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AC 104

Pickpockets and street rats are common enough on the streets of L2. If one of them is just a young kid with smiling violet eyes, no one really notices.

AC 183

Another day, another pilfered loaf of bread. The boy hoists himself on a low wall, digging into the little bit of nourishment.

"This place's a real dump, innit?"

The violet-eyed boy startles at the sudden question, nearly falling off the wall with a yelp.

The other laughs, pulling himself on top of the brick and motor. Violet eyes take in the slightly older boy, assessing if he was a threat or not. Well, more of a threat - this was L2, everything is out to get you on this colony. The question was whether they wanted to screw you over at this moment or not. It also didn't help that the other kid had noticed him. Few ever saw the young boy and fewer took the time to talk to him.

"'Course, it's V08744, the pits of the cluster." The other boy continues without a pause, "Nice grab, by the way - didn' think ya had it in ya, bein' scrawny an' all." The violet eyed boy does his best to appear uninterested, but that certainly didn't deter the other. "Yer good, but ya can be a lotbetter. Ever thought of runnin' with someone playin' interference?"

No, he had never thought of that before, mostly because he was alone. The boy gives a nonchalant shrug in response, keeping an eye on the older child still.

"Then yah ougttah join us. Was finna get more people tah join an' I think it'd do us both sum good! Name's Solo an' 'm the the boss of us. You in?"

A group, huh? He grins; maybe being others wouldn't be so bad. And a Boss like Solo sounded like fun too.

AC 187

Mie clutches her hands against one of the bigger boy's chest, her sobs finally calming down after falling into a restless sleep. The ragtag group of street rats, or what's left of them, are huddled together, seeking warmth from each other and hoping that no one else would leave them . All except one, the boy with the violet eyes.

He stands in front of the shallow grave they had just dug for their departed leader, doing his best not to cry. Solo was gone just because those stupid bastards kept the antidote to themselves. It just wasn't fair - Solo had promised he would always be there for him, and get better and he never broke his promises and...


And maybe he broke them sometimes (the one time he promised to get them into the cinema blew up spectacularly in their faces), but the most important ones he always kept. And, obviously, the most important one was for them to always be together then...

"If Solo's with me," he murmurs to himself, "we'll be Duo."

Duo clenches his hand into a fist, sucking a deep, calming breath. He couldn't cry now, not with Solo no longer among the living; he had to be strong and smile. Duo had promised to watch over the others and that's what he was going to do.

AC 188

Sister Helen is breathing hard, and Duo knew, knew that there was nothing he could do. "Duo..." Her hand reaches out like she was going to stroke his cheek one last time. "M-may you... have God's... blessing..."

The word left her lips with her last breath, the hand that came so close to his face falling limply to the ground.

No... This wasn't supposed to happen! Everything was supposed to get better after he got that stupid mobile suit! Duo wanted to rage at the heavens, at the so called "God" who allowed His innocents to be slaughtered.

But instead, all he got was laughter mixed with tears as he sat in the ruins of his family.

The Alliance soldiers who were dispatched to bring him in for questioning swore that they didn't find a grieving child but a demon in the form of one.

AC 192

G wasn't planning on having any trouble on such a basic salvage trip. The L2 colonies always had interesting junk just lying around, but that still didn't explain the little stowaway the guys found a good day and a half after their last docking.

The engineer eyes the child for a moment, assessing. The long hair made G think they had a little girl on board (even more terrifying than the idea of a child) but the coarse and vulgar language, heavy with an accent found only in the worst of the L2 slums, made it quite obvious that the kid was a boy.

A boy who had no problem calling a man twice his size to "let me go 'fore I shank ya right in the gut, you bastard!"

This made a small smirk cross the old man's face as he tells the others to let the child go. "My security system should've been perfect. How did you do it?"

"That's a trade secret," the kid starts, smirking at the adults around him. "But if it helps your pride, I'll say it was pretty tough."

G snickers, "You're an interesting kid."

This seemed to be the wrong thing to say, as the child (and he was nothing but a child really) explodes. "I'm not kid! My name's Duo. Duo Maxwell, who may run and hide, but never tells a lie."

"Maxwell...?" G mumbles to himself, before snorting. This boy was just too much! "Like Maxwell's Demon, eh?"

The smile he got in response sent a shiver down G's spine, and he's not quite sure why. "Nope, not just a demon. I'm the God of Death!"

At the bold proclamation, G gave the child, no Duo a hard look. G probably should plan to drop the kid off at the next colony but... Old Null's got himself a ward, a pilot he's setting up for Meteor. And if Jay can deal with a kid, he sure as hell could.

"Well then, welcome to the Sweepers, Duo. Shall I give you the grand tour?"


Solo, I love you and all but I always imagined you with this really thick accent that's an unholy mix of Jersey and Boston and Maryland and I had no idea how to write that. "Finna" is a slang word for "fixing to", which is similar to "gonna"/"going to".

I rewrote AC 183 twice because I really wanted to use Duo's line from Episode Zero. And then just... made a tiny little bit for AC 187. It was originally long and angsty and I said screw it. Duo has a perfectly good back story chapter in Episode Zero

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