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"I will only be gone for a month from the Institute, Demacia and Noxus are still on the brink of war and they need me there for some...negotiations." Over the past few weeks following the spar with Diana, Leona had sought comfort in Lux, one of her closest friends at the Institute.

"You also, really need to start coming out of your room more often, its not healthy. Find some friends, find a man...or a woman, I don't judge. Just don't stay cooped up in your room."

Leona rolled her eyes before speaking. "Whatever will I do without you bringing me food every day; I'm going to have to go out to the cafeteria." Leona giggled softly at her own joke, not noticing Lux's confused expression.

"What are you talking about, bringing you food?" Lux questioned

Leona faltered a bit, but quickly covered up. "Oh nothing, talking to myself."

"If Lux hasn't been bringing the food, then who…"

"Well Im off, take what I said to heart Leona, I want you to be out of your room when I get back." Lux smiled at Leona who retorted with an "Alright mom…"

Leona laid back on her bed contemplating the mess in her head as Lux left. Hours passed until she rose from her daze.

"Ugh, Lunch...time." Leona said interrupted by a large yawn. She rose and put on a yellow mini-skirt and a brown blouse and tied her hair back in a ponytail. She walked to her door and stood for a moment. With a large sigh and *humph*, she exited the door and stopped. Leona rubbed her eyes and looked again.

"Diana?" She started at the blonde who was holding a tray of food and in the middle of bending down to drop it off at Leona's door.

"It was you?"

"I...was...just trying….just making sure my rival wasn't going to weaken because she was too pathetic to walk out her door to even feed herself."

"What do you think I'm doing now!"

The both glared at each other briefly and Diana stormed away too flustered to make up an excuse, she walked down the hall leaving the tray at Leona's feet. She rounded a turn and glanced back at her rival, only to see Leona slowly bend down and graciously pick up the food tray and return to her room. A slight smiled crossed Diana's face and she contently walked back to her room.

Everything returned to normal for a week. Leona ate in the cafeteria and resumed the League's matches and trained with the Demacians. She figured Lux would appreciate the gesture. However, on the beginning of the second week since Lux's departure, something strange happened.

Leona walked from her room, trying to get her stuck gauntlet on, while at the same time trying to eat a piece of toast in her mouth. She had started to wear her hair up in a ponytail and it bounced as she walked. She was about to step on the platform to enter the rift with her teammates, when the runes on the teleportation platform turned red.

"An alert? Why I was ready to fight." The Monkey King said next to Leona. Then a loud voice echoed through the halls.

"All champions. to the east wing's wall immediately, large threat detected, unknown origin, All champions to the east wing's wall."

Leona rushed down the hall with the slowly growing crowd of champions. It was strange, seeing enemies running side by side even if at home in their factions they were enemies. She realized not all of them got along, but it was a fascinating idea, rivals working together. Like her and…

Leona shook the idea from her head as she reached the top of the wall. Murmurs ran through the crowd of champions. Before them stood a giant mass of shadow in the form of a demon. The demons body swirled with blackness and a dark blood red. Its eye shone a bright white and glowed bright.

"My god what is that." Leona whispered. Champions tensed waiting for orders. A head council summoner sank to his knees.

"It's them, they've returned-."

"Who?" Garen shouted, not moving his eyes as the shadowy demon walked closer to the wall.


A cold chill split the crowd as Lissandra glided through the champions.

"Oh my, How long have I been waiting for this day." Lissandra created a path of ice and as she glided down the it from the wall she almost sung out.

"The Watcher's have returned."