Monroe and Rosalee sat on their sofa across from Nick. The Grimm had just heard the news of another one of his kind being in Portland. "What's her name?" He asked.

"Beth." Rosalee said. "She's friends with Juliette's cousin, Jessica."

Nick nodded thoughtfully. "And you're sure she saw you?"

"Positive." Confirmed Rosalee. "We thought it was best that you know. I don't think she's dangerous…"

"Since she doesn't know she's a Grimm." Monroe added, finishing Rosalee's thought.

An exasperated looked was on Nick's face. "How could she not know?"

"Well, you didn't know anything about being a Grimm. Maybe it's a similar story."

"Maybe she isn't on good terms with her family?" Guessed Rosalee, thinking of when she lost contact with her own.

"But if it's true that she has no knowledge of what's happening."

"She probably thinks she's insane." Mumbled Rosalee.

"But should we tell her? We don't know her." Monroe added. "She doesn't know us. How can she trust us?"

Nick sighed. "Right."

"Maybe you should ask Hank." Rosalee proposed.

Nick thought of his partner, Hank, who thought he was going crazy after seeing a Wildermann woge back to its human form. Hank had questioned his mental state. It wasn't until they were saving Carly Kampfer that the truth was revealed to Hank.

The biggest problem with the situation had been that Hank knew Nick for years and still thought Nick was going crazy when he admitted to seeing Wesen. If Nick was to reveal the woman's true identity to herself, she would definitely think Nick was insane. There was no way to ensure the woman would eventually come to believe that Wesen weren't just fairytales.

"There's no way she'll believe this." Monroe said.

"I could talk to her." Rosalee said. "At the dinner tomorrow."

"Don't you think it should be more private?" Monroe asked his wife. "Imagine hearing this news."

"She didn't scream when I woged. She's a tough one."

"As long as there's not a scene." Nick stated. "But why should we tell her? Why should we trust her?"

"We're lucky she isn't an Endezeichen Grimm." Reasoned Rosalee. "It'd be better for the community if she was influenced and guided by you rather than an Endezeichen."

"But the likelihood of her actually becoming a Endeze—" Monroe started.

Rosalee interrupted. "Yes, but Nick, I think Hank's opinion would be helpful. He felt crazy when he saw Wesen woging. Can you imagine how this woman feels? She feels crazy, but she's not. Wouldn't you want someone to validate that what you're seeing isn't just in your head? She's at risk without even knowing what she is."

The three thought for a moment. Nick spoke up first. "You're right."

"But how should we tell her?" Asked Monroe.

Nick stood up. "I'm not sure yet. I'm going to call Juliette, found out Beth's name and see what I can find about her. We'll regroup tomorrow."

After hearing about Beth, Juliette made a quick seating change to the bridal shower tables by placing her cousin and Beth next to Rosalee and Monroe's seats. Luckily for her, it wasn't too much of a hassle since Jessica was one of her bridesmaids. If fact the change might have worked out of the best since it meant Hank and Wu would have to sit with her friends from college. Perhaps something would blossom from the new arrangement.

However, since she and Nick had wanted their wedding to be stress-free, they opted to have the dinner at her parents' house instead of a restaurant. It was more casual, so there was no seating chart. Nick had discussed with Monroe and Rosalee that if possible they should try to sit with Jessica and Beth. Hank was also in on the plan. As soon as the two women had got a drink at the bar, Rosalee and Monroe 'bumped' into them. "Hi!" Rosalee said. "How are you two?"

"We're good!" Said Jessica. "How are you?"

"Wonderful. Oh, Monroe! This is Jessica, Juliette's cousin and her friend, Beth. Jessica and Beth, this is my husband, Monroe."

Monroe shook their hands. "Nice to meet you both."

After some small talk, Rosalee asked, "Are you two sitting anywhere yet? We just got here a while ago and don't have a table yet."

"No." Beth said. "Not yet."

"Oh! Honey, there's Hank. Let's sit with him." Rosalee pointed to the Grimm's partner before turning to the two friends. "Would you like to join us?"

"Yes, that would be wonderful" Jessica said.

After the four sat down, Hank introduced himself to the two women and explained how Nick was his partner. Soon Juliette's mother announced that dinner was ready in the kitchen. The guests made a beeline for the kitchen. Since Hank was in on the plan, he didn't rush back to the table. In order to keep Jessica away, Juliette asked her to come help her with some bridal issue. As a result, Beth was the first one to get back to the table. "Are you going to be eating anything?" She asked when she noticed Rosalee had stayed at the table.

"Oh, yes. I was standing on my feet all day, so Monroe is getting me a plate." Explained Rosalee before commenting on the food. "That looks delicious!"

"I know! I'm so hungry! There's nothing better than a home cooked meal." Beth grabbed her fork. "Do you mind if I eat?"

"Not at all!" Rosalee chuckled.

A few bites into the meal, Rosalee spoke up. "Hey, do you remember yesterday at the spice shop when we were first introduced?"

The blonde looked away from her plate with a curious look on her face. "Yea."

"You looked startled when we shook hands."

"Oh, yea. I'm sorry about that. I was just surprised by your reaction when the baby kicked you." Lied Beth as she took a bite of her food.

Rosalee sighed, realizing the woman would be tightlipped about what she witnessed. As Beth looked down at her plate, Rosalee woged into her Fuchsbau form. "Do you know the Grimm fairytales?"

Wide eyed, Beth leaned back in her chair as she tried her best to keep a calm face. She nodded.

"I'm a Fuchsbau. My husband is a Blutbad and Nick can see what you see." Rosalee said calmly as she woged back to her human form.

The sound of plates being set on the table snapped Beth out of her shock. Monroe raised an eyebrow at his wife when the blonde looked down at her plate. "You told her, right?"

Beth didn't utter a word.

"Do you know of the Grimm fairytales?" Rosalee echoed. "They aren't fiction. You and Nick are relatives of people like the Grimm brothers."

"I have no idea what you're talking about." Insisted Beth.

To test his wife's theory, Monroe woged as he sat down to see the blonde's reaction. Sure enough, Beth nearly jumped out of her seat from the shock. Her reaction confirmed the obvious. She was a Grimm. "Don't worry I won't huff and puff your house down." He said as he woged back.

"Monroe!" Rosalee shouted.

"Oh my god." Beth stood up and left the table.

From the kitchen, Nick had been watching the scene taking place. Beth was headed for the back gate. Quickly, he went to the front yard to stop her. "Hey, hey!" Nick said as he stopped her at the side of the house.

Feeling trapped, she dodged pass him.

"Beth, I can see what they are too."

Disgusted Beth snapped. "You're crazy."

Nick followed her. "I know that Rosalee looks like a fox. I know Monroe looks like a wolf."

Beth stopped and looked over her shoulder to Nick. He was right. That's exactly what the couple had looked like.

"I know what you're going through. I thought I was crazy, but you have to trust me that what you're seeing is real."

Her heart was pounding in her chest and her ears rung. "Are you okay?" Nick asked as the woman paled.

Beth shook her head.

"Do you need some water?"

Quickly she sat down on the porch. "I need a moment." Beth rested her head in her palms.

The front door opened and Rosalee walked out with Juliette. The redhead looked at her fiancé, "Is she okay?"

Rosalee sat beside Beth. "I'm so sorry that Monroe did that. It's got to be a shock to the system, but we're your friends."

Overcome with emotion, Beth started to cry. "How do you know what I see?"

"We're Grimms. I've seen it for a long time." Said Nick.

"Do you all see it?" Sobbed Beth as Rosalee hugged her tightly.

Juliette sat on the other side of Beth. "I didn't believe it either when Nick first told me."

"I promise you, you're not the only one who sees these things." Rosalee said as she pulled away from Beth.

"So wait," Beth paused, turning to Juilette. "What are you?"

"I'm a human." Juliette responded. "I can't see Rosalee unless she shows me."

"But I'm human." Beth exclaimed.

"Yes, but you're a Grimm also." Said Rosalee.

Beth ran her hand through her hair. "What's a Grimm?"

The three friends looked at each other, unsure how to explain what a Grimm was. Rosalee was the first to say something. "It's someone who can see things other people don't understand. Someone who can see the truth."

Exhaling deeply, Beth looked at Rosalee. "So Juliette is a human. Nick and I are Grimms. What are you called?"

"I'm Wesen. Specifically a Fuchsbau." Rosalee gave her a reassuring look.

"Why do Grimms only see Wesen?"

"We see them so we can protect humans." Nick said. "Not all Wesen are dangerous."

Instantly, Nick's explanation made her think back to when she first started to see the animalistic faces. "Do Wesen not like Grimms?"

"Some. Most are afraid." Nick leaned against the porch.

Juliette went to her fiancé's side. "Why do you ask?"

Beth looked at the ground. "I've been attacked before."

"Oh." Juliette breathed.

"Is this hereditary?"

Nick nodded.

Her heart sunk.

"What's wrong?"

The blonde struggled to find the right words. "My parents-I was adopted. About a year after I started to see these faces, they died from a gas leak in our house. It was strange—I thought maybe someone murdered them because I was seeing things. I thought I was paranoid, but maybe someone thought they were Grimms…"

"I'm sorry to hear that." Juliette said softly.

"Grimms and Wesen have a long history, but not all Wesen dislike Grimms." Rosalee stated as she wrapped an arm around Beth's shoulders. "Most are just fearful of them."

How ironic. They were fearful of her and she was fearful of them. Finally, Beth asked. "Why are you telling me this?"

"After Rosalee told us about what happened at the shop, we thought it was important that you know the truth." Nick spoke up. "Since you were adopted, it makes sense that you wouldn't know anything about this."

"The truth." Beth sighed. "This is a lot to process."

"If you have questions, you can ask any of us." Juliette mentioned.

The blonde stood up. "I'm sure I will. I just need to have some time to wrap my head around this."

"Are you still going to come to the wedding tomorrow?" Juilette asked. "We don't mean to scare you off."

Beth shook her head. "No, no. I'm not scared off. I will definitely be there tomorrow."

Rosalee stood and wrapped her arms around the blonde. "You're a good person, Beth."

"Thanks." Beth said as she pulled away from the hug. "Thank you for telling me."