Her Unknown Love

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Chapter 1

She sat alone in the Heads common room, one of the few times that she had it all to herself. Hermione was lost in thought about her troubles with the Head Boy, non other than Draco Malfoy. Dumbledore had said it would bring about house unity, but so far they had made a bigger wedge. She knew that Malfoy had fought for the light side, and helped Harry, but he refused to talk about it. It bothered her to no end that she didn't know the details. His house mates had drifted away, not wanting to associate with the blood traitor he was now.

Most of the fights were petty really, but they had been in front of students. They didn't have the hatred that they used to have, it was more out of habit. It made sense that neither of them wanted to back down, old habits. Even though he had changed since the war, she still found it odd that he didn't drop the "M" word. Still most of their fights started because he picked on her friends, well only on Ron. He left Harry alone, unless Harry stepped in to help, which didn't occur that often. Harry had just told her to let things go and ignore them. That Malfoy would stop eventually, she somehow doubted that would ever happen. Ron on the other hand had gotten detention for hexing Malfoy on several occasions.

Somehow she had to focus on the good things that happened to her this year. Ron had become her boyfriend, and she could not be happier. Well at least she believed she was happy, right? Her relationship was far from perfect, he was too demanding but he loved her and she loved him. Well at least she believed she did, they had been friends for years. Them becoming boyfriend/girlfriend seemed like the next step, even though she had no intention of going past a light snog. She still felt like she was missing something in her life but for now it eluded her. Maybe getting rid of Malfoy was it. All this thinking about Malfoy made her snap back into reality, and really think about the good things. She had her family for one, the Weasley's, and Harry. Harry had her back, especially after Ron had abandon them in fourth year, and during the horcrux hunt. They were like siblings, and she loved that especially with both being an only child.

Hermione had a wonderful idea on how to rid her self of a certain Head Boy. She would have to make it a good show because they have already been warned several times that if they didn't improve their attitudes they would be replaced. She could not allow that to happen, because of some lazy, selfish, inconsiderate jerk. She had a plan, and tomorrow no matter what that git did she was gong to remain calmed and collected. Her future depended on this. If anyone got replaced it would be him, end of story because she would be a perfect Head Girl.

Hermione was walking to her room just in time too. Malfoy had just walked into the common room and he looked ready to blow. She would deal with him in the morning right now she was in need of sleep. She got into bed and had the same dream she had had for a week now. In the dream she was walking to the altar but it wasn't Ron at the end, she knew that for sure, but it always ended as she got near.

He walked into the common room just in time to see her leave. Good thing too, because he had a bad day and a fight with her would have made it worse. Everyone thinks he is still that heartless bastard, well he is but not as much now. Some good came out of this War, and a new look on life was what he got. To bad no one would believe them if he told them.

After the War his life was turned upside down. He had helped the light side, but only Potter knew reason, and extent of his treason. You see he didn't just betrayed the Dark Lord, no he betrayed his own Father, and legacy. He had no problem with what he did, he was just trying to protect the one he loved. To bad she didn't see him like that, she almost didn't see him at all. Yes, he did have a heart contrary to popular belief. The reason he didn't talk about it was because he had also promised Potter that he would help as long as no one else ever knew his reasons. Needles to say Potter agreed on the spot, and now he was the last Malfoy.

His Mother had been killed by the Dark Lord, or so everyone thought. In truth it had been his Father, before he'd been captured. Later as he tried to escape, the Aurors fired multiple stunners. His Heart gave way, and he died before he could face any charges. He still believed he got off easy unlike his Mother, he had tortured her for hours. No one should go through that, he hated himself for not being able to save her.

He had decided to come back to Hogwarts for his last year. He didn't feel up to taking in full charge of the Malfoy accounts. Most of the accounts had been taken by the Ministry as compensation for the damage his Father had done as a follower of the Dark Lord. The main accounts were still vast and at the moment he only over saw a small part of them. After he left school he would take full control, his future was pretty much set. Well, almost set, now he just needed someone to love him.

The Slytherin's had pulled away, they were aware of his treason. Most had parents who ended up in Azkaban. Some blamed him, others secretly thanked me, he had saved them from a long bigoted life. They still pulled away afraid to look like traitors themselves. Blaise was the only one that talked to him anymore, his family had stayed neutral during the entire thing. Blaise understood his reasons for doing what he did, well he knew about his Mother, not about her. He didn't blame him at all like the others, and that made their friendship stronger.

Everything had worked out the way he had wanted, right? The one thing that bothered him was Potter, he knew the entire truth. Therefore he always got these pity looks from him. He was tired of being unhappy, he had done the right thing during the War. His happy ending was due, and he knew that without her would be unhappy the rest of his life. She was his future, maybe Potter could see that and now. He had made a decision, he was going to get what his heart longed for the most. It was a long shot, but he had to try. Christmas was coming up in a week, and he had the perfect plan to get her before then. Merlin help him, he was going to get his girl. He was going to make Hermione Granger his, at any cost. To bad she was now dating that stupid Weasley. No matter, he was the better choice and he was going to prove it.

He was tired now, tomorrow he would start on his plan. It had taken him a few days to figure out how to approach her, without getting hexed. The answer was simple, just be nice no matter what she said or did. It had to work right? Maybe he would even ask Potter for help. After all he was a reformed Slytherin, and he only became a Death Eater to spy for Potter. How could Potter refuse him, well maybe because he was Granger's best friend, and she was with the weasel. Not that Weasley was much of a boyfriend to her anyways. He had seen her pull away from the Weasley when he tried to kiss her. Okay now had a headache from all this thinking of them together.

He walked into his room and changed into his pyjamas, hoping against all hope this plan would work. He was glad for a moment that he was the last Malfoy, can you imagine what his Father would say if he saw him now. Showing feelings was not what a Malfoy did, at least not in a positive way. He laid in bed thinking about Granger like he did every night. With that in his mind he drifted of to sleep, hoping that the nightmares didn't come.

She woke up early, much more than usual. Her dream had faded again, but his face had been little clearer, no matter there was always tonight. After all this was a special day, today she would start to rid herself of that annoying Head Boy, that thought made her a little sad. She ignored it and got out of bed, she had much to do today. She dressed in her school robes and walked out the Head's common room. She was going to enjoy a lovely breakfast with Harry and Ron. Her plan was simple, no matter what Malfoy said or did today she was to remain calm. She would answer only with small and polite responses. How hard could this be? She was the smartest witch of her age after all, she could do this.

She walked into the Great Hall, it was still rather empty. She took her usual spot and served herself. The Gryffindor table was next to the Slytherin one this year. Harry had long since made the decision to sit facing them, and never gave the Slytherin's their backs. They would probably get hexed in a heart beat. Not by everyone, some she had notice had moved past all the bigoted thinking. Especially now that their parents were in Azkaban or dead. They didn't have to fallow so many rules, some became Head of House like Malfoy. Even Malfoy seemed changed, to bad he was still acting like an evil little git.

She had just started to eat when she saw Malfoy walk in to the Great Hall. Like always he sat at the end of the table, with only Blaise for company. Their eyes met and...did he just smile at her? A real smile, she had never seen him do that before. "Was he ill this morning?" She asked herself. She didn't have time to contemplate this as Ron, and Harry sat next to her. Ron tried to give her a morning kiss, but she pulled away. She made a swallowing motion, and apologized. Telling him she had food in her mouth always worked. Wait why did she always feel the need lie to him? She really need to think about their relationship. His frown disappeared but he didn't try again. She had noticed anger briefly pass in his eyes, Harry had also noticed but said nothing. He probably thought they were having another fight, it was all too common with them after all. After they had finish breakfast the three of them walked out the Great Hall.

On their way to Potions Malfoy had stopped them. Harry and Ron looked ready to strike, well just Ron really. She was about to push past him to keep walking when he had started talking to her.

"Hello Granger, wonderful morning isn't it?" She missed half the sentence because she was focused on his smile. Why was he still smiling, and at her? She asked herself.

"Granger, I said wonderful morning." repeated Malfoy himself.

She was still trying to figure him out, so she only nodded. Quickly thinking about her plan, she answered him. "Yes, its lovely right?" She could see he was a little taken back by her response. Probably thinking she would have blown him off, or worse. The smile on his face then got bigger. Walking away he replied "Yes, it really is now." Something was wrong and she was going to have to figure it out later. At the moment she had class so this would had to wait. The few students who had stopped hoping to see a fight walked away disappointed.

She then notice a very mad Ron being held back by a somewhat amused Harry. When Harry realized she was looking at him he pretended to look elsewhere. Why was everyone acting strange this morning? Turning back to Ron, she told him to let it go. Malfoy was probably ill, or something after all, he would be the usual git later or tomorrow. Ron still pissed off yanked her by the wrist and continued walking to Potions. She hated being treated like a procession. Why was he always acting like this? Would this always happen when other guys said anything to her.

She wanted to pull her hand away he was hurting her, but before she could they had arrived in class. Did he think just because they were going out she would be submissive to him. Didn't he remember that she was a Muggle-born, who happened to liked her independence. Well she was going to have to talk to him about this. She was her own woman, not some girl like Lavender, who like to be told what to do. She had always believed she could do anything she set her mind to, and she had proven her self many times before. She didn't mind protectiveness like how Harry acted, it was feeling owned that she didn't like. She was really starting to re-think her relationship with Ron. Would he always treat her like this in the future? Did he expect her to be a stay at home mom someday, with 7 kids, like Mrs. Weasley. No offence, but that was not what she wanted to do she could have a family and still work. Her mother had proven just how it was done. Her future husband had to understand that, she could work ans raise a family too.

The rest of the day passed by in a blur, and she had missed supper. The trip to the Library took longer than she had planned, and she was worn out. She needed sleep badly, her talk with Ron would have to wait. Walking back to the Head's common room she wondered if Malfoy was better. Wait, why was she even thinking about him? Maybe because he had been really nice to her that morning, well at least more than her own boyfriend. Ron had been her shadow all day, even getting mad at Neville for asking to borrow her notes. Well maybe it was that Neville had put his hand on her shoulder. It hadn't matter that Neville was a friend and Ron had over reacted.

She made it back to the common room, luckily she didn't have rounds today. Malfoy was there on the floor in front of the fire working on his homework. He really was handsome when he relaxed, he should do it more often. Whoa! Where did that come from? Why was she thinking about him like that? It was then she realized he was watching her intensely. She started blushing oh Merlin, she needed to calm down. He hates you, remember? Tomorrow he would be back to his usual behavior, and the fighting will begin again. Right?

"Goodnight Draco." the words came out her mouth before she had realized it. His first response was that smile again. She started walking away before she could make a bigger fool of herself. When she heard the words that made her heart jump.

"Goodnight, Hermione" Replied Malfoy with a sincerity that made her feel something. But what exactly, she didn't know. Maybe it was the way he had said goodnight or the way he so easily said her name. Either way she needed to leave the room, NOW!. She nodded her head and almost ran up to her room.

She needed to find out what Malfoy was playing at by being nice to her. Did he come up with the same plan as her? No, he had been nice to her in private no one would have seen that. Maybe that was part of the plan to make her doubt his sincerity. Then she would keep arguing and she would get replaced. Getting into bed she came to the conclusion that if they both continued to act like this neither would get replaced. It didn't matter as long as she continue to be nice, he would eventually crack. She had her doubts though, he really looked sincere. Besides that smile was wonderful, she liked that it was directed only at her. It just made her feel strange, nothing like that happened with Ron. Then why did Draco? She let that thought drift her off to sleep. Never realizing he she had also used his first name.

Draco's day had gone just a little better than hers. When he made it to breakfast she was already there. He had noticed that she didn't seem to want to kiss the weasel, he didn't blame her who would? He decided to make his first move before Potions, and possibly in front of Weasley. He knew it could had backfired, but to his wonderful luck she had been nice to him too. After he had said good morning to Hermione his day couldn't get any better. She had actually surprised him with her response. He didn't think she had realized that she had smiled back.

Well that happiness had been short-lived. Hermione had came into the classroom being yanked on by a very red and angry Weasley. Draco had wanted to Avada the weasel there and then. The only thing that stopped him was the fact that he would end up in Azkaban, therefore never getting his Hermione. He did notice she had also been mad, probably because of how he had treated her. It had taken all his will power not to hex that stupid wanna be boyfriend of hers.

He missed half the instructions during class, and Professor Snape(his Godfather) had taken his half-finished potion and given him detention. He just couldn't pay attention to the potion when Hermione kept rubbing her wrist, which had bruised already. Merlin help him he was in deep, he just wanted to take care of her. He was going to get that weasel back, he wasn't a Slytherin for nothing. No one hurt the woman he loved, and got away with it. They might suspect him because he is always fighting with him, but they would have no proof. He was the Head boy after all, and needed to set a good example for the fellow students. Getting caught would not set a good example.

He had kept his distance after that, hoping to keep himself out of Azkaban. He even had to hide in an alcove, so he wasn't seen. He was a Malfoy he shouldn't need to hide, but he knew he had to. His blood would boil every time he saw them together, Weasley had even snapped at Longbottom. He had only needed her notes but, he had touched her shoulder, and Weasley almost blew his top. Weasley was way to possessive of her, he could tell she didn't like it. Weasley had kept close to Hermione all day, he was basically her shadow. After he could take no more he decided to spend the rest of the day in the Great Lake. He had missed dinner but one of the perks of being a Head was their own stocked kitchen.

He had made it back before her, ate some food and started on his potions essay. He knew he had to make it good to help his grade after today's Potion class. He was almost done when she walked in. She was giving him a strange look, almost as if she realized something for the first time. She snapped out of it when she realized he had been looking at her. She was beautiful, he was once again glad he was the last Malfoy. Now he could be with her, if she let him. "Of course she will" he thought. We are perfect for each other, she just doesn't see it yet.

She had said goodnight to him, and called him Draco. He was ecstatic, and he had smiled at her. He had been polite back and said goodnight as well, calling her Hermione. He had notice a small blush, and her smile brighten, he was positive she hadn't meant to. She had almost ran into her room, and he hoped that she would call him Draco again soon. He sat there and stared at her door, was she asleep already? She had look ready to pass out, her work load was just as heavy as his so he understood. Something else had caught his attention, that stupid bruise Weasley had given her. The planing had to begin in the morning. He couldn't let Weasley get away with hurting her.

He put away his paper and walked into his room. He did not miss his old common room or bedroom. Especially now that his own House had turned their backs on him. Stupid fools, they hadn't realized he still had his money. Money meant power, although unlike his Father he would use it for good. Soon he would also have back his standing in society thanks to Hermione, not his reason for taking her way from Weasley. It sure would help though, she would be treated like a queen she was. Not some housewife, he knew she would want to work and he had no problem with that. As long as she was happy he would give her whatever she wanted, plus more. Look at him acting all sappy, things sure changed in the last few years.

He got dressed into his pyjamas, and into bed still thinking about her. He hoped that she would accept him sooner rather than later. He was going to talk to Potter tomorrow, and smooth over some details. Potter had to see she was not happy with Weasley right? How could he not, they were together all the time. He fell asleep and dreamed about her in his arms, and making sweet love to her.

Tomorrow would be a good day, or so he thought...

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