Our story starts off in a household during a game of poker. Texas Hold'Em, to be exact. Five players, counting the lovable MisterCereal, duking it out in a game of cards for none other than...

A glass of milk. Just... Don't ask. It's a long story.

Anyway, the players are MisterCereal, Komamura, Italy, America, and Germany.

"I like milk~" An Italian accent cried.

"We know!" Everyone else shouted, as the Italian put on a sad face.

"Darn it, Italy! You're guilt-tripping me!" Another voice, crunching on what seemed to be cereal, said.

"Sorry..." Italy replied.

"Hey, America, why weren't you in Cereal's first horror fic?" A voice said.

"Heh... Beats me! Maybe it's because of the story it was based on?" America replied.


"Hey, Koma, why did you start on FanFiction?" America replied.

"Well, it-" Was all as far as Koma could get as another voice boomed.

"Can ve just get over the small talk and deal the next hand? I've been waiting for forever!" A German sounded.

"Jeez, Germany! Not like you've contributed!" Cereal protested, as Germany got up.

"Okay, dealing next hand." Cereal whimpered.

"Good." He sat back down.

-Magical time skip whee!-

Three hours ago did this match begin. But, they paid the ultimate price.


"Guys, I'm starving." Koma said.

"Ugh, me too..." Cereal complained.

"I guess I could use a snack..." Germany replied

"I have an idea!" Italy said.

"What?" Cereal replied.

"PASTA~" Italy shouted.

So, everyone helped Italy make some pasta. Germany managed the oven, Koma managed measurements, Cereal handled ingredients, and Italy helped out with generally everything. Oh, and did I mention they were all wearing chef hats? Adorable. Yes, even Germany. One of them probably won't be leaving the card game. After 3 cups of water, 1 and 1/2 of veggie oil, and boiling for 15 minutes, it was ready. They even had enough for EVERYONE! ( Italy was the one most excited about this. ) After everyone got a serving, put on the parmesan, they all enjoyed a nice meal together, and Italy had his happy face on. And the chef hat. Still adorable. However, everyone turned around to Cereal to see...


"My God, if he choking?" Koma shouted, concerned for his buddy.

"Oh no! The pasta is evil!" Italy said, ironically still nibbling on his. ADORABLE.

"Someone help him!" Germany shouted. Meanwhile, Cereal's face was turning all shades o' blue. And a bit of purple.

Koma lifted Cereal up, and proceeded to punch his stomach. Cereal, still choking, thought this did not help and decided to tell Koma that. He proceeded to punch Koma in the face.

Italy was up next, he didn't know what to do, so he shoved Germany in front of him.

Germany's solution to choking was something we like to call the Heimlich Maneuver. Germany managed to get Cereal to stop choking, albeit he was already passed out, and they all were surprised as to what he was choking on.

Italy was first. "It's a ball of parmesan!"

Everyone slowly nodded in agreement, and went back to the card game, leaving Cereal on the floor.

Let's face it, this has happened to you.