"Jill, lunch is ready! I think someone needs a feed and a hug from mummy too." Brian called now that he'd made sandwich's for her and himself. "Coming." She called back in with in minutes she was downstairs and settling down in Brian's arms while her baby lay on the play mat on the floor. "How's the book coming along?" "I'm 50 pages further forward than I was when I woke up and I feel it'll be done with in the next 150." Jillian told him proudly. "That's great. Are you doing more this afternoon?" "No, I've decided that if it's not done by Friday then who cares? Plus anyway you're right, the little'un needs a name."
After finishing lunch and watching a bit of news, the conversation turned back to the baby's name. "Have you had any ideas?" Brian asked her, he hoped that she did because he had none. "No." She told him frankly. "She's going to have it for life and it has to suit her." "Well how do you name a character in your books?!" Brian asked. "That's different, in a book I create them so that they suit the name." "How did you name Rob?" "His dad picked his name. It was his fathers so it was a tradition or something." "Fine, well do we want traditional or something modern?" "First off, I am not having a baby called North or Apple. I think a more traditional name but a rarer one." "Sometimes honey you make no sense." He said as he typed rarer traditional names into the internet and found that it could make sense of Jillian's request. He clicked on the first link that came up and was greeted with a long list of names. "That's a lot, can't you filter them?" "Yeah, we don't need boys names so I'll take them out." Brian did as he said he would and found the new list was significantly shorter then the previous one. Both of them scanned the list for any potential names. "What about Flora?" Brian asked. "We're naming a baby not a cow!" Jillian retorted before they both continued scanning the list. "Maria? Darcy? Bella?" Brian read some more names off the list. "What was the second one you said? She titled her head a little when you said it!" Jillian pointed out. "Darcy." Brian repeated as he watched the baby and noticed that Jillian was right. "What do you think?" "I like it. It's a beautiful name, it suits her and she seems to like it. What do you think?" "I like it too. Is that it then? Decided?" "I think it is!" Jillian smiled as she picked the newly named baby up and then sat back down in Brian's arms. "Welcome to the world Darcy." "That didn't take as long as I thought it would." Jillian told Brian as she breast fed Darcy. "No me neither, will you be back to your book this afternoon then?" Brian asked, Jillian thought for a bit. "No, as I said it can wait. I'm not a factory for churning out new books. They'll get them as in when I've finished them. This afternoon I'd like some family time and when we put Darcy down, some me and you time." "It feels weird calling her Darcy instead of baby girl, doesn't it?" Jillian nodded. "However I do love your plan for the day." "Good. She's finished feeding now so I can try and get her down now so we can start our plans early." "Okay but no sex remember for three more weeks Jill! The doctor said no for 6 weeks after birth." "That doesn't mean we can't find a compromise." "I like your thinking. Let me just go get her Darce down. Have you got the baby monitor down here?" "Yeah, it's just here." "Good, I'll be back as soon as she's down."