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Kazeyare: Oi!

A Certain unexplainable Gemstone

So what exactly is a Gemstone? To most who know of their existence, they are defined as two things. To the Science Side they are defined as people who are born with esper powers and not through artificial means such as the Power Curriculum Program developed by Academy City. Academy City has a theory to explain the existence of Gemstones; if a certain phenomenon has been caused artificially, then, as long as the same circumstances in the experiment are recreated in the natural world due to some factor or another, the same phenomenon will occur with no help from humans. To the Magic Side Gemstones are merely people born with talent that they envied and gave birth to magic. Both the Magic Side and Science pursue the powers of Gemstones through two completely different methods. So, what exactly is a Gemstone?


Our story begins after school in a not so normal classroom with our not so normal high school students.

"What the hell do you mean Kami-yan? How can you not see we've been denied the sweet site that is women in bloomers!" the one speaking in the fake kansai accent was Aogami Pierce, one of the Delta trio.

"And how can you say it doesn't matter if it's your childhood friend or sister wearing bloomers either! Obviously the little sister wins every time Kami-yan!" The one who seems to have a thing for sisters was Tsuchimikado Motoharu, also known as the Siscon Sergeant of the Delta trio.

"Stop spouting nonsense you idiots! Bloomers or shorts, none of that matters you perverted idiots!" the one talking with a bit of common sense was Kamijou Touma, the bane of all men due to his esper ability, the Kami-yan Disease. Once a person of the opposite gender comes in contact with Kamijou Touma, they are unknowingly added to his 'harem'. Currently there is no weakness or counter to the Kami-yan disease. Maybe it will even transgress beyond gender and age? But due to the System Scan not being able to pick up the ability, he is mistakenly labeled as a Level 0.(This is not his true ability.)

Between the useless banter of the three, were fists and kicks aimed at each other. The rest of the class ignored them, as they knew the commotion would not last long.

The door to the class slid open, revealing a busty teen with long black hair. Fukiyose Seiri, the Iron Wall girl, the only girl on campus who remains immune to the Kami-yan Disease. "Kamijou Touma! What the hell are you doing?"

"Eh?" the fighting stopped as Fukiyose stepped in the classroom glaring at the Delta trio. "Why am I the only one she called out?" Kamijou stated as he stared blankly at Fukiyose, sweat pouring from his face. "Tsuchimikado and Aogami started this stupid conversation about bloomers!"

"But Kami-yan," Aogami replied with a Tsuchimikado's foot on his face, "You're the one who said shorts or bloomers don't matter. Doesn't that mean you're always looking at the girls with perverted thoughts?"

A dark and malicious aura appeared around Fukiyose, "Kamijou Touma!"

Kamijou waved his hands in front of him for a futile defense, "Wait wait, Fukiyose! I didn't mean it like that! Please put down those fist of yours and-" his argument was cut short as a left hook cleanly hit Kamijou in his stomach. Aogami was brought down with a kick to the face and Tsuchimikado was sent flying by an uppercut.

Among the onlookers was Kazeyare Kouta, a classmate of Kamijou Touma. A normal student enrolled in the Power Curriculum Program with a Level 2 ability called Error in. A boy slightly above average height with wild and short blonde hair coupled with his sharp brown eyes. Outside of his school uniform, he looks like a generic thug with a everlasting glare. He sighed to himself as the Delta trio's antics finally came to a brutal end. "So Himegami, heading to the library again?"

Next to him was the transfer student of his classroom, Himegami Asia. Despite the manga clichés of transfer students bringing a storm of trouble with them and an outrageous personality to boot, Himegami quickly fell into the background due to her quiet personality. A girl who can be described as 'someone who would look perfect in a shrine maiden outfit', Himegami rarely spoke up and was usually seen reading books about appearances and how to become popular.

"Actually I'm planning to head to the manga shop. There's an interesting manga they have on sale." Himegami replied as she packed up her materials.

"Hmmm, I see." Please don't tell me its 'It's Not My Fault I'm Not Popular!' That'd be too sad! Kazeyare was struggling to hold in his laugh.

"Its called It's Not My Fault I'm Not Popular. You should look at it too. It's pretty good." Himegami stated with the same monotonous voice.

At this point all emotion was drained from Kazeyare and a blank expression was on his face. "Sorry."

"Hm?" Himegami tilted her head in confusion. "Sorry for what?"

"Nothing. I just realized I'm a horrible person." He internally rebuked himself for laughing at Himegami despite himself not standing much.

He packed his books and materials and stood up to leave but a loud sigh from Kamijou Touma caught his attention. This guy is always complaining about his misfortune, but he does look troubled. Maybe I can do something about it. He turned to Kamijou who was still gathering his books. "What wrong Kamijou-san?" Kazeyare smiled when he asked.

Kamijou stared at him blankly before shaking his head and continued collecting his items on his desk, "Nothing um... Um...?"

Kazeyare gave a sigh filled with disappointment, "Kazeyare Kouta. Seriously Kamijou-san, It's December! You should at least remember your classmates' names! Especially after what happened on white day."

Though Kamijou Touma had no memories of White Day, he still retained knowledge of what the day signified and wondered what exactly had happen on white day that made the mere mention of it bring shivers up his spine. "Ah sorry bout that Kazeyare-san, I'm not so good with remembering names with faces that's all." He lied, not wanting to alarm his classmate who showed genuine worry.

Kazeyare glanced at him suspiciously before deciding to drop the subject for a different one. He looked down and noticed a large packet of loose papers jutting out of his bag. "I know you've been missing school a lot lately. Do you need help catching up?" he asked. "I'm actually a little bit behind myself, so I don't mind helping you out."

Kamijou gazed up at Kazeyare, stars of hope beaming from his eyes, "Really!?"

Kazeyare grinned in response, "Of course! I'm not so gutless as to leave a classmate in need of help behind!" I guess living with 'That guy' some of his guts have rubbed off on me.

Just as the duo was leaving school grounds, a ring from Kazeyare's phone stopped them. Kazeyare waved Kamijou to continue walking and he answered the phone. "Hello?"

"K-Kouta?" A quiet female voice responded from the other end.

"Hmm? Ayumi?" Kazeyare was honestly surprised she called him right after school. "What's wrong?"

"N-nothing! I was just making an inquiry to see if you were busy after school."

Kazeyare raised an eyebrow in response, "Busy?" he looked over at Kamijou who was stuffing an unusually large amount of papers into his footlocker. "Well I'm helping a classmate catch up with his homework, but I should be done with that in an hour or so."

"That's great!" Though Kazeyare had no way of knowing, Ayumi's face lit up like a Christmas tree! "I just so happen to know of a very intriguing movie playing today at Cinema Stars. W-would you like to accompany me? It starts at 1700."

A river of blood gushed forward out of Kazeyare's nose in response. "W-what!?" He tried to use his free hand to stop the blood from gushing out, but to no avail.

"? Is something wrong?"

"N-nothing!" he lied as to not alarm her. W-what the hell is this? A date! A real date? With a true beauty no less! No way! I know we live together but there's no way! She's cold, harsh, and always calling me useless trash! But no matter what I think about the situation, this is definetly a date! Two teens going out to see a movie after school, then a romantic dining out dinner, followed by….Followed by….. An image of a certain hot-blooded idiot stopped his train of thought from reaching r-rated material. Ah, that's right…. My job… Immediately the blood stopped flowing from his nose and a depressing aura surrounded Kazeyare. "Yeah. A movie sound good, a great way to keep Gunha in check."


"With a movie he has no choice but to keep quiet. You've really gotten good at keeping Gunha in check." A genuine smile appeared on Kazeyare's face.

The voice on the other end remained silent for a while, "Um Ayumi? You still there?" he asked cautiously.

"Yes. I'm fine Kazeyare-kun." She replied in a sweet and motherly tone, which put Kazeyare on edge.

Kazeyare-kun? Wait! Why the sudden switch? Why is she angry right now? "Oi, you're not angry, are you Ayumi?" he asked nervously.

"Why would I be mad Kazeyare-kyun? I'll see you and Sogiita kun at 1700 at Cinema Stars….. Don't be late." The line disconnected after her quiet suggestion, leaving Kazeyare fearful and dumbstruck.

Kyun!? She's only used that honorific a couple of times. And every time she did… He shuddered in fear. Why is she so mad? And why is she taking it out on me? Despite being a level 2, his powers did not grant him the ability to read minds, though it doesn't take a mind reader to figure out the reason for her anger.

DISTRICT 20 Senshi High School

Class was over and the students were running out as if their lives depended on it. Amongst the excited youths was a boy who wore a bleached white school uniform with a white headband and a Rising Sun t-shirt. This boy was overflowing with guts as he stretched his arms. "Now to enjoy another day in pursuit of guts!" Just as he about to jump to the roof of a nearby building, his phone rang. He reached inside his pocket and pulled out his white phone with the kanji of 'King' in orange font emblazoned on the cover. "Hello?"

"Gunha." A feminine voice responded. "District 15. Cinema Stars at 1700. Don't be late." She hung up leaving Gunha completely confused.

"That was Ayumi right? She seemed upset about something," he said to himself. He glanced around his surroundings, ensuring that two specific people weren't there. "I guess they're busy. Well then," He lowered his upper body and his legs muscles tighten, "I guess it's time for my daily gutsy patrol!" with that he leaped from the ground and onto one of the towering skyscrapers, leaving a large dent in the cement where he once stood.


"Oi Kamijou san I know I agreed to help you catch up with your homework but what the hell is this!?" A boy with short wild blonde hair yelled. On the table the two boys were currently occupying was a large pile of papers that seemed to be imitating the Tower of Babel. "Some of these papers are dated in September! It's December Kamijou San! What have you been doing for the past 4 months?" Kazeyare Kouta, a classmate of Kamijou Touma, was sitting on the other side of the table, his face blocked by the large pile of paper but Kamijou was sure he was giving him a death glare with his brown eyes.

Isn't it obvious? Like every normal high school boy I fight magicians on a weekly basis, uncover dark plots in Academy City, save thousands of clones from slaughter, fight other worldly beings from heaven, avoid getting killed by level 5s, and stop magic cabals from destroying the world! See normal stuff! Of course Kamijou did not say any of that, instead "Well due to Kamijou san's misfortune, I got wrapped up in unavoidable situations. Ha ha ha…." Kamijou tried his hardest to give it a light tone.

Kazeyare sighed in response "So someone was suffering in front of you and you jumped in not caring about the consequences or whether the person wanted your help or not?" for the most part he hit the bull's-eye. Kazeyare continued with slight irritation in his voice "Of course you did! That's why you're so popular with the girls! Seriously I don't mind that side of you but try not to anger Fukiyose right when you return! When you didn't return with snacks during the Ichcihanaransai, Fukiyose went on a rampage on how irresponsible you are and decided to 'reeducate' you. Then Aogami went to get snacks and got detained by Judgment! I had to go bail him out! When we finally got back with the snacks all the preparations were done and we were 'greeted by Fukiyose's punishment! So, Kamijou Touma, what do you have to say for yourself?"

Kamijou's hands and head were now resting on the table as if he were in a bowing position. "I deeply apologize for any inconvenience I may have caused you!"

"Well whatever, as long as you repent, it's fine. Let's just get started on this homework!" Kazeyare Kouta said enthusiastically, attempting to psych himself up for what he thinks might be the worst thing he ever got himself into.

As the two high school students prepared to tackle the large tower of homework they heard something in the distance that they both didn't want to hear. "Amazing Punch!" an unusual amount of sweat poured from both the teens as they continued to ignore the problem.


"No, no miss; you need more guts to use this technique. Let me show you again." The teen sporting a rising sun t-shirt and a white headband proceeded to put his left foot forward, wound back his right arm, and in an incredibly ridiculous motion punched the air while yelling "Amazing Punch!" the air around his arm swirled into a vortex and was pushed forward at impossible speeds. He turned and smiled to his onlooker who was studying the scene in front of her. "Do you get it now miss?"

The girl in question wearing nothing but a white almost see-through dress with unkempt lavender hair down to her ankles looked at the boy with interest. "I understand." She then proceeded to perfectly imitate the rising sun boy, even shouting amazing punch at the exact same time he did. Yet when she did it nothing happened.

"Like I said, you need more guts! Great execution though! You keep this up and you'll be overflowing with guts in no time!" The headband boy smiled at the girl whose bizarre appearance would raise questions about her situation, but to the rising sun, it was nothing more than that, an appearance.

"I found him boss!" He's over here!" the little girl and headband boy turned around to see a boy yelling into the shadows of the alleyway. Heavy footsteps approached as a tall and bulky man appeared from the darkness. The man appeared to be 6'2 and sporting a black leather jacket and gray faded jeans. His most prominent feature was his white bald head that seemed to glisten in the sunlight.

"There you are #7. I was looking for you." A warm light started to emanate from his right hand as he spoke. "You don't know me but I'm going to be the new Level 5 who takes you down!" as he continued to walk forward the #7 noticed an ice ball in his left hand. "I'm a level 4 thermokenisis. My ability is called Thermal Skin! So, Sogiita Gunha, choose your death!" he held both of his arms forward. "Do you want to be burned to death, or frozen for eternity?" he yelled as he gave his prey his prey an ultimatum.

Sogiita Gunha looked at the man known as Thermal Skin before smiling, "You've got some strong guts Thermal Kin! I'll give you that!" he then took a fighting position. "It would be very rude of me if I didn't respond in kind to your guts! So let me use a new move I've poured my guts into!" With that the man charged forward with both hands forward. The #7 did not move from his spot, instead he held his left arm above his head and strange phenomenon was occurring in his open palm. "Diamond Crash!" no sooner than he yelled he thrusted his raised arm forward between him and the attacker and a giant 5ft diamond came crashing down, kicking up cement as it dug into the ground. Thermal Skin was knocked back off his feet and landed flat on his back, completely shocked by the event that just happened in front of him.

"WH-what the hell did you do!" He screamed at the #7 who had a look of accomplishment across his face.

"He he he, it wasn't easy but I created an unstable giant covalent bond between carbon atoms and manipulated the rays of the sun to increase the temperature to extreme levels forging a diamond! I call it Diamond Crash!" he yelled as he threw a fist in the air and strange colored explosions of yellow, blue and red appeared from behind him. The girl with long lavender hair clapped as she looked at him with amazement.

"That's impossible you idiot!" a yell came from behind the explosions followed by a short blonde hair boy wearing the winter uniform of A Certain High School. He ran through the colored dust and without missing a beat hit Sogiita square in the back of the head. "If you did do that the air around here would be significantly lighter, plus the temperature would have risen too! Even then you wouldn't have created a perfectly cut shaped diamond!" he yelled as he pointed to the giant clean cut 'diamond' that the #7 created.

"I see, I see." Sogiita held his clenched fist in front of him with a thoughtful look occupying his face. He turned to Kazeyare "So what did I do and how did I do it?" he asked innocently.

"Don't ask me! They're not my powers!" he felt his blood boiling at the thought of someone using a ridiculous power without even knowing how it works! Of course every esper felt this way toward Sogiita Gunha.

"Oi Oi, I thought we ran out here to stop collateral damage, no perform a bokke and tsukommi routine." Another figured appeared from behind the dust. A large tower of papers walked forward while struggling to keep itself upright.

"We're late anyways. The damage is done." Kazeyare sighed in disappointment. "Only because you insisted on taking your homework with us."

Kamijou chuckled, "Obviously you underestimate Kamijou san's misfortune. Who knows what could've happened if I left them at the restaurant"

Kazeyare twitched at his response, "Misfortune huh? Yeah, Kamijou Touma is so unfortunate he has half-naked lolis giving him hugs."

"Huh?" He looked down to see a small pale girl with long lavender hair wrapped around his left leg. "Wh-what? Fraulen Kreutune! What are doing here?" though no one could see his face he was obviously flustered by Fraulen's action. "N-no! You guys got the wrong idea! She does this to everyone who she calls friend!" He was desperately trying to tell Kazeyare and Sogiita that it was all a misunderstanding.

In the background during all this was Thermal Skin who couldn't help but feel his presence overshadowed by the appearance of two unknown students. Though more than anything he felt powerless, him, a level 4 felt powerless and weak against the 'weakest level 5'. His angered swelled up within him and he stood up, a fireball forming in his right hand. "Don't you Fucking ignore me!" he flung it past the diamond and it headed straight for Gunha who, for lack of a better word, swatted the ball away as if it was nothing more than a nuisance to him than a threat. At this point he lost all will to fight and immediately began to retreat into the depths of the city.

"Once you acquire more guts, I'll be ready for another challenge, Thermostat!" Sogiita triumphantly yelled into the darkness after the defeated level 4.

"There won't be a next time! Seriously, how many times do I need to tell you to run away from situations like these? You could easily avoid the situation you just teleport." Kazeyare scolded Gunha for not thinking about other ways to amend a situation.

"Kouta," He said firmly, "A man must not run away from his problems! He must face them head on while his guts overflow!" A serious face came over Sogiita as he addressed his friend.

What's with the cliché shonen hero response? As Kazeyare was about to retort, he heard a scream from behind.

"Gaaaahhhhhhhh! MY HOMEWORK!" he turned around to see a large pile of papers scattered across the ground burning thanks to a certain bald man's last attack. Kamijou Touma could only look as his last chance to prevent being held back a year was now burning in front of him. One would think that something like this would cause some great despair, but not Kamijou Touma, who was now laughing like a maniac. A murderous grin slid across his face. "Hahahahahahahahahahaha! I knew something like this was bound to happen! So before I left school, I copied every single homework assignment and threw it in my locker! HA! Take that misfortune!" Touma couldn't help but feel as if he one-upped fate. As if all the years of misfortune led to this one moment of payback. Of course normally one wouldn't make copies of their homework sheets or have a backlog as large his, but hey, it's the little victories that shine in Kamijou Touma's world of misfortune. As he continued to celebrate his victory over fate, a small white liquid fell into the spiky hair of an unfortunate high schooler. Fate, apparently, doesn't like to be made a fool of. "SUCH MISFORTUNE!"

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