The Epic Rescue of Naruto and Sakura by Kakashi and Sasuke (but mostly Kakashi): Omake

"No bastard! Get away! I'm sleeping here!" Naruto whined; clad in only his boxers and a t-shirt as he swung a pillow at his teammate.

Stopping the pillow from colliding with his face, with his own pillow; Sasuke glared over the top of it. "No way idiot," he sneered. "I got here first."

Sticking out his tongue, the blond went for the other genin's knees, but the boy jumped. "Ow," he winced; fingers going to his stomach as he bent over shielding the tender area.

"Hey bastard, are you alright?" Naruto questioned as he leaned in to his teammate to put a hand on his back.

Wily as ever, Sasuke smirked and whammed his pillow into the boy's side; causing him to topple over. "Ha," he proclaimed as he saw the other whimper unhappily on the floor as he flopped down on his hard won bed.

Pouting at the dark-haired youth, Naruto began to tug at the futon. "No..." he yowled; "That was a dirty trick!"

"Don't be a sore loser, Naruto," Sasuke muttered as he pulled at the blankets.

Grabbing the puppy-dog print out of his teammate's grip, Naruto jutted his chin out. "Fine! Then I'm taking these blankets!" And stomped from the room.

Legs bared to the cold, boyish rivalry told him to chase after the other genin and get his blanket back; but the young ninja knew it was likely a trap and next time he wouldn't be so lucky as to get the actual bed. So, with a harrumph, he curled around his pillow and grumbled; "Stupid Naruto..." not much later, exhaustion overtook him and Sasuke was asleep.

(Not that sleep would last very long, Naruto's snoring could have woken the dead-and the dead would have been a lot easier to wake too).

Hey, this is a real omake this time! Make sure you guys thank The Goliath Beetle, alright? She was the one who mentioned this scene and then I had to write it because it was too good an opportunity to pass up! (Even if it's very short)

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