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-Late Spring 2008 (after making a clone for the first time)

It was just as if looking into a mirror, even if Harry knew he looked better than the clone. The moment Harry had stopped freaking out at creating a new power, he had started experimenting. After poking the clone several times, and viewing it from all angle, he had concluded that not only was the clone solid, but every detail of the Clone was wonderfully detailed and realistic. When done satisfying his curiosity about the clones corporeal form and the detail involved in the creation, Harry realized that although he had spent a long time getting to this point, he didn't know what to do now that he had achieved gaining a new power. The original looked at the clone for a while trying to figure out what to do. Eventually Harry told the clone to create a new disguise other than 'Lily', and had watched amazed as the clone not only changed his hair shape and color and length, but It also grew a slightly larger nose and grew several inches, something that the original was still unable to do. The disguise looked rather odd however, but Harry, with the clone's help and a mirror, created a new acceptable disguise.

Satisfied with progress he had finally made, and anxious to see if he would truly receive the clones memories, Harry punched the clone as hard as he could to dispel it. Only to cry out in pain as both he and the clone fell to the floor holding their respective hand and head. Only after a few minutes rolling around on the cold ground waiting for the dull pain to disappear from his hand did Harry finally get up and glare at the groaning clone. It was only as Harry opened his mouth to berate the annoyingly solid clone, when It disappeared in a poof of smoke. That was the last thing that Harry saw before getting a piercing headache and passed out.

When Harry came to his senses, he realized that he could recall the clones memories and grinned in success. It was only after Harry had reveled in the success of his new technique that Harry turned his attention to his surroundings. Harry soon found himself in a place that defied all laws of physics and pretty much everything he had learned to expect of the world. At first it appeared as he looked up at the sky to be a giant white abyss going on forever. As he continued staring up at what should have been the sky, he watched colors and small lights flashing across pure white in his vision. As disconcerting as it may have been to look at, it was also quite beautiful in its own way. The amorphous blobs of color created a kaleidoscope effect against the pure white background. Harry just watched the colors for a while as he laid on his back wherever he was, trying to understand where he was. Eventually the young Harry Potter realized that staring into space was hardly being productive and pushed himself up and took a look around.

The width of the room was mostly the same as the height of it was, but now it was simpler to see the limits of the miles wide room he was in. Harry walked around for a while, aimlessly, wondering where exactly he was. It was unlike anything Harry had ever seen, a huge white cavern of lights. It was beautiful in a way, and completely alien, yet somehow familiar. After a couple minutes of observation Harry noticed that despite the chaos, the blobs all moved in bizarre, yet set paths, never moving through each other, and only rarely touching.

It did not take long before Harry bumped into one of the blobs of color, this one a pale blue. The exact moment that Harry touched the orb he remembered a summer afternoon spent with Samantha playing a game of tag and hopscotch. It was bizarre watching the memory, unable to control what happened, forced to observe the happenings from an outsiders point of view. After the memory ended, Harry touched several memories, enough to figure out that the colors of the orbs correlated to the memories they held and how he felt about them. He also quickly realized that the black orbs held memories that he would rather not re-experience.

Harry still didn't know where he was, but it was simple enough to realize what the place was. Harry had somehow ended up in a repository of sorts of memories, a giant white warehouse of his experiences. Not knowing what to do, or how to leave this new location, Harry decided he might as well experiment. Harry turned his attention to one of the nearby orbs, and using his skill with telekinesis, moved the orb around.

Harry played with the orbs for a bit, before he eventually caused a light green orb he had been controlling to touch another light green orb he had brought nearby for this very purpose. When the two touched, there was a small vibration between the two, and they started to orbit each other in an odd elliptical orbit. When he got an orb to touch the ground however, It stopped trying to float away. It was only after Harry had been doing this, and other experiments for what he considered to be around a half an hour, that he realized he felt almost as good as he did when he had arrived. It was definitely not the tiredness Harry would typically expect from using his powers for so long. Concentrating his power within himself, Harry crossed his fingers and yelled out "Shadow clone" trying to recreate the feeling he had used earlier to create said clone.

It was a poor decision in retrospect, taking a toll on Harrys barely recovered body. Luckily for Harry, the boy found himself once again looking at a mirror like replica of himself, observing the orbs. Already knowing what to do, the Clone merely gave a vague wave to his creator and started moving the orbs around, making a connection to either the ground or another orb/memory every minute or two. Harry watched for a moment before growing restless and wishing to leave. As if an answer to Harry's thoughts, a door appeared on the nearest wall to him, and wanting to leave, Harry made haste to reach the door. Even if Harry should have been cautious about mysterious appearing doors, he wasn't, and quickly threw it open and went through.

For the second time that day, Harry came to lying on the ground, and this time he was covered with mud and leaves. He was hungry, cold, damp and dirty, and ravenous with hunger. Not the greatest way to wake up Harry had experienced. Harry stumbled home, and after making sure he had scraped off as much mud as he could entered the Dursley home, and moved quickly to his cupboard under the stairs. Harry dried himself off a bit with a rag he had under his cot and collapsed into strange dreams and restless sleep. The next day Harry was still low on energy and spent the day resting and finding food to eat, doing only the minimum on chores and schoolwork, not enough energy to even make use of his powers except for the most basic of purposes..

The next day Harry felt much better and decided it was time to experiment. Since there was no school that day, Harry went out to a park he often practiced in, and after walking a bit into a sheltered area, Harry made a clone. It was slightly easier than the first time, but still nearly drove the boy to his knees. For a couple moments Harry panted in place, trying to gather his breath after using so much energy. When done, Harry looked up to see the clone already walking away to do what Harry had planned for him to do.

It was apparent that since Harry had made the clone already knowing what He wanted it to do, the clone did not require instructions, which was good to know. Even if Harry had made the technique based off of what He had read, Harry had no real idea if It would work the same.. Harry watched the clone walk off to start looking for odd jobs to do, already employing the somewhat ugly disguise from the other day. Harry was unsure of how he would react to the receiving the clones today, but he was hopeful, as he started trying to conjure a flame in his hand. Focusing on consuming the leaf he was holding on fire, was tiresome but he kept up at it, seeing a whisp of smoke at several points. By the end of the day, Harry was exhausted, and went to his cupboard before waiting for the clone to dissipate.

It luckily wasn't as bad as Harry had expected when the clone dissipated. While it was a heady near painful feeling, it came and went, and Harry 'remembered' what the clone had done. Harry knew about the weeding job and helping an older woman move some things to a shed. It wasn't much, but there was a little bit of money now hidden away in one of Harry's hidey-holes. Satisfied with his accomplishments of the day, Harry went to sleep blissfully.

Not much of real interested in the following months after Harrys 're'-discovery of the Shadow Clone, but it was certainly a busy time. Harry went to school, dealt with inhumane amounts of chores, spent time with Amanda and Sam, and he read. And did Harry ever read. It didn't matter the subject anymore, Harry read books of whatever he could get his hands on, and with a library card, it was a lot. When Harry wasn't using his clone to make money for food and other items, It would often be reading or practicing powers right with his creator.

The clone was certainly doing a lot of chores however. 'Andrew', was slightly infamous around the neighborhood; painting fences and sheds, mowing lawns, cleaning pools, cleaning areas, or any other odd job he could take. In fact during one of Harry's uncles rants, he asked why Harry couldn't be more productive like "that Andrew boy" was. Of course upon hearing that, Harry had to cover his mouth with his hand and bite his tongue to keep from laughing at his Uncles comment.

The chore completing clone was a godsend to Harry however. Not only was the power intensive technique allowing his power to increase, but with all of the food Harry was now able to afford and eat, He had undergone a minor growth spurt. Harry would no longer be the shortest boy in his class fortunately, and completing his chores, voluntary or not, felt easier for the not as small boy. In addition to his growth spurt, Harry took up running, and often would play football, and other sports, (when Dudley was not preventing Harry from joining in at least.) Being physically fit was important to the heroes in so many of the stories he read, and Harry wanted to be like the ones who helped shape him more than the Dursley's ever did.

Before he knew it, Harry had turned 8, and was about to enter a new year of school. It had been 3 years since he had discovered his powers. It was indescribable how much they had changed his life. Yes he still lived with his relatives in a cupboard, but he had hobbies now, good food, friends, and something that made him interesting and unique, apart from the scar on his head. Harry knew that most of what he had was the result of tear inducing practice and concentration filled with boredom. Harry thought however that he had been given these powers for a reason. In fact not pushing himself to his limits would be a waste, and Harry had it driven into his head by his relatives that he shouldn't be wasteful. Not to say that the Dursleys listened to their own advice.

Harry had collected a good amount of powers he was training himself in using, coming up with games and exercises to gain control and power with them. Making small rocks go through an obstacle course, lifting heavy things, trying to hold up and move as many different objects as he could concentrate on were just some of the things he used to practice his telekinesis. Harry had his clones, and he practiced his transformation power as well; along with learning how to make electricity, fire, and he had some success walking up different surfaces, although he was using his hands and feet at the moment.

But Harry's adventures to create new powers had many failures and lesser successes, which he would try not to think about. Moving water was either incredibly difficult, or impossible, as was manipulating earth, although he had worked less on the latter ability. Harry couldn't turn himself into an animal, but in trying to do so, had learned of the many uncomfortable and awkward places he could grow hair. His continued attempts at using his powers to move faster and jump higher had showed results, but they were small. Flying had shown no results, as did several of the Dragonball techniques. Summoning a zanpakuto (a sort of spiritual sword) had shown to be rather pointless as well.

It was several weeks into the new school year when Harry noticed that the headaches had disappeared from when the clone dispelled for the day. At first Harry wasn't sure what it meant, but he quickly hypothesized (having read recently about the scientific theory) that it meant he was becoming accustomed to the foreign memories being 'downloaded' into his brain. It wasn't that he did not have other ideas, it was just that seemed most likely at the moment. It could be that the power was merely stressful once beginning to use it, and eased with time, or his larger amount of 'power' to use his power was simplifying it, as well as some of the extra control he had gained over some of his powers. Of course in Harry's case, there wasn't much he could do in the way of research except for reading fantasy and Science fiction books. And he could tell his clones his results, but they either already knew the results or didn't care because they were mimicries of himself and it wouldn't matter if they knew or not once they dispelled.

Learning the clone technique was only part of the first of three goals for himself that Harry had made. Developing and practicing powers was the larger goal that developing the clone fell under. But Harry had had two other large goals for himself. One was less obvious, but one was rather apparent if one were to think on it. Harry wanted freedom. Freedom from the Dursleys most specifically. Harry didn't want to sleep in a cold cramped cupboard under the stairs. He didn't want to steal and do odd jobs for food. Harry hated many things about living at the Dursley home. So it was Harrys most important goal to find a way away from the suffocating presence of the Dursleys. If he could not do that, Harry would at least want to find a way for it to be more bearable.

The third goal that Harry had made for himself was a more recent one, and one that promised to be the most rewarding of the three goals Harry had made for himself. Harry wanted to learn how his powers worked, and he wanted to invent. Harrys thirst for discovering how things worked didn't just "appear" overnight, it had been developed over a long period of time. While practicing with his powers it was common for the young boys concentration to waver, which was part of how Harry came to be so skilled in multi-tasking. But when Harrys concentration was not purely on using his powers, he would be trying to understand how he was using them. He knew that the stories and comics he had read were all fiction, and had little to no base in reality.

Harrys desire to invent had arisen partly from some of his favorite stories. Anakin Skywalker, Richard Reeds, Tony Stark, Kato, Q, Bruce Wayne and Peter Parker; all were some of his inspirations that with or without super powers, showed that inventions and intelligence could triumph over brawn and recklessness.

Harry enjoyed trying to use science to explain how his powers worked. Harry had even bought a cheap white costume laboratory jacket, and wore it sometimes when he knew nobody would see him in it. Harry couldn't measure the power he was using, but like he had in the past, he could measure how much the things he could lift weighed. He could see how fast his hair or nails grew, or how quickly he could change the color of his skin, a new development in his transformation power.

Harry wasn't sure how to know when he would be able to make a second clone, so keeping in mind that he could lift a roughly 23 kilo rock for about five minutes when he could make his 1st clone, he could likely make a second clone when he could lift a 46 kilo rock. Or two 23 kilo rocks. With some of the money he had saved up, Harry purchased a cheap scale to weigh the rocks he used, and figured out how much he could lift. Once he lifted the heaviest rock he could, he found it was 40 kilos. It had only been 5 months since he created his first clone. He had reached this point much faster than when he had started working his magic as much as he could, It had originally taken about 8 months to lift 18 kilos more than when he had started. Maybe making a clone daily helped him increase his reserves of power? It was hard to tell, too many variables to be sure, and most experiments he could think of to verify would impede any improvement he could make.

Shrugging off all of the thoughts he had on the subject, Harry decided it was time to try out a power he had been thinking about trying to create for a while, teleportation. It wasn't hard to imagine why it would be so cool to have the ability to move about at will. Especially when gathering things he owned from all of his assorted hidey-holes, it would make it much faster. It would also allow his clones to do jobs with less time spent on going from one to another. There was also the fact that if there was an emergency, especially with a particularly violent relative or animal, he would be able to escape much more easily if need be.

So knowing that he had a clone off working to help keep him fed, Harry focused on the now familiar source of power inside himself, and to make it move him elsewhere. Focusing on the spot he had already decided on, Harry put all of his focus on that spot, imagining himself just appearing there.

'CRACK' a loud bang disturbed the clearing Harry was in, some of the birds and smaller animals fleeing the area. Harry wasn't sure if he should be elated or depressed. It had only taken him about 10 minutes to get an entirely new power, yet It was only barely functional. There was just no way he could announce his arrival every time he used his power, Harry couldn't think of a better way to reveal his powers. While originally Harry didn't want to have people know about them to protect himself from the Dursleys, he now didn't think it was a good idea for anyone to know about them. Ever.

Despite his misgivings, Harry knew teleporting would be a useful, if not necessary power for himself to have, so the young boy got to work practicing, hoping to figure out a way to make it quieter. Besides, it wouldn't be as fun if the power was just given to him, he needed to hone and master these abilities. Harry spent the rest of the day practicing his teleporting, and while he was quite a bit faster with it, it was still the same volume, which was aggravating. Not to mention that when teleporting, in whatever direction Harry was looking at the beginning, would be where he was facing when he 'popped' to wherever he was going. Harry had a lot of work to do on yet another power of his.

Summer 2008~

It was fortunate timing for Harry that he finally reached a point where he had enough energy to make and maintain two clones within several weeks of 'discovering' teleporting. In fact, it was almost exactly two years after he had discovered his oft-used shape-shifting ability. So one late summer day, Harry went to one of the areas he used to practice, and focusing on his clone technique, pushed twice as much as he normally did into it.

Needless to say Harry was quite pleased when two replicas of himself came into existence. Harry was quite tired at this point, but not as much as when he had first created a clone, having a better idea of how to form and channel his energy for this ability. Upon creation, the first clone quickly transformed and went off to do some errands and chores around the neighborhood for Harrys minimal source of income. However the creator and second clone quickly got to work creating a new disguise for it to use.

After creating a blonde, and wider version of Harry, the clone went off to the Library, intent on reading as much as he could, specifically different sciences and maths. It wasn't that they were fun subjects, but Harry was partially intent on finding an explanation for his abilities, but also because some of it was awesome. In fact Harry took great pleasure in finding shortcuts and tricks for math, 'sticking it' to the problems. With both of the clones gone, Harry quickly devoured some of the lunch he had brought with him, and once finished, resumed trying to figure out how to teleport quietly.

When Harry had finally collapsed into his cot that night, he prepared himself for the backlash of the foreign memories that were now daily. It hadn't hurt for a while with the one clone, but with two now, he wasn't going to be optimistic. At exactly 9:00 that night, as usual the clones dispersed themselves. In the moments between the dispersal and the eventual blackout, Harry had a moment of clarity that he should have had the clones disperse with a minute or two in between.

Harry came to once again in the white expanse he now referred to as his mind-scape, referring to a comic book he had read with something similar. After a moment, Harry started to wander the obviously better organized field of memories. After looking at a couple of memories, curious about what their colors and shades meant, Harry found the clone he had made during his last visit, some months before. While Harry was rather surprised that It was still around, he had some curiosity satisfied. Even though Harry had been busy the last 5 months, he had for the first week or so wondered when, or even if he would get the memories of the clone in his head.

Harry asked the clone to dispel after watching it finish up rather skillfully anchor a memory. It was once the clone had dispelled, that Harry learned that he could get a headache in what he assumed was his own head. After shaking off the dull ache in his noggin, Harry found more memories around him, even if it was much less that he would have originally expected from 5 months of a clones memories. Harry made 2 more clones to replace the one just dispelled, and then went off to one of the sections he knew about. Having all of the organization clones memories gave Harry a couple of insights into how this world worked.

There was a section in the center where new memories formed, although they had started lately to form where there were similar memory types. However the area where Harry was heading was where the few memories of the mindscape were placed. Coincidentally it was also where a majority of the new memories had just formed. After reaching the memory he was looking for, Harry immersed himself into the memory several times to make sure he could recreate the feeling if need be. After leaving the memory, Harry went through several more memories before finding the right one. After having viewed the two memories of the incidents where he had accidentally entered the mindscape, Harry was fairly sure he understood how he did it, and was prepared to try to recreate it.

Harry once again left through a door to the real world, waking up the following morning. That day, after making the two clones, one doing chores at the Dursley's, and then around the neighborhood, and the other clone trying to learn how to teleport quieter. But the original Harry was diving in and out of his mindscape, learning just how to do it. It took him an hour of trying to do it, but he succeeded in his attempt, and it only got easier every time. After several hours, Harry was confident he could do it again whenever he might need to, and left to go to the movies with Amanda and Sam.

February 2009~

From that day forward, Harry always had his clones dispel themselves with a 30 second break in between, just to make sure he wouldn't knock himself out. Not to say that it always succeeded. His clones 'accidentally' both thought that they were the first one to dispel several times over the course of the next several months, but once Harry reviewed the alien memories, he knew his clones had a trickster streak to them. Which in retrospect meant that Harry himself did as well, since the clones were technically himself.

Over the months Harry had continued reading through science and maths books, and trying to learn how to silently teleport, along with developing his other powers. Harry was finally putting on some weight which he was happy about, and he was the healthiest he had ever been. If Dudley chased him now, he would be in for a disappointment, because Harry was quite fast. Dudley however had for the most part found other people to torture and tease, considering how elusive Harry was. Harry mostly had his transformation power, his teleportation, and speed to thank for that.

During the months since the second clones creation, Harry had also switched his scientific study away from the introductions to biology and anatomy it had originated, and veered it into the realm of realm of mechanics and physics. Of course, Harry was 8, so he barely understood half of the words used, but with a dictionary, and a set of introductory guides into the subject, he was able to make some headway. Chemistry was confusing, but luckily, it was primarily memorization at this point, so Harry could deal with it. Not only that, but with some of the extra money he was buying everything from toys to toasters, trying to figure out how they worked. It was slow, and Harry would have been completely lost without the internet, and owners manuals.

Harry however was in a crossroads concerning something. He didn't know if he should continue developing his current powers, or if he should create new ones. Harry currently was only happy with the progress of two of his powers, his transformation power, and his telekinesis power. Harry could currently change his hairs length at a rate of a foot in 20 seconds, and had a growing collection of styles and colors it could be. Harry could change the color of his skin to a degree, change his ears and nose somewhat. Harry was currently trying to change his height, but it was difficult. While Harry could only lift about a 55 kilo rock, he had quite a good amount of control. Taking an idea from star wars, Harry had started trying to screw and unscrew objects together with just his telekinesis. He read books without touching them, merely holding them up and flipping pages with a thought.

Apart from those two powers though, he still had a lot to learn. Harry was trying to develop walking on walls, control of electricity and fire, and teleportation. It was slow going however. Harry couldn't walk on walls, but he could stand still on one if he concentrated hard. It was a good workout as well, because Harry ended up holding up the rest of his body against gravity as well when doing it. Harry could get a good burst of electricity going, and he could make a small fireball the size of a tennis ball if he needed to. Considering teleportation was his newest power however, it was lagging behind the other powers in terms of development.

Harry's age came through in this decision however, so Harry began figuring out some of the newer ideas he had. One of the things he thought would be cool was singing plants into shapes, and making flowers bloom. It may not be extremely useful, but it was cool. His other two powers he was planning on trying out were both useful. Becoming invisible, as well as reading peoples minds would be super cool. Harry had a many other ideas, but these were the ones he thought he should try now.

Becoming invisible was rather straight forward, and reading peoples minds would consist of a lot of people watching, and trying to mess around with his power until something worked, however, Harry wanted to try something different for singing plants into shape. Considering it was a talent usually used by elves in his stories, Harry thought it would be a good idea to learn an elvish language to try and to it, instead of just using English. This began Harry's second interest, along with inventing, learning languages.

Something about having several different ways to say the same things, just appealed to Harry. Besides that, every cool hero ended up speaking another language like it was nothing, something else that appealed to the unbeknownst to him now Harry was learning Tolkien Elvish, but he already had plans for several languages, including French and Japanese. but that was for the future, for now, Harry was trying to figure out the basic grammar and watching videos in the Library.

And with his ever busier schedule taking up his life, Harry dedicated the rest of the school year to keeping up his good grades, and preparing himself for a life of being a cool hero and awesome inventor.

AN: Just to put in another small note, if Harry seems to be developing slowly in some areas, and quickly in others, its because as much as he would argue otherwise, he has troubles concentrating on something for too long, and a new power is almost always more interesting that an old one hes improving. If my Harry seems overpowered, Its because I want him to be. However I will be taking away some support he had in Cannon, as well as making the opponents he faces down the line more intelligent. Please PM or comment if you have thoughts or criticisms. I want to improve as a writer, and part of that is so it is a more enjoyable read for you.