"Hey Ward, have you seen my locket? I can't find it anywhere," she asks him one morning. It has been two weeks since the shooting, and she is finally settling back in her bunk.

Ward stops in her doorway, looking a little guilty, but doesn't say anything.

"Well, have you seen it?" she asks again.

"You left it in the bathroom," he answers cryptically.

"Oh, thanks, I thought I had checked there, but I must have missed it," she says, starting past him toward the bathroom, but he moves to block her path.

"You left it in the bathroom two weeks ago. I picked it up, so it wouldn't get lost," he explains, pulling the necklace from his pocket. He doesn't know why he has kept it all this time. He should have returned it to her room a long time ago. When he found it, it was a memento of a person who had left him, but now it was just habit to slip it into his pocket every day.

"So you just kept it in your pocket all this time?" she asks, not taking it from him. She regrets the question a moment later when Ward's face goes from embarrassed to completely blank. She tries to fix it. "I mean, I really appreciate you keeping an eye on it from me. You know, I don't have much from my childhood, so I would have been pretty upset if it were like, really gone."

She knows she is on the right track, when he smiles at her.

"It would be sad to lose something that is so important to you," he acknowledges.

"Will you," she gathers her hair and gestures to her neck, turning her back to him, "You know, do the clasp?"

There is a pause where she wonders if this is too intimate, but then he is reaching around her to place the locket on her neck. He leans in close, his breath tickling her neck as he works the clasp. Another long pause echoes around them as his hands rest a second longer than necessary on her shoulders. She shivers.

"Ah… I have to go talk to Coulson," Ward shakes his head, finally releasing her.

"Ok," she calls after him, "thanks for finding my necklace!"

She doesn't see him for the rest of the day, which is weird, because it is not that big a plane. She wonders if he is hiding out in the cockpit with May. It's almost midnight, when she sneaks into the kitchen, using only her cellphone to try and find the cookies she hid a few weeks ago.

"Looking for something?" Ward asks flipping on the light. She stands up slowly, guilt written all over her face.

"You know, late night snack?" she shrugs.

"Simmons confiscated all the junk food," he comments leaning against the counter.

She twitches slightly, "What about Fitz's pretzels and chips and stuff?"

"They are on a health kick."

"Mean she is on a health kick, and he would follow her to the ends of the earth, Well he kinda already has, but you know," her hands kind of gesture around aimlessly, before she shakes her head. "So, what is there to eat then?"

"Apple?" he offers pulling one from the fruit bowl behind him. She shakes her head.

"Orange?" he questions pulling an orange from behind his back in his other hand. She scrunches her nose. He tosses the orange in the air catching it with the other hand still holding the apple, and reaching behind himself again. "Banana?" he tries.

"Ward, fruit is boring!" she whines.

"Oh yeah?" he smirks and starts juggling the fruit in intricate patterns. She mesmerized for a moment, before an evil glint enters her eyes. One that has been noticeable absent for the last two weeks.

"That's pretty impressive, Fun-bot, but can you juggle while being tickled?" she grins, quickly attacking him with relentless tickling until he drops everything, backing her against the opposite counter, hands pinned over her head.

"I give up, I give up," she gasps between fits of giggles. She looks up at him and suddenly all the air seems to have been sucked from the room. He looks down at her with such intensity that she almost looks away, but she can't. So she does what she does best. She challenges him, arching her body until it is completely flush with his. With so many points of contact, both are consumed by lust. In an instant, he has dropped her hands, his sliding down her body to pick her up. She is at the same moment closing the distance between their lips. Their kiss is desperate and a little frantic as they battle for dominance.

They can't think. It is like nothing else matters, as long as they are touching. He props her on the counter, starting to lift her shirt, when a terrible thought hits her.

She pulls away. "What about May?"

His eyes pinch, "You knew about that?"

"You are not very good at being sneaking for a secret agent," she shrugs, feeling really vulnerable.

"It's been over for a while, we were both trying to fill a void, that only one person could fill," he replies, giving her a meaningful looks. She sucks her lip into her mouth, trying to decide if this is a good idea, when she tastes a bit of Ward still on her lip.

"We should go to bed," she whispers.

"Okay…" he sighs backing away from her, but she doesn't allow it.

She jumps off the counter, snagging his hand, and pulling him toward her bunk.

"Together, we should go to bed together."

He smirks, nodding and allowing himself to be pulled along. He could get used to all this touching.

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