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Isabella Marie

Oh, God! I'd never let that pig touch me!

I shot up into standing position like the sofa was on fire and looked around, finally really taking the room in. The sheets on the bed were white with red rosebuds all over them, shaped like a giant heart.

God! Oh, God!

I felt a bit lightheaded as I imagined myself on that bed doing what they expected me to do.

I ran to stand next to the bed where I saw colored lights coming from a window on the wall beside it. I looked closely, searching for a way to escape from that window but found none since it was blocked by iron bars from the outside.

With hurried steps, I made my way to the door in the corner of the room, which turned out to be a bathroom just like I had expected – a freakily huge one, at that. I looked all over the bathroom for any sort of an exit but all of my efforts came out fruitless.

My hands came to my collar and I yanked the button that held my robe together over my body and let it fall to the floor; it was choking me. I gripped the same hair that my brother had just let go of not ten minutes earlier and groaned in frustration, my tears out of my control.

That was it. There was no way out for me. No way at all.

My eyes caught my reflection in the mirror and I didn't like what I saw. It was a sad girl with black tears running down her cheeks and a broken heart caused by her brother's unfaithfulness.

In my frustrated state, I didn't realize I had picked up a bottle of lotion from the counter and smashed the mirror with it until I saw the shattered pieces flying down to the floor.

Once I saw those broken pieces, a thought crept into my mind: I have to hurt the prince. There was no other way. I'd give up my own life before I gave up my body to him.