Stranded. Two other guys, they called themselves Japan and Germany, and I were stuck on a remote island in the middle of nowhere, for about a week now. We've ran out of food. We're starving. I decided to swim in the ocean a bit, as I was the one to try to lighten the mood. It was about 3:45 PM, and the sun was high in the sky, a pale yellow. I jumped into the water, and started splashing around, trying to make the best of the situation. I glanced over to Germany and Japan, sitting near the place where we usually made a campfire at night. They seemed to be talking. About what, I didn't know, but Germany held his stomach in pain. I guessed they were talking about finding food, so I kept swimming. Eventually, the sun was setting, so I got out of the salty water and grabbed my jacket, as it gets very cold, about 15 degrees, at night. Odd, how a tropical paradise can transform into a winter wasteland within a day's time. I slid my arms through the armholes, and zipped it up, sitting next to the campfire, chatting about finding rescue. I suggested we use rocks to make a " help me " sign, but the others said the chances of finding rocks that big that we could carry. After a few hours, it was night, and I was exhausted from helping gather firewood. I laid my head down on the soft, comforting sand and drifted to a deep sleep. The other two silently got up and picked me up. Very gentle, as to not wake me up. They laid me down on the water, face first, and Japan gave a nod to Germany. They laid their hands on my shoulders, and shoved my head under. I snapped awake almost instantly, and began to thrash around. After about 1 and a half minute, I let my limbs go limp. I was already planning my escape as they dragged me back to the campfire area, setting me up, face looking at the sky. I slightly opened my eyes and saw Japan get out his katana. I figured this was my chance, so I leaped to my feet and sprinted so hard that my legs were tired in about 20 seconds. I slowed down to a run, and glanced behind me. The others were in tight pursuit, and I heard Germany yelling for me to stop. Like I would listen, anyways. I didn't even see the huge rock right in front of my foot as I turned around. My foot caught, and I fell. As I was falling, the last thing I saw was a sharp glint of silver steel and...

I snapped awake once more. I was sitting in front of my computer, on the Creepypasta Wiki. I shuddered a bit, and closed the page. I got up and walked to the bathroom, going to take a nice, warm, comforting shower.

Whee! My first serious story! Don't expect much more! I decided to make this after reading the Creepypasta entitled "Axis Powers Hetalia: Episode 23.5". Give it a read! ( Warning: it will break your heart. I am not responsible for any heartbreak. )

And, I'm off!