Her Unknown Love

Chapter 5

Draco woke up to Hermione still in his arms, loving the way she just fit next to him. He had the best night sleep that he could remember. He was thankful that even after the attack, she let him, of all people hold her. Speaking of which he needed to move away, he didn't want his morning problem to scare her. He was in needed of a cold shower, he gathered some clothes before going into the bathroom. Once done, he made his way back to the bedroom, noticing that she had shifted to his side. He left the room quietly, she still needed to rest.

Potter had already been making tea in the small kitchenette and offered him a cup. They both mumbled a simple good morning, and sat down to enjoy the tea.

"How was the rest of your night, Potter?"

"Not as warm as yours probably." Potter chuckled.

"She just needed to feel safe."

"True, still I bet that she was in your arms all night." Draco just grinned.

"Yes, she was, but..." Potter gave him a knowing look. "...we both know I would never take advantage of her or the situation."

"I know that, and I hope you both get together. I only ever wanted her to be happy, and I mistakenly thought she was."

"We all make mistakes, mine was never fighting for her. Maybe if I had all this wouldn't be happening."

"I'm to blame too, I told you to back off since she looked happy with him. Maybe this was always meant to happen." Neither spoke for a while, both over-thinking their past decisions. Harry was the one to break the silence.

"I thought of something else to help her."

"I see, and what would that be?" Malfoy didn't realize that a hint of jealousy passed through his face, but Harry did.

"Don't get worked up Malfoy, I want to adopt her."

"She's a little old for that, don't you think?" Draco knew what Potter meant.

"Not as my child Malfoy, as my sister." Harry said with a chuckled knowing that Malfoy was trying to be funny.

"That's great, the more protection the better."

"Do you really think she needs that much protecting? The Weasley's don't hold any power."

"True but they have the great manipulative Dumbledore."

"He won't help them." He said it so matter of fact that Draco wished he could believe him.

"Think about it Potter, he already tried once yesterday." Draco knew Potter would have a hard time with Dumbledore turning on him.

"You're right he did, while pushing Hermione to forgive the bastard."

"Look all I am saying is that we should keep an eye on him."

"Yeah, you're right."

"Are you going to tell Mia about the adoption?"

"Mia, doesn't need to know about it until I have it all worked out."

"Only I get to call her that Potter, don't forget." Harry wanted to laugh, Malfoy way too protective of her. He wondered how long it would take Hermione to put him in his place with her "I can take care of myself" speech.

"What ever you say Malfoy. I will be at 12 Grimmauld Place it's under the Fidelius Charm. Now you know the secret, and you can go there."

"Thank you for telling me where the house is." Potter nodded drinking his tea.

"I will have Hermione recast the Charm before we come back for the new term." Draco's understood it was to remove all others who knew the secret and were untrustworthy.

"Do you still want to continue with the fake engagement then?"

"Yes we continue as planned, with you as her fiancé. She'll think being engaged to me too weird, even if its fake. She won't want to drag anyone else into what she believes are her problems. She's feels safe with you, you are her choice. I trust you and in return so does she." Draco simply nodded.

"Have your solicitor to contact Ragnok, yes he's a goblin, and my solicitor. I will let him know what's happening, maybe he can give us some other ideas."

"I'll write my solicitor when you leave, but you know that he has to think this is real. Unlike your goblin solicitor, the Ministry could use Veritaserum on him, if Dumbledore or the Weasley's report him of fraud."

"I understand, but Ragnok will know the truth. He can help us more if he knows what he's dealing with. This engagement needs to look completely real, everything will be legally done. We don't want anyone questioning it later."

"Understood, what ever it takes count on me." Draco knew he should formally ask Potter for permission to court Hermione, not only as her best friend, but also as her soon-to-be brother, and Head of House.

"Lord Potter, I would like to formally ask for your permission to court Hermione." Harry knew what Malfoy was really asking, he wanted his approval to really court Hermione, and not just because of the plan.

"That sounds like a wonderful idea Lord Malfoy, you of course have my permission to court Hermione. Be sure to ask her permission as well though." Harry really hated all this formal crap, he was glad that he didn't have to do it often.

"Thank you Lord Potter, I will be sure to ask Hermione as well." Draco was glad that Potter understood, now he just had to ask her.

"Can I set up the Marriage contract between you and Hermione while I am at Gringotts?"

"Yes, add a Bride price..." He held out his hand to stop Potter from speaking. "...I know she won't like it I know, but it has to be done."

"You're right she won't, but I will be giving her a Dowry, so you won't be the only one to piss her off. Do I need to get the engagement ring?"

"No, I saw one in my family history that will be perfect, I just need to get it from my vault."

"You can decide the Bride price, no need to drag it out. Just make sure it's acceptable for a witch of her future stature. Everything will be returned back to you when this is over. I hope to have everything done before Christmas" Harry had to mentally laugh at Malfoy's face when he mention "her future stature" he meant as his sister and Lady Potter, poor sod was in deep.

"I'll make sure it's acceptable, don't worry. So you'll be getting a new family member for Christmas, how lucky are you?"

"Not as lucky as you'll be, who know's she might actually want to marry your sorry arse in the end." Draco thought about Potters words they held no malice but they still hurt. Knowing that this could all end with a real heart-breaking rejection from her.

They continued to talk some more, deciding on several things including hiding the engagement as for long as possible. They wanted the upper hand in this. They also agreed that Draco should continue to dislike Hermione. Although Draco hated the idea, he remembered the looks he got yesterday for being nice to her. No need to have the entire school talking and asking questions too soon. The conversation continued to moved smoothly for a while, until Potter needed to leave.

"I should head off, please tell Hermione that I will miss her. I'm sure that Molly will be screaming up a storm when she finds out I left the Burrow. Her first stop will be Grimmauld Place, so I should be there. Take care of her, and if she doesn't listen to you tell her I won't pick up the new edition of Hogwarts: A History."

Both men were chuckling at what Hermione's reaction would be to not getting her favorite book. Harry got up and started to leave, putting on his invisibility cloak. After a quick good-bye he disappeared, the only sign that he was gone was the painting quickly opening and closing.

Draco decided to go and write his solicitor, the faster he sent his owl the better.

Draco was sitting on the chair by the fire, he had finished his letter long ago. He was waiting for Hermione to wake up, he wanted to make sure she didn't need anything before going to the Owlery. He was lost in his thoughts, that he didn't hear the painting opened and was startled by Dumbledore's loud voice.

"Ah, good Morning Mister Malfoy." Draco decided to stay sitting annoyed that they caught him of guard, he only replied after his Godfather cleared his throat loudly.

"Good Morning to you to Headmaster, and to you too Professors, Madam Pomfrey." Everyone just nodded in response.

He knew why Madam Pomfrey was here, and he desperately needed an excuse about why Hermione was in his bedroom. He missed Madam Pomfrey walking up the stairs into Hermione's bedroom. He expected to come out right away, and question why Hermione wasn't in there. Several minutes passed until the nurse came out.

"How is she doing Poppy?" asked Professor McGonagall, worried etched on her face.

"She's better, but she still needs another's day rest just to make sure."

"I said she would be, it was just a minor disagreement." Said the Headmaster, by the looks he was getting from McGonagall she disagreed with him again. Draco wanted to scoff, apparently assault, and attempted rape was consider a minor disagreement in Dumbledore eyes.

"Mister Malfoy, has she up this morning?" Asked Madam Pomfrey. Draco was still trying to figure out how she was in her own bedroom to begin with.

"No Madam Pomfrey. I have been out here all morning and I haven't seen her." He truthfully hadn't.

"Poor child was still sleeping, I woke her when I was checking on her."

"Mister Malfoy as Head Boy, I would like for you to make sure that she eats today. I'm sure she can manage on her own tomorrow." said Professor McGonagall.

"I'll have an elf to take her a meal, when I take mine. Don't expect me to hand feed her, she'll have to manage on her own." Everyone was a little taken back by his cold response, especially after the way he protected her the day before. Potter had been right the less friendly he acted towards her the less problems they would face.

"That will be sufficient Mister Malfoy. No need to keep you from your duties, just because the Head Girl is feeling unwell." Came the cold reply from the Headmaster, and apparently everyone was going to ignore his attitude.

"I'm glad that you understand Headmaster, being the new Lord Malfoy does make my time rather limited."

"Please let Miss Granger know that Mister Weasley will be leaving today." said Professor McGonagall.

"When I see her I will inform her Professor, but I won't seek her out to deliver the message." He hated to think what the Professors were thinking of him at the moment, especially his Godfather. Although he probably knew that Draco had a good reason for acting this way.

"Well we won't take anymore of your time Mister Malfoy, have a pleasant Saturday." With that the Headmaster usher everyone out. Once he knew they were truly gone he made his way to Hermione's room.

Hermione woke up to an empty bed, and hugging Draco's pillow. She was glad she was alone, no one could see her blushing. She decided to go and have a bath, she was hungry but that would have to wait. She was happy that the bathroom connected both of the bedrooms. Walking from the bathroom to her bedroom she gathered some clean pyjamas. She set the water and added the honeysuckle and jasmine bath oils that Harry had given her, for her birthday. She set a silencing spell on both doors and locked them, not wanting to have the boys walk in on her.

She had lost track of time, so she got out not wanting to get wrinkly. She did feel more relaxed, but the tired feeling was still there. After drying and dressing herself she took the sells off the doors and went back into her room. She decided to magically dry her hair too, she didn't want to get sick. She had an odd feeling that it would be best to lay down for a while, she almost decided against it but she did need the rest. She got under the covers and within minutes she was asleep. What felt like minutes later, but could have been hours, she was woke up by Madam Pomfrey performing her diagnostic spells on her. The nurse looked sadder than she had after the War, and Hermione got worried.

"Madam Pomfrey, is something wrong with me?"

"Oh no child you're perfectly fine. The tiredness you're probably feeling is due to your core replenishing itself from the ambient magic. Accidental magic at your age can leave you tired for a couple of days, no lasting damage. One more day of bed rest and you will be as good as new."

"Okay thank you, but is there something else that I should know?" Madam Pomfrey's face fell, and Hermione knew there was.

Madam Pomfrey spoke in a soft whisper. "I have this for you, please burn it after you have read it. Be careful of who you trust."

"Madam Pomfrey what is this?" she asked taking the envelope from the nurse.

"I must go now, don't trust the Headmaster, he's not what he used to be." Saying a quick good-bye, she closed the door. Hermione immediately started reading the letter, dreading what it could hold inside.

Draco walked into her room, only to find her crying. He wondered what the nurse could have said to make her cry. Madam Pomfrey had said she was fine, only needing more rest. Either way he needed to make her feel better. He climbed into the bed and hugged her tightly. He rubbed her back urging her to relax. He decided it was time to find out why she was crying.

"Mia sweetheart what's wrong, did you get bad news?" She only nodded her head and handed him a letter. He hadn't even seen it until she handed it to him, he unfolded it and started to read. It didn't take long to figure it out what had upset her.

Miss Granger,

I have no choice, but to be as direct as possible. Know that I don't write this to hurt you in any way, I merely wish to warn you. It wont be possible to do so in person as I know the Headmaster will be with me when I see you.

Last night I was privy to a conversation between the Headmaster and Mister Weasley, they were planning ways to make you Marry into the Weasley family. Mainly to Mister Weasley himself, by any means necessary. I don't condone this in any way, which is why I felt you should be warned.

They plan on using Pure-blood laws against you, as a Muggle-born you will have no choice but to follow them. They are also planning to use Love Potions if you resist. I'm sorry, I don't know which laws or Potions they have in mind. I know you are strong and will resist them, so they will be forced to use the Love Potions to make you docile. I will start making several Love Potion antidotes as soon as possible for you to use when necessary. Only tell those you really trust child, don't let them win. I will try to help however else I can, please let me know if you need anything at all.

Madam Pomfrey

"Mia we already knew this, although it helps to have her help with the antidotes."

"I know it's just hard to hear it from another person. How can they do this to me?"

"I don't know sweetheart, sometimes a people aren't who we think they are." He finally felt her finally relax into his embrace. His need to make her feel safe gave him an idea.

"Mia can you come with me? We need to do something and then you can rest again." He felt he hesitate for a second before she answered.

"Sure, where are we going?"

"You'll see come."

He took her hand and walked her out to the common room. She hadn't missed the fact that he was calling her sweetheart and, Mia, it made her feel special and warm all over. He shouldn't be having this effect on her, nonetheless she liked his gentle touches, and words. Their friendship was so new, yet she was as comfortable with him, as she was with Harry. It was a comfort that even Ron hadn't provided after years of friendship. Why was Draco so different? She had been so lost in thought that she missed the fact that they were heading out the painting.

"Don't worry, we won't be going further than the painting. What should it be


"The new password to get in, of course. It will make you feel safer if you know no one but us, and Potter can get in."

"Um...okay, what about...domini draconum, do you like it?" He chuckled and nodded. Why did he make her want to melt, especially now.

He turned to the painting of the Lion and the snake. "That is the new password to get in, I don't care who they are, if they don't have it the will NOT be allowed entry. Is that clear?" It was times like this that he was glad the painting held animals, Dumbledore couldn't get information from them. "Follow my rule, I don't care it they are professors, they don't get it." The Lion roared, and the snake hissed in approval.

"Come you need to rest some more." With that he pulled her into the common room and up to her bedroom. He made sure she was laying down. Even though she had a pout on her face she was too tired to fight him on it.

"Would you owl Harry with the new password and what Madam Pomfrey wrote in her letter?"

"Sure, I need to go to the Owlery anyway's. Will you be fine while I'm gone?"

"Draco I'm not made of glass, I will be fine. Could you hide the letter until Harry can read it himself?" He really did liked how easily she called him Draco, like she had done it for years.

"Alright but when I come back you have to eat something, and then we need to talk." She nodded and started drifting of to sleep, he made a quiet exit.

He sat down and wrote Potter's letter quickly, he wanted to be back as soon as possible. He made his way to the Owlery quickly. He sent his owl to his solicitor, and Harry's letter with a school owl, that way no one would know who sent it. Getting back took longer due to a fifth year Gryffindor hexing a first year Slytherin, he had to take the younger student to the Hospital wing. A hand full of students stayed and he managed to run into two, who just happened to be fighting. What luck right?

He didn't make it back to the common room until almost noon. Once inside the common room he called a house elf and order lunch for them both. She was still sleeping, but she needed to eat so he woke her up. She hadn't had anything besides tea last night, and he knew she would be starving. She woke up slowly, and when she smelled the food she sat up right away. They sat on the bed and ate, both enjoying the meal.

He asked her how she was in her own bed when the nurse had came in. She told him, and he laughed because neither him nor Potter had heard her move about. It also made him realize that since the war was over he had let his guard down, he should have heard her. He needed to get back into the constant vigilance state of mind again.

His explanation didn't take as long as she thought it would, she agreed with the entire plan. She also agreed that Dumbledore could be a major problem. He told her about the Marriage contract, and all the formality that went with it. She was upset about the Bride price and the Dowry, but was happy he would get his Bride price back after everything was over. She also understood why he had to act like he still disliked her in public, not that she liked it either especially now that she had seen his good side.

"Is Harry getting the Marriage contract done today?."

"He should, we really do mean well, the contract can be broke at any time. I'm sure Potter will put in several clauses to protect you."

"I know I trust him to make sure of that. Not that I don't trust you too now, oh bugger you know what I mean, right?"

"Language Hermione." He started laughing at her frustration and language, he'd never heard those words come from her. She pouted, and started laughing with him.

"Since you trust me, would you give me your permission to court you?" He held his breath waiting for her answer.

"I think that we could give it a try, although even with our pending engagement I would like to take things slow."

"We will, the engagement will have nothing to do with how fast we move."

He held her in his arms enjoying the moment, her honeysuckle and jasmine fragrance made him feel relaxed. They made small talk until she started to doze off. Since she had laid her head on his chest, he decided to also fall asleep, this was becoming all to common. With the new Common room password he was sure that no one would find them like this.

Unknown to them, a certain red-head was trying to gain entry to the common room. After being denied entry a third time, he had assumed he'd forgotten the password. Cursing his luck he left, thinking of ways to make Hermione pay for this too. He was thinking of ways to humiliate her in front of the school, without getting caught of course. He had a good reputation for defeating the Dark Lord, and all the willing witches who believe him to be good were a nice perk, no need to ruin that. He had a lot of planning to do including how to keep Potter on his side, he would no doubt take hers. Without him everything would fail, and he couldn't let that happen.

Harry's day could have gone a lot better. Just like he imagined Molly, and Ginny did look for him at Grimmauld Place. Molly had came through the floo yelling about his lack of manners for leaving without a saying a word. He tried to explain that he had left because he had busy day planned. Only after he mentioned that his day included buying Christmas gifts did she leave him alone. Ginny wanted to go with him but he declined saying that if she went he wouldn't be able to buy her special gift. In her mind that meant him getting an engagement ring, he let her think what she wanted.

He went shopping for Christmas gifts, in Diagon Alley. Only a few people would get gifts from him this year. He has also picked up Hermione's new copy of Hogwarts: A History, knowing she would hex him is he didn't. After all his shopping bags had been shrunken down, he made his way to Gringotts. He truly hoped that Ragnok would be able to help him in so short notice.

Making his way into the Bank he made sure to introduce himself and ask for his solicitor. He had been a tad louder than needed, making sure everyone heard that a goblin was his solicitor. If he could trust them, then surely they could too. He was quickly ushered to Ragnok's office, again making sure everyone heard. He was sure that if the goblins could, they would have laughed at his antics but they remained professional. He took a seat in front of the massive desk that Ragnok occupied, befitting his stature as Director of Gringotts.

"Greetings Lord Potter, may the blood of your enemies flow freely."

"Greetings Director Ragnok, may your gold flow as freely as their blood."

"I'm glad you came there are some things we need to discuss."

"What would they be?"

"It looks like your accounts had been managed by an untrustworthy goblin. He is now in exile awaiting his punishment. We have a full audit being conducted. Monthly withdrawals have been made since your parents passed away, and when you started school the amounts became larger."

"May I ask who the money is going to, and how much?"

"Albus Dumbledore is getting forty thousand Galleons monthly, and three Weasley's getting five and three thousand Galleons a month. Several others, including other Weasley's are also receiving money, but we believe that they were unaware that the money is coming from you."

"I see, are the three Weasley's Molly, Ronald, and Ginevra?"

"Yes they are, the money is being put into private vaults. So far all the money is coming out of your trust vault. I don't believe that Dumbledore was aware you have others. At least the last goblin kept that to himself, if Dumbledore knew, more money would have been stolen."

"How much money are we speaking of?"

"At the moment our estimates are at over ten million Galleons, but it could grow as the audit continues. We are reviewing every transaction ever made."

"Well, at least its a small sum, the trust vault was never meant to hold much."

"Do you wish for us to start the retrieval process now, or when we finished our audit?" He knew the money needed to continue until Hermione was completely safe, she was more important than the money.

"Not just yet, the money needs to continue as usual for the time being. Also Hermione was attacked by Ronald Weasley yesterday. The Weasley's are apparently planning to basically enslave her in Marriage. I want to stop that from happening, I need a Marriage contract between Hermione and Lord Malfoy, it needs to be real, but with a way out."

"Well I'm happy to say we can help with that."

"I also wish to adopt her as my sister."

"In that case the adoption will have to be first, as only her Head of House or guardian can sign the contract. She would also need to sign it herself for it to be valid."

"She is of age, and as future Head of House I can sign later, right?"

"Well as a Muggle-born she has a magical guardian until she marries, or in this case you become her Head of House. Unfortunately Dumbledore became her guardian when she started Hogwarts."

"Well then it's even more urgent that I adopt her."

"I will have everything ready for Tuesday afternoon. We should do a goblin adoption ritual, the Ministry can't dispute it."

"That is a great idea, thank you Ragnok." The goblin only nodded his head and began making notes.

"I'm I to assume there will be a Bride price and Dowry included in the contract."

"Yes Lord Malfoy's solicitor will contact you with the Bride price. He is under the impression that this is completely real, you understand?" Only a simple nod was given, of course he knew all about the Ministry's loopholes. "Accept whatever amount he offers and put it in a separate account so that it can be returned when all this is over. As for the Dowry make it five percent of the Black Family vault. Also add ten percent of the Potter Family vault into her account, as a welcome to the family present."

"That is very generous Lord Potter. Do you wish for me to make an account under Hermione Potter?"

"No, just add it to her own?"

"Muggle-borns are not allowed to have account vaults, it's Ministry law. She has always just exchanged her Muggle money for Galleons. As your future sister, you can make one for her."

"In that case give her one under Hermione Potter." He hated the all the discrimination she went through. Would she have ever told him about not being able to have a vault.

"Did you wish to add any other clauses to the contract? Do you trust Lord Malfoy with this?"

"I do trust Lord Malfoy with this, but she will still need to feel protected. Make sure that to break the contract we go through a very rigorous screening. Check for potions, curses, hexes, and anything else you can think of."

"It will be taken care of, I will also add a few more goblin friendly ways to ensure she is well protected. I will inform you of them on Tuesday, is that acceptable, Lord Potter?"

"That's fine, now that we have discovered the theft of my money. I need to make a new will to exclude them. Do you have time for that now?"

"For you Lord Potter, I always have the time."

Harry left the Gringotts hours later, tired but more relaxed. He has made changes to his Will, Hermione will be taken care of. People would be in for a shock if they saw it today. He had also realized that he did in fact have to buy Christmas gifts for the Weasley's. He had to look like he was on Ron's side until everything was taken care of. After another hour of shopping he headed home, he needed to rest.

Kreacher had given him Malfoy's letter, reading it he was thankful that Madam Pomfrey was willing to help. He wrote Malfoy back about what he accomplished at Gringotts, and decided to send Kreacher to deliver it as it was faster, and safer.

"Kreacher!" A crack sounded and the house-elf appeared.

"Please take this to Malfoy, tell him if he needs to send me a letter to call for you."

"Yes, Master I will take it now."

He hoped the Weasley's would not show up any more during the weekend, but with his luck they would be here tomorrow. After dinner he would lock the house down with only access for Hermione, and Malfoy. Kreacher was doing a good job of cleaning the house, it looked more welcoming now. He needed to thank Kreacher again, and get him some help.

Draco woke up to Kreacher poking his side none to gently. He removed himself from Hermione's side, trying not to wake her. He finally acknowledge the house-elf, who stood and waited quietly, a major change from the old Kreacher he remembered.

"What is it Kreacher?"

"Master Potter sends a letter. He said if you need to send him a letter, to call for me."

"Thank you Kreacher." With that the house-elf disappear with a soft crack. He finished reading the letter, when he felt movement behind him.

"You know it's not polite to read over someones shoulders." She ignored him, upset that she had got caught.

"Is the letter from Harry?"

"Yeah, here you can read it while I get us something to eat, preferably out of bed. I don't think Madam Pomfrey will mind if you're out of bed for a while." Hermione blushed at the mention of them in bed, even though nothing had happened. She read the letter, and quickly followed him out to the common room.


I have Ragnok working on everything we talked about. Like I expected Molly, and Ginny showed up to demanding to know why I left. I managed to get them to leave, don't think that will keep them out long. I'm happy that Hermione is better even if she needs one more days rest. We need to talk, I found some more interesting things about our dear Weasley's.

Let Hermione know that I miss her already. I will be over around noon, if I don't have any uninvited guest to kick out first. Thank you for taking care of her, I owe you. Also stop addressing my letters as The Otter, unless you want me to start addressing yours as The Ferret again.


Hermione started laughing at the letter, she now had proof that they were friends. Neither could deny it now, they were simply to stubborn to admit it.

"What do you think he needs to talk about?"

"Not sure, with everything that's happening its a guess really."

"Will you two ever admit to being friends?"

"Very unlikely, because were not friends."

"Whatever you say, Ferret." She expected Draco to get mad, but he just chuckled.

Hermione spent the rest of the day reading on the couch after they finished eating. He made her laugh when he draped a heavy throw blanket on her "Don't want you catching a cold too." he told her.

Every-once in a while she caught herself looking at Draco as he wrote letters to manage his estate. She was sure that he was too focused to notice, she had to admit that he was different from what she expected. The feeling that she had about him were different from what she had felt for Ron. Draco had gone out of his way to help her, make her feel safe, something that until lately only Harry had done.

That night they both went to bed, after a quick "good night" from each other. She saw the sad look pass over his face when she said she was going to sleep in her own room. Hermione couldn't deny that she felt safe with the new common room password, still she missed being held by Draco. She found that strange, was Harry right? Did she have feelings for Draco without realizing it? She decided to drop the subject and just fall asleep although it had never been harder.

Draco had remained awake to make sure she hadn't needed anything. He also decided to leave his door open, wanting to make sure he could hear any strange noises. Weasley could very well attempt to kidnap Hermione, the painting was not unbreakable after all. Although he knew he left the door open hoping that Hermione could easily get to him. He couldn't deny that he had hoped Hermione would ask to share his bed again. He understood why she hadn't, but a bloke could hope right? Sleep didn't come easy, but after about an hour he finally slipped into slumber.

He was dreaming that Hermione in his arms, when he felt a small movement on the side of the bed. He quickly jumped up with his wand drawn, ready to hex the intruder. Hermione's shrink found his ears and he realized she was the one on his bed.

"I'm sorry Mia, I didn't know it was you." He put his wand on the night table and climbed into bed, and hugged her.

"No, I should have said something before coming in." She looked fine, but something was bothering her.

"What's wrong, did something happened?"

"No I...well...I wanted to sleep here tonight, and I didn't want to wake you up."

"Okay, if you want to sleep here, I wont stop you. My bed is always opened for you...that sounded very wrong...sorry I didn't mean it like that okay." He hated how uncertain he sounded around her lately.

"I understand, are you going to ask me why I want to sleep here?"

"No, if you want to tell me that's fine, but I wont pry." He gestured for her to get under the covers, the room was getting cooler with the dying fire.

"Thank you, for being who you are and not throwing everything that happened in my face."

"There's nothing to throw. Come, you still need to sleep. Potter is coming over tomorrow, and I can't have him thinking I'm not taking care of you." She said nothing, she simply shifted and relaxed into his body. As much as he liked having her in his arms, he knew she must have had a bad nightmare. He would wait until she told him, he meant what he said he wouldn't pry. He decided to close and spell the his door closed, now that she was in here it would be another safety measure. Falling asleep with a smile on his face, he thanked Merlin for this moment.

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domini draconum - Dragon Lord