"What are all these marks?" I asked. Stefan, Damon, Jeremy and Elena sat at the table with me.

They all looked worried and amazed at the same time. Since coming back early this morning they've been hovering and watching me. It came to the point where I wanted to know everything. So I had come down stairs to get answers, now dressed in a white top and black leggings. Elena had given me the clothes.

No one answered though. Elena glared at Stefan and Damon warningly, but it was Jeremy who finally broke the silence.

"Vampire bites." he shrugged. Elena slapped his arm, glaring at him.

I froze. "Vampire?"

Damon nodded. "Yes."

"Do you know what a vampire is?" Matt asked as he joined us, carrying a small box of diaries. He placed them at my feet before moving towards Elena.

I nodded. "Creature of the night. Blood drinking immortal. Wooden stakes, vervain. Sunlight rings-"

"How can she remember all of that and not her own mother's face?" Elena asked Stefan.

"Mum." I said the word. It felt weird. I knew Elena was my mum; they had told me and shown me pictures of us. But I thought looking at her would at least spark some kind of memory. "Dad. Uncle. Friends."

"Are you okay?" Damon asked. He stood in the far corner, as far away from me as possible.

I nodded. "It's a lot to take in that's all."

"What do you remember?" Stefan asked.

I sighed, closing my eyes and trying to remember anything of significance. "I remember everything. I remember how to spell, how to add. I remember who the president is. I remember when Mystic Falls was founded and the stories behind the town. I remember what words mean. I just don't remember anything from my life."

Elena shook her head, burying her face in her hands. "What are we going to do?"

"I feel safe with Stefan and Damon" I started before moving on "I feel fine actually. Even though I was a vampire snack bag for the past twenty four hours."

"Well what do you want to do?" Matt asked, his hands resting on Elena's shoulders. "Your mother and I will do anything to help."

"Are these mine?" I asked looking down at the diaries.

"Yes." Elena said, lifting her head again.

"Well maybe if I read these..." I looked up at everyone. Looking at my family, I was actually scared. I had no idea who these people were, but even though I knew they were simply worried, I felt uneasy having to stay here. "I don't want to stay here." I said bluntly.

Elena groaned. "Let me guess. You want to stay with Stefan and Damon?" I nodded and she sighed. "Fine. Jeremy, go help Harmony pack."

I stood, following Jeremy upstairs. When we entered a bedroom I noticed it was the one where the girl was sleeping last night. But Matt had taken her home this morning.

"This is my room?"

"Sure is." Jeremy nodded. He didn't act like I was a ticking time bomb, which made me feel better. "So let's get packing.


I turned to the Salvatore brothers sharply. "This is not going to be permanent. I swear to God, if you take her out of Mystic Falls I will put you on fire when you sleep."

Stefan nodded. "We will take good care of-"

I shook my head. "No. I don't want to hear. It. Twice already I've let you two take care of her, and twice she's been in danger. Every time she has come back, she has been different, and I'm tired of it. This isn't a game. She is my daughter." I was almost yelling now.

"Everyday Jeremy, Elena or myself will come over to check on her. If she isn't there we expect you to know where she is." Matt continued for me. "Damon. Keep your hands to yourself. And I swear, if either of you use this to take advantage of her, I will kill you both."

"We're not like that. And you know it." Damon growled.

"Damon I'm serious." I stepped closer to him. "Leave her alone."


"This is your place?" I asked as we walked into the Salvatore home. It was huge. Everything was so... gorgeous. It was like taking a step back in time. Pieces of history, filling up the space with a rich sense of love and appreciation.

Stefan grinned. "It's been in our family name for generations now."

Damon walked past me and up the stairs without a word. I looked up at Stefan and sighed. "Why does he hate me?"

Stefan just shrugged. "He doesn't hate you, he's upset." I nodded and turned to look around more. "Come on. I'll take you upstairs and you can pick a room."

I followed him to the second story. When we walked past a door I paused before turning to it. "What's in this one?" I asked, opening the door. The walls were white and the bedding was a brownish cream. In the corner was a wardrobe with a dresser next to it. On the wall was a floor length mirror and on the other wall was a book shelf, next to it was a door way that led to a bathroom.

"That's jus a spare room." Stefan answered. He paused before asking. "Do you wanna stay in here?"

"I think it'll be perfect." I nodded, feeling something familiar about the room. "Definitely perfect." I smiled.


I pulled the little box out of my pocket. I lifted the lid of the box and stared down at the engagement ring. My heart broke for the millionth time.

She doesn't even remember my face. Why would she remember my feelings? I sighed, tossing the box on my bed before walking out. I was about to head downstairs when I heard someone moving around in one of the bedrooms.

I walked over to the door and opened it. It was the room Harmony and I had been in the night she had come back to me. Right now she was busy unpacking her bag.

"Harmony?" I knocked on the door.

She jumped before turning to me. "Oh. Damon... hi."

"Hi." I said back, stepping in. "So you're staying in here?"

She nodded. "Yeah. There's something about this room." she smiled looking around. "I think I've been in here before."

I grinned, finally feeling something good since getting her back. "Have you read your diaries yet?" she shook her head. "Well maybe the answer will be in there." I shrugged before walking out.


I had unpacked my things, and now I sat on my bed staring at my diaries. "How am I going to do this?" there were only a few diaries, but I was unsure where to start.

I picked one up and begun reading the first entry, ready to remember...

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