Unnamed Rant

"You children need to clear out," a wizard Harry didn't recognize said.

Ron who drew a breath to protest quieted when Harry put a hand on his arm. "They don't do anything that really matters," Harry assured him, "or we wouldn't be in this situation in the first place."

"Now see here," Hestia began.

"I've fought Voldemort several times," Harry interrupted her, making most of the room flinch, "and the only help I've had are the 'children' you want to dismiss as unimportant or shouldn't be involved and I have no doubt I'll be facing him again."

"Pott-" Snape began to growl when Sirius silenced him.

"If they'd actually done anything in the last decade we wouldn't have Death Eaters in control of the government," Harry explained, "and if they're not willing to do anything about murderers and rapists running around loose for the last decade, what makes you think they're going to do anything now?"

"Harry," Dumbledore said, "everyone deserves a chance to change."

"There is a muggle saying, Headmaster, 'Pity for the guilty is treason to the innocent.' The only people who deserve second chances are those who ask for them and are willing to work for it. Do you really believe that the Death Eaters you allowed to bribe their way out of jail haven't raped or killed anyone since then? Ever wonder why the number of muggleborns is so much lower than it should be?"

"So, what?" A witch asked sarcastically. "We should just kill them?"

"Yes," Harry said flatly, "murderers and rapists you can't lock away from society you should kill."

"Killing is never the answer," Dumbledore said sadly, "it's a dark path you're walking down."

"Really?" Harry said rolling his eyes. "OK, show of hands who here thought I shouldn't have killed Voldemort in my first year to prevent him from getting the philosopher's stone?"

Not a single hand was raised.

"How about second year when I had to kill him to prevent Ginny's death, anyone?"

Again not a hand was raised.

"So it's fine for me to let me do your killing for you, but not for you to bloody your own hands?!"

"You shouldn't have been in those situations in the first place!" Minerva exclaimed.

"So you're voting that I allow Voldemort to regain his body and let people die?" Harry asked mock curiously.

"I'm saying that next time you get a bloody adult instead of trying to handle things you have no business interfering in!" Minerva replied losing her temper.

"You mean like when I told you Voldemort was going after the stone?" Harry asked dryly. "The first year I was in Hogwarts you took as many points away from me for being out after curfew once as I received from Dumbledore for killing Voldemort again! And that's not even counting the detentions you gave me which you guys apparently decided that sending me out unarmed into the forbidden forest at night to face Voldemort would teach me a damn good lesson about not getting caught out after hours!"

"Well that prank you played on Neville was cruel," Minerva retorted indignantly.

"There was no prank!" Harry yelled. "Neville even said straight out he overheard it from Draco, so where is the chain of logic that leads from that to me picking on one of my friends?!"

"Well your father-" Minerva began.

"Is fucking dead!" Harry yelled. "But from what I keep hearing from you and Snape I'm apparently supposed to be an exact clone and responsible for everything he's done." Harry took a deep breath and calmed down. "Hermione make a note we need to kill all the children of Death Eaters as they are responsible for their actions and will behave the exact same way."

"I'm sure they didn't mean it that way," Dumbledore said. "Children are not responsible for the sins of the parent."

"I'd believe that more if not for the fact that your teachers respond otherwise. Now where was I? Oh yes, you are the worst head of house ever, period. I told you Voldemort was going after the stone and you didn't even bother to listen just threatened to take away even more points. Well I learned my lesson, never ever go to my head of house with a problem unless I feel like being punished for it and receiving no help anyway."

"Well… you were out after curfew," she finally said.

"So next year I grabbed the defense professor when I had a problem since the adults helped fuck all when I was discovering the problem, and that bastard tried to obliviate us so he could take the credit for discovering the chamber of secrets."

"There are other teachers," Dumbledore offered.

"You mean like Snape?" Harry asked dryly. "He was a lot of help when we captured Pettigrew and discovered Sirius was innocent wasn't he?"

"He was just trying to protect you," Dumbledore said.

"No he was trying to get revenge on someone he hated and is the worst double agent in the history of double agents," Harry said. "He knows who the Death Eaters are and that Sirius wasn't one, but then I have no doubt you do too. If Sirius was cleared he'd be my personal guardian instead of you so you didn't do a damn thing to help him."

"What do you mean Snape is a poor spy," Dumbledore asked, trying to change the subject.

"If he was truly reformed as you claim he wouldn't act like he does. The only reason you would allow him to behave that way is if he was your spy and everyone knows it."

"The Dark Lord would've killed me!" Snape claimed, as he finally managed to break free of Sirius' silencing spell.

"Why should he?" Harry asked. "You've spent the last decade and a half doing his work for him."

"What do you mean?" Dumbledore asked.

"I mean Snape has laid the groundwork for this whole mess. You need a NEWT in potions to become an auror, among other jobs and for the last fifteen years, since you gave him the job, he's harassed everyone but the Slytherin's into quitting and convinced them that Voldemort was right."

"I've done no such thing!" Snape yelled.

Harry continued on as if Snape hadn't said a word. "Guess which house produced most of our current auror force and a great deal of our politicians, all of which were taught that mudbloods and blood traitors were below them and had that view reinforced while at Hogwarts?"

The murmurs from the Order members talking to each other got a little louder.

"If Voldemort had thought I was loyal to him, then why didn't he come to me for help when he was possessing Quirrel?" Snape demanded.

"You're loyal to his philosophy not to him personally," Harry replied. "Voldemort told me there is no good or evil, only power and those too weak to seek it. You are loyal to whoever has the most power, so he'd be a fool to go to you when he was weak. No, Voldemort is quite happy with you for convincing everyone that his philosophy is correct, hell you've convinced me."

"How has he convinced you?" Dumbledore demanded.

"I'd say prosecuting people for who their parents are with no repercussions and being a huge bastard, has demonstrated adequately that good and evil aren't really important just power."

"Gryffindor has won the house cup for several years running," Snape said quickly.

"Because I have friends in high places, according to the Slytherin philosophy," Harry shrugged it off. "It really only matters for a short period of time, a matter of hours, but for the entire year the Slytherin's are in the lead because Snape never takes points from his own house and takes massive amounts from everyone else for any reason he can think of. In my first class he took points from me for Neville blowing up his cauldron in the row behind me, yet you take points away if I try and help someone else. He insults and belittles children from any but dark families and never has to do more than pay lip service to good in the headmaster's presence. No, he's practically the poster boy for the Death Eaters, he embodies their entire philosophy; embrace the dark or be abused."

There were a number of pale faces now, Snape among them, much to Harry's surprise. 'Apparently he thought he was being good.'

"There is another muggle saying, 'the only thing that has to happen for evil to triumph is for good men to stand aside and do nothing.' Guess what you lot have done?" Harry asked rhetorically. "The blood of everyone those bastards have raped and murdered is on your hands, and don't think for a second that those numbers aren't in the hundreds if not thousands. Death Eaters love to torture and kill muggles and muggleborn and anyone else they consider beneath them, they were doing it long before Voldemort arrived and they continued it after he was gone with your assistance by setting them free."

Harry waited until the words had a chance to soak in before continuing, "And you consider me dark for wanting those that prey on the innocent dead? You lot have so much blood on your hands for allowing this that it's no wonder you want to protect them, for fear you'll be judged just as damned as they are. You've turned the magical world into a cesspit of corruption and decay that turns my stomach. When Voldemort returns and your world stands in ruins, because he lives to destroy, don't expect me to save you cause I think I'll be better off starting fresh than trying to clean up your society."

The group sat in silence as Harry stormed off, followed by his friends.

"Are things really that bad?" George asked, when they entered the Black family library.

"Worse," Harry said bluntly. "Your Dad's job exists because people like to curse muggles for a few laughs, the Minister is directly in the Death Eaters pockets via Malfoy which everyone knows, and most muggleborn aren't."

"Aren't what?" Hermione asked, not sure she wanted to know.

"They aren't muggleborn. Dark families see nothing wrong with using muggles for a little fun and don't care what happens to the girl afterwards and that's not even counting the Death Eaters who decided that killing would draw too much attention so a quick obliviate will have to do."

"So I'm…" Hermione began paling.

"Probably descended from a squib line," Harry explained. "Light families at least send their squibs out into the muggle world, rather than killing them, and with a healthy infusion of muggle DNA into their bloodline they are much more likely to give rise to strong witches and wizards."

"But I could be-" Hermione said slowly.

"The child of a dark family?" Harry asked. "Unless you're some kind of a bigot, why would it matter? Sirius is the product of a dark family and so is Tonks. You don't have a problem with them, do you?"

"I was more concerned with my Mum being raped," Hermione lied angrily.

"Oh, well your parents are doctors, so if any funny business was going on they'd have mentioned it when you entered Hogwarts."

"Yeah," Hermione agreed smiling.

"Are you really going to let the wizarding world burn?" Ron asked.

"There isn't enough good left in it to save," Harry said bluntly. "Ron, your family is among the lightest and even you guys shun squib relatives. You told me that first year. No, I'm afraid if I want a magical society that I can be proud of I'll have to start it myself."

"Seriously?!" Hermione asked in shock.

"Yeah, I'm thinking either Australia or Africa, though I hear there are a few South American countries that would probably fit the bill and no one would miss," Harry said thoughtfully.

"What are you planning to do?" Fred asked.

"Well in Australia or Africa I could just carve out a large section of uninhabited land and make it vanish. There are also sections of Alaska or the Antarctic I could do that to as well for that matter. With South America we have small countries being run by corrupt dictators where the people are little better off than slaves. I could take over one of those easy enough and with their small population of muggles on my side they could integrate with whatever wizards or witches I bring with me to insure that we don't become inbred like England."

"You've put a lot of thought into this," Hermione said.

"No real research yet, but yeah," Harry admitted. "I should have a sizable influx of magical refugees with Voldemort kicking off the next war to insure a decent population and with the right words and vows I'll be set."

"Vows?" Hermione asked.

"We don't need to allow corruption from the old world to corrupt the new. I fully intend to make sure unbreakable vows are used on everyone in authority. We have the tools to avoid corruption and I intend to use them."

"This is big," Ron said wide eyed.

"This is small," Harry corrected, "Voldemort will make it big."

"And if the war doesn't come up and Dumbledore stops him?" Hermione asked.

"Then I'll get the muggleborns and light families that don't want to deal with a corrupt government and discrimination. I fully intend for there to be equality among the races. Most people thinks that involves letting other species stick their noses in everyone's business, but that's because they aren't thinking things through. Merfolk aren't concerned with things out of water unless it affects them and Goblins are the same above ground, so each species will have free reign in their sovereign territory."

"Sounds more like a collection of governments," she said.

"It basically is," Harry admitted. "The government will be mainly concerned with how people can cooperate without stepping on anyone's toes, not enforcing one species views on another or oppressing their own population."

"How long have you been planning this?" Hermione asked.

"I've only decided to do this just now, but I have thought about it, mostly when I'm locked up at the Dursley's and have no one to talk to or exchange letters with. Jail cells without Dementors give you time to think."

"So, what are you going to name it?' Ron asked, trying to dispel the uneasy silence that fell.

"Something beginning with the letter A," Harry replied absently as he looked through one of the libraries many bookshelves.

"Why A?" Hermione asked.

"Avalon, Atlantis, great magical kingdoms beginning with A," Harry replied as he found an interesting book on warding.

"Sounds reasonable," George allowed.

"Australia sounds more promising than Africa," Fred said unfolding a magical map of the world and tapping it with his wand to make it focus on Australia.

"The forests of Mu are practically empty," Ginny pointed out.

"Forests of Mu?" Harry asked.

"They're already unplottable and possess the only free-roaming dragon wings left," she read. "Muggle repelling wards were added in 1630 to prevent their discovery by muggles."

"How big an area?" Harry asked curiously.

"They used four monolith stones to anchor the wards," Fred said with a smile.

"One could cover Scotland and Ireland," Ron said much to everyone's surprise. "What? I listen to Bill when he talks about ward breaking."

"So why hasn't someone done what I'm planning on doing?" Harry asked.

"No idea," Hermione eventually said, as everyone exchanged looks and shrugged.

"Purebloods pretty much rule the coasts and had no reason to leave," George offered.

"And muggleborn return to the muggle world if they don't like the magic one," Fred added.

"It's laziness," Ron offered. "You have to blaze your own trail there, rather than just find another job and place to live. If you don't like magical England you move to magical America, you don't head for the wilds."

"And he knows laziness," the twins chorused seriously.

"You could raise a castle like Hogwarts," Harry said a far off look in his eyes.

"You'd need to," Ginny agreed, "Dragons fly free among other things. It's not civilized like here."

"I'd prefer Manticores to Malfoy and serpents to Snape," Harry said. "I think I'll talk to the goblins before making any plans."

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