Thora's Story

I remember Dagur mentioned having a sister in the Defenders of Berk episode, "The Night and the Fury". So I thought it would be interesting what would happen if she were introduced in the series. What would her story be? As a fan of the series, I decided to try a possible story.

DISCLAIMER: I do not own "Dragons: Riders/Defenders of Berk" or "How to Train Your Dragon", I am merely exploring an alternate story.

With that said, let's begin!

Twinsanity: Part 1

After a day of training at the Dragon Training Academy, Hiccup and Toothless soon came lumbering up to their house for a bite to eat. Just as the young Viking was about to open the door, he heard two familiar voices arguing back and forth.

"Argh, suck in your gut, Stock!" Gobber's voice said gruffly.

"Agh, it's sucked, Gobber!" Stoick's voice replied, strained. "It doesn't suck anymore than this!"

Hiccup opened the door and saw Gobber trying to help Stoick get a special belt on. Only the belt looked a little too small for muscular chief.

"Ah, the ceremonial belt." Hiccup shrugged as walked into the house with Toothless following him. "Is it that time again?"

"Yep." Stoick gasped for air as Gobber tried to tighten the belt. "Tomorrow is the annual treaty signing with the Berserker Tribe."

"They gotta change that name." Gobber said casually. "When your Chief's Osvald the Agreeable and you haven't been to war in fifty years…"

"Oh, please tell me he's not bringing that lunatic kid of his." Hiccup moaned.

"Dagur?" Gobber replied. "Oh, he'll be here. And so will Thora most likely."

"His sister, I have no problems with." Hiccup rolled his eyes. "In fact, if anything, she has my sympathy. But I guess I'll still have to keep Dagur out of trouble."

"Actually, I have a more important job for you." Stoick said. "You get to hide all the dragons."

The moment the chief mentioned "dragons", Toothless looked at Hiccup with confusion. The young Viking glanced at the Night Fury and raised an eyebrow, sharing his friend's sentiment.

"From Osvald the Agreeable?" he questioned. "Why?"

"Hiccup," Stoick said, "just because we've had peace with them for fifty years doesn't mean they still can't go…well…"

"Berserk?" Gobber finished.

"Exactly." Stoick nodded. "The dragons could be seen as an aggression. Better blissful than bloody, I always say."

Stoick briefly chuckled at his own joke.

"And the last thing we want is another Berserker skirmish." Gobber said, serious. "They tend to play for keeps."

"Just hide the dragons, son," the chief ordered before letting out grunt of discomfort as Gobber tightened his belt some more.

Hiccup let out a sarcastic sigh before turning to Toothless.

"Well, c'mon bud," he gestured, "let's get the others."

The next day, early in the morning, Hiccup, Astrid, Snotlout, and Fishlegs, along with their dragon companions, had gathered all the other dragons on Berk and began herding them toward the caves behind the Island.

"Is Dagur coming?" Snotlout asked. "He's so cool."

" "Cool"?" Hiccup said in near-disbelief. "Last time he was here, he used me as a knife-throwing target."

"That guy should be locked up in a cage." Astrid scowled.

"That's what he did to me." Fishlegs said. "He wouldn't let me eat for three days."

"Yeah," Snotlout laughed, "you're just lucky Thora found you and got you out."

"I still can't believe those two are even related." Hiccup shrugged. "Thora's nothing like Dagur."

"Look out!" Astrid suddenly exclaimed. "Incoming Zippleback!"

Hiccup looked down and saw a bright green Zippleback fly out of formation. It quickly flew past the riders and back toward Berk. However, it wasn't just any Zippleback. Hiccup's eyes widened when he realized that dragon was Barf and Belch.

"Where's Ruffnut and Tuffnut?" he quickly asked.

The boy then face-palmed, remembering that during Dragon Training the Twins had a huge argument. Apparently, they were still mad at each other.

"Never mind," he replied. "We gotta get that Zippleback before the Berserkers…"

Before Hiccup could finish his sentence, the sound of a loud, deep horn echoed from the docks of the town.

"…Are here." Astrid frowned.

"Ugh, terrific." Hiccup groaned. "Guys, you get that Zippleback. I have to go greet Osvald with my dad."

After leaving Toothless in a safe place to hide, Hiccup ran down to the docks where the main ship of the Berserker fleet was coming to a halt. At the end of the pier was his father along with Gobber.

When Stoick heard the sound of footsteps, he turned and quickly motioned to his son to move it along.

"Hurry, Hiccup," he ordered. "Osvald is here."

The boat came to a creaking stop and two large Berserker soldiers lowered the gangplank. Then one carrying a double headed spear came forward and said in a strong voice:

"Presenting the high chief of the Berserker tribe: cracker of skulls, slayer of beasts, the great and fearsome…"

"Osvald the Agreeable?" Gobber raised an eyebrow in confusion.

"Dagur the Deranged!"

To Stoick, Gobber, and Hiccup's shock and dismay, Dagur stepped forward.

The new Berserker spat to the side before turning to the group and sneering at them. He suddenly drew a small knife and threw at Hiccup's head. The small Berkian managed to duck just in time and it barely missed him, but only by an inch.

Hiccup looked back at the ship and saw a young girl, just a few years older than him, walk forward and stand behind Dagur.

Her dark red hair was braided up and hung over her right shoulder in a side-ponytail. She wore a forest-green, short-sleeved tunic with a leather vest fastened up to her neck, white leggings, and brown boots. She also had a leather brace laced up to her elbow on each arm, leaving her upper arms bare. Around her waist were a sheathed sword and a small hip-pouch.

Her olive green eyes stared right at Hiccup with no emotion. Her face was just blank.

It was Thora.

Thora glanced at Hiccup as she followed Dagur down the gangplank. She didn't hate Hiccup by any means, in fact she was quite fond of him truth be told. However, something about him seemed…different. And it wasn't just the fact he now had a metal leg. There something in his eyes that had changed since the last time she saw him, which was about a year ago.

Before she could think about what the change was, however, her attention was turned back to Stoick as the Chief of Berk spoke to her brother.

"Dagur, where's your father?"

"My father has been…retired." Dagur answered.

Thora's eyes narrowed for a moment and let out a short huff. That was a blatant lie and she knew it. However, she kept her mouth shut.

"He lost his taste for blood." Dagur continued, sounding more malicious. "I, on the other hand, am starving."

The deranged Viking chuckled for a moment, making Thora cringe even more. Dagur's eyes then darted around suspiciously.

"So," he said, "where are you hiding them, Stoick?"

"Hiding what, Dagur?" Stoick answered, masking his alert by the question.

However, it didn't get past Thora. She pinched her eyebrows close together in such a subtle way that it was practically unnoticeable.

"Do I look stupid to you?" Dagur snapped at Stoick in an irritated voice.

"Trick question." Gobber whispered to Stoick. "Don't answer that."

"We both know what's going on here." Dagur haughtily stepped forward, tossing the axe he had been carrying. "I have it on excellent authority that you're amassing an army of dragons."

" "Excellent authority"?" Stoick questioned, slowly becoming concerned about the interrogation. "And who would that be, Dagur?"

"Never mind." Dagur shrugged before saying in a smug tone. "Just know that if I find it to be true, then my armada will attack with the force of fifty thousand brave Berserker soldiers!"

The soldiers on the boat began to gruffly cheer at the mentioning of an attack. Thora, on the other hand, bit her lip out of nervousness.

"Stand down, Dagur." Stoick calmly replied. "There won't be any need for the armada. Now let's get to the treaty."

It was then that Thora lost interest in the conversation between the chiefs.

A small movement caught her eye and she saw Hiccup make a dash back down the docks towards the village. She could tell by the way that he was running that he wasn't just trying to get out of talking to Dagur. He was defiantly up to something.

The girl followed Dagur off the gangplank and slowly walked a few paces away from the group, making sure to stay out of their line of vision. When she was sure that no one was watching, she ran down the docks after the little Viking.

Of course, Dagur didn't notice her run off. He never paid attention to her. As far as he was concerned, she was mostly invisible: not meant to be seen nor be heard unless he wanted to take his anger out on someone.

And for Thora, that was perfectly fine for the most part. In fact, she considered her ability to blend in and move around almost invisibly to be a talent of sorts.

Hiccup, unaware of a follower close behind, franticly ran back through the town, searching for the other riders.

"Oh, this is bad, this is bad. This is really bad," He mumbled frantically to himself.

Suddenly, Astrid rushed out from between two houses, grabbed Hiccup's arm, and pulled him back. Thora darted behind one of the houses and carefully crept up to the corner.

"Hiccup, we have a problem." Astrid said, sounding concerned.

"You're telling me." Hiccup replied, still winded. "Dagur's the new Berserker chief!"


"Yeah, his father "retired"!"

Once again, Thora gritted her teeth and clenched her fists at the phrase.

"More like he was usurped you mean!" she bitterly whispered under her breath.

"And he thinks we're hiding dragons," she heard Hiccup concluded.

"Well, we kind of are." Astrid stated. "Which brings us to our next problem."

Hearing a small pause, Thora pressed herself up against the house and peeked around the corner. She saw the two Berkian teens looking down at the ground where a trail of Zippleback tracks were laid out.

"Barf? Belch? Here?!" Hiccup voice sounded strained.

Grunting and slurping noises immediately followed after Hiccup's statement. From where she was, Thora couldn't really see what was making the sounds. All she could see were Hiccup and Astrid running off and disappearing behind another house. When she could see them anymore, Thora crept back behind the house, thinking about what she just overheard. It was actually surprising to learn that the rumors of Berk were actually true.

"So Berk does train dragons after all," she silently thought out loud. "And I bet the story about Hiccup fighting the Red Death is true, too. But if that is the case, then that would mean…"

Suddenly, Thora felt hot air forcefully brush against her back and she froze like a statue. She heard a loud snort come directly from behind her and her heart began to race. There was something behind her. And by the sound of it, something big!

She slowly turned her head and what she saw made her draw in a sharp breath of air. She fell backwards and scrabbled up against the house as a large, sleek, black-scaled creature growled threateningly and crept closer towards her. When Thora couldn't back away anymore, the dragon stopped so that his face was just a few inches away from her own. Its bright, threatening green eyes stared straight into hers, as if searching through her soul.

A large Night Fury had her trapped!