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In the heart of an enchanted city, a commoner mage named Natsu Dragneel and his mischievous blue-furred flying feline companion, Happy, battle to save the free-spirited Princess Lucy Heartfilia from the schemes of the evil Lightening Dragon Slayer, Laxus. Natsu's whole life changes with one rub of a magic ice lamp called the Ice of Wishes as the level-headed, cool-tempered Gray appears and grants him three wishes, setting him on an incredible journey of discovery. However, the relationship between the kind Princess and protective Dragon Slayer are tested as the two mysterious people watch them, hoping Lucy and Natsu are ready for an enemy that cannot be seen...

Aladdin's Fairy Tail



Chapter Eight:

Princess Lucy Starts the Hunt

The Master hurried down the corridors, paying no heed to servants and guards greeting him in their respective manner. His most trusted captain, Erza, had reported to him of his daughter sobbing in her bedroom, unwilling to allow any of the servants or even guards into her chamber. As he got closer and closer to the princess' room, he could already hear her weeping. The servants and guards gave him sympathetic glances as he scurried by, feeling anguish that the kind-hearted heir to the throne was in emotional distress.

Master Makarov approached dual wooden doors, dismissing the guards sent to watch over the princess. He took a deep breath before opening the door to Lucy's room. His face was hit with the golden light of the bedroom, his eyes readjusting for a second before they wandered over the bedroom for any sign of the blonde.

He took a step inside and closed the door. Surrounding him was gleaming marble flooring and fluffy pink walls that held large bookcases filled with novellas. Shifting his gaze towards Lucy's desk, it looked untouched and quite lonesome. All that sat on the desk was a half-finished book and a few splayed out papers with jotted ideas. But no Lucy. Walking into the room, he spotted her couches and chairs uninhabited.

Yet he heard muffled sobs.

Following the sound of the cries, the Master found himself being drawn to Lucy's luxurious bed that was made to perfection and unoccupied by his daughter. Sighing, he got on his knees in his royal attire and lifted the sheets on the side of the bed, finding himself staring at the blonde curled in a ball with a lion curled around her, purring consolingly.

"Lucy?" Master Makarov called out, his eyes softening at the sight of his disheveled princess.

She continued sniveling before slowly uncurling herself from her ball and looking up at her father with watery eyes and a tear-stained face.

Master Makarov drew out a long breath. "My child, what seems to be the problem?"

"I'm sorry. It's just…" She trailed off as tears dared one another to fall out of her tear ducts and slide down her cheeks. Loke licked her cheeks with his gentle tongue as he grumbled lowly yet warmly.

Master Makarov scooted himself back a little and offered his hand. "Come out from the bed, Lucy. Let's talk."

Lucy took his hand and wiggled herself from her hiding place, allowing her father to help her to her feet. Loke slithered from under the bed with ease, never leaving the princess' side for more than a second. They all sat on Lucy's bed, waiting in silence for someone to speak.

The Master broke the silence.

"My dear, why are you crying?" he asked. Never had he seen Lucy so upset since… He dismissed the idea. He should not dwell on the past.

Lucy answered in shaky breaths, "Laxus… H-… He… did something… terrible…" She sobbed, tears rolling down her face. Loke put his head in her lap and pressed his muzzle onto her stomach as though for encouragement.

Lucy tried continued: "T-There was a-…a boy from the market place and he-… Laxus killed him… The only boy that ever treated me like… me." Lucy whispered the last sentence, yet her father caught all of it.

He understood. That was the reason for the princess' despair: Laxus. Master Makarov tensed. What was his royal advisor doing these days? Execution was never a punishment in the Kingdom of Fairy Tail!

Master Makarov paused.

Did his daughter just say she went out into the market place?

And met a guy?

"What were you doing out of the palace?" the Master asked, wiping the straying tears from Lucy's face.

She looked at the wall opposite of her and answered, "I just wanted to know what it was like outside the walls, dad. But I ended up getting someone killed for my mistake." She laughed with no humor. "Just like my mother."

Makarov and Loke tensed.

Lucy continued on, unfazed by their silence: "I kill people because I'm so selfish. I guess you could say I killed my actual father too, but it's not like I knew him too well." She lowered her gaze, no tears in her eyes. Just swimming sadness was found in the chocolate pools. "Was I cursed to kill everyone around me?"

The Master found his voice and his gaze hardened. "No, Lucy. You were always destined for greatness. These deaths…" He paused and started his sentence anew. "Nothing is your fault, my dear. Death is a natural part of life. Everyone must die one day."

"Yes, because of natural causes, not because of someone's selfish desires," she retorted.

Makarov took his precious daughter's hand and gave it a tight squeeze. "Please, Lucy, don't blame yourself for their deaths. Your mother was very sick and there was nothing you could do. Your father was overwhelmed with grief and no amount of time could have healed his heart. And he died protecting you as well. And this boy…" He faltered, unable to finish.

Lucy bristled and glared at him, eyes flashing with brief anger. "He looked as old as me. He had no right to die," she growled.

Loke nuzzled her stomach, trying to throw water onto the blazing fire of rage. She still kept fuming.

"Laxus killed him for a crime he did not commit and I know it. He will never be forgiven," she snarled.

"Princess, your lover boy ain't dead yet," came a deep growl from the entryway.

Stepping into the room was Gajeel, bowing in greeting before further journeying toward the hissing princess, hesitant Master and the attentive lion.

Makarov nodded to him. "Gajeel," he greeted. "What do you mean by that? He's not dead?"

Gajeel smirked. "Of course not. He was thrown in jail."

Lucy shot up and got close to the Iron Dragon Slayer, surveying him with suspicion and a glimmer of hope. "Which prison?" she inquired, trying and failing to keep the excitement and relief in her voice at bay.

The guard snorted. "The oldest one near the southern border. But he's probably gone by now," he added when the blonde began to move towards the door.

She paused and looked back at Gajeel, eyebrow raised in inquiry. "What do you mean by that?"

"He may not be smart," he confessed, "but that little sister of his is. They probably escaped by now."

Gajeel, Makarov and Loke watched Princess Lucy as she played her options in her mind. What should she do? Go after them? And how was she supposed to do that! She didn't have a sensitive nose like Gajeel or Loke. Maybe she should ask if—

"I'm not helping you find him, princess."

Lucy threw an irritated look at the grinning Gajeel, muttering a curse.

Master Makarov leaped off the bed, shuffling over to the blonde and looking up at her with solemn eyes. "Do you really want to find him?" he questioned.

Lucy stared down at him with resolute determination and nodded. "Yes," she affirmed with sincerity. "I may not have known him for long—"

"Not even a day," Gajeel coughed with an unhidden smirk.

Lucy rolled her eyes, but dismissed the interruption. "—but I still want to find him. I owe him for saving me from an angry shop owner and protecting me from the guards."

Makarov searched her eyes, looking for any sign of an ulterior motive. He had thought his adoptive daughter was just trying to get out of the suitor business by faking her way out with this boy. Like her mother, Layla, she was clever with her words and used them to somehow manage to get what she wanted. But when Makarov looked deep into Lucy's eyes all he saw was the confirmation he needed to allow her to find this boy: the burning determination, the blazing confidence, the excitement and perhaps a little bit of affection.

Makarov sighed. He did hated the idea of Lucy running around Fairy Tail by herself to look for the boy and his sister who could have escaped Fairy Tail altogether. She needed someone with her, someone who could track the boy down. He turned to look at the apathetic dragon slayer, giving a small smile.

Gajeel understood and groaned in protest. "Why do I have to go? I don't want to look for Natsu," he complained.

Lucy frowned at his reaction, disappointed. "But I need your nose to track him," she pointed out. "I can't do this without your help." Before the Iron Dragon Slayer had time to retort a snarky comment, she grinned and slyly added, "I bet Levy would want you to help me."

Gajeel froze, his red eyes widening in shock at the grinning Lucy. However, he regained his composure and narrowed his eyes. But Lucy could a little embarrassment in those eyes. "How do you know Levy?" he interrogated.

Lucy smiled coyly, albeit mischievously. Her eyes glistened with her amusement to Gajeel's apparent uncomfortableness. "Oh I just say you teasing her about her books by the river," she brushed off with nonchalance. "You two make a great couple by the way!"


Lucy laughed at the faint blush on Gajeel's cheeks. Finally she had a little power of the unpredictable slayer! After all these years….

All these years, Lucy repeated, memories swimming in her eyes.

When she had first met Gajeel, he had been part of an opposing Kingdom called Phantom Lord. It wasn't necessarily a kingdom, but it owned much land from killing off rivals and others who stood in their way. Phantom Lord was ruthless and would murder for fun or for a reason and was feared by all.

Except for the Kingdom of Fairy Tail.

One day, the master of the Phantom Lord, Master Jose, decided he wanted to claim the territory of Fairy Tail for himself. It was in the midst of a desert, but according to legend, it had amazing magical properties that, to the present day, no one knew about. Master Jose sent out his best mages as well as his secret police, the Element Four, to raid Fairy Tail and slaughter on site.

It had been a day of devastation for Fairy Tail. Due to Lucy's age of only ten, she could remember bits and pieces and the rest came to her through dreams. The blood, the screams, the cries for help, the smell of death mixed with lavender, the pleas of sparing their lives, the carcasses… Sometimes, she couldn't believe that day. She would have nightmares of the faces of the murderers trying to hunt her down and kill her as well. And they might as well have too.

Lucy was targeted by one of the Element Four, Aria, because of her high status due to her father's success business. She remembered the horror of seeing the face of her murderer as he proclaimed how illustrious her death would be and how her blood would write the most beautiful of symphonies.

As Aria gathered his magic for a lethal blow, time slowed time for Lucy. Her father was in front her, arms out-stretched and standing tall. He looked back at her with eyes shining proudly, yet sadly, and whispered: "I love you, Lucy. And I'll see you again someday. I'm sorry." The blast hit him at full force, not even leaving a body left to bury or ashes to be spread.

He was gone.

Lucy's father was gone.


Aria tried to take her life in her vulnerable state of shock, but was stopped by a twelve-year old with a vicious grin and gleaming red eyes: Gajeel Redfox, the newest member of the Element Four. He told Aria he would finish off Lucy and Aria left her, not before telling her that her screams of agony will make wonderful music. At the time, Lucy had thought she was finished and believed that Gajeel was going to be her death.

But instead, he spared her precious life.

"You look weak. When you get strong, maybe I'll kill you."

Those were the first and last words Gajeel had told her before leaving with Phantom Lord without a trace.

Master Makarov had come by with an army of guards to see Jude Heartfilia gone and his daughter nudging his body as if hoping he was alive. Makarov had then adopted her as his own child, deeming her the princess of Fairy Tail. To Lucy, she had found a new family. But she was still Lucy Heartfilia.

Just broken and scarred forevermore.

Three years later, she found herself face to face with Black Steel Gajeel once more. He was not the enemy that time around.

He was one of her guards.

Lucy had been cautious around him. Over those last three years, he had been known as a quite deadly man with extraordinary Iron Dragon Slayer magic. But somehow, he and his close friend Juvia Loxar were brought to Fairy Tail to repent for their sins. Ever since then, Lucy had befriended both Gajeel and Juvia. He was talented, but she at time wished he was not so powerful. Anytime they would have mock fights, he would take her down with even blinking and would snidely rub it in her face. For the past two years, Lucy had been looking for a weak spot in Gajeel impenetrable armor.

And she found it.


While Lucy and Gajeel continued to tease and taunt each other, they did not notice the distant look in Master Makarov's eyes. He seemed to be in shock, unable to give birth to any words. His body was restricted of any sign of movement, making him seem lifeless.

The Master swallowed, before turning to Gajeel. "Natsu?" he echoed.

Gajeel broke off from his verbal fight with Lucy to nod at Makarov. "Yeah, his name is Natsu. I call him Salamander though. Stupid runt," he grunted, earning a punch from Lucy in the shoulder.

"Natsu Dragneel?" the Master persisted .

Gajeel gave a wary eye to the him. "Yeah. Why?"

Makarov did not answer. He stood there, gazing past Gajeel.

Lucy looked at her foster father. "Dad?" she called. He remained in silence. Something was wrong and she knew it. That name… Natsu Dragneel. What was it about that name that made the Master seem…lost? It was like it put him in a trance.

"Err, Master Makarov?"

The Master snapped out of his reverie and stared at his daughter with hard eyes. "You must find him. Gajeel, you're going with her. Take Juvia with you as well," he instructed, making his way out the bedroom.

Gajeel grunted, but did not object as he and Lucy followed Makarov. The Master's words were law. Gajeel had his rebellious streaks, but when Makarov had a stern, firm voice, he knew better than to argue.

"Why not Erza?" Lucy asked, confused and curious at the same time. "She's better equipped for a hunt like this."

Makarov shook his head. "I trust Erza, but she does not possess the senses needed for this job. Gajeel can guide you with his nose. And Juvia will be needed as well for reasons you'll understand later, my dear," he explained. "Juvia!" he called, his booming voice echoing throughout the chambers.

A blunette woman appeared moments later, looking a little breathless, but bowing in respect. "Yes, Master?"

"I need you to accompany Lucy and Gajeel out on a mission," he ordered firmly, leaving no room to ask questions.

Juvia nodded in compliance and smiled. "Juvia will do her best to help however she can," she vowed. She looked over at Lucy and her smile widened. "Juvia thinks it will be fun to go out with Lucy again."

Lucy returned the gesture in kind. "Yeah. It's been a while, hasn't it?"

Regardless of Juvia's past affiliation with Phantom Lord and Lucy's royal title, the two had become friends the moment Juvia arrived back at Fairy Tail to repent for her sins. In retrospect, Lucy amended her declaration: Loke, Juvia, Erza and Gajeel were the only friends she had in the palace.

At first, Lucy was quite unused to Juvia's third-person speech impediment, but accustomed herself to it. Once, Lucy had asked Juvia why she had a change of heart and all Juvia did was get a dreamy look in her eye and sighed happily, saying it was fate. Lucy had backed off the subject, but still was curious as to Juvia's riddle.

The Master eyed Juvia with a look of approval. "Good. Now, you three get going."

"So Juvia wants to know what the mission is exactly," Juvia said in her regular soft voice, gazing at the pair as they exchanged glances.

Gajeel sighed. "We're going out to look for Blondie's lover," he grinned, chuckling at the angry look from Lucy.

"You do realize I am the heir to the throne," Lucy warned. "I can have you executed, you know!"

Gajeel ruffled her hair with a teasing grin on his face. "Yeah, okay. Because you would do that, wouldn't she, Juvia?" he asked his friend with heavy sarcasm, making her laugh and Lucy's lips twitch into a smile.

"The point is," Lucy interjected, sending Gajeel a look, "there's a guy named Natsu Dragneel that I'm looking for. I accidently met him at the marketplace—"

Juvia gasped with an astonished look on her face. "Juvia is shocked Lucy was outside the palace by herself! Lucy should know that she cannot ever step out of the palace walls!"

Lucy signed resignedly. "I know, I know," she admitted, feeling a prickle of guilt, "but I just wanted a taste of freedom. Anyways, we hit a little trouble when Gajeel and his wonderful guards came traipsing in—"

"He's a thief and an idiot," Gajeel cut in defensively. "He's too stupid to be on the streets. And take it up with Laxus because he issued the order. Plus, I've wanted a fight with Salamander," he added with a devious grin, cracking his knuckles.

"Anyway," Lucy continued, "it's my fault he got into the mess. Laxus lied to me by telling me that Natsu was killed for his crime, but he wasn't. He escaped. So, I'm going to go find him."

Juvia nodded, her eyes looking proudly into Lucy's. "Juvia is so happy that Lucy found a husband she'd risk her life for!" Juvia declared.

Gajeel began to guffaw in his unusual laughter and Lucy's jaw dropped, eyes confused and embarrassed at the same time.

"No, that's not it. I just need to make sure he's all right," Lucy reasoned. The weak words earned her a disbelieving look from the Water mage and a bored look from the Iron Dragon Slayer.

"Juvia doesn't believe that at all."

"To Hell with that excuse."

Lucy scowled. "Well it's true! And Gajeel, don't you have a date with Levy or something?"

Juvia raised her eyebrows. "Oh, does Lucy know about Gajeel's future girlfriend?"

Gajeel's eyes widened a little, but his face contorted into an anger expression. "Juvia," he growled.

But Lucy cut in. "I do! I saw them together by the river. They look so cute together!" she gushed.

Gajeel hissed. "Bunny girl, if you keep talking, I'm going to kick your a—"

"Juvia agrees with Lucy! Juvia is good friend with Levy and knows something is going on between Levy and Gajeel," Juvia proclaimed.

"Can you introduce me then? I'd love to meet Gajeel's girlfriend!"

"Stop talking like I'm not here!" Gajeel barked. "It's annoying!"

"Juvia thinks Lucy should meet Miss Mira," Juvia suggested. "She loves to talk about Gajeel and Levy's love life."

Lucy threw Gajeel a teasing smirk when she saw him look away with a small blush on his cheeks. "I'd love to meet her too! I bet Gajeel and Levy have done lots of stuff, wouldn't you say so, Juvia?"

Juvia nodded, copying the smirk Lucy wore. "Gajeel tells Juvia everything that happens with Levy. He told her that they once—"


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