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"LUCE DUCK!" Natsu screamed as he went flying past Lucy with his fists on fire.

"AYE-SIR!" Happy cried as he carried the Fire Dragon towards the S-Class monster.

"ICE-MAKE LANCE!" Gray yelled.

Then the Mighty Titania stepped forward and requiped into her Heaven's Wheel Armor and called, "BLUMENBLATT."

Lucy stared in awe and anger at her team. The S-Class Monster they were fighting had eyes all over its body, with black horns, and it oozed an orange toxin into water that would make anyone who drank it sick. Once again Lucy's team had to go overkill on a mission too close to a town, which they would have to end up paying several jewels in damage for if not careful, but this time Lucy was prepared. Lucy grabbed her keys and summoned Aries and Sagittarius.

Aries appeared and said in her nervous voice, "Sumimasen."

"Moshi, moshi," greeted Sagittarius.

"Aries I need you to be ready to keep the attacks coming off of Natsu, Gray, and Erza from harming the village by using your Wool Wall! Sagittarius, help them take down the monster quickly," Lucy directed towards her friends.

"Sumimasen, I will try my best," Aries said as she made her way around the perimeter of the fight.

"I understand—moshi, moshi," Sagittarius replied while he launched his first volley of arrows at the disgusting monster.

With the combined efforts of Team Natsu, the S-Class monster was easily overcome. The strongest team in Fiore was victorious once again. Lucy thanked Aries and Sagittarius for their help before they returned to the spirit world.

Erza looked over the monster and then yelled, "Gray, Natsu take care of this monster so that its remains don't leak any more toxins."

Natsu angrily replied, "I'm not helping that Ice-Princess do anything!"

Gray pressed his head against Natsu and yelled back, "As if I would want your help Ash Brain!"

Erza just walked up to both of the arguing males and glared at them. When they saw her death stare aura coming off of her they threw their arms around each other and yelled, "Aye!" then quickly ran off to do what the scarlet haired mage said.

Lucy just sighed as she watched her reckless and loveable team interact. At least on this mission they would be able to walk away with most of their reward since Natsu didn't destroy anything. Lucy smiled to herself knowing that she would be able to pay this and next month's rent with ease.

Lucy and Erza decided to head into town collect the reward from the mayor and then the two girls met back up with Natsu, Gray, and Happy after the monster had been disposed of.

Team Natsu started heading back to Magnolia when Erza turned to Lucy and said, "Lucy there is a hot spring village nearby here and I know you love to bathe. Would you want to stay for a night just us girls?"

Lucy's eyes brightened at the idea of taking it easy after fighting the S-Class monster and excitedly said, "Sure Erza that sounds amazing! We can order lots of food, enjoy the hot springs, and drink a lot of sake."

"HEY WAIT! WHY CAN'T WE JOIN YOU?" Natsu yelled furious that Erza was going to get to spend time alone with Lucy, plus the thought of a lot of food really intrigued Natsu.

Happy's eyes started to tear up and the blue Exceed said, "But hot springs always have the best fish."

"For once I agree with Charcoal Breath. Why can't we enjoy the hot springs with you?" Gray also asked as he threw his shirt off.

"Gray clothes," Lucy sighed.

"AHHHH…when did this happen?" Gray asked and started looking for his clothes.

"Well I understand why you don't want this pervert to tag along," Natsu said as he pointed towards the now pants-less Gray, "But we are a team and we should do everything together."

"You got something to say to me Fire Ass?" Gray asked Natsu.

"Not unless you put some clothes on Ice Prick!" Natsu shouted back.

As Erza listened to the men on their team complain and fight her anger continued to grow. Lucy started to notice an angry aura coming off of Erza and she eeped when she saw Erza's fists clench. The mighty Titania was about to punch the Dragon Slayer and Ice Mage when Erza and Lucy heard the cries from an upset Exceed.

"WAAAAAHHH, ERZA AND LUCY HATE US!" then Happy turned and pointed a finger at Gray and Natsu accusingly, "THIS IS YOUR FAULT! NATSU ALWAYS BREAKS THINGS AND GRAY IS A PERVERT, NOW I CAN'T HAVE ANY FISH BECAUSE ERZA AND LUCY HATE US AND DON'T WANT TO BE PARTNERS WITH US!" Happy yelled as his tears continued to flow.

"Happy…" Lucy, Natsu, and Gray murmured as they saw their tiny friend breakdown.

Erza walked over to Happy and picked him up and pressed his head against her armor, "Happy, I am sorry. I did not mean to exclude you like that. I assumed that you would want to stay with Natsu; however, if that is not the case then you are more than welcome to accompany me and Lucy to the hot springs."

Happy's eyes lit up at the thought of fish and yelled, "AYE SIR!"

"OI, HAPPY YOU TRAITOR!" Natsu yelled in fury at his Exceed best friend. Then Natsu watched as Erza, Lucy, and Happy (who was now positioned by Lucy's breasts) started to make their way to the hot spring village.

Happy looked over Lucy's shoulder at the two Fairy Tail men, put his hand over his cat mouth and giggled darkly at the two men being left behind. Happy then started to drool at the thought of all the different kinds of fish and food he and Plue would order that night.

"That bastard," Natsu mumbled. He knew perfectly well that Happy put on those tears just so he could go spend time with the girls—plus get some fish. Then Natsu got an idea in his head. Erza said that they couldn't come, but that didn't mean he couldn't follow.

Gray sighed and said, "Oi, Natsu are you thinking what I am thinking?"

"If you mean that we secretly follow Lucy, Erza, and Happy and get revenge on them somehow, then yes," Natsu replied imaging the girls falling asleep and then attacking them with pillows.

Gray smirked and said, "Sounds good to me."

"I'M ALL FIRED UP!" Natsu yelled in excitement at the thought of getting the girls, and Happy, back for ditching them.

Lucy could hardly contain her excitement, as they entered their room for the night. It was a beautiful, classic hot spring designed room that had lovely tatami flooring and a wonderful sliding door that led to their own private hot spring. Lucy and Erza decided to splurge and got the best room available. Lucy was surprised at how the normally rigid Erza was easily agreeing to everything that Lucy suggested.

Lucy and Erza decided it would be best to eat first, since they felt bad for making Happy cry, before indulging themselves in the hot spring. Lucy summoned out Plue and then they ordered tons of sushi, cake, and drinks—plus some sake that they would lightly indulge in.

The sun finally set and Happy and Plue had already passed out from food comas. The two female members of Team Natsu put on robes and made their way to their own private hot spring. Lucy and Erza were feeling slightly buzzed from the alcohol but were not drunk, which Lucy was very thankful for since drunk Erza was scarier than normal Erza.

Once the girls disrobed and climbed into the hot spring Lucy said, "Aaaaahhh, Erza the warm water is so relaxing. I am so glad you asked me to come with you!"

Erza smiled at her friend as she lowered herself into the water and said, "Mmm…indeed the water does feel nice."

The two girls sat in the hot spring and enjoyed how the soothing waters began to relax their tense muscles from the battle earlier that day. Lucy began to look up at the stars that were appearing and let out a content sigh. She loved her guild, they were her family. It was on days like this that Lucy knew joining Fairy Tail was the best decision she had ever made. Thanks to Natsu, Erza, Gray, and Happy—Lucy didn't feel as lonely anymore. She was so lonely for so very long and it broke Lucy's heart at the thought of how Erza, Natsu, and Gray all experienced their own pain. She couldn't help but wonder sometimes what life would have been like if they all knew each other from the very beginning.

Lucy continued to stare up at the night sky and began to wonder about what Team Natsu's future would be like when her thoughts were interrupted, "Ummm…Lucy there is another reason why I wanted to come to the hot springs with you."

"Oh?" Lucy looked at Erza whose face was now slightly red; however, Lucy couldn't tell if that was from the warmth of the hot spring or alcohol.

"Y-yes, I u-um, n-need some advice," Erza said shakily.

Lucy gasped at Erza's statement. What advice could Lucy give the strongest female mage in all of Fiore? "Sure Erza, I will help you in whatever way I can. We are practically sisters. You should know I would do anything for you," Lucy said as a warm smile spread across her face.

Erza nodded at her friend and was relieved by the statement before she continued, "Well…u-um, do you remember before the games when Crime Sorcière met us when we were training?"

Lucy nodded her head and Erza understood that she should continue, "Well, I didn't tell anyone this at the time, but Je-Jellal and I went to talk for a while."

Lucy's smile widened a little. She loved how Erza could hardly ever say Jellal's name without stuttering. She also loved how Erza and Jellal tried to hide their feelings for one another, but it was so clear to everyone around them that the two were meant to be together.

"Well when we talked, u-u-um Je-Jellal and I almost k-k-k-kissed, and then he said he had a fiancé," Erza stammered out now barely breathing because of her nerves.

Lucy was stunned and then said, "You almost kissed! What, wait…Jellal has a fiancé! Who?"

Erza looked down at the hot spring and started to watch the steam come off of the water and replied, "Well he said he had a fiancé, but I could tell that he was lying. We had a few conversations during the games and it was nice. It was one of the first times we got to talk to each other normally. Then on the last day, when the dragons attacked, I almost died."

Lucy gasped at Erza's statement. The thought of Erza dying was almost too much for Lucy to handle. Tears started forming in Lucy's eyes and Erza knew she should continue because she too was feeling upset at the memory, "I was weak from my battle with Kagura and Minerva. I was too proud to admit that I was too weak to battle long—especially when I knew how all of Fiore was in danger. I was about to be picked off by one of the smaller dragons when Je-Jellal came and saved me."

Lucy made a mental note to thank the serious, blue haired mage the next time she saw him. This man, whom everyone thought to be the worst man in the world — next to Zeref, had saved her best friend.

Erza continued, "Lucy, I don't know what to do. Ever since I was younger and was trapped in the Tower of Heaven, I always felt something when I was around Je-Jellal. Then he said he had a fiancé, but he was still worried enough about me to save me. He confuses me."

At Erza's confession, Lucy couldn't help but start giggling. Erza looked at the blonde questionably and a little hurt, because Erza didn't like opening up to people. Erza believed that once you opened up to someone it meant you would eventually be hurt by that person—but she thought Lucy was different.

Lucy seeing that Erza was getting upset quickly said, "Erza I am sorry, I didn't mean to laugh at your expense it is just that it is so obvious to everyone else."

Erza looked confused now and asked, "What are you talking about Lucy?"

Lucy just sighed. She was amazed at how Erza could be so strong for everyone else, but yet neglect herself in the process. "Erza, you and Jellal have known each other for a long time. You both went through horrible circumstances together as children. Through those circumstances you formed an unbreakable bond. From what Natsu said, when we went back to the Tower of Heaven, you still weren't willing to give up on Jellal even after everything he did," Lucy said.

Erza quickly got defensive and said, "What he did wasn't his fault! He was being manipulated!"

Lucy threw her hands up and quickly continued, "Yes Erza I know! I am not blaming Jellal for anything. I am just pointing out that even then you didn't want to give up on him. I know Jellal is a good man, but many people still see him as the horrible man from the Tower of Heaven."

Erza thought about Lucy's words and felt bad for assuming that her friend would judge Jellal. Erza knew Lucy wasn't the type of person to hold a grudge against anyone—no matter what they had done. Erza was convinced that if Zeref himself came to Lucy and apologized for everything he did that Lucy would forgive him and invite him into her house.

Lucy seeing that Erza had now calmed down added, "Now think of this Erza. We were gone for seven years. In those seven years, Ultear and Meredy broke Jellal out of prison to fight dark guilds. Even though Jellal is making up for the sins of his past in his own way, people's memories are still there. Jellal is still technically a wanted man."

Erza just nodded her head at her friend's words. Lucy saw that Erza still hadn't pieced together her feelings towards Jellal so she continued, "Erza you have a reputation all over Fiore just like Jellal. What do you think would happen if people found out that you two were in love with each other?"

At the mention of the "L" word Erza nearly jumped out of the hot spring and requiped back into her armor. Lucy just looked at her friend and smiled before she said, "Erza I think Jellal loves you too and he lied about having a fiancé to protect you because he doesn't want to ruin your reputation or put you in danger."

Erza feeling defeated sank back down into the hot spring and stuttered, "Y-you t-t-think J-J-Jell-al l-l-ikes me?"

"No," Lucy replied and watched as Erza looked like her heart shattered into a million pieces before Lucy declared, "Erza I think he LLLLLLLLLLLLOVES you!"

Erza's face reddened enough to match the color of her hair. Lucy giggled and threw her arms around Erza and said, "Awwwww…Erza you are so cute!"

Erza continued blushing and whispered out, "L-l-love?"

"Hai, hai…I think Jellal loves you and you two should have about thirty babies!" Lucy said knowing that her buzz from the alcohol was making her bolder than she normally would be.

Erza nearly passed out and put her hands on Lucy's shoulders and said, "B-b-babies. L-l-love. J-J-Jellal."

Lucy could see that the steam from the hot spring was getting to Erza, along with Erza's wild imagination, and gently patted her friend and said, "Hai, but you should relax now Erza he isn't around; however, the next time he is you should totally make out!"

At that statement, Erza nearly passed out but Lucy coaxed her friend to the side of the hot spring and started to fan the scarlet haired mage's face in attempt to cool her down. After several minutes of Lucy giggling at her friend, Erza finally calmed down but decided she would try and get the Celestial Spirit mage back. Erza cleared her throat and said seriously, "Lucy now that we have talked about me. We should talk about you."

Lucy jumped back away from her friend and threw her hands in the air and asked nervously, "What do you mean we should talk about me?!"

Erza looked at Lucy the way Happy looks after he caught a delicious fish, "Lucy, is it true you let Natsu touch you when you were naked?"

Now it was Lucy's turn to blush wildly before she stammered out, "N-no I didn't l-let him touch me. That perverted dragon took my clothes and then N-Natsu caught me."

"But didn't he grab your boobs while you were naked?" Erza asked smugly.

"Well yes he did, but he did that without my permission," Lucy stated as she put her arms under her chest.

Erza looked appalled and said, "Well if he didn't have your permission then when we return I will severely punish him. That kind of behavior is absolutely unacceptable."

Lucy sweat dropped as she pictured Natsu being beaten by Erza once they returned to the guild. She waved her hands in front of Erza and said, "Erza that is ok you don't have to. You know Natsu; he is clueless about these kinds of things. He probably won't even know why you are punishing him."

Erza calmed down a little when she saw that her friend was not upset by the events, but then asked, "Lucy do you like Natsu?"

Lucy's face blushed again and said, "For a while I thought I did, but I don't think Natsu would ever see me that way. Plus, he is one of my best friends and although I do believe it is important to be friends with someone you are with, I fear more that if we got together and then it didn't work out that I might lose his friendship. So I am happy and content with the fact knowing that I will always be his friend."

Erza smiled at the blonde mage who was now starring back up at the stars. Lucy was so mature and kind. Erza was determined that she would find a suitable mate for her dear friend and agreed that Natsu might not be the best fit. The pink haired man was a great fighter and fierce friend, but romance and love might not be his thing. Lucy needed a man. Erza's mind quickly ran through the list of available men for Lucy and said, "Lucy what about Gray? He is handsome and would seem to know more about how to treat a woman than Natsu."

Lucy started giggling and said. "Gray is very hot and I do know that he is at least attracted to me thanks to Gemini, but I think Juvia would murder me if I tried anything."

Erza laughed and said, "Hmmm…You are probably right. Then what about Hibiki?"

Lucy thought about that for a few moments then replied, "I was very attracted to Hibiki during the battle with Oración Seis. Then when we came back and I saw him at the games it was good to see that he was still extremely handsome, but I think I overheard Mira say one day that Jenny and Hibiki were secretly an item."

Erza nodded at her friend's response, but wasn't willing to admit defeat just yet and said, "What about Lyon? He is also very handsome and unlike Gray he seems to be able to control his stripping habit."

Lucy blushed at the thought of the other Ice-Mage and started imagining all of the things he would be able to do to her body with his magic. Lucy's daydream was snapped back to reality when she saw Erza's curious gaze and Lucy quickly said, "Haha…Erza. Maybe in another world Lyon and I would be together, but I think he still might be hung up on Juvia."

Now Erza was starting to get discouraged. She knew that there had to be someone out there that was perfectly suited to her friend, but who? Erza's brows furrowed and she started saying, "Sting and you would look really well together, but he is too cocky. Rogue has a mysterious effect, but he doesn't show any emotion. I think your boobs would smother Eve," Lucy eeped at Erza's blunt statement before the scarlet haired mage continued, "Loke is a spirit and he is too much of a flirt. Also, I think Laxus would break you in two during intercourse."

This time it was Erza's turn to grab Lucy and lead her to the edge to cool off. Erza looked at her friend with a concerned expression and said, "I'm sorry Lucy. We will find you someone. I will hunt him down and force him to love you."

Lucy sweat dropped at her friend's eagerness, but shook her head and said, "It is ok Erza. I am sure I will find him someday. My Mama used to tell me when I was younger that you often fall in love when you least expect it. She said that love could always create worlds of new possibilities. So don't worry Erza, I am happy for now. I will find someone someday, but for now I am content with just being Lucy of Fairy Tail."

Erza smiled at her friend's positive outlook on life. Erza just knew that someone was perfect for her dear friend and she would help Lucy find him no matter what it took. Lucy deserved all the happiness in the world.

After the girls were done soaking, they finally decided to call it a night. Lucy let out a relaxed sigh once her head hit her pillow, then she closed her eyes and immediately let sleep take her.

Lucy opened her eyes and found that she was in a long dark hallway lit by candles. The hallway had stone walls where gorgeous tapestries hung. The floor was a rich wood that had a long, red, elaborate isle rug that lined the middle of the hallway. Lucy was awed by the beauty of the hallway, but became nervous as to why she was here.

Lucy quickly started heading down the hallway in an attempt to figure out where she was. Lucy's heart nearly jumped out of her chest when she saw two hooded figures walking towards her. Lucy panicked, because she realized that there was nowhere to hide in the hallway and knew that the hooded figures would have seen her. However, much to Lucy's surprise the two figures walked right past her as if she didn't even exist.

Lucy overheard the taller figure say, "We must be quick before we are found out."

"Are you sure the guards will stay down with that concoction you made?" the smaller figure asked.

"Yes, I have been practicing that mixture and gathering the ingredients for weeks. I wouldn't mess up tonight," the taller figure said firmly.

Lucy was shocked by what she heard and was confused as to why the two figures clearly didn't see her as they walked by. Lucy decided that it would be best to follow the figures, because maybe she would be able to figure out what was going on and where she was.

She followed them quickly down the hallway. The two figures seemed to be in a hurry and that time was of the essence. Lucy saw that they finally reached a large wooden door. The two figures looked around questionably and the shorter one said, "It looks like our plan is working if the two night guards are not here, quickly do you have the key?"

The taller figure pulled out a plain key and silently put it in the lock of the door and turned it. The door opened with a click and the two figures slipped inside—with Lucy right on their heels.

Lucy looked around the room and saw that it was even more amazing than the hallway. There was beautiful furniture throughout the room and a large and intricately designed fireplace on the other end, but Lucy's eyes were drawn to the middle of the room. In the center was a large, plush bed that had satin dark blue sheets and in the middle of the bed Lucy saw the most incredible body she had ever seen. Lucy could tell from the dim light of the room that the half-naked body on the bed was incredibly ripped and she watched in awe as the man's chest slowly rose and fell from sleep. She eyed the man's six pack and arm muscles hungrily. Lucy was sad that she could not see the man's face because it was buried under a mound of fluffy pillows.

Lucy's thoughts were drawn away when she saw the two hooded figures start to walk towards the bed. The two figures walked on either side, as if blocking off their prey. Lucy felt her heart rate pick up and didn't know what she should do. The figures could clearly not see her, but she didn't want anything to happen to the sleeping man.

Lucy watched helplessly as the two figures silently pulled out jagged, jeweled daggers. Lucy started panicking and ran towards the end of the bed and tried to move the blankets, but found that her hands went right through them. Lucy began to think that this was a nightmare, but then she saw the figure on the bed readjust and his face was exposed.

Lucy looked down on the man and gasped. There was Jellal peacefully sleeping, totally unaware of the danger around him. Lucy watched as the figures raised the daggers above their heads and she cried out in fear as a last attempt, "JELLAL WAKE UP!"

The blue haired man's eyes popped open and met the gaze of the worried brown eyed Celestial Mage. His eyes quickly darted to the two figures as they quickly lunged at him with their daggers drawn.

Everything went dark for Lucy and then she awoke with a scream. Lucy was once again back in the hot springs room. Lucy shook uncontrollably as she tried to calm her breath.

Erza quickly jumped up and requiped into her armor and already had her sword drawn. When Erza looked around the room she saw Natsu and Gray frozen at the edge of the room with pillows in their hands.

Happy groggily awoke and looked around and asked, "Natsu, Gray, why are you in our room?"

Erza pointed her sword at the two mages who were now sweating heavily and asked, "Yes I would like to know that as well! Now speak!"

Before the two men could answer Lucy got up and yelled, "ERZA QUICK, JELLAL IS IN DANGER!"

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