watcher assigned to Buffy and Faith.'

Spike looked at him, recognising the name. 'Your replacement?' He clarified with Giles. The man nodded, moving away as Spike stared at the newcomer. 'Wyndham...Wyndham...I know that name.' He knew full well where he knew the name, and he could see a certain familial resemblance in the priggish man before him.

Wesley inhaled sharply. 'I would think you do. You slaughter half of my ancestral family at the end of the nineteenth century.'

'Yeah. I remember.' Spike's face grew dark. 'I hope you aren't like your ancestors mate. Didn't much care for Thomas Wyndham.'

'You slaughtered them in cold blood, after killing his Slayer.' Wesley spat, his face almost beetroot now. Spike growled, and Giles stepped in between them.

'There is much to that story you do not know, Wesley. The truth was not entirely given in the diaries.' Wesley blustered, looking at the older Englishman.

'The diaries are correct. Watchers do not lie!' He claimed and Spike snorted.

'You know what, I have no patience for this berk tonight. I'll catch you later on, Rupes. When company's better and all.' He turned, leaving by the main library entrance this time, and Giles watched him leave, preparing himself for the indoctrinated views Wesley was sure to spout. And he was true to Watcher form. As soon as the vampire left, the younger Watcher started.

'She should eliminate him. He is a threat. How can you even think to call a creature such as that a friend?'

'Since he has done no harm since he arrived here over a year ago and has on many occasions fought beside us.' Giles explained, trying to remain calm. 'He is an ally. He fights for the side of good, on the blessing of the higher powers. We have no leave to destroy him. He has not done anything wrong.'

'He has killed Watchers and Slayers!'

'I am not going round in circles with you on this, Wesley. He is not to be harmed.'

'Who's not to be harmed?' Buffy asked as she walked into the library. Wesley whirled to her before Giles could reply.

'How could you be so lax in your duties, Miss Summers? To allow such a dangerous vampire to walk around? He should have been killed on sight.'

'Who? Angel or Spike?' Buffy questioned, looking to Giles for answers.

'Spike.' He provided, but Wesley had seized on her words.

'Angelus too?! My word, the Council said you were not properly trained but this is ridiculous. Do you allow any mass murderer to walk around scott free?' His voice grew higher with his outrage, and Buffy glared at him, her eyes hooded as she listened to him moan. Giles could see her eyes narrowing, and smiled to himself as he waited for her to let loose on the junior Watcher. Wesley shook his head. 'This is ridiculous. We shall have to take the matter in hand.'

'And do what, exactly? Kill my friends? Which they are. Spike and Angel both. They are warriors for good now. I don't give a rats ass what you order me to do, because I am not killing them.' She was almost snarling. 'Who the hell do you think you are? Waltzing in here and ordering me about? You're a Watcher. You Watch. I Slay. You do not tell me what to do.' Buffy stood tall, or as tall as she could given her diminutive frame, and stared Wesley out. 'I didn't ask for a new Watcher. I sure as hell didn't want a new Watcher.' She looked to Giles. 'I'm starting to see why Spike hates them.'

'Miss Summers...' Wesley started. Buffy cut him off.

'You know what? I'm tired.' She pulled something from her back pocket and threw it at Wesley, who caught it. 'I got your damn amulet. Now I'm going home to bed. Giles, I'll see you tomorrow.' She turned and left without another word. Wesley gaped like a fish at the swinging door whilst Giles chuckled.

'I do not see what is so funny.' Wesley admonished his elder but Giles only laughed further.

'I do hope I wasn't that much of a berk.'

To Be Continued...

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