Go Go Kakashi Rangers 2

Part 1: Fragments chapter 17

Kakashi shunshined into Team Seven's meeting place. Sakura and Naruto were reading as usual but Sasuke was writing something and referring to an advanced sealing manual. Kakashi peered over Sasuke's shoulder impressed with the mastery of seals Sasuke was demonstrating. "I never pictured you for a seal master, most Uchiha concentrated on ninjutsu."

Sasuke and the others didn't bother to act surprised, even when Kakashi's clones showed up with the D rank missions. They all made a lazy wave that didn't even come close to looking like a hand seal, but created the clones needed all the same.

"Well, of the three of us I am the best suited to handling seals. Naruto is best for ninjutsu and Sakura handles medical issues," Sasuke explained as the clones paired up and went over the missions.

"That will probably change when you activate your bloodline," Kakashi pointed out.

Sasuke looked up and his eyes flashed red for a second. "Nah, Naruto helped me activate it a while back and it really is better suited for seals than ninjutsu."

"Really?" Kakashi asked, curious as to how he had come to that conclusion.

"Sure. The hardest part about seals for most people is the precision needed and the massive number of designs you need to memorize. The Sharingan makes that a moot point and lets me see the inner workings of a seal in a way no seal master ever has before. I can deconstruct and modify seals pretty easily."

"Besides," Naruto spoke up. "I won the coin toss. He gets seals and I get ninjutsu. I've had enough seals in my life without adding any more, thank you very much."

Kakashi raised a brow, surprised that Naruto was that open about having a seal with his friends.

Sasuke snickered. "There was some friendly stabbing involved, but we worked it out, although I'm still not sure how he cheated."

"The coin was henged," Sakura said.

"How did you know?" Naruto asked, looking at his pink haired teammate.

"The tension between the two of you was getting pretty thick, so when everyone else left I hid and watched. I was hoping you two would tear each other's clothes off, but instead you fought and afterwards you both looked a lot happier, so I was still waiting for some guy on guy actions and saw it all. I think that was the point in which I began to doubt yaoi. According to the books, it should have led to sex, but the fighting seemed more fitting."

Sasuke shrugged. "Well, to be fair, he is better than me at ninjutsu."

"Seriously?" Kakashi asked, wondering how someone could top the Sharingan. 'Maybe the Hokage, but he's known as the professor for a reason.'

"Watch." Sasuke smirked. "Yo dobe! I need a jutsu that combines fire and water."

"Easy as pie, teme! I'll have to add some wind and do you want utility or attack?"

"Wind's fine; I figured you'd need a bridging element. Make it utility and how about an ice jutsu as well?"

"Sure." Naruto put his book away and created twenty or so clones that started arguing amongst themselves and flashing hand signs while they talked.

"You three aren't ordinary genin," Kakashi observed.

"We've had to work hard to get what we wanted. Holding yourself back so you look like an average genin prospect is hard work, but we got our team, so it was worth it." Sasuke grinned beneath his mask.

"Says you! I had to pretend to be a brainless fangirl. You guys are my best friends, but it was hell!"

"You got off easy, the Boss had to fail at everything for years and pretend to have no close friends. Compared to that…"

Sakura winced. "You got a point there number twenty one."

"Yeah, it only took a couple of assassination attempts before we realized we couldn't be friendly in public," Sasuke agreed. "And how do you always identify which clone it is?"

"I can't identify every clone," Sakura explained. "But number twenty one and twenty four I can always spot. I have no idea why."

"We're just cool like that." Clone twenty one smirked.

"Anyway now that we are on a team together we can stop holding back so much. Sakura doesn't have to pretend to be a fangirl, Naruto doesn't have to pretend to be an idiot and I don't have to pretend to be a revenge obsessed idiot with a telephone pole shoved up my ass."

"Yep and we know we love you Naruto 21," Sakura said, hugging the clone.

The hug went on for a few seconds before she glared as Sasuke. "Ahem."

"I'm not saying I love him when no alcohol is involved and all the man code approved methods of showing affection towards another male, except calling him names, would pop him."

"Just squash her between us, that's legal," Naruto 21 suggested.

Sasuke joined the group hug, making sure to have Sakura between them.

"This would be a lot better if there were two girls." Sakura sighed.

Naruto 21 and Sasuke shared a grin and stepped back from the hug.

"You'll want to uncover your eye and copy this," Sasuke suggested, waiting for Kakashi to reveal his Sharingan before going through a series of hand seals with Naruto 21 ending in the two calling out, "Sexy no Jutsu." Where Naruto and Sasuke once stood there were now two well-developed female versions of themselves who promptly attached themselves to Sakura.

Sakura laughed. "I meant one guy and two girls, like nature intended!"

Kakashi looked stunned. "That's a full physical transformation!"

"Yep. I told you Naruto was better suited for ninjutsu," Sasuke said smugly.

"The key is to make sure you have a very clear picture in mind when transforming," Naruko 21 suggested.

"Yo, Dobe! How's the jutsu coming?" Sasuke called out.

Naruto dismissed all the clones near him except three that he sent off. "Done, teme," Naruto said joining the group. "I just have to wait for my clones to get back from the store, by the way, nice rack. I take it your reserves have gotten bigger over the last week?"

"Thanks," Sasuke said proudly. "And yeah, my reserves have increased by about twenty percent."

Sakura rolled her eyes, they may have changed into girls physically but they were definitely still guys on the inside.

"Why did you invent a jutsu that changes your sex?" Kakashi asked.

"Other than its obvious use for sneaking into woman only areas while tailing someone, it makes it really easy to ditch tails and keep from being found. Hell, even nin-dogs can't track you because the scent changes. It also has a bunch of benefits that you'd never guess!" The female Naruko 21 grinned.

"Like what?" Kakashi asked curiously.

"Well your center of gravity changes, as does the way you move and the way you use chakra. Getting used to the difference between the two improves your skills a lot more than you would think. We don't act all that different, but that's because we've gotten used to the change and how it affects us. The truth is that women are different than men and their emotional responses differ to nearly everything. Spend one month with a henge to cover the changes and not only does it increase your ninja skills about threefold, but it also helps you understand women."

"Whoa!" Kakashi responded shocked.

"Yep," Naruko 21 said smugly. "And you'll also be able to tell the difference between Salmon and pink. The female eye sees more colors than the male one. That's why the best genjutsu users are female, although people with dojutsu have the same advantage."

"I'll have to use my Sharingan to test that out," Kakashi muttered.

"You'll also want to try the sexy jutsu too. Try it eating chocolate. It's almost like it's a different substance! One word of advice though," Naruko 21 paused cautiously.


"If you plan on spending some 'alone time' trying out the Sexy Jutsu, make sure it's your day off. No one makes it out of bed the same day they check the difference."

"You're kidding."

"Sasuke, how long did it take you to get out of bed when you test drove the new equipment?"

"All I'm saying is, thank god it was a three day weekend," Sasuke said, blushing.

Sakura giggled.

The clones arrived before any more could be said, carrying a side of beef, a gallon of BBQ sauce and a bag.

"Ok boss, we got the supplies. We'll have it set up in a minute."


"So, what is the new jutsu?" Kakashi asked.

"Well, Sasuke wanted a utility jutsu, so that means it has to be useful and not just a semi-complex way of throwing an elemental attack at someone, and then I realized it was nearly lunch time, so both of the jutsu are useful for when lunchtime rolls around."

"It's ready boss!"

"And with no further adeu!" Naruto walked over to where they had set up the side of beef and began making handsigns. It was a string of twelve signs and Naruto had pulled down his mask and taken a deep breath before he began. "Breath of Lunch no Jutsu!" He blew out a swirling white mist that surrounded the beef, obscuring it from sight.

"What's with the last four hand signs?" Sasuke asked, dropping the transformation. "You usually limit yourself to eight."

"Containment. Rather than risk superheated steam at the mercy of the winds, I decided to add a space limiter so it'd do its job without accidentally scalding anyone and with the added benefit of costing less chakra, since I am only targeting a specific area."

The clones dispersed themselves with the exception of Naruko 21 who grabbed tongs and a carving knife and got into position to serve as soon as the jutsu dispersed.

Naruto opened a gallon of water and a two liter of soda before setting out cups for everyone. Flashing a quick six handsigns, ice began to fall from his hands into the cups as the level of water in the jug slowly fell. Everyone applauded as Naruto filled the cups with soda and passed out plates and napkins. Kakashi smiled at being first in line as he could see his entire team behind him but turning around he found a genin from another team in front of him.

"Load her up, cutie," the genin said with a grin.

Naruko snickered, but loaded his plate down with a large amount of beef. Everyone was quickly served including Naruko, which caused Naruto to give her a strange look, but he quickly turned back to his food as the smell hit him.

"Kakashi, Team Seven Jounin," he introduced himself to the unknown genin sitting next to him.

"Choji Akimichi," Choji introduced himself cheerfully. "Team ten, genin."

"Need me to send a clone to replace you with your team?" Naruto asked.

"Nah, we're done for the day and my team had the nerve to scoff and tell me there was no such thing as a psychic ability to sense free barbecue!"

"Man, I bet they'd say the same thing about my free Ramen sense," Naruto snorted.

Naruto and Choji shared a laugh before saying, "Fools!"

"Yes, they're serious," Sasuke observed. "And no, I have no idea how they developed it, but it's more accurate than most nin's danger sense."

"That's because it's narrowly targeted, while danger can come from anywhere and anything!" Choji explained. "Man these are some good ribs. The seasonings are a little limited, but it's been cooked to perfection."

"New jutsu; Side of Ribs Fully Cooked in Under a Minute no Jutsu," Naruto explained, while filling a cup with ice and soda for Choji.

"I think my mom would engage my little sister to you for it," he said half seriously.

"She's a bit young for me, besides I already know the two girls for me," Naruto replied.

"Two? Isn't that a little greedy?"

"Two girls one guy, that's the way nature intended it," Sakura replied seriously.

"How do you figure?"

"You know all the boring stuff girls like to do and drag unhappy boyfriends along with them?"


"If there were two girls then they could leave him behind, while they went to do all that stuff," Sakura explained.

"Huh, I never thought of it like that before," Choji said thoughtfully.

"There are any number of things a girl needs another girl for, things guys dislike doing or just aren't good at. There is a reason girls go to the bathroom in packs and spend so much time talking to each other, it's a feminine need that males just can't fulfill and wouldn't enjoy trying."

Naruto and Sasuke nodded.

"I don't think I could find two girls who like me and would agree with that, though it makes a lot of sense," Choji remarked as Sakura refilled his plate.

"Well you found one," Sakura smiled and Choji went bright red as he realized what she was saying. His eyes darted over to Naruto who as far as he knew had been chasing her, but Naruto only waved a hand encouraging him.

Before Choji could work up the nerve to say something a voice screeched out "Sasuke kun!" and Ino suddenly was attached to Sasuke's side.

Sasuke rolled his eyes, but responded kindly, "Hello, Ino," much to her delight.

"I guess you were right," Shikamaru said as he arrived. "You can sense free barbecue."

"The proof is in the pudding," Naruko said, as she made the two late arrivals a plate.

"Naruto," Ino asked looking at Naruko.

"What?" Naruto replied from the other side of Sasuke.

"Naruto? Then who are you?"

"I'm Naruko, a shadow clone in the shape of what Naruto would look like as a girl."

"I don't think Naruto's breasts would be quite that large," Ino growled.

"They would," Sasuke assured her.

"How do you know?" Ino asked, ready to believe anything her Sasuke-kun told her, but still not happy about it.

"It's the way the jutsu works," Sasuke explained. "It transforms you into a female version of yourself."

"Then why are her breasts bigger than mine?"

"Several reasons," Naruko explained. "I'm a little older than you, so I'm a little more developed, add to that the genetics, meaning mom and grandma were stacked, add to that the fact that I make sure to keep myself on a healthy died and not one of those breast shrinking ones that most girls use, and it all adds up."

"Dieting shrinks breasts?" Ino asked nervously.

"Yep. The only way to ensure your breasts get to reach their full potential is be eating right and exercising to burn off any excess calories," Sakura replied.

"Then why aren't yours bigger?" Ino asked Sakura suspiciously.

"They'd be freaking huge if you didn't use that seal," Naruto snorted.

"Eh? Seal?" Ino asked.

"Breast size is affected by the amount of chakra you have, especially during puberty and since I don't want to hire a genin team to hold my breasts everywhere I go, I'm keeping them small for now," Sakura said blushing.

Naruto snickered.

"Don't you laugh! If it wasn't for your seal, your breasts would be big enough to be a road hazard!"

"Seriously?" Shikamaru asked.

"Oh yeah," Sasuke chimed in. "Naruto, do that DBZ thing!"

"DBZ thing?" Kakashi asked curiously.

Sakura laughed. "I love that! Do it!"

Naruko got up and henged into Vegeta. "Come Kakarot, show me your power!"

Naruto snickered and henged his hair black. "Very well brother, let's see if you can match this!"

Naruto slowly released his hold on his chakra. Everyone watched as the air around Naruto took on a glowing blue tint and the dirt around his feet along with small pebbles began to tremble and float. Kakashi uncovered his Sharingan as Naruto's unbound chakra ruffled everyone's hair like an unseen wind, but even with it uncovered he couldn't find a trace of the Nine Tailed Fox's chakra outside the seal.

Naruto's muscles bulged and his clothing grew tight as his chakra levels rose. His henge failed under the release of power and his hair turned gold as the chakra spiked it out from his head in a decent imitation of a Super Saiyan.

Naruko, still in her henge of Vegeta, pulled off her scouter and screamed, "his power level, its over nine thousand!"

The genin from Team seven collapsed in laughter at that, breaking everyone from their trance.

"How can you have so much chakra?" Ino asked stunned.

"It's at least partially genetics," Naruko replied.

"I still prefer the He-Man one where you use a modified Inuzuka clan jutsu to have Tora imitate Battlecat." Sasuke grinned.

"You're the reason chasing Tora is now a C-rank mission?!" Kakashi broke in.

"Yep," Naruto said proudly. "Chasing that cat has become a Leaf tradition, but Tora was getting on in years and the Fire Daimyo's wife wasn't exactly easy on the poor little guy, so I decided to ensure that Tora would be around for another generation to chase."

"And then we decided to see if he could learn some special jutsu," Sasuke added.

"And of course a little medical enhancement never hurt anyone," Sakura added.

Kakashi laughed. "Well, chasing Tora is now considered the first C-rank mission for any genin team and I think there was talk about making someone catch him a part of the Chunin exams."

"In our defense, he does make an excellent Battlecat," Naruko pointed out.

"And he's foiled a lot of assassination attempts on the Daimyo," Sakura added.

"Wasn't there talk about classifying him as one of the tailed beasts?" Ino asked, being more plugged into the local gossips than the others.

"Wow, we'll have to teach him more jutsu if that happens," Naruto muttered, thinking about what they'd have to teach Tora so he could fill the position.

"Anyway, if genetics account for part of the reason why you have that much chakra, what's the rest of it?" Shikamaru asked.

"An S-rank secret that I will share with you when you reach chunin or have been nin long enough to be trusted with it. Talking about it is grounds for execution for anyone but me, so I ain't sharing until I know I ain't putting you in danger by telling you," Naruto replied.

"Fair enough," Shikamaru agreed, seeing the sense in it.

"Really?" Ino asked.

Kakashi nodded. "It's true and I'm surprised he's being this open about it."

Naruto shrugged. "I trust them to react intelligently to it. I just don't trust them not to gossip about it quite yet."

"And on that note, what's with the change in everyone?" Ino asked.

"How do you mean?" Naruko asked.

"I mean everyone is dressed like their sensei, and I've seen Sasuke smile more in the last five minutes than in the last five years!"

"Oh, that!" Sakura replied. "Me, Sasuke, and Naruto have always been close friends but we had to hide it for reasons I won't go into. I was never interested in Sasuke and Naruto was never interested in me, it was all an act."

"If that wasn't true, then what else do we think we know about you that's false?" Shikamaru asked.

"I'm more skilled than I let on, but that applies to all three of us really," Sakura said.

"Do you really like orange Naruto?" Ino said.

"Sure, I ditch ANBU much too quickly otherwise. I wear orange because it makes getting away with things harder, which makes things more fun. What I'm wearing now is really toned down because as part of the team I can't afford to risk my teammates to add a little thrill to my job. These are the clothes of a proper nin."

Kakashi welled up a little at that. It was nice to be looked up to.

"And Ramen?" Choji asked almost tearfully, worried that his friend had lied about his taste in foods, meaning everything he thought he knew was false.

"Food of the gods," Naruto said solemnly.

Choji smiled and relaxed, not noticing that Sakura had scooted to him and was stroking his arm comfortingly.

"The rest of us have to eat balanced diets, while Naruto can live off Ramen alone. Of course the rest of us don't have an advanced healing factor that makes that a healthy choice," Sakura drawled out.

"Bah, Heathens!" Naruko snorted.

Naruto nodded. "You say it's my healing factor that makes it healthy for me to eat ramen all the time. I say its eating ramen all the time that gives me an advanced healing factor. You simply lack faith!"

"Ra-amen," Naruko intoned gravely.

Everyone turned to Sakura.

"Yes he's serious. Just don't ask about his ramen based religion and he won't push it on you," Sakura suggested.

"One goes to Ramen, one does not wait for Ramen to come to them," Naruto said piously.

"So Naruto is still into orange and ramen, the only real change is that he is friends with you and Sasuke and is much more skilled than he shows?" Ino asked.

"Pretty much," Sasuke said thoughtfully. "He has a few more hobbies, still plans to become Hokage at some point. Naruto is…Naruto."

"What's different about you?" Shikamaru asked.

"No stick up his ass!" Naruto said with a grin.

"More friendly and skilled," Sakura offered.

"Not revenge obsessed," Sasuke smirked. "But I still plan to rebuild my clan, so I've tracked down a pair of girls with some Uchiha blood."

Naruto smirked. "Twins they were, and I believe they were in favor of the idea of helping you rebuild the clan."

"So you have to give up finding true love," Ino said tearfully clearly picturing herself as the girl being given up, "to ensure the survival of your bloodline."

"Yeah, why don't we go with that," Sasuke said, the idea of twin sisters still making him smile.

Sakura laughed, long familiarity making both of them easy to read for her, causing a vein to throb in Ino's temple at Sakura ruining her big scene. Seeing the inevitable explosion building up Kakashi quickly kawirami'd himself with Ino so she'd be sitting closer to Sakura with only Choji between them. The fact that Sakura used that as an excuse to get closer to Choji so she could 'talk to Ino' didn't escape his notice.

"So Sakura prefers Choji to Sasuke?" Shikamaru asked.

Sasuke grinned. "Sakura likes 'em strong with kind hearts. Ino isn't much different, she only chased after me because she wanted to get Sakura's attention. Ino would have noticed Choji once she matured a bit anyway."

"I can already tell this is going to be troublesome for Choji, if no one else," he said watching Ino and Sakura argue practically on top of Choji, who looked confused at the situation, but enjoying his position.

"Nah," Naruto broke in, "Ino and Sakura are both women who like to argue, but they'd rather argue with each other when they are feeling 'troublesome' and lavish him with love and affection the rest of the time."

"Use one woman to distract another, now that's genius," Shikamaru grinned wondering if there was a way to use that to distract his mom. "That two woman one guy idea is sounding better and better."

"Sakura assures us it's the natural choice and she knows more about human psychology than all of us combined, "Sasuke said. "Plus it fits our plans anyway," Naruto said. "I already had two girls picked out and so does Sasuke."

"Really, who?" Shikamaru asked curiously.

"Well, Shion sent me a letter and a picture saying she'd already seen it happening." Naruto grinned. "And the head priestess of the Elemental Temple's visions are never wrong."

Everyone looked at the picture Naruto was holding out. Sakura and Ino stopped fighting long enough to look.

"She looks like a blond haired blue eyed version of Hinata!" Ino said stunned.

"And you keep teasing me about my twins," Sasuke snorted.

"Well Hinata should be happy," Shikamaru said, reading between the lines.

"How would Naruto dating a priestess that looks like her twin make her happy?" Ino asked, not having heard the earlier conversation.

"Because the priestess said she sees Naruto in a relationship with both of them," Shikamaru explained.

"Will that work?" Ino asked.

"Great happiness and joy according to Shion," Naruto confirmed. "Hinata's only complaint was that Shion's duties will take her away from us too often."

"Oh," Ino said. "So have you asked her out yet?"

"Can't. I have to wait for Hinata to find the courage. Something about her asking me out helps Hinata-chan overcome her problems with her family."

"Ohh," went most of the table, the Leaf's gossip network had pretty much spread Hinata's family problems far and wide. It's really hard to keep secrets in a ninja village.

"It's supposed to be soon though, so apparently something gives her a huge boost. Can't imagine what it would be though. I've never seen her looking so dispirited as she has lately."

"You watch Hinata? How do you do that without her spotting you?" Ino asked.

"Until recently I wore blindingly orange jumpsuits and could ditch ANBU at will."

"Good point," she replied, having never really thought of it that way before.

"Anyway I don't like seeing her so down and if Shion hadn't sent me a letter explaining Hinata would break out of it soon and be stronger for it, I'd already be with her."

"How soon we talkin here?" Ino asked.

"Before the end of the day," Naruto grinned. "I plan on going by training ground 5 just before she finishes training at six."

"Well if you want to keep that schedule we better finish up here quickly," Kakashi said. "Everyone who isn't my genin clear out or Naruto will miss Hinata."

Team Five quickly said their goodbyes, with Sakura giving Choji a kiss on the cheek and Ino dragging him off by the hand and failing to let go once they left.

"Ok," Kakashi said making a clone and handing him the completed mission scrolls. "Take these to the tower."

The three had quickly cleaned up their mess from lunch and were standing at the ready when Kakashi turned to face them. "I've been a little remiss in not testing your combat capacity before today, but that can be excused as we were getting to know each other and I'm not expected to lead you into combat for a couple of months at the earliest. Never the less, we'll take care of that now."

Kakashi held up two bells. "I normally threaten to send the person who doesn't get a bell back to the academy to see if you understand teamwork under pressure, but from what you've said so far you could probably have been considered a team even before you entered the academy, so we'll just say the one who doesn't get the bell we'll have to do something mildly embarrassing to be decided by the people with the bells. When I say go we'll begin. Go!"

"Done," Naruto replied instantly.

"What?" Kakashi looked down at his belt and noticed that the bells were missing and two acorns were hanging there.

Naruto held up the bells. "Replacement technique."

"Let's try that again without using replacement techniques and by the way that was very well done," Kakashi complemented him. "Go!"

"Done," Sakura replied.

"Why do I feel a draft?"

"Genjutsu. I figured why settle for the bells if I could get them and your pants! I had you hand them to me and resume position. This way someone on the team had done something mildly embarrassing and we can ransom back your pants."

"Let's try this again with no genjutsu," Kakashi suggested. "And with me wearing pants. Go!"

"Done," Sasuke announced instantly.


"Ninja wire."

"Again with no wire," Naruto suggested.

"Let's just agree that any technique can only be used once," Sakura suggested.


"Sounds good to me."

"You do realize that everything you've done so far is pushing the bounds of jounin range skills, right?"

The three shrugged.

"We're just that cool, Kakashi-sensei," Naruto snickered.

"What he said," Sakura agreed.

"I've got more tricks up my sleeve, so let's continue playing," Sasuke suggested.


"Done," Naruto said. "Modified shadow possession. Your left arm felt numb for a second, because I was having you throw me the bells."


"Done," Sakura called out. "Modified possession technique. It allows me to impress a copy of my personality in your head for a couple of seconds, before it fades leaving you with a couple of seconds missing time."

"Can I have my pants back?"


"Am I going to lose my pants every time you get the bells?"

"Most of them," Naruto replied. "For some reason her jutsu often leave the target pants-less."

"Some leave you wearing even less," Sasuke added.

"Level with me here," Kakashi asked. "Exactly how good are you?"

"We average Jounin with some skills far better and others far worse," Sakura smirked.

"And the reason you haven't just tested out of everything?"

"Don't have a reason to," Naruto said.

"And there are plenty of reasons not to," Sakura continued.

"If we were at war it'd be different," Sakura said. "But since we aren't we can keep most of our skills hidden, since they aren't really needed at the moment."

"This was so we won't alienate our age group," Sasuke explained. "And we can form stronger bonds with them than we could otherwise."

"Not everything in life can be learned from books, some of it you learn from your peers," Sakura said.

"And let's face it, if I showed how skilled I was I'd be facing assassins every day," Naruto said.

"So all alone you managed to train yourselves up to Jounin level? Do you realize how impressive that is, and that's not even taking into account doing it while keeping it hidden," Kakashi said, stunned.

"We were never alone," Sasuke snorted.

"We had each other," Sakura smiled.

"And between that and my insanely effective sex change jutsu…"

"And using some of the secrets of my clan."

"We accomplished miracles," the trio chorused like they'd practiced it, and from their smirks they may well have.

"And we just get more skilled as time goes by," Sasuke pointed out. "Hell, one morning Sakura had an idea about how to counter killing intent on green genin. I used my Sharingan combined with her medical skills to figure out how to get the right effect and Naruto translated the effects into an easy to use jutsu."

"The effect isn't precisely what we were aiming for, but then working with the mind is seldom precise." Sakura sighed.

"Here, copy this," Naruto said waiting for Kakashi to uncover his Sharingan before running through the handsigns. Naruto took on a relaxed look and scratched his balls while Kakashi tried the jutsu on himself.

The moment it took effect he could tell; all the niggling little worries and doubts that afflicted the average person and indeed all the ones that afflicted the average Jounin faded away. He no longer worried that he might fail his team and get them killed. He no longer worried that he might lose them in battle. He no longer worried that he might become attached to them. Kakashi usually didn't have much time for introspection as he feared what he would find so he continually read porn to avoid it, but now he was finding out things he'd avoided thinking about. A lot of his worries were baseless and others just weren't as important as his fear of them had made them seem.

Kakashi found himself being shook by Naruto. "Yo sensei! Pretty deep huh? The first time is usually the worst, cause a lot of the crap we're afraid of is so silly you can dismiss it now that you know it's there. Most of it comes from when you're younger and you don't want to think about it so you suppress it, but when you outgrow it it's still taking up space, cause you haven't faced it yet. This jutsu works fine if you're in battle too, cause most of the stuff is below conscious thought, but if there's nothing going on you just tend to sit and stare while you think about things. It'd probably be useful on bored guards, but I really don't feel like helping ensure the enemy has well-adjusted nin."

"Wow," Kakashi summed up, as Naruto talked him down like he'd had a bad trip.

"So, how you feeling, Kakashi-sensei?"

"Surprisingly good. You've all used this on yourselves, haven't you?"

"Sure, works wonders for clearing the mind and looking at things logically. It just negates fear for a minute or so and since the human brain tends to build things up it's like hitting the reset button or maybe like cleaning the lint trap on the dryer," Naruto said thoughtfully.

"It's one of our tools," Sasuke said. "Removing meaningless fears makes the real ones manageable. This was just another happy accident of a jutsu which, we have had a few of. It doesn't have nearly as much of an effect on younger nin."

"I call it 'Fear Drowner no Jutsu'," Naruto said proudly.

"He invented it, he gets to name it," Sakura groaned. "It's the rule."

Kakashi couldn't help but laugh.

"I think it's a great name," Naruto complained.

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